House of Tridens QUA Report #13


07-06-2005 22:32:24

House of Tridens Quaestor Report
By Krath Priest Ma’ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir
For: May 31st thru June 6th

General Information:
1. Well the house is getting active finally, Its good to see a lot of people finally coming out of there shell and doing stuff, you’ll make my job fun each day.
2. Tarentum’s Brackets will be kicking off very shortly with platforms: Jedi Academy, Jedi Outcast and X-Wing Alliance. Very shortly I will email you with the rules and matches, I have set a date to sign up for the brackets and that is June 8th at Midnight. For the list of matches will be sent out in a email and on the Message board, the clan summit hasn’t gotten back to me if it will be 4th level Crescent’s or 3rd level crescent’s. The list of people signed up is below in this report….I do have the matches all ready but I’m waiting to see if anyone else will sign-up.
3. Dark Jedi Brotherhood’s JA and JO Brackets are underway; I’m a bit disappointed of the lack of people from Tridens. Enough said….
4. The Graphics comp is almost over with only one submission; I guess it shall be decided very easily. However it doesn’t fit on the MS Word doc….so it will be at the end of the document…..still only one, well I do hope a few others get something in.
5. We had a Massive AWOL check and well as Tridens looks pretty bare, I will say that with the clan summit and the House summit pushing for activity the next one will be within 4 weeks, so get active or you will be gone(that is for the whole Clan) as for the House of Tridens, I have went thru the roster and devised a small spreadsheet and will be keeping track of it by each day that slowly passes by, You do not have a choice in this matter and I personally don’t care if you’re a elder or a apprentice you will be cut if it comes to it, as I have said before I don’t condone AWOL checks but if we have a slacking house we will sink for certain, I don’t like to recommend to the clan summit for your dismissal and I know we all n eed to have personal lives, but if you can spare even a hour of your time, playing a game, chatting on IRC, writing in a comp, or entering one of our house/clan comps. Anything is better than leaving your home. There are some of you that will be cut a lot sooner than 4 weeks and those are the ones who I stood up for when they didn’t respond to the Clan summit email. The rest of you are basically from your last activity or when the last time I have seen you do anything.
6. Independence Games will conclude on June 26th, go do some, last I heard we are 5th ish place, the small ones are easy but I have been playing the gaming ones, and yes Anshar I have played yours to. Anyone interested in paying let me know, I will be happy to play the JO: Duel of Dread’s, or JA:Dueling specialist. Just get a hold of me and we will play.
7. Also for those that are interested Cannabisia has pointed out he would like to get Counter Strike Source in the gaming days, I agree so if you have the game (since it came with Half Life 2) So if there is some interest we can run a comp for the house or clan…see Rekio or Cannabisia for more details.
8. Ship poll is still going on reply to Anshar for your choices. The ones that are left: Anubis, Silhouette, Osiris, Lancer, Brigand, Havoc, Necrosis. Go vote and let’s hope there isn’t a tie.

1. House of Tridens Logo Comp.

Gaming Activity:
Ma’ar-Tyrius: 11matches (5/31 Tuesday), 14matches (6/2 Thursday), 7matches (6/4 ICTE)

Merlance: 7matches (5/31 Tuesday)

Vardar: 1match (5/31 Tuesday), 1match (6/4 ICTE)

Zekk: 3matches (6/2 Thursday)

Rayf Bynne: 3matches (6/4 ICTE)

SA Activity:
Imrik: Krath: Grammar Studies

Teranusmirr: Sith: Core

Lan Talos: MSN Studies

Ma’ar-Tyrius: 27 Cluster of Fires

Vardar: 1 Cluster of Fire

Zekk: 1 Cluster of Fire, Steel Cross

Rayf Bynne: 1 Cluster of Fire

Merlance: 14 Cluster of Fire, Star of Antei

Nit Chu: Steel Cross

Shimas: Dark Cross

Cannabisia: Star of Antei

X-Pilot: Star of Antei

Xanatos97299: Dark Cross

Tyrus: Crescent with Emerald Star

Sephiroth Storm: Star of Antei

Duriel: Dark Cross

Imrik: Protector Promotion

Teranusmirr: Novice Promotion

Ivillius: Protector Promotion

Lan Talos: Protector Promotion

Mendicino: Novice Promotion