House Tridens AED report


01-07-2005 05:18:37

House Tridens Aedile Report
Written by Aedile MERLANCE, 07/01/2005

Howdy out there in Tridens land! This is your friendly neighborhood Aedile writing his first AED report for the house, so bear with me if it doesn't live up to your hopes and dreams. I suppose for those that don't frequent IRC, you probably don't know me, so I should introduce myself!

I am Sith Warrior MERLANCE. Ive been in the DB for about 9 months now, I was the First Lord of Battle Team Yu, and also Rollmaster of Tridens. I started out super active, but then got involved in other things (a certain MMORPG) which destroyed my activity for a few months, then I got active again. I don't usually play for gaming days other than the ICTE, which is run by my master, Dark Side Adept Yu Long (Pyralis) and sometimes the Sunday Tournament.

I'm on IRC pretty much 24/7, though I'm not always at my computer. If you send me an email, I can usually guarantee a reply within 12 hours. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about just about anything (including but not limited to house matters), email me and I'll see what I can do.

The IG's
The full results aren't in, but I just wanna give a shout out to Zekk and smoke20/ Ma'ar Tyrius Ga-Tir or however it is (our illustrious Quaestor), both for getting some medals. Anyone who participated without getting any awards, good work.

Battle Team Yu
On to Yu! I want to start finding more people to put into battle team Yu. It is House Tridens gaming battle team (a circle, to be precise, but its really just semantics). If you are interested in becoming a member of it, contact me and First Lord Nit'Chu, as well as Second Hand Vardar.

Ah, well, this is the main part of my report, and these two start today.

Fabulous Force Focus

In under 250 words, describe several unique uses for a force power. That is, using force lightning in electro shock therapy, using telekinesis to pour yourself a glass of orange juice, use mind trick to get past the bouncers into a club, or using speed to cheat in a marathon. This can be either humorous or serious

Basically, anyone and everyone should enter this comp. Just write up to 250 words, that's at best half a page; you don't have to even do that. A few sentences is enough. Everyone should take part in this; even if you don't get a medal, you still get marked for activity and consideration for promotions and other perks. You've got two weeks to do this, so I would really like to see a high turnout from the lower ranked members for this.

Tridens Old Country Gaming Buffet

Ever like to get back to the classics, like Rebellion or Force Commander? How about some of the newer games that don't seem to get as much support as the core JO/JA and XvT/XwA? Well, now is your chance! Go out and multiplayer these seemingly forgotten games as many times within a month as you can! Whoever plays the most times wins!

Just email me if you play any games other than JO, JA, XwA, and XvT that are on the list of DB supported games. You can play anyone in the brotherhood, its not limited to only those in the house (though only those in the house can win). Hit me up for a game of Force Commander or Rebellion, or even Galactic Battlegrounds if you want. This comp is a bit tricky, so if any of the lower ranked members do well in it, I'll see to it that you get very special considerations for promotions and things.

Of course, there are other competitions, including Anshars Clan Comp.

Also, the bracket tournament. If you havent played your match... then go do so!