Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer!


29-01-2005 22:01:02

It's been reborn! Yes our famous topic from the old board has made it here with a fresh new look. Now for those of you who don't know how this works, someone asks a question and you answer it and ask one yourself. Simple!

I'll start with just a question.

How many pages do you think we'll hit with this one?

Dark Sabre

29-01-2005 22:05:20

More than 1 but less than 489579894651654987498465498788.

Why ask a stupid question?

Tarax Kor

29-01-2005 23:16:02

To get a stupid answer.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Sith Bloodfyre

30-01-2005 02:50:33

Because it noticed you needed a kick in the @$$, Nitemare. :P

Now, does anyone know why Nitemare sucks worse than an Entar?


30-01-2005 04:39:16

because Nitemare is a p00ph34d!

How many ears does a horse have?

Jac Cotelin

30-01-2005 09:37:07

42, not counting the ones that are artificially implanted.

If I run at the speed of light through a corn field for 23 and 5/6 minutes, how many orange peels would it take to fill an empty potato chip bag while blindfolded?

Dark Sabre

30-01-2005 09:39:43

69, but try not to fall Jac.

Who thinks this guy looks constipated? :@


30-01-2005 14:19:10

Only you.

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does the old lady down the street suddenly fart?


30-01-2005 14:25:00

Yes! of course! Damn! That is a dumb question!

If a man runs with 10km/h and he falls down, does that affect the way that Bush runs America?

Dark Sabre

30-01-2005 14:40:41

Nope. Us Americans are still [Expletive Deleted F-word]ed.

How long do you give it before someone finally assassinates him?


30-01-2005 14:43:15

Way too long?

If an Israeli armored brigade consists of two armored battalions and one infantry battalion, while an infantry brigade consists of two infantry battalions and one armored battalion. And an armored battalion consists of two armored squadrons and one infantry squadron, and an infantry battalion consists of two infantry squadrons and one that is armored.
Let's say it keeps on this way through squadrons, platoons, squads, until finally, an armored squad consists of two armory soldiers and one infantry soldier, and an infantry squad ... you know already.

Then when will I get promoted to DJM?

Sith Bloodfyre

30-01-2005 14:53:48


Does anyone else think Cybey does NOT get this thread? :P


30-01-2005 14:54:59

Bad Bloodfyre! Bad :P


30-01-2005 15:12:24

What question am I supposed to answer? :P


30-01-2005 15:35:03

none :P

How many monkeys does it take to change a light bulb?

Tarax Kor

30-01-2005 15:39:08

This one.

How many kidneys does it take to fill up the north-by-west-east moon's jug of bananas?


30-01-2005 16:53:14


A beam of 85-eV electrons is scattered from a crystal, as X-ray diffraction, and a first-order peak is observed at (theta)=38 degrees. What is the spacing between planes in the diffracting crystal? (please include any necessary diagrams, force or otherwise)


30-01-2005 17:00:01



Tarax Kor

30-01-2005 17:27:48

That. *points to that*

How come Cybey already has so many posts?

Dark Sabre

30-01-2005 18:21:11

cuz he's a loser.

Why do you ask?


31-01-2005 08:44:34

Because he wanted to.

Why do I have to go to work today?


31-01-2005 10:20:55

Because the universe is email.

Can I drink your sig?


31-01-2005 11:07:49

You can try, but if you try I will kill you.

Can I kill him?


31-01-2005 11:12:40

Of course.

Why does my coffee taste like semen?


31-01-2005 11:12:47

I'm sure the sheep would be greatful. :D

What would the world be like if you spelled "dog" as C-A-T?


31-01-2005 12:05:26


What happens when you breed chickens with pigs?


31-01-2005 13:01:58

You get some picks!

Are killer bees dangerous?:ermm:


31-01-2005 13:46:14


More importantly, if something has killer in the name would it actually be deadly?

Rekio Corsair

31-01-2005 19:16:46

No, but you're ment to think it is.

What would Jesus do for a Klondike Bar?


31-01-2005 21:50:39

He wouldn't have to do anything, just take it from your hand.

Do bugs have fingers?

Rekio Corsair

31-01-2005 21:57:51


If so, can bugs finger each other?

Sith Bloodfyre

01-02-2005 00:56:27

Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't remember Rekio ever being so dirty. :P

Will someone please clean up his mind?


01-02-2005 09:39:35

I won't go in there it's too messy!

But why would insects finger each other?


01-02-2005 09:47:43

maybe they are lonely.

Should i use bleach or just battery acid to clean Rekio's head?


01-02-2005 10:26:55

hmmm... battery acid works :D

Shouldn't you kill Rekio first?

Tarax Kor

01-02-2005 11:14:32

No, it makes it that much more fun.

Why are we still discussing Rekio?


