Keepers of the Night


14-05-2005 01:02:40

Ok guys we now have a Circle thread, let us discuss philosophy, history or just get pissed :P


14-05-2005 04:27:01

LOL how cool is this avator? hehe "spreading the 'seads' of darkness"

Sato Khan

16-05-2005 20:09:41

;) well you keep on doing that in parking lots, we'll see how much seed you get to spread lmao. Also thanks for starting the thread.


16-05-2005 21:54:36

Haw Haw Haw, I have already spread that seed in three different carriers while standing in that parking lot. And as for the thread, I should be thanking you for bringing it up.


16-05-2005 21:56:36

I jst had an idea lets try and make this thread 'in character' us sitting in your cirlce's common room, with a new open bar :P. Also from now on my reports, ill try and do them in character, us in our meeting room :D. If ya dont like it just tell me to stop.

Sato Khan

16-05-2005 22:37:19

A novel idea lol. Especially the open bar part.


17-05-2005 01:23:55

The seven members of the Keepers of the Night Circle stretched in their comfortable seats arranged around a roaring holo-fire, all had shed their outer robes on the way through the library and had removed their boots after sitting back.

“Is anyone planning on writing a submission for the Dark Voice? An interview by one of you about our opinions and reactions to Project Rebirth could be a good idea” Windos, the Keeper’s Sergeant, put forward; breaking the calm silence.

Sato Khan

20-05-2005 14:22:02

"I have thought about it." Sato said in his usual dark flowing voice. The Krath leaned back on his chair and continued, "I must find a block of time in which I may actually conduct such an operation."


24-05-2005 06:19:06

Peeping his head around the corner of the door Welshman, the QUA of Gladius looked into the new bar and smiled. More oppertunities to get drunk.

Walking into the bar he sat down next to Windos and Sato and shook hands with the two.

"Hey guys, had any luck with any of the IG events yet?"


24-05-2005 06:32:01

Levathan stirred from where he lounged.

"nope, sigend up but i havent entered anything yet, no time" Levathan said in his smooth but quiet voice.

'as for the Dark Voice? well i havent thought about it eather, then again, i'm not entirly sure on what it is" :P


25-05-2005 00:51:09

Windos stood and headed for the bar "Help your self to a drink Welsh, Taldryan is paying for all of it." He laughed as he poured a drink for Welshman and himself.

The Tetrarch took his seat again after handing one of the drinks over and motioned for the visitor to take a seat.

"Yes, the Independance Games..." He mumbled to himself pulling out a datapad, "I must get onto writing some submission for them." Stopping to look around the room "And I hope all you do to.


25-05-2005 03:14:02

"I will do what i can, as i will do my best" a slow wolfish smile creaped across Levathans face, "and i dont expect to be beaten."

"Hmmmm, whats the bar stocked with?"


25-05-2005 03:17:27

Windos looks over his shoulder, "Rum, fine wines, various native drinks." Windos stoped his list and chuckled, "If there is anything else you want, I'm sure I can make a quick trip to our 'Suppliers'"


25-05-2005 03:35:48

"hmmm, intresting, lets see, well the way welshman's been drinking, were eather gonna need some of that really expensive, really strong stuff" getting up and walking to the bar and pouring himself a glass of one of the native drinks.


25-05-2005 03:39:59

"One moment" Windos exused himself, comming back a couple of minutes latter with a gold plated bottle. "I keep this one behind my desk in the library." Handing it to Welshman who imediatly began pouring himself a drink.


25-05-2005 03:47:25

"i suppose that came from our suppliers as well?", Levathan said with an evil smile >:). "but what i'm wondering is, how did you manage to get in, then get out, carrying all of this, sarge?" gesturing toward the bar.


25-05-2005 03:57:42

"Its all quite simple when you have some Taly members on your payroll, then its as simple as taking lollies from a baby. Just had to hover a few crates down some empty corridors to my ship and fill the cargo hold." Windos sunk into his chair and took a sip. "This way we dont have to venture to the Ale Pond."

