House of Tridens QUA Report #18


15-08-2005 00:00:57

House of Tridens QUA Report
By Ma’ar-Tyrius Tarentae
For: August 2nd through August 14th

General News:
1. Well the house seems to really be picking up, a lot of medals have been flowing through, and a few promotions, and a lot of SA Exams too. Good work Tridens!!!
2. We have a new Roll Master, please welcome Protector Tyrus, he is also staying on his battle team as the Commander as well. So if you see him around give him a pat on the back.
3. We have seen a lot of crappy mIrc activity of late, from a few members in and outside of Tarentum, so please be fair warned, that if you offend a leader, summit, or anyone with ops status, you might very well find yourself starring down a kick or Ban. The ops stats is rather simple, Ops are given to Tarentae, Clan Summit, House Summit, and Battle Team leaders. Each has a different level and some will be able to override others, but it’s better to side on the peaceful side of things.
4. I’ve have seen a lot of gaming activity of late, from the younger members, this is really good, and it helps the clan out, especially for Sunday’s Tourney, where the clan and your self benefit. Keep up the matches, and feel free to even grab some “Just for Fun” matches in as well.
5. Well for those that have heard me with emails, Id like for anyone to step forward and donate a bit of time, in the future we will more than likely have some more members asking for masters, and it will help us out, if your Dark Jedi Knight and above it would greatly help out, as the House summit for Tridens, I will also from this point on out be awarding medals for the participation in this activity, if your apprentice is doing good, and you keep him active you’ll get awarded, but if both slack don’t count on seeing anything..
6. House comps should be out sometime after this report, we have a few ideas floating around, and I need to get it all submitted and approved. So look for another email on this soon.
7. Obelisk Right of Succession, will be coming up very soon, as September fast approaches, we will be hoping to unseat Taldryan, and rein in greatness. We are to top dogs in Sith War, so why not put a big push for the ORoS, get what I know; it will have some Jedi Academy, Jedi Outcast, Battlefront, Allegiance, and a few others. I know there might be some writing comps as well, but what type I have no clue. So get ready Tridens, Get Ready……lets bring the Hell and show what we are made of.
8. Members that are unaware of what it takes to get the higher ranks, its all about activity, you do not need to be on mIRC, but rather need to show us what your capable of, I see a lot of members going and taking massive amounts of SA Exams, this good to get you up to Protector at the very best, but to get any further you’ll need a master to get you higher, some may not need it, but others may, they are there to guide you. You need to show the clan summit and house summit what you’re made of if you don’t have a master or even want one, but the journey will be a lot longer.
9. Just a bit of clarification, I currently run a 4 week AWOL check, if you fail to do anything in that 4 weeks, then you will be sent to rouges, it seems as people just don’t get this, when you do something for activity sake. If you fail to email myself, or Merlance then we have no choice but to submit a request to the MAA for your removal, it isn’t had to find something once in 4 weeks to do. Your time resets for another 4 weeks, so its all about dates, my good nature I do allow for a few give me days….but I don’t go to far beyond that, remember 4 weeks, yes others are able to contribute and you can to.

• Krath monthly topics
• Gaming Days on Tuesday and Thursday in #gmrg
• ICTE on Saturday in #outerrim
• Sunday Invitational Tourney on Sunday the 21st in #gmrg
• Krath Epic competition
• Clan Trivia for August
• House competitions coming soon, expect around 4 to 5 of them

New Recruits thus far for August:
Elric Kyes

Good luck members of Tridens, hopefully you find your niche here and show us what you’re made of.

Gaming Activity:
(I’m only going to show the full amount, not each date)
• Ma’ar: 76 matches 8/2 thru 8/14
• Archean: 99 matches 8/2 thru 8/14
• Tyrus: 3 matches 8/2 thru 8/14
• Ghostshadow: 4 matches 8/2 thru 8/14
• Zekk: 1 match 8/2 thru 8/14
• Merlance: 5 matches 8/2 thru 8/14
• Rayf Bynne: 4 matches 8/2 thru 8/14
• Rax Joris: 6 matches 8/2 thru 8/14

Medals by Type:

Grand Cross

Steel Cross:
Archean, Tyrus, Merlance x2, X-Pilot, Kessian Armus, Maxamillian von Oberst Tarentae, Ma’ar-Tyrius Tarentae

Star of Antei:
Zero Tarentae, Vharcil Jr’ent, GhostShadow, Rax Joris, Diablos, Rayf Bynne, Vardar Fen’Amar Ordo, Zekk, X-Pilot, Ma’ar-Tyrius Tarentae

Dark Cross:
Alistair, Miniath, Askimiss, Cannabisia Tarentae, Tyrus, Vardar Fen’Amar Ordo x2, Zekk x2, Rayf Bynne, Ma’ar-Tyrius Tarentae, Merlance, X-Pilot

Legion of Scholar
Merlance, Horus garm matt

• Cr-1A: Merlance
• Cr-1S: Ma’ar-Tyrius Tarentae, Minaith, Zekk, Merlance
• Cr-1E: Ma’ar-Tyrius Tarentae, Archean, Diablos, Kessian Armus,
• Cr-1T: Tyrus, Ma’ar-Tyrius Tarentae, GhostShadow, Maxamillian von Oberst-Tarentae
• Cr-1Q: Merlance

Scroll of Indoctrination:
Ma’ar-Tyrius Tarentae

Cluster of Fire:
Merlance, Rayf Bynne, Archean, Ma’ar-Tyrius Tarentae, Rax Joris, Tyrus, GhostShadow, Zekk

Circle of Rei Roster:
Commander: PRT Tyrus
JH Shimas
GRD Diablos
PRT Archean
PRT Minaith
PRT Askimiss
PRT GhostShadow
ACO Xanatos97299
NOV Elric Kyes

Circle of Yu Roster:
Commander: JH Vardar Fen’Amar Ordo
OP X-Pilot
JH Rayf Bynne
PRT Rax Joris
ACO Alistair

Final Thoughts:
Well Tridens is looking like the old, we have good activity from a good portion of members, and we are gaming, writing, and doing our best is all that I can ask!!

I really enjoy finally seeing this house get active again, and I hope to see it continue.

So with all congrats to the House I can offer, please keep up the good work Tridens!!!
AWESOME Job!!!!!!!!!