01-02-2005 11:17:14

We're still discussing him, because he's got a mouth like a Hoover.

Didn't you know that?


01-02-2005 12:04:25

I did in fact know that, because you have told me that on a number of occasions.

If he has a mouth like a Hoover what home appliances is the rest of his body comparable to?


01-02-2005 12:52:43

A fridge like body :ermm:

what about the head?


01-02-2005 13:21:08

What`s a french kiss? :$

Rekio Corsair

01-02-2005 13:26:57

You didn't answer the qestion, but its a kiss with a lot of this: :P

Why were you people talking about me?


01-02-2005 13:36:13

Damn straight we where talking about you.


Any other bright ideas on how to best annoy Rekio?

Sith Bloodfyre

01-02-2005 13:54:32

You could always have Oberst tell him about how he gets more sex than Rekio...

But then again, doesn't everyone get more?

Rekio Corsair

01-02-2005 16:10:47

No. They don't.

Why is the helpdesk so completely worthless?


01-02-2005 17:51:46

Because that is the nature of all helpdesks, they exist to annoy you.

New topic, why is BF so sexy?

Tarax Kor

01-02-2005 18:14:12

Because it's a birth defect. A mutation.

How could you not notice that?


01-02-2005 21:32:32

Didn't look.

What's the best donut ever?

Sith Bloodfyre

01-02-2005 21:32:39

Nitemare, shut up.

Who wants to kill Nitemare for a quarter?

Tarax Kor

01-02-2005 22:34:00

I do! I need a quarter!

Wait.. why would I kill myself? And why Didn't Bf answer Telona's question?

Rekio Corsair

01-02-2005 22:43:53

You would kill yourself because it would save time. And perhaps Bloodfyre's sexiness negates Telona's question.

Why do donuts have those little holes in the middle and how did they get there?


01-02-2005 23:01:04

They got there because Shadow likes thrusting into pastries. I dunno why they are there, though.

With this new information, anyone want a creme filled donut? :P

Tarax Kor

01-02-2005 23:21:57

No, thank you.

Btw, isn't it cream instead of creme?


01-02-2005 23:29:39

Pastries are usually denoted as "creme," this is due to the fact that the French were the ones who came up with the first ordered School of Culinary Arts. This is particularly reinforced by the idea of dessert. Prior to Louis XIV, the last course of a meal, in Europe, was fish. King Louis didn't like that idea, and sweets were served at the end of his State Dinners.

Does that answer your question?


02-02-2005 06:35:46

Pretty much.

Why do you americans try so hard to be the oposite of europeans?

EG: donuts with holes, football etc.

Rekio Corsair

02-02-2005 14:04:57

Well, we certainly didn't leave Europe because we liked everything about it ...

Who then now? :P


02-02-2005 15:46:34

Um...not me.

Why do I usually end up talking about food?

Rekio Corsair

02-02-2005 16:13:51

Because you're always hungry.

How come I can't have something cool like "Sexy" above my rank badge on the MB?

Dark Sabre

02-02-2005 16:14:47

Cuz it would be "sex-deprived" anyways.

Who wants pie?

Tarax Kor

02-02-2005 16:59:42

Oooh, I want pie!

What kind of pie?


02-02-2005 17:04:12

you want pie..heres pie in your eye...hahaha :P

nah seriously, peach, apple, or blueberry?

Sith Bloodfyre

02-02-2005 18:37:52

None of you has any pie. You're all pie-less.

Now, who wants to have some real fun, and watch Oberst lecture on about fungi?

Tarax Kor

02-02-2005 22:40:30


Uhh... why?


03-02-2005 01:20:16

Because understanding fungi helps you understand and appreciate the nuance with which speciation has occurred on this planet. Fungi are part of the Domain Eukarya (cells with a nucleus), Kingdom Fungi. This Kingdom is then split up into 5 Domains - Chytridiomycota, Zygomycota, Ascomycota, Basidiomycota and Deuteromycetes.

The Chytridiomycota (Chytrids) are the only turly aquatic fungal group. They have a ceonocytic hypahe that reproduces by forming flagellated gametes. The Chytrids are believed to be the ancestors of the other, terrestrial, fungal divisions. Example: Chytrids

Zygomycota are the only terrestrial fungal group with ceonocytic (aseptate) hyphae. During reproduction (both sexual and asexual) hyphae form complete septa, cutting off a section at the tip. Example : Bread mold

Ascomycota are largerly terrestrial, but have some aquatic members. Their hyphae also form septa; however, complete septa cut off reproductive structures. Sexual reproduction involves formation of ascus in which meiosis precedes spore formation. Example: morels and truffles

The Basidiomycota are terrestrial fungi. Their hyphae have perforated septa, with complete septa cutting off reproductive structures. Sexual reproduction involves formation of basidia in which meiosis takes place and on which spores are born. Examples: mushrooms and rusts (wood rust, not metalic oxidation).