Welshman leant forward, "Levathan, Windos isnt your sarge anymore, hes your Tetrarch" Then feel back and took another swig of his drink.


25-05-2005 04:11:21

"I knew that, it's just, well i cant really go around calling hin Tet now can i?"
"none the less, very clever"


26-05-2005 01:28:52

Windos looked down at his feet, "Yes, I suppose your right, though you could call me: Arch... Tetch, I dont know, use you imagination, thats what you're paid for :P"


29-05-2005 05:09:53

"i suppose i could call your something like that, as for getting paid for my imagination, well, i got "imaginative" on the job once, it turned out rather well for me, the guy that i killed brother traked me down becuse of this imagination. eather way i'll come up with something"
Levathan said with no expression and taking a swig of his drink.

"the payed part? well i think i might go see if anyone wants something hunted down later"

Sato Khan

02-06-2005 17:38:54

Sato lifted his head drunkenly from the bar where it had been resting. The Krath looked around bleary eyed before sweet unconciousness once again swept over him. His head careened forward and slammed the bar, and the hollow echo was heard throughout the room..........


13-06-2005 08:47:24

In the farest corner of the room the echo touched Frosty's ears.

"hrhehm...beee careful." and drops the bottle that he drank from on the floor. The botle smashed into millions of peices.

Short after a beautifull Twi'lek waitress comes.

"look what u did Frosty, now I have to clean this up all by myself." cried the beautiful waitress.

"It wasn't my fault this spy came into the room."

"What spy?!" asked her.

"This shape shifting alien that came here and turned into this bottle of wine, he tried to poison me!" said Frosty in hicups.

Sato Khan

19-06-2005 22:33:14 is everyone doin?


21-06-2005 06:02:40

"Very well Sato, very well indeed" Windos replied with a somewhat sarcastic tone. "I have completed the retreaval of personal database, you can find it at"

"Nice work Tech" Levathan congratulated his leader, settlling his datapad on the table beside him. "Say, Windos, would we have an Emblem?"

"I do not beleive so Lev." Replied Windos, thinking a little too hard for his own good. "Perhaps someone here could design us one."

*Hint, Hint. Hint, Hint*

Malus Maximus

26-06-2005 09:31:12

Footsteps were heard coming from a distance. Malus Maximus, a Novice with a never-ceasingly serious expression entered the room.

"A glass of white wine, if you please,", he said to the waitress, who was still trying to drag out a now passed out frosty.

"Good evening gentlemen,", he addressed the other Dark Jedis in the lounge, "Good work on the website, Windos. I'm afraid I can't do much about the emblem. Also, forgive my ignroance, but what is 'Independance Games?' Is it some video game, or is it more of an ACC-type thing?"

He took a sip from the glass the Twi'lek had just brought him.

Sato Khan

30-06-2005 15:00:48

Sato looked up from his drink, his eyes narrowing as they scanned the newcomer. He got up from his seat in the far corner of the room emerging from the shadows. He approached Malus obvisouly assessing the power of the Novice, visbly impressed by what he saw. "The independence games are a series of events that celebrate our Independence from the Emperor's Hammer. Some of the events are based on gaming others are writing type compeitions."


04-07-2005 07:49:32

* Dox plants a bomb(fart) in KotN place. Mwahahaha >:)

* I hope you all die :sick:

Sato Khan

04-07-2005 21:23:44

Using the Force, Sato cleared the room as fast as he could. Rage swept through his body at the presumption of Dox. Vendettas have begun over less..........

By the by, is anyone besides Windos and I going to enter the KHP comp?


04-07-2005 23:40:24

Windos sat up and threw his empty glass at Welshman.

"That drunk bum over there will be going us" Laughed Windos "We set out in a day or two, be ready"


06-07-2005 11:46:11

Another drunk bum interferes.

"Can I join too?"

Sato Khan

06-07-2005 21:48:27

Only if you brought some with you. Sike help yourself


07-07-2005 02:38:47

Levathan steps foward with an excited glimmer in his eyes "any room for me in this?"


