House of Tridens QUA Report #15


27-06-2005 04:58:06

House of Tridens Quaestor Report
June 15th thru June 26th
By: Krath Priest Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir

Note: You might want to pay close attention to the below items as there is some issue’s and stuff for the House that you will need to here and remember.

General Stuff:
1. Email Spamming: People remember, that when you send a email to tridens or Tarentum, and then continue sending replies that everyone in the entire house or clan will get the reply, and some people really don’t like it, thus far two people are in trouble, but yet it still continues, so do us all a favor and don’t spam it! Further actions will be bestowed upon those that do keep it going. If you need to keep replies that are not needed, take it to the Message Board and or email the person directly.
2. Battle Teams: Well so far we have a good selection of members for both Battle Teams Yu and Rei, however i do see a trend of some slacking on activity, remember that your there for a reason, you were chosen because of activity and wanting to get noticed, well some of those that still are there and doing stuff, that’s great. My next challenge is this: Yu vs Rei in a writing competition to be next on the list and is considered top priority, I will expect all on the teams to do there part and if you’re on Leave then we (house summit) will know that. As well Id like to see a few more people on the Battle Teams, so the Commanders need to get busy with recruiting members from the house, or get some recruits outside of DJB to join up.
3. Jedi Hunter Trials: Jedi Hunter we are asking that you get in touch with your masters and get them to get you ready for your trials, we only have three in Tridens: Vardar, Nit Chu, and Shimas. So get yourselfs ready and good luck on achieving your Knighthood. Guardians and Protectors will be the next we push to get there as well…and there is a few of them that are close.
4. Tarentum Bracket Matches: Well all who signed up, this is for you, we have some unplayed matches and they need to be concluded, very soon, so here we go the matches need to be played by no later than July 1st at midnight. Those that don’t will be transferred to the next round and will have a single loss. Round 2 will be for the people that all have a single loss, and Round 3 will be for the people that have a double loss, after that your done….(Triple Elimination Bracket format) If for some reason you cannot play this round, then email your opponent and let them know, then also CC me and I will give the other person the win by Forfeit, there is no reason the other person needs to be dragged down.
5. Comps that are coming (pending): Well we will be having some competitions, coming very soon. I was hoping for the day the Independence Games would conclude, and its finally upon us. What I have slated is open to discussion, and its not gaming either…..Co-op writing, Poetry, visual trivia, and a caption competition more about this is below.
6. House AWOL Checks: Members of Tridens, will have 4 weeks from each time to do some sort of activity, this applies to all members. This is a new policy to remove the dead weight from the House and Clan. The clan summit brought this about a few weeks ago, and I guess we need to have it brought back up. We don’t want anyone to leave but if you join up and want into the house any activity is needed, or you get a automatic transfer to Rouges. I don’t like to do this but it needs of Today (6/26/2005 Sunday) I have removed 16 members from the roster, and really I didn’t enjoy it….
7. Appointment to Battle team Rei: By my Hand of June 22nd, of the Year 2005, I here by elevate ACO Tyrus to Commander of Battleteam Rei, You are replacing someone that was held in very high regards in my eyes, and I can only see that this young member of Tridens has the same appeal to me.
8. Sunday Tourney Qualifiers: Well it looked good, 7 people from Tridens made the list the following is who: Smoke20, Merlance, Zekk, Nit Chu, Vardar, Rayf Bynne, and Tavin Longspear
9. Independence Games: Well the games have concluded, and I hope a lot of you got out there and did some events, as the Clan Summit will be awarding on your activity in the Major event. I don’t know how we stacked up, but it sure wasn’t good. But any effort we put into it is good in my book. I hope to see some shiny’s in my email inbox for you people

House: Merlance is currently working on a few
Clan: Bracket Tournament, Clan Lore: Officers
DJB: Unknown

New Members:
Dark Defiance
Gon Dazu
Raitian Airus
Horus Garm Matt
Welcome new members to the House of Tridens, I hope your journey towards the dark path is fruitful and productive.