The Deuteromycetes are considered imperfect fungi, in that they have genetic characteristics similar to any of the above fungi groups (usually the Ascomycota), but in which sexual reproduction has not been observed.

Should I continue?

Tarax Kor

03-02-2005 02:12:05

No. X-)

Who actually read what Oberst wrote?


03-02-2005 03:28:17

Zekk, but only because he thought it was a recipy for cake :P

If a would chuck could chuck would, how long would it take me to bike to the shops?


03-02-2005 13:05:28

Depends on how far away the shop is. But, since wood chucks can't really chuck wood, its a moot point.

How the hell did a groundhog ever get called a woodchuck?


03-02-2005 13:39:46

I belive liqour was involved.

Is there anyone else that is just waiting for the Fungi lecture to start up again? :w00t:

Sith Bloodfyre

03-02-2005 14:01:25


Anyone seen Oberst?

Tarax Kor

03-02-2005 14:08:09


Where could he be?


03-02-2005 15:24:56

He could be anywhere.

But would it suprise anyone if he was "behind" Rekio?

Tarax Kor

03-02-2005 16:00:08

Well... not really, no.

Although why would ANYONE want be "behind" Rekio?


03-02-2005 19:18:43

I think that is a mystery best left unsolved...

What exactly is a wing-ding?


03-02-2005 19:23:51

It's a ... oh I shouldn't answer that one.

What's up with Anshar's avatar?


03-02-2005 19:50:50

That's what happens when you perform lewd and lascivious acts with a hamster/guinea pig/whateverthehellthatis.

Why do people perform lewd acts with small mammals?


03-02-2005 20:13:26

thats like saying "Why is the sky blue? why is the sky blue?


03-02-2005 22:19:25

Because it just is.

Why does water feel wet?


03-02-2005 22:43:50

Because it just is.

Why does water feel wet?

thast like saying why is it blue in some areas, and green in others......


03-02-2005 23:27:49

Ask oberst for a lecture in light waves.

How much better is Maxthon than IE?

Tarax Kor

03-02-2005 23:41:09

Alot, since IE sucks.

By the way, what the frek is Maxthon?

Sith Bloodfyre

04-02-2005 00:30:18

Who cares.

Why are you still posting on here like a drunk sailor spending his cash?


04-02-2005 00:45:26

Because he is secretly a pirate.

Are we there yet?

Tarax Kor

04-02-2005 01:51:29


....where's "there" ?


04-02-2005 07:06:43

Where we want to go!

Why is that angel but naked?


04-02-2005 07:31:56

because he has a niceeee assss! >:)


04-02-2005 09:39:33

And the question little bro!!!

Should I beat Dox when he gets home?


04-02-2005 10:40:59

And the question little bro!!!

Should I beat Dox when he gets home?

only if you broadcast it live on the internet, btw, whats the web for besides db and porn?


04-02-2005 11:10:51

Well, I do buy things online, usually on eBay, but from a couple other places as well. So, the web is for the DB, porn, and, using a generic term, the economy. But, when you consider at least some of the people in the DB probably buy porn online, you get a combination of things.

What would you beat him with?


04-02-2005 14:53:38

Heh, that wuss. He'll probably beat me with his breath! :D

Who wants some besides Frosty?


04-02-2005 15:03:18

Heh, that wuss. He'll probably beat me with his breath! :D

Who wants some besides Frosty?

does that come with chocalate whipped topping on that frosty?


04-02-2005 22:32:49


Would someone please teach smoke how this works?


04-02-2005 22:50:02

Smoke, either get it right or I'll have you cleaning the Shadow Academy's public bathrooms!!! You not only have to answer the previous question, but you also have to ask a new one. That means a minimum of two lines per post. To answer Telona, I will.

Batman or Superman?

Tarax Kor

04-02-2005 23:03:48

Batman, hands down. That dude is just cool. Superman is overrated.

Catwoman or Wonder Woman? :D

Sith Bloodfyre

05-02-2005 04:52:57


Now, let's get onto some seriousness, and discuss how much you all love me, shall we? :P

Aidan Kincaid

05-02-2005 05:01:26

Lets not, though I love Gryff long time.

Why's Gryff got such a loose ass?

Tarax Kor

05-02-2005 11:01:18

Because it's overused and past its expiry date.

But seriously, why don't we talk how much we love Bf?


05-02-2005 14:46:51

Because it's overused and past its expiry date.

But seriously, why don't we talk how much we love Bf?

lets say we did and dont...

Why is the ICTE only 6+ hours?

(that better Anshar and telona?)

Tarax Kor

05-02-2005 15:22:35

To allow for a wider gamer turnout.