07-07-2005 03:55:36

"Sorry Lev, Welsh, Sato and myself are already heading to Duxn first thing in the morning my command of Telona. But perfhaps you and Frosty can head out as a team also?"


07-07-2005 04:53:09

"hmmmm..... what a pity", Levathan looks towards frosty, considering, "that sound fine, as long as he's sober"
"so how bout it frosty? wanna join up?" Levathan says as he walks towords Frosty.


08-07-2005 15:52:55

Man, [Expletive Deleted F-word] that [Expletive Deleted] !

Let`s do a trio ! :D


16-07-2005 08:49:11

OOC: This is just a intro for the KOTN armour (ill be uploading the specs and what not to the website tomorrow). Just take it that Ive left the common room ;)

A robed figure stood patiently in the middle of one of the docking bays of Sword’s Sheath, had been for the past hour, but the figures patience was wearing thin. Moments latter a medium sized cargo ship, painted a deep blue with ‘BlasTech’ printed on wither side, passed though the energy barrier and landed with quiet thud.

“Where have you been?” The figure roared at the crewman that came running out of the ship.

“Our most sincere apologies Windos, this place is very hard to find at the best of time.” The quivering crewman replied.

“We like it that way.” Windos said, removing his hood and heading into the ship to help unload.

A total of ten crates where pushed out of the cargo ship; the contents of which had still not been cleared with the Clan Summits, but Windos was sure he could smooth it over when they finally did find out about the purchase. The Tetrarch strolled over to one of the crates and removed the lid, extracting a black body suite.

“I trust these will vacuum seal when we wear them, so we can use them in a Zero-G environment?” He enquired.

“Yes Sir, they will keep your body at a healthy temperature for ten minutes.”

“I expressly asked for twelve”


“Do you remember the price your co-worker paid when he disappointed me when I first approached your company?”

“Y… Yes, Sir” The BlasTech worker replied, visibly shaken.

“Good… good, which create are the weapons stored in?” Windos asked, striding to where the worker had already pointed. He removed the lid and extracted one of the DC-17m’s and attached the Ion Pulse Blaster Rifle components. “At least these work properly.” He commented to himself while powering up the rifle.

“Does it meet you specifications, Sir?” The quivering worker asked.

Windos raised the gun and fired a shot into the workers chest, causing the man to fly backwards and land hard on his back. “Yes, yes they do.” The now calm Jedi Hunter reached into his robes and extracted a comm link.

“Central Command, we have a ship to be stripped and sold for scrap.” Windos said in a surprisingly cheerful voice, after all he had been waiting on this armour and weaponry since he was appointed as Tetrarch of the Keepers of the Night. He set to work moving all of the crates into the Keeper’s common room and awaited his troopers and tyro to file in, going to present each on a complete set of armour, a DC-17m (plus attachments) and a DC-15s.


17-07-2005 05:19:14

Levathan saw the new armour and grined "I like it boss! this is great, and the weapons, this is top of the line stuff, i see you've had a few modifications made to them" he said as he examined the weapons and armour,

Levathan was a mercenary in the past so it's become a habit to fully examine one's equipment.

Levathan lifted his head and said with an mischivous light in his eyes, "who's paying, or should i say, who "payed" for all this fine equipment?"


17-07-2005 19:25:04

Windos bagan sorting through all of the crates sperating it all out into seperate piles for each member of the phyle. The Black and Purple matte plates somehow shinning in the dim light.

Ylith Pandemonium

22-07-2005 16:44:28

Ylith came walking in,

"Hey guys how are ya'all!"
"never knew this place was so crowded, ahh wel, the more the marrier"

Ylith sat down at the bar, and ordered up

Sato Khan

22-07-2005 22:08:35

Sato clenched his fist at the audacity of the Daemoni. Had they no respect? he asked himself. The Jedi Hunter lurched from his customary chair in the corner, drew his short sword and with calculated steps walked towards the Protector. Three quarters of the way to his intended victim, Sato suddenly remembered that he was drunk. The Krath pitched forward and collapsed in a heap. He groaned as he rolled and welcomed the sweet oblivion.

