House of Tridens QUA Report #16


08-07-2005 02:00:19

House of Tridens Quaestor Report
From June 26th thru July 7th
By Krath Priest Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir

General News
• Independence games: Well the Independence Games are finally over, and the Clan Tarentum took third place, and with a outstanding job by Merlance taking 2nd place overall. I’d also like to say good job for all who did take a chance and enter. The medals are not awarded yet, but I was assured by the Deputy Grand Master Mav that they will be awarded shortly, but the Clan summit will be giving appropriate medals also for those that did take part in the games whether or not you placed.
• Competitions: Well we currently have two different competitions going on, one is writing and one is gaming. plus the clan has a gaming bracket for Jedi Academy, Jedi Outcast, and X-Wing Alliance, as those of you that did get to signup please heed these words…”Your deadline is July 8th at midnight…failure to get them submitted to me, and you get a loss, if you can prove that you tried to arrange your matches and got no reply, id suggest sending me the email showing proof.” I will outline the matches below that are unplayed.
• Battle team Stuff: Well for some other Battle Team stuff, Id like for an interclan battle team vs battle team competition to come about soon. We have Rei that is rather active right now, and Yu with about two members that are active if we want to push a gaming comp…Later this year I will also like to see another Yu vs. House of Tridens gaming match, and a Rei vs. House of Tridens writing event to take place this year as well.
• Tarentum’s AWOL checks: Just for all that may not know, the Clan has adopted a policy for AWOL checks…I do keep rather strong tabs on this, we are going with a period of 4 weeks, if you do some sort of activity in this period your clock will restart, if you fail to get active you might be in jeopardy of getting a first class ticket to Rouges, I hate to do this. But if you’re going to be dead weight, it will not be in this House. So be fair warned now….It has been going on, and a lot of you have been doing good….but there has some that slacked after a simple email. And they got booted to Rouges till they can get active. To clear the air…for this mIRC activity is not counted…Gaming days, gaming comps, writing comps, acc stuff, shadow academy exams, are all forms of activity.
• Rewarding: Medals and promotions for the most part are occurring at the end of the month, if for some odd reason your rather highly active you will be noticed and rewarded at that point instead of having to wait till the end of the month, if you do your character history you get a automatic promo, when I check the roster each week…as I have been doing this every day to every other day.
• Sunday Bi-Weekly Tournament: Sundays Bi-Weekly Tournament is this weekend, and I have already sent out a email about this, but it looks really good, we have a lot of members already qualified for the event, two of which are new and it will be there first time for this event. I do hope to see all those there that did get qualified for this, as this is for the clan, you also get rewarded for the cluster of fires, but also get points for the event that are used for fictional items. The last chance for getting qualified is Saturday during ICTE, all you need to do is play ONE match and your in….Just remember you ca only play other qualified people for the tournament to get those matches counted and TEAM matches are highly rewarded. Id like to see a lot of Team matches played with just members of Tarentum, so we get a good jump on the points difference between us and Taldryan. But with that said…The current members qualified for Sunday are: Merlance, Zekk, Vardar, X-Pilot, Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir, Ivillius, Archean, and Alistair. Good luck guys….Lets get the game face on Sunday and Show them what we Tarentum members are made of.
• Rollmaster for Tridens: Well it has come under discussion with the House summit, and I believe it will be opened soon, Id like a break from more than a handful of duties I perform now. So feel free to email me ( ) with why you think we should chose you as the new Roll master, and also please CC Merlance as well with the information ( ). I will leave this open till Midnight on July 20th.
• Upcoming competitions: As soon as Merlances two comps end, I will be doing a few as well. The biggest one will be a cooperative writing event between a pairing of members. This does have a plot and I need some people to step forward and let me know if we have anyone willing to do this. We will have a poetry comp again, a Caption comp, and a visual trivia comp. All of these are going to happen very soon. The writing one, will be judged by a ACC Judge, if there is enough people I will go to Dalthid and ask for usage of the ACC, if not I will use the Message Boards for our space.

New members:
Rax Joris
Sasse Tuhl
Vharcil Jr’ent
Anikin Starkiller
Welcome members to the House of Tridens, I hope your time here is productive and fun.

Gaming Activity:
• Zekk: 1match (6/28 Tues), 6matches (7/5 Tues)
• Vardar: 4matches (6/28 Tues), 16matches (7-2 ICTE)
• Merlance: 6matches (6/30 Thurs), 25matches (7-2 ICTE), 6matches (7-5 Tues)
• Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir: 3matches (6/30 Thur), 51matches (7-2 ICTE)
• Ivillius: 6matches (6/30 Thur)
• Archean: 6matches (7-2 ICTE), 3matches (7-5 Tues)
• X-Pilot: 23matches (7-2 ICTE)
• Alistair: 3matches (7-2 ICTE)
• Rax Joris: 7matches (7-5 Tues)

Current or Upcoming competitions:
• Battle Team Rei: “design a Captial Ship”
• Battle team Rei: “Rei Oath”
• House of Tridens: “Old country gaming buffet”
• House of Tridens: “fabolus force focus”
• Clan Tarentum: “JA, JO, XWA Bracket matches”
• Clan Tarentum: “Design a Officer”
• Krath MT (poem): “Dark god named Krath”
• Krath MT (Writing): “Fall of Ulic Qel-Droma”
• Krath MT (Writing): “Character Development #9”
• Krath (writing): “Old words”
• Krath (writing): “Debate”