(and yes it is)

Who knows anything about C++.NET?


05-02-2005 22:58:45

I know plenty.

Why won't smoke stop hitting the quote button?!


05-02-2005 23:57:26

I know plenty.

Why won't smoke stop hitting the quote button?!

sorry, but this should be better, but when you hit replt to the quote it usually means im replying to the previous question........

so when does the SW celebration thingy start?


06-02-2005 02:17:20

In April. And stop hitting the quote button when you reply, just reply!

You gonna come to Celebration 3 and hang with me?


06-02-2005 08:24:45

I say go for it Smoke!

What are you guys gonna do together?


06-02-2005 08:27:30


Why are pies so nice?

Tarax Kor

06-02-2005 14:16:01

Because they are pie-ishy. (Oh and Smoke... don't hit the 'reply' buttont that's at the corner of the previous poster's post... hit the 'add reply' button at the bottom of the page.)

Why does chicken liver taste so good when fried?


06-02-2005 15:08:24

That's just nasty. Fried chicken liver....

Why does my grandma have to eat that stuff?


06-02-2005 16:50:28

cause she has no sense of taste

Do you like lamp chops then?


06-02-2005 18:44:57

Lamb chops are bad....

Who likes there Steaks Pink but not Bleeding?


06-02-2005 23:55:38


How many monkeys does it take to swim the ocean?

Tarax Kor

07-02-2005 00:58:50


What's the answer to Life, Universe, and Everything? (so sue me if I didn't get it right, I haven't read the book in ages X-) )


07-02-2005 05:35:56


Have you always wondered that mice have an ulterior motive for existence?

Tarax Kor

07-02-2005 08:10:27

Only sometimes.

Who let the dogs out?


07-02-2005 08:24:20

I did cause they had to pee, and I didnt want them to pee on the rug

Why do bats hang upside down?


07-02-2005 09:11:31

Because it is harder to hang downside up.

Why do I have to be at work today? X-)


07-02-2005 09:19:34

Because it's a monday.

Why do i not have school on a monday?

Tarax Kor

07-02-2005 09:54:34

Because you are lazy. :huh:

Why do I have to get up at 6am on Mondays?


07-02-2005 12:07:06

Because you make baby jesus cry.

Can I go to lunch now?

Tarax Kor

07-02-2005 12:38:04

No, you must starve. :@

What should I have for lunch, though?


07-02-2005 15:19:41

I had a salad...tuna, spinach, bell peppers, peas, beans, cauliflower, corn, turnips, radicchio, avocado and bean sprouts.

What sounds good to you?


07-02-2005 16:08:22

A hot pizza with extra cheese.

Should I get hot wings too?


07-02-2005 16:12:43

Only if they are spicy...

What will Tarentum do with Smoke since hes got 3 full days off from work to pester and bug everyone?


07-02-2005 17:01:57

put him in a blender

Does blended Smoke taste nice?


07-02-2005 17:12:38


Would anyone miss him?

Tarax Kor

07-02-2005 17:22:32

We'll have to blend him and find out.

Although... who'd want to make sure no one calls the cops?

Dark Sabre

07-02-2005 22:26:51

I would... not.

Maybe Jac would?


08-02-2005 06:28:32

yep Jac would do it.

Shall i get a blender to try it out?


08-02-2005 08:24:17

Sorry, Smoke is on the Shadow Academy staff as such he can not be blended and served as a drink. However feel free to substitute Tarax for Smoke.

I've got the blender can someone else catch Tarax?


08-02-2005 11:34:05

*smacks Tarax on the back of the head with an enema bag full of quarters* Done.

Where do you want him?

Sith Bloodfyre

08-02-2005 12:52:51

In the blender, I think.

Although, do you really want to drink Nitemare?


08-02-2005 14:01:14

No and nor do I plan on it. My goal was to stop them from doing the same to somebody on my staff :-P

Do you think we should use Link instead?


08-02-2005 15:25:00

yes lets use link!

at what speed should we set the blender for ?


08-02-2005 16:49:37

Ludicrous speed!

Anyone else bored at work?


08-02-2005 17:35:48


Should work be illegal?


08-02-2005 17:56:08


But then, who would do all the work?


08-02-2005 20:07:40

I can do it, for the right medal or promotion....hahaha

And how many monkies does it take to fly a SSD?


09-02-2005 06:49:12

7 as they are very intelligent and hard working

Should we get some monkey crewers?


09-02-2005 06:52:25

That would be nice.

How about Dox instead?


09-02-2005 08:23:08

How about no.

How about we duct tape Welshy and Frosty together and throw them in Zekk's room?


09-02-2005 13:10:22

good idea!

anyone got any duct tape?