Ylith Pandemonium

23-07-2005 08:01:42

c'mon man we are different in a battle team but we're still people of Tarentum, so
why not settle down at the local bar and just forget sides and have fun ;) your welcome at the
daemoni post to you know.

Ylith took a zip of his coke and smiled at the sight of sato rolling

Sato Khan

23-07-2005 16:11:17

Yeah I know but at the bar I like to take the occasional whack at people (which always fails) :P No harm no worries there Ylith!

Ylith Pandemonium

23-07-2005 19:21:03

ahh well

Opened my own bar establisment now, where people of gladius can hang out.
feel free to post a funny question, request or a discussion statement

Check it out!


30-07-2005 02:26:08

Hehe, we will drop our prices and flush your establishment out of buesness. >:)

Ylith Pandemonium

30-07-2005 11:48:35

I have 2 astablishments and always growing :P


01-08-2005 06:16:24

Levathan looked up from examineing the armour, and looked at Ylith. "intresting whats the range on drinks?" Levathan said as he walked over and begain to scrape Sato off the floor.

Ylith Pandemonium

01-08-2005 07:00:51

from mandalorian ale to te best scotch and back to simple mineral water, all there ;)

Sato Khan

01-08-2005 14:26:25

Hmmm sounds like me kind of place.

Ylith Pandemonium

01-08-2005 16:02:47

saturday is discount day


03-08-2005 06:15:33

hmmm, discounts... this concept intregous me...


03-08-2005 08:07:39

hmmmm opening a bar on the Gladius Asteroid you say, wish I had thought of that. I would recommend using the Caverns under the base it would make for a fine place to open a bar.

*makes a mental note to make sure Welshman has the bar moved away from his Quarters on the Asteroid

Ylith Pandemonium

04-08-2005 14:20:02

*wonders if he will get a promotion for that idea :P*

Sato Khan

05-08-2005 22:17:24

"It appears our glorious leader has finally attained Knighthood," Sato said with a crooked smile. "Windos in appreciation for all you do for us (especially the armour) your Keeper bretheren would like to present you with these as a token of our esteem." Sato moved out of the way, revealing two identical sheep each wearing seductive makeup with bows in their hair. "Enjoy!"

Ylith Pandemonium

07-08-2005 12:28:56

"And may I give something as a token of appreciation of good sport from battleteam Daemoni?"
Ylith said smiling as he revealed the vaseline and some sheepcuffs "As a few extra things to help you enjoy your
new given sheep" :P


24-08-2005 04:07:33

levathan drags in a BBQ grill
"hey boss, you hungry?"


24-08-2005 04:31:57

'Hmm BBQ, Sheep... what more could a Dark Jedi want?' Windos laughs as he tucks into a burger and pulls one of the sheep into another room.


24-08-2005 06:54:18

Lvathan looks at the others with a smirk, "you've gotta wonder, what is going on in that room" :P

Ylith Pandemonium

24-08-2005 10:42:32

or we're eating some sheep tonight....or he's screwing it....

Or maybe we have a stuffed sheep.....

Pork anyone? :P


25-08-2005 11:54:52

*ylith, how do you get the signiture to have a pic like that?"

Levathan walks over to the bar and orders a drink of funny looking blue stuff.

"should we set audio sensors on that room? it IS our duty to care about the boss's well being after all" Levathan said with a perfectly straight face

Ylith Pandemonium

25-08-2005 12:09:46

Indeed it is! put on the sounds!

* upload and you'll get a forum url ;), Picture is homemade BTW :P*


26-08-2005 09:27:03

Yeah if you wnat one you'll have to pay.

Ylith Pandemonium

26-08-2005 10:28:28

20$ each for non Daemoni members :P


27-08-2005 15:00:28

Levathan attaches a audio sensor to the door Windos just walked though.
strange sounds can be heard thoughout the common room.