Gaming Activity:
Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir: 15matches (6/18 ICTE), 3matches (6/21 Tues.), 1match (6/23 Thurs.), 27matches (6/25 ICTE), 38matches (6/26 Sunday Tourney)
Merlance: 3matches (6/18 ICTE), 1match (6/23 Thurs.), 11matches (6/25 ICTE), 42matches (6/26 Sunday Tourney)
Vardar: 3matches (6/18 ICTE), 6matches (6/23 Thurs.), 4matches (6/25 ICTE), 4matches (6/26 Sunday Tourney)
Rayf Bynne: 3matches (6/18 ICTE), 3matches (6/21 Tues.), 3matches (6/23 Thurs.), 6matches (6/25 ICTE), 6matches (6/26 Sunday Tourney)
Zekk: 2matches (6/21 Tues.), 1match (6/23 Thurs.), 12matches (6/26 Sunday Tourney)
Tavin Longspear: 6matches (6/23 Thurs.)

Shadow Academy Activity:
Archean: IRC Basics, MSN Messenger, Sith Core, Sith ISET
Tyrus: Conflict Mediation, Leadership Applications, ACC Initiates, Leadership Studies, Sith Core
Imrik: DJ Meditation, ACC Initiates
Horus Garm Matt: MSN Messenger
El Darkh Roman: Sith Core, MSN Messenger
Dark Outcast Armada: DJ Meditation, Leadership Studies, Leadership Applications, Sith Core
Gam-An Shmia: Obelisk Core
Alistair: Obelisk Core

Archean: Promoted to Acolyte
Shade: Promoted to Novice
Dark Outcast Armada: Promoted to Acolyte
El Darkh Roman: Promoted to Acolyte
GhostShadow: Promoted to Novice
Tyrus: Promoted to Protector
Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir: Appointed Eclectic Pedagog in Shadow Academy

Rayf: 6 Cluster of Fire’s
Ma’ar-Tyrius: 52 Cluster of Fire’s
Merlance: 33 Cluster of Fire’s, Crescent with Amethyst Star
Vardar: 7 Cluster of Fire’s
Tavin: 2 Cluster of Fire’s
Zekk: Scroll of Indoctrination, 8 Cluster of Fire’s
X-Pilot: Crescent with Emerald Star
Nit Chu: 3 Cluster of Fire’s
Tyrus: Crescent with Sapphire Star
Cannabisia: 2 Legion of Scholar’s

Circle of Yu:
Commander Jedi Hunter Nit Chu Tetsuo
Jedi Hunter Vardar
Guardian Rayf Bynne
Acolyte Tavin Longspear

Circle of Rei:
Commander Protector Tryus
Jedi Hunter Shimas
Protector Imrik
Acolyte Xanatos97299
Acolyte Dark Outcast Armada

Tarentum’s Bracket unplayed matches:
Jedi Academy:
Nit Chu vs Ice Wolf Romanae
Anshar Kahn Tarentae vs X-Pilot
Enahropes Teriad Entar vs Bane

Jedi Outcast:
Zekk vs Frosty Romanae
Windos vs Nit Chu
Tavin Longspear vs Bane
X-Pilot vs Dox Romanae

X-Wing Alliance:
Smoke20 vs Maxamillian von Oberst
Rekio Corsair Tarentae vs Welshman Corsair Tarentae
Nit Chu vs Windos

Up Coming House Events:

I have planned a co-op event like a team match in ACC, but this will be on the Message Board, the rules that I have come up with are really simple thus far, the teams will consist with a person that is above Dark Jedi Knight (DJK-DP) pairing himself with a person under Dark Jedi Knight (APP-JH). There will be a plot to this and will need to be followed. You will post 4 times and your partner will post 4 times. I have yet to come up with a plot to this story so any help would be appreciated. If you have questions then feel free to ask.

I have two planned for the house….they will be based on two different poem types and I encourage all to take a stab at it, even the elders.
Poem #1 Limerick
Topic: Undecided

Poem #2 English (Shakespearean) Sonnet
Topic: “The Dark Arts”

Visual Trivia:
I found 26 characters in the Star Wars movies. All you have to do is name the 26 people correctly

Caption Contest:
Three pictures that are pretty good sized, you need to add a caption to each person in the picture, the funniest one wins. These are pictures from Star Wars Movies as well.

As of right now, I’m out of Ideas. We currently are running a Bracket match for the three main games in DJB (JA, JO and XWA) However Id like to see more being used. Some of the other members have other stuff and would like to get awarded, and it shall be done.
Some of the Platforms I’m considering:
CS: Source
Unreal Tournament 2003
Halo 2
Republican Commando

So if you have any ideas on how to do these, or what youd like to see, feel free to email me or go to the Message Board and leave a small idea there in House of Tridens.