09-02-2005 14:23:34

Ductape! i can fix anything with ductape!


09-02-2005 15:27:01

Why not place those two in with Oberst?

What is the planets name (lava one) that Anakin and obi fight on in EP3?


09-02-2005 17:04:55


Can i leave Oberst's room now?

Rekio Corsair

09-02-2005 17:08:25

Yes. Send Zekk in your place.

What were you doing in there anyway?


09-02-2005 17:21:19

I was taped to Dox and thrown in.

Why would anyone do that???


09-02-2005 17:24:17

because you asked for it!

Why were you allowed out?


09-02-2005 17:26:49

i havent yet, thats why im asking :P

So can i come out?


09-02-2005 17:28:35

Rekio said you can go out :P

Why was I put in a blender?


09-02-2005 17:41:28

because otherwise it would have probably been me who was put in it:P

Should everyone start drinking in the Ale Pond once more?


09-02-2005 17:42:18


should Welshy be put in the blender?


09-02-2005 18:17:22


How about you?


09-02-2005 19:04:18

yes put link there...

when does spring come anyways?


09-02-2005 19:35:43

Whenever God feels like it....don't trust the groundhogs.

IS the groundhog's shadow test still valid if a human pulls the creature out of its hole?


09-02-2005 19:53:40

yes it does...same with keeping him in his burrow

who came up with the idea of "dice" and why does it have 6 sides?


10-02-2005 12:22:43

I want to know too!

And what's that smell?


10-02-2005 12:35:00

That smell is you.

You would think with all the wter around the Castle Frosty would remember to take a bath :-P

Can someone show Frosty to Ocean?


10-02-2005 18:14:15

With pleasure.

Can you swim Frosty?


10-02-2005 18:48:57

He could if he didn't melt in the water.

Do cats rule?


10-02-2005 18:56:39

indeed they do

Can they drive cars?


10-02-2005 19:35:59

no, but they make excellent targets for them....

Cat or Dog which is better?


10-02-2005 22:28:22

orange peel.

Whats fancier?


11-02-2005 07:18:49

Me in a suit. :P

Why are we talking about cats?


11-02-2005 15:04:53

Becasue someone asked a stupid question about them.

Think of how many different ways you can cook eggs. Which version came first?


11-02-2005 17:00:22


Is that Rabbit Gladius's secret weapon?


11-02-2005 18:04:10

Yes, yes it is.

What are you getting your sweetie for Valentines day?


11-02-2005 18:11:58

I'm getting my imaginary sweetie some imaginary sweets:P

Should I eat the imaginary choclates myself?


11-02-2005 19:12:12

yeah, might as well.

Anyone know any good imaginary chocolates?


12-02-2005 07:45:59

Not quite thorntons

Should I go back to sleep..... ?


12-02-2005 08:29:26

yes you should so youll be able to play in ICTE

Why must Wal-Mart and Kmart have such a delay in getting the New Star Wars Figures on the shelves


12-02-2005 14:27:55

The Raw one!

Pamela Anderson or Carmen Electra?


12-02-2005 17:11:31

Carmen Electra

Should Valentine's be banned?


12-02-2005 17:30:08


Why do you think that?


12-02-2005 18:06:56

No idea (secretly im bitter :P) :)

Should I get Frosty to clean Tarentum's latrines?


12-02-2005 19:33:55

He's your house member. :)

What should I have the rest of you do?


12-02-2005 20:54:50

clean up your office (apart from me :P )

What else can you get them to do?


13-02-2005 16:34:39

Talk the nekk dogs for a walk.

Why are the nekk dogs tryiong to eat me?


13-02-2005 17:10:18

because you asked for it :P

why are they growling at me?


13-02-2005 17:23:02

Because my digested corpse is controlling them.

Could someone please free me?


13-02-2005 18:21:38

maybe later.

Aren't you having fun with them?


13-02-2005 18:23:25

i got to admit being digested isnt as much fun as i thought it owuld be.

Can you please let me out?


13-02-2005 18:24:21

ok, I guess so!

What did I look like when I got put in the blender?


13-02-2005 19:40:30

Dirt :w00t:


13-02-2005 22:34:46

You are suppose to ask a question.

How hard is this concept?


14-02-2005 00:26:00

Odiously difficult, apparently.

Would you pay $90 for boxer shorts?


14-02-2005 06:34:17


What are they, royal boxer shorts?


14-02-2005 08:08:10

I`ll pay 90 bucks for some boxers!



14-02-2005 09:44:31

No, Jake's.

Why would you pay money to steal other people's underwear?


14-02-2005 17:54:25

I wouldn't.

Are the $90 boxers made of silk?


14-02-2005 18:06:20

Presumably, with lots of gems as well.

Wouldnt gems make them uncomfortable though?