"umm guys, what do you make of this?" Levathan said with a bewilderd expression. :huh:

Ylith Pandemonium

27-08-2005 16:16:54

even a wookie makes more sense.... :blink:

Sato Khan

27-08-2005 20:43:13

that being true....

Ylith Pandemonium

28-08-2005 05:06:31

soooooooooooooo........should we call someone to check it out..? :huh:


28-08-2005 05:19:44

*Windos comes out of the room double over holding his stomach* Ok, wheres the next one? Hehe, like all the new sigs around ylith?

Ylith Pandemonium

28-08-2005 15:28:50

*glances at Windos with a dark look*


28-08-2005 23:39:53


Ylith Pandemonium

29-08-2005 06:07:29

however, as I have studied Digital Photography, there could be more detail in them, insteal of just a few pictures on top of each other and a name.

Make your own picture's of enhance them to give them a true dark side look. your free to compete with me, but for the classical deluxe model banners...I'm still top of the game

Sato Khan

01-09-2005 13:31:50

Those are fighting words where I come from.

Ylith Pandemonium

01-09-2005 14:56:40


Sato Khan

01-09-2005 20:27:07

No the polar ice cap :P....of course Wales.

Ylith Pandemonium

02-09-2005 00:25:38

Whats Wales? :P

Sato Khan

03-09-2005 18:40:16 a glorious land of unparalleled beauty, of craggy coastlines, mountains, some islands, and good natured people who love sheep


04-09-2005 02:16:53

Just ask Welshman, although he'l probably give you the same answer Sato did :P

Ylith Pandemonium

04-09-2005 05:59:58

true....well....thought it were those big sae dudes...


17-09-2005 01:48:58

My country has more sheep per person ;P

Ylith Pandemonium

17-09-2005 04:42:09

my country eats sheep :P >:)


17-09-2005 04:45:03

So does mine :P


22-09-2005 10:52:27

As dose mine, i wonder how welsh would feel though

Sato Khan

26-10-2005 19:42:47

WAKE UP!!! :w00t:


27-10-2005 00:17:34



27-10-2005 19:03:01

All you Welshman slightly scare me ... :ermm:


27-10-2005 22:45:52

Dearest Zill :P

Welsh isnt scary :P hes the most un scareist sheep err person artound


28-10-2005 19:12:42

Not just Welshie, I ment all the WelshMEN in the Clan ... *shakes her head* nevermind ... *gives Welshie yet another blow up sheep*, "After last night, I know you popped the other one."


04-11-2005 06:34:26

hehe, i'm willing to bet he did, say zill, just out of curiosoty, how did you get in here? :P


04-11-2005 19:26:15

Technically, I'm not here, ssshhhhhh!


05-11-2005 01:25:56

Shes a ghost... a sexc ghost (:P) but still a ghost


05-11-2005 01:30:17

Boo! :alien:


05-11-2005 02:29:28

Opps, *makes mental note not to speak around the ghost*


05-11-2005 18:06:03



05-11-2005 18:31:37

*Runs away and hides*

Ylith Pandemonium

05-11-2005 18:57:27

yay for levvy in tha shevvy smokin hevvy drivin fevvy trough the snevvy with the pimps yo! :P


05-11-2005 19:02:04

/me slaps Ylith


05-11-2005 20:00:48


*continues the haunting*


06-11-2005 02:51:24

*Artemis steps shyly into the warm air of the common room from the Keeper’s library she had just passed through. Slowly she looked at all the faces in the room, most of them members of the Keepers, and others inexplicably having found the secret entrance to the Keeper’s library.*

“Hello Everyone”

*She offered an almost unnoticeable curtsey, then her eyes darted to the ground and she shuffled to one of the many comfortable arm chairs.*


06-11-2005 05:06:59

*Ziltopia feels like Artemis looked right through her*



06-11-2005 20:02:17

*me gets up from the chair and walks over to the "ghost"*

*bows to Artemis*

welcome Artemis, as you can see this is the common room, make yourself at home

hmm i wonder....