Shadow Academy Activity:
• Alistair: DJ Meditation, and IRC Basics
• Diablos: ICQ, IRC Basics, Leadership Studies, Krath Grammar, MSN, ACC INI, Sith Core, Obelisk Core, Sith: ISET, Sith: ESET, Test of Wisdom, and Krath Core
• Leviathan: IRC Basics, ACC INI, Sith Core, and Sith: ISET
• GhostShadow: IRC Basics
• Vharcil Jr’ent: ACC INI, and Sith Core
• Anikin Starkiller: Conflict Mediation
• Archean: ACC INI, and Conflict Mediation

• Alistair: Dark Cross, 1 Cluster of Fire
• X-Pilot: 22 Cluster of Fire’s
• Merlance: Crescent with Sapphire Star, 74 Cluster of Fire’s(Upgraded to Gold Flame)
• Vardar: Star of Antei, 22 Cluster of Fire’s
• Zekk: 8 Cluster of Fire’s, Dark Cross
• Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir: Grand Cross, Crescent with Sapphire Star, 75 Cluster of Fire’s, Legion of Scholar
• Ivillius: 4 Cluster of Fire’s
• Rayf Bynne: Star of Antei, 2 Cluster of Fire’s
• Archean: Dark Cross, Crescet with Emerald Star, 2 Cluster of Fire’s
• Diablos: Dark Side Scroll x3, Scroll of Indoctrination, Dark Cross
• Tyrus: Star of Antei
• El Darkh Roman: Dark Cross
• Dark Outcast Armada: Dark Cross
• GhostShadow: Dark Cross
• Oberst: Legion of Scholar, Dark Cross
• Minaith: Dark Cross, Crescent with Topaz Star
• Shimas: Dark Cross, Crescent with Sapphire Star
• Tavin Longspear: Dark Cross
• Cannabisia: Dark Cross
• Kessian Armus: Dark Cross

Bracket Matches that are unplayed:
*Deadline of July 8th at Midnight*

Jedi Academy:
Nit Chu vs. Ice wolf Romanae
Anshar vs. X-Pilot
Bane vs. Enahropes
Jedi Outcast:
Rekio vs. Ice Wolf Romanae
Windos vs. Nit Chu
Tavin Longspear vs. Bane
X-Pilot vs. Dox Romanae

X-Wing Alliance:
Rekio vs. Welshman
Nit Chu vs. Windos

Diablos promoted to Guardian
Rax Joris promoted to Protector
Archean promoted to Protector
Leviathan promoted to Acolyte
Vharcil Jr’ent promoted to Novice
Horus garm matt promoted to Novice

Yu Roster:
Commander Jedi Hunter Vardar
Guardian Rayf Bynne
Protector Rax Joris
Acolyte Tavin Longspear

Rei Roster:
Commander Protector Tyrus
Jedi Hunter Shimas
Protector Archean
Protector Minaith
Protector Diablos
Acolyte Xanatos97299
Acolyte Dark Outcast Armada

Links: (yes, this is back up and running, not all complete but it will be) (Tarentum’s official webpage) (Tarentum’s forum’s board area) (Battle Team Rei’s forum’s) (ICTE’s webpage. Brought to us by Pyralis)

Final Thoughts:
Well everyone, you all are doing a good job with the activity and keeping yourselves busy. I do have to give Meralnce a shout out for Rocking in the IG’s, and also I will say I kicked some ass in the last ICTE. Overall, I will say we have picked up our activity as a whole, and I really hope to see it continue, we have gotten a lot of new members, and some of them will be looking for masters soon, and I hope to see more members above DJK get in there to help out for those new recruits. Also the competitions seem to be flowing in like candy, get out there and try and earn a few medals here and there. For those that have forgotten, that we game on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Check in #gmrg for Tuesday, and Thursday. Check in #outerrim for Saturday. This weekends Sunday Tournament is in #gmrg. You will need to be in the channel to make it official matches. Please also remember that team matches do count for all the gaming days; just remember that there is some rules and guidelines for those. One of the main rules we need to follow, is Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday we are allowed to play anyone person up to 6 matches each, and Saturday only 3 matches. Team matches are highly rewarded for, but there are limits as well, no more than 3 matches in any style if the same teammates are playing. That way we don’t “milk” anyone for cluster of fires. Any gaming platform that the brotherhood has sanctioned is ok to play (RC, BF, JA, JO, XWA, and XvT plus a few more) so get out there and show them what we are made of, just remember to win with honor, and loss with honor. I don’t want to hear about poor sportsmanship. We all loss from time to time, but handle it with grace and honor. We get rewarded for our activity not for kicking the snoot out of the other players(well actually we get more rewards for winning) If for any reason you get a question feel free to bring it to me and Merlance, that’s what we are here for. And if you can’t find us, look up the clan summit. We are all here to have fun, and enjoy our time here. So please do so. Well if there is anyone wanting to join a battle team now is a good time, the roster for Rei is filling up fast, and Yu is in need of good activity, Battle teams are a good way to get noticed, and a fast way to promotions and medals, but you need to understand when you join you have one more person that is a superior to you, as the chain does go: Clan Summit—Tarentae—House Summit—Battle Team Commander. We are all in this together and we need to watch over all members whether you’re in Gladius, or in Tridens…We are a clan first and foremost, friends and family. Please treat it as such. I know times get tough, and we are all bad about going off, I’m even bad at it at times, but remember what you say can affect you down the line and you may need some help for that member later down the line, I really feel as we all get along, but times to wear on us, and when you feel like blowing up….get off IRC and cool down, before you do something to get yourselves into trouble. Well my spiel is over…enjoy your day members….

Smoke has left the building!!!!