15-02-2005 07:53:14

depends on where they are put.

How about a 1 million $ toilet?


15-02-2005 08:22:31

nah they got those at the white house....hehehe

How about a 500$ pair of headphones for a mp3 player..(no sh*t, totally true)


15-02-2005 16:21:45

no. :P

Why does nobody go for the simple things anymore?


15-02-2005 17:06:28

Bigger is better I guess.

Will I be missed when I leave for vacation?


15-02-2005 18:19:31

Yes. After all Frosty will be able to steal all your credits then.

Should I prevent him stealing them by stealing them myself?


15-02-2005 19:06:48

*glares at his new Apprentice* I still have that flamethrower...

BBQ'ed Welshman, anyone?


15-02-2005 20:40:36 grity

Miller Lite or Bud Lite?


16-02-2005 08:08:04

err...Jim Beam :)

weed or Vodka?


16-02-2005 11:44:20


Krath/Sith or Obelisk?


16-02-2005 12:45:23


Was there ever any doubt?


16-02-2005 16:58:34

None at all.

Wait a minute, should i be able to talk considering I'm BBQed?


16-02-2005 18:47:14

You haven't been BBQed yet....

Should I just kill you all off before I leave?

Tarax Kor

16-02-2005 20:14:59

Yes. All except me. Cuz I'm cure'n'cuddly'n'all.

Wouldn't you agree?


17-02-2005 07:13:33

I say BBQ all Siths!!! >:)
Happy now?


17-02-2005 08:02:10

Frosty, start answering this thread in the proper way.

Should we start deleting posts which aren't done correctly?


17-02-2005 08:41:44

Yes, yes we should.

Where have all the midget long distance runners gone?


17-02-2005 11:39:58

I saw them near Welshman earlier..

Why were they near Welshman?


17-02-2005 13:10:55

Anshar ordered them, he's such an evil leader. :P

Am I right?


17-02-2005 16:50:44

possibly :P

How does rost Frosty taste like?


17-02-2005 17:00:05

You find out and tell us.

Could anyone read 100 books in a day's time?


17-02-2005 18:27:36

No, I could read maybe 4 though (NJO paperback sized ones)

Should I do things which doesnt put me in the situation where i found that fact out....


17-02-2005 23:42:11

Yes. Finding stuff out like that can be scary.

Would "Free Willy" have been better if it had been a walrus instead of a killer whale?


18-02-2005 03:35:26

no, killer whales are quiter. :)

Shouldn't have Willy bite his master ass?


18-02-2005 09:03:46

No, he was a killer whale in name only.

Considering the sequals does it make you wonder that perhaps he likes being captured?


18-02-2005 09:39:46

It doesn't make me think about it at all actually.

Anyone thinking sushi?


18-02-2005 11:28:57

as long as its not squid.

Whats better cheerleaders or school girls? (not refering to the actual person but the outfits?) :D


18-02-2005 21:07:52

Those outfits are uncomfortable.

Is Smoke a dirty old man?


19-02-2005 09:09:43

Yes, even though Im barely older than you Mrs. Telona... I haveto be cause when my daughter gets to the age for dating boys, Im going to go insane from having those peeping toms, and tongue draggers coming over to my house, where daddy will be waiting with a baseball bat....Lousiville style.

AMD or Intel?


19-02-2005 14:21:11

AMD, if for no other reason than you're not paying extra money for the Intel name.

Law and Order or CSI?


19-02-2005 15:05:09

I watched a episode of CSI the other night so I'm going to habe to go with that one.

Queen or Pink floyd?


19-02-2005 16:48:44


Aerosmith or Van Halen


20-02-2005 00:44:55


Why not just tell the boys that you're not afraid to go back to jail while holding that bat?


20-02-2005 11:49:37

actions speak louder than words...hahaha

PEZ or Lifesavers

Tarax Kor

20-02-2005 15:06:59

Good gods, PEZ all the way.

Orange Juice with pulp or without pulp?


21-02-2005 02:19:31

With just a little bit, not overpowering but not without.

What's with people and long names?


21-02-2005 02:27:14

It's a phallic compensation thing, Telona.



21-02-2005 06:36:51

otherwise they would feel inadequate

does the same reasoning apply to place names as well?


21-02-2005 16:53:29


How can a medicated chest rub also work on sore muscles?

Tarax Kor

22-02-2005 03:37:33

If I had to guess, I'd say because the rub increases the bloodflow in that area. Which makes it easier to breathe by having the blood rushing though that area and opening your spores, and by having cramped muscles be soothed....

....or something. I have no idea what I just tried to say.

Can anyone else make any sense of what I just said? :S


22-02-2005 19:36:57


Why would someone want to?


23-02-2005 08:13:15

Because they had way to much time on their hands.

Where have all flowers gone?