*attempts to stick his hand through the "ghost"* :P

Sato Khan

06-11-2005 21:38:06

*Having consumed many a pint of the finest Keeper's bitter, Sato stumbled from the corner of the common room where he had collapsed during the promotion celebrations. As the Krath shuffled close to the ghost of Zilly, he inhaled deeply and accidently snorted her up. A look of consternation passed his face before he hacked her back out.*

"Welcome to the KOTN Artemis, by the way I like your banner, nice jugs :P"


06-11-2005 23:45:03

*Artemis shoots Sato a dry look, crossing her arms over her chest self consciously.*

“Windos did it for me”


07-11-2005 01:27:36

Sato, you really need to have the medics look at your sinuses.

Artemis, I like your user pic and banner; I want Windos to do one for me now ;).


07-11-2005 01:31:27

=P PM him sometime, I'll nag him into doing it ^.^


07-11-2005 01:37:16




07-11-2005 05:57:13

grrr...meow...nice banner Artemis...Windos teh masta... >:) forget about me... ;) ...need a banner?...just call...


07-11-2005 18:13:08

You did my sabre man! 'Tis awesome! ;)

Artemis volunteered Windos services for me and I took him up on them! I suppose she is giving him proper compensation for the service! :P


07-11-2005 19:09:38


oh btw...did they aacept it...saw the news the Herald was about to accept the custom sabers so...


07-11-2005 20:17:56

=P And before anyone asks... No, Windos didn't pick the picture =P I did ^.^

Hehe, and thanks for the welcome guys =)


07-11-2005 20:39:23

so much the better...>:)
very, very nicepicture youpicked...meesa like


07-11-2005 23:25:19

Sssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ... erm ... yeah ... and schtuff! :$


08-11-2005 01:12:08

how odd, anyways.

sorry for not welcomeing you sooner Artimis, anyways guys, the bar is free (hehe thanks to a tip from windos :P), DRINK TILL YOUR PISSED!! well except you sato, your already ur to your eyeballs in ale.


08-11-2005 09:25:38

Alcohol and free in the same sentence, awesome! ;)

*grabs a beer and chugs*

Hey, pass me that poney-keg and a beer bong! :w00t:


08-11-2005 09:59:22

Im gonna drink till i cant piss streight!

*grabs a beer*

"Cheers all!"


08-11-2005 11:14:28

You're a guy, you can't piss straight to begin with; well, unless you have a target to aim for *remebers the little fact about flies painted on urinals* :blink:


08-11-2005 14:51:05

ive seen that...even have it in a bar near my


08-11-2005 22:34:32

you cant even piss stright even when your sober.

btw, hows the run-on goin for you guys? (keepers)


10-11-2005 20:14:52

you cant even piss stright even when your sober.

btw, hows the run-on goin for you guys? (keepers)

also, hows life? :P


10-11-2005 20:30:06

I think they are all either passed out or writing their transfers (j/g)! >:) :P


10-11-2005 20:32:01

or i could just steal your members

and they dont exactly have to know about it >:)



10-11-2005 22:19:08

Steal the inactive, go ahead! >:P

*accepts the beer and takes a swig*


10-11-2005 22:39:18

*Windos charges Ziltopia on his Llama*


11-11-2005 08:09:47

hey bro, remeber that lil trick you pulled on the Deimoni?

whats the budget on the Mystics? :P


11-11-2005 12:52:10

The security on our bank accounts is handled by Spears; I would not attempt to break in past his security. Also, I have checked the prices for droid repair work and the appropriate credits have been put into the Keepers account. Thank you so much for all of your help.


11-11-2005 14:42:32

*Windos slips on his hacking shades and gets working on a console*


*Windos types for a few minutes more*


*And then another few minutes*

Okay... Mystics accounts emptied

*Spears bursts into the room and shoots Windos*


11-11-2005 15:56:24

Spears smiles, "The Mystics account was never emptied b/c what Windos was accessing was a dummy account."

*Windos groans in agony from the bullet wound, Spears felt like going Ole Skool!*


13-11-2005 20:38:15

*Levathan goes to the main console, sits and starts "playing" with a few programs"

hmmm, uh ha!!!

