House of Tridens QUA Report #14


16-06-2005 03:03:42

House of Tridens Quaestor Report
6/7/2005 thru 6/15/2005
By: Krath Priest Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir

General News:
1. Well I feel like a big heal, as in my last report I forgot to welcome all the new members, So to all who are new please excuse my lapse, As the weeks have been cruel to me.
• Welcome to the House of Tridens:
• Apprentice’s: Dark Outcast Armada, Zvago, El Darkh Roman, Shade, Trexx, Krados, Smoke, and Valek
• Acolytes: Silenius
• Novices: Alistair
• Warlord: Kessian Armus

2. Well the Tarentum Bracket matches are underway, I have yet to receive any submissions but we still have plenty of time, even if it happens to run over the thirty day mark, it will not be a big deal. I will list again the matches for all players, if for some reason you want to play and didn’t sign-up please email me ASAP, and hopefully I will get you a opponent or give you a by to the next round, this depending on if there isn’t a by already or more people sign-up, Mav and Jac have expressed concern however with the HOA medals, but from what I have finally heard with the numbers of people it sounded as the SC, StA, and DC will be given to the winners. So look below for the matches if you happened to miss my last email concerning the matter.
3. I will be putting out several more comps in the next few weeks as the conclusion to the Independence Games is drawing near, if you haven’t gotten around to submitting anything now is your time to do so now as June 26th is fast approaching (Man, how time flies…) Good luck to all who have sent in there submissions, and remember that Rekio and Anshar will also be giving out medals for Clan activity if you have submitted anything, Remember that there is some events that require very little time or effort.
4. As some of you may know, our newest addition to the House summit is none other than Sith Warrior Merlance, he’s currently on a semi leave right now, but in the upcoming weeks he should be back to his regular self, hes still on IRC just really limited to time on there, but if you need something and cant reach me, feel free to give him a poke.
5. For the new recruits, well just as a reminder, Clan Tarentum, has a new policy of a 4 week deadline for activity, this doesn’t mean you need to be around all the time, but anything you can do will also help, keeping myself and Merlance informed of any Leaves of extended time is a must, or we will be forced to cut you from the roster. I have been keeping track of this and its looking good thus far, I have received a few emails from new members, and that’s what counts.
6. FOR ALL THE HOUSE: The Brotherhood, is in a process to cut some inactive members, if you would like to stay in the DJB please log on to the DJB site and enter your password on your dossier and it will keep you alive this is going on for the remainder of the month, but don’t delay…..We would hate to see you leave.
7. Well another Sunday Tournament has went by, and we grabbed a few matches here and there, still not anywhere near the amount we use to have…But I’m hoping with summer here that more people might start playing, remember that the clan summit has said, that if you place in the top 3 you will receive a medal from them for your outstanding work….the only one thus far that has achieved that was Frosty Romanae from House of Gladius, lets show the rest of the DJB what Tarentum and for that matter House of Tridens is made of…..DOWN WITH TALDRYAN!!!! (Below is the listing of current Tridens members point totals and the clan total.)
8. For the new members as well, advancement in ranks…can also be achieved by asking a senior member of Tarentum, or even in the House (Actually you can ask anyone for that matter, that isn’t in the house) To be there apprentice, anyone over Dark Jedi Knight is able to have a apprentice and they will draw up some assignments for you to advance quicker towards your journey to Dark Jedi Knight, and higher….Feel free to ask them and hopefully you’ll find a good pairing for you, and them.
9. I will be considering medals and promotions within the next few weeks, if you’d like to get your name listed in my email to the clan summit, then get some activity in.

Tarentum Bracket Matches for JA, JO, and XWA:

Jedi Academy:
1. Smoke20 vs Vardar
2. Nit Chu vs Ice Wolf Romanae
3. Zekk vs Windos
4. Anshar vs X-Pilot
5. Tavin Longspear vs Dox Romanae
6. Storm vs Nheej-Kirith
7. Source vs Frosty Romanae
8. Bane vs Enahropes

Jedi Outcast:
1. Rekio vs Storm
2. Zekk vs Frosty Romanae
3. Smoke20 vs Rayf Bynne
4. Windos vs Nit Chu
5. Tavin Longspear vs Bane
6. X-Pilot vs Dox Romanae
7. Ice Wolf Romanae –By Round

X-Wing Alliance:
1. Smoke20 vs Oberst
2. Rekio vs Welshman
3. Tavin Longspear vs Storm
4. Nit Chu vs Windos

Sunday Tournament Results for House of Tridens:
Smoke20: 298 points (18)
• Merlance: 99 points
• Shimas: 10 points
• X-Pilot: 26 points
• Zekk: 33 points
Vardar: 35 points (3)
• Ivillius: 20 points
• Tavin: 2 points
• Nit Chu: 18 points
Rayf Bynne: 16 points (6)
(Highlighted played this last weekend)

Tarentum’s Total Points: 1142
Naga Sadow’s Total Points: 1145
Taldryan Total Points: 1568

Time for us to get back 2nd place again folks… ask yourself what can you do for the clan to get us up there again?

Shadow Academy Activity:
• El Darkh Roman: Conflict Mediation, and IRC basics
• Imrik: Conflict Mediation
• Ivillius: Sith Core

Gaming Activity:
• Smoke20: 1match (6/7 Tues.), 9matches (6/11 ICTE), 18matches (6/12 Sunday Tourney)
• X-Pilot: 1match (6/7 Tues.), 1match (6/9 Thurs.)
• Nit Chu: 3matches (6/11 ICTE), 5matches (6/14 Tues.)
• Rayf Bynne: 3matches (6/11 ICTE), 6matches (6/12 Sunday Tourney), 3matches (6/14 Tues.)
• Zekk: 3matches (6/11 ICTE), 4matches (6/14 Tues.)
• Vardar: 12matches (6/11 ICTE), 3matches (6/12 Sunday Tourney)

• Rayf Bynne: 3 Cluster of Fire’s
• Smoke20: 15 Cluster of Fire’s
• Vardar: 8 Cluster of Fire’s
• Oberst: 1 Legion of Scholar, 6 Dark Side Scroll’s
• Zekk: 1 Cluster of Fire’s
• Nit Chu: 1 Cluster of Fire’s
• Shimas: 1 Dark Side Scroll


Battle Team Rei Roster:
• Commander Guardian Sephiroth Storm
• Jedi Hunter Shimas
• Acolyte Duriel
• Novice Mendicino
• Acolyte Xanatos97299
• Novice Tyrus

Battle Team Yu Roster:
• Commander Jedi Hunter Nit Chu Tetsuo
• Guardian Rayf Bynne
• Jedi Hunter Vardar
• Acolyte Tavin Longspear

Battle Team News:
1. For any member’s interested in joining a Gaming Battle Team please contact Nit Chu Tetsuo at ( ) and let him know if your interested in joining Yu
2. For any member’s interested in joining a Writing Battle team please contact Sephiroth Storm at ( ) and let him know if your interested in joining Rei