23-02-2005 08:35:54

OOOPS..I used the weedwacker and accidently cut them off......sorry

Why do birds chirp when Im around?


23-02-2005 17:35:23

You must be full of summery goodness.

Why does it never snow around where i live?

Tarax Kor

23-02-2005 22:35:07

Because you radiate warmth. The smelly kind.

Who here likes spaghetti?


24-02-2005 06:49:26


With or without bolognese?


24-02-2005 09:24:57

With Bolognese...lots of it.

Who else thinks of blood when eating sauce?


24-02-2005 10:07:03

nope sorry i dont....

Which was bigger this year? Superbowl or the Daytona 500


24-02-2005 10:12:48

Superbowl, primarily cause it was on the TV round here which means it must be big! :P

Chicken or Turkey?

Tarax Kor

24-02-2005 10:14:24




24-02-2005 10:17:58


MIRC or Trillian?


24-02-2005 11:11:20


yahoo or icq


24-02-2005 12:44:29


Opera or Firefox?

Tarax Kor

24-02-2005 14:22:39


Blondes or Brunettes?


24-02-2005 17:36:29


DVDs or CDs?


24-02-2005 20:48:57


Who want's hot chocolate?


24-02-2005 22:39:54

no, how about a cafe mocha instead...

Pepsi or Coke

Tarax Kor

24-02-2005 23:42:45


Who here likes/liked any anime?


25-02-2005 07:17:32

Hmm, I can't say I don't.

Jango Fett or Bobba Fett?

Tarax Kor

25-02-2005 15:01:25

Boba Fett.

Have you noticed how old Boba Fett must be in the EU series, and still manages to be in near-perfect health the whole time?


25-02-2005 16:55:43

Yeah it's wierd like in Unifying Force, bizarre

Who would win in a fight Mara or Leia?


25-02-2005 19:21:28

Depends on what time of the month it is :P

What time of the month is it?

Tarax Kor

25-02-2005 19:45:49

Time to get a watch.

Speaking of time, what time is it when an elephant sits on a fence?


25-02-2005 19:46:08

It's payday for me.

Why do you ask?


25-02-2005 22:24:24

He was wondering who would have to pay for the fence.

Who the hell ate all my toast?


26-02-2005 17:05:43


Should Windos get a new toaster?


26-02-2005 18:01:32

No, cause then id have to sell my frying pan to afford it :P

Why is there a gay strip club next door to the Ale Pond?


26-02-2005 18:22:28

No idea

Should butter be illegal?


26-02-2005 18:49:11

Only if its used in that bloody strip club :P

Who are the Kings of Spam?


27-02-2005 15:36:35

Link and others.

who hates spammers?


27-02-2005 16:19:21

i dislike the meat spam

Should spam meat be banned?


27-02-2005 22:43:58

NO, Spam and Spagtti without spam isnt any good.

When are we gettin a spell checker?


28-02-2005 07:46:59

NO, Spam and Spagtti without spam isnt any good.

When are we gettin a spell checker?

three days before yesterday.

how much sense does that make?


28-02-2005 08:28:36

I know! Ten sense makes a dime


28-02-2005 08:39:25

Korras I think that made more sense then almost anything else you have ever said.

Does anyone else find it sad that the OHC would beat the Headmaster in a spelling bee?

Tarax Kor

28-02-2005 09:09:57

No, because said OHC is really a Krath in disguise! :o

How long do you think we got till Apocolypse?


28-02-2005 10:07:46

till next week

Should I go for a day trip to the moon?


28-02-2005 10:46:33

Too expensive, come to Romania in turn :) .

Have they really landed on the moon?


28-02-2005 12:14:14

I guess that all depends on what Moon you are talking about, around here there are all kinds of Moons.

Who broke the popcorn machine?


28-02-2005 17:08:53


Where was the popcorn machine?


01-03-2005 11:35:29

Near the loo. :P

How did you figured it out?


01-03-2005 17:28:45

I didnt, it gave me a headache so i asked you to break it

Should i have done that?


02-03-2005 07:22:18

Well, you already did it :P.

What does this, "<3" ,mean?

Kaine Mandaala

02-03-2005 12:45:39

Love. It's a heart on its side.

Why isn't my copy of Republic Commando here yet?


02-03-2005 13:06:58

Because you haven't posted Shadows new sabers yet.

awww crap

who let Kaine in here?

Kaine Mandaala

02-03-2005 13:49:30

I let myself in - and I destroyed the doors on the way through.

(RC just showed up BTW)

Why - are you frightened?


02-03-2005 14:02:09

I'm not bright enough to be frightened.

Why are you here and not playing RC?

Kaine Mandaala

02-03-2005 14:09:56

Because I have to work, and after work I have to do other crap before I get home.