Levathan smiles evily towards spears


15-11-2005 06:26:03

Spears contemplates decapitating Levathan, but not due to anything that Levathan has done, but only because of the sheer pleasure it would cause for Headmaster of the SA after a long, hard week grading papers and discipling students.

"Again, my young one, you cease to know the intricacies of my systems."


15-11-2005 08:55:32

The Headmaster smiled as he looked down at the poor Guardian who hadn't the slightest inkling of what was about to happen to him.

Turning to Zil, Spears kindly requested a fresh cup of coffee.

Zil noticed the blackness of his eyes seemed to shine for a brief moment.

Levathan felt a strong pressure on his bones, it seemed like the Force was pressing on them from all directions.

The sounds of a thousand toothpicks cracking filled the room, as Levathan's bone began to break from the strain. The Guardian wailed as his bones began to collapse under the strain, first the smaller bones in his hands and feet, then the stronger bones in his legs and arms, followed by his rib cages collapsing in on itself.

The room fell eerily silent as the Guardian lay passed out on the floor, every bone in his young body having been crushed under the weight of the Force.

As Spears took a sip from his cup, his eyes fell upon his Magistrate. I would suggest, not attempting to get around my security again. “Now take this with you, and make sure it spends the next month in a Bacta tank.” Spears commanded as he pointed to the gelatin like mass that was now Levathan’s body.


15-11-2005 09:46:11

Windos nervously removes Levathan from the room, knowing very well that he could be in the very same situation himself, luckily, he was only shot in the back. >:)

Ziltopia asks Spears, "How do you like the coffee? I have started getting fresh beans sent in from Zwelherse and grinding them myself ... new morning ritual I suppose, helps me get the day going; I make the first pot and then the rest of the day it is one of my apps jobs ..." *Zil waves her arm nondiscriptly*


15-11-2005 22:33:16

Levathan walks into the room yawning

"hmmm it apeirs youve killed mt clone, oh well, back to work" :P

"err headmaster, you did'nt drink that coffie did you? :S "


16-11-2005 11:42:31

"Lev, if you put something in the coffee, I will kill you myself."

*ignites her lightsabre in one hand and hold her coffee cup in the other*


16-11-2005 12:29:35

*touches Zils "coffe-hand"*

"Now Zil! Play nice! The man was just trying to either poison you or drug you and take advantage. Whats so bad in that?" >:)


16-11-2005 14:59:30

*Ziltopia kicks Tyren in the balls*

"What's so bad in that?"


16-11-2005 17:32:47

"Nothing...whats good is the duralloy ball-shield i am wearing!" :P


16-11-2005 23:00:51

"Luckily I had on my steel-toed boots ... no wonder your balls clanked when I hit them." :P


17-11-2005 04:41:44

"ofcorse i did'nt put anything into that pot, do i look like the kind of uy to do that you a sweetie like you?" O-)

"but i gotta wonder though, the last time i looked that pot was half full with taresian ale, you DID clean it out....... right?"

Ylith Pandemonium

17-11-2005 12:13:53

anyway! ehh! Beeeeeeeeeer!


17-11-2005 12:46:25

"Considering the level of mold that was IN the pot, of course I cleaned it out! I gave it to Ylith." ;)


17-11-2005 17:01:26

*tyrus is glad he doesnt drink coffee, not after...ugh...oberst did that "thing" to coffee*


18-11-2005 11:48:35

"Tyrus, there is a story here you should be telling."

Sato Khan

18-11-2005 21:42:03

Which story would that be?


19-11-2005 12:52:48

Sato, READ the previous posts and maybe you will find out; THAT is the same reason why the run-on got so [Expletive Deleted F-word]ed up--people were posting without reading what other people were writing!! Gggggggggggggggrrrrrrrr!! {someone just hit on Zilly's new pet peeve, at least as far as the DB is concerned}

Sato Khan

19-11-2005 18:56:35

I know :P I just wanted to see how many people I could piss off with that...muhahahahhahaa


23-11-2005 20:39:32

i sence a clumsy recoverory........ anyways MORE BEER!!"


06-12-2005 22:13:40

ok guys i want your input on this, i'm already putting tgether a few more comps, now what i need to know is,

you got any suggestions of comps you would like to see?

and how many do you want at one time? i could go as high as 5 writeing comps a week if you want.



09-12-2005 05:02:11

I would honestly say that five a week is too much. Howver, one a week or one every two weeks would be nice up until the Sith War or GJW, which ever comes first. Also I would say that one report a week would be nice, or at least one every two weeks.

~OT Dranik (3417) House Gladius of Clan Tarentum


10-12-2005 04:58:39

hehe i have been a little behind on my reports, THAT however is due to my connection at home not being avalable, at all.

alrighty, once a week it is, and i will get a report out once a week wenever i can, if not, then expect it the next week. :D

Ylith Pandemonium

14-12-2005 13:12:37

excuses!!! :P

nah keep it up bud


20-12-2005 02:26:56

Hmmm... I would like one writing cometition per week. Possibly a circle wide run-on from time to time. =D


11-01-2006 00:53:06

no prob


13-04-2006 17:27:07

A while back I was in this battleteam/circle. I was wondering if I could get back in now that my life has slowed down enough for me to get active again.


14-04-2006 08:28:54

Sure thing, just drop me an email saying so and your in...

as part of the initiation alow me to give you this.

*Levathan sends a telepatic message to windos, "kick em please :P just for the fun of it :P"

welcome to the keepers, tyro!!


11-05-2006 06:49:28

I like any writing comp, stories poetry, i don't care! its all good! :)


13-05-2006 15:55:24

Nice MT entries btw, can I add the last one to our site archive?


13-05-2006 16:57:37

Frosty, oyu should gt us all to sign disclaimers so you don't have to ask :P

Sato Khan

13-05-2006 20:19:17

Who does a bloke have to kill in order to get a beer around here. Ever since Lev took over service has been slacking!


13-05-2006 20:22:57

Thanks :) sure you can add it to the site, all publicity is good publicity right? did somebody say beer?


18-05-2006 06:39:42

Will do.


22-05-2006 04:31:08

well sato, i was trying for a "sober" group of emotionless, mercyless killers.... but i see the pissed up one just as good. makes us more unpredictable i guess :P


*takes the sheet covering the 20 barrels of beer, then opens the celler to reviel a short stockpile*

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! looks like Deimoni will have to go dry this month


23-05-2006 06:24:59

LoL... now kids.. It's nice to share. There's plenty of beer to go around.


23-05-2006 17:18:32

i'm not so sure about that *hic* :P


07-07-2008 01:23:43

Ok, since the Keepers of the Night has officially been reopened, I might as well revive the thread as well. All members are welcome to voice ideas on the BT, suggest competitions, talk about members or simply bitch about life. That's what this thread is for. So go ahead and post Keepers!


07-07-2008 22:04:55


1.) To have a BT-centric comp. from all three houses. I'm sure my BT would be willing to participate. I had a chat with Ronovi, she's interested. We need to drag a BT from Tridens for this and make it awesome. I'm suggesting fiction and gaming as such, since my BT doesn't have gfx people. Run Ons could also be fun!

2.) To kill Deatharoc... as an afterthought :P


08-07-2008 03:15:00

First of all Kaz, you couldn't kill me back when you were leading me in the Praxeum so you sure as hell can't do it now :P. Second, that's a great idea! Gladius is actually working on an inter-Battle Team thing but it would be much better if all the BTs of Tarentum were involved. My BT would definitely participate in something like that. Fiction, gaming and Run-On should be a given but I think we should also consider ACC as a platform.


08-07-2008 03:15:31

Sorry for the double post but I think a good idea would be that the Battle Teams would all compete for some clan honor like being the First Team of Tarentum or getting some relic. Overused I know, but I haven't got anything else as is usually the case :P.


10-07-2008 12:43:15

glad the BT is back. gotta keep Telona's name alive. For her.