Did you get RC?


02-03-2005 16:30:33

no, not out here till friday/saturday :(

Why does it take longer? :(

Tarax Kor

03-03-2005 12:05:35

Because you smell. Thus it takes them longer to break through the smell and get to you.

Whyyyyyyyyyyy do I have to do the Statistics Project?


03-03-2005 12:20:57

Because you make baby jesus cry.

Who let Tarax in here and why haven't I killed them for letting him in?


03-03-2005 17:57:41

Your slow of the mark after being in the Ale Pond

If we smell so bad should we invest in some soap?


03-03-2005 20:24:37


Why don't you people bathe regularly?


04-03-2005 07:32:43

Because we love our own stench.

Have you ever seen a SW character batheing?

Tarax Kor

04-03-2005 08:18:31

Yes, I have. In comics. Mara Jade, Leia Organa Solo, etc. :w00t:

Besides... doesn't your DJB character ever bathe?


04-03-2005 12:36:38

Not really, he uses the force to confuse ppl and make them say that he smells nice.

Do you smell?


04-03-2005 16:18:34

like roses

Who would like to clean my boots?


05-03-2005 19:16:19

Your apprentice perhaps. :P

Rock or Hip-Hop?


05-03-2005 21:16:09


George Strait or Tim McGraw..(country music) :w00t:


06-03-2005 01:56:33

Paper! I win!


06-03-2005 08:50:41

ack ask a question as well!

Should we start a new thread with the rules to this?

:) :)


06-03-2005 18:41:23


Why does the angel in tarax's sig look like he trying to blow himself?


07-03-2005 07:16:22

Because it's lonely.

How many people does it take to make a matchstick?


07-03-2005 09:53:33


Why are people idots?


07-03-2005 10:05:05

I tend to blame the parents.

If you can't blame the parents who can you blame?


07-03-2005 16:28:50

the uncles and aunties.

Is society at fault?


07-03-2005 19:09:09

No! It is the unchecked mass of reproduction!

Sorbet or Sherbert?


08-03-2005 13:54:38

Neither. Give me some good ice cream.

Why would someone pay over $300 for a purse with an ugly pattern on it?


08-03-2005 14:33:10

Because they have way to much money.

A better question is why did I get one that cost far more for my gf's birthday.

*Curses LV*


09-03-2005 09:44:42

because you love her

did it have money inside of it?


10-03-2005 13:29:19

Pfft no they just come with some paper inside them.

Can I laugh at Spears for wasting so much money on an ugly purse?


10-03-2005 14:37:49

sure you can that why he's here for :P .

are you glad to be back?


11-03-2005 21:47:31

Yes I am.

Up for some competitive fun?


12-03-2005 20:42:07

Only if it means I can make someone scream so loud and for so long that blood drips from their eyes.

Why am I looking for a new car?


13-03-2005 11:01:20

`Cuz you have a busted one!

what kind of fun?


13-03-2005 13:59:31

The kind that is competitive.

When is Spring going to start?


14-03-2005 02:37:53

It already started out here.

When will Winter start again?


14-03-2005 06:38:21

It's winter out here. Spring won't touch this land

Would you vote Zalmoxis as a flagship name?


14-03-2005 17:27:48


What is summer? I do not think we have ever expereinced it...


14-03-2005 20:58:44

Summer is great.

Where can I find some good rocks?


15-03-2005 05:56:16

On Mars.

Is Mars a SW planet?


15-03-2005 20:01:12

No thats ST.

Which galaxy is SW set in?


17-03-2005 08:54:09

the creamy path galaxy

is Andromeda goimg to crash into us tomorrow?


17-03-2005 14:11:56

Naaa I doubt we'll even be around to see Andromeda coming at us.

What game should I play?


21-03-2005 08:44:35


Wanna play me?


21-03-2005 11:17:51


Can I use a whip?


21-03-2005 13:44:06

Sure why not.

Will Frosty live thru it?


21-03-2005 17:12:07

Probably not

Would he enjoy it though?


22-03-2005 06:00:53

Yeah baby...harder!

Your turn now !?


22-03-2005 06:06:55

I think I'll pass.

Prehaps you would enjoy another round?


23-03-2005 14:53:47

No I'm good.

Why does it rain?


23-03-2005 17:06:20

Because the sun is sad and wants a cry

Why would the sun be sad?


24-03-2005 09:13:14

Because the sun isnt from Wales.

If barbie is so popular why do you have to buy her friends?


24-03-2005 16:49:25

hmm maybe they arent real friends

Why did ken dump her?


24-03-2005 21:25:02

He found GI Joe.

Ever notice that little girls scatter naked barbies all over the place?


24-03-2005 22:06:58

Have you ever tired dressing those things. It's hard!

Does Oberst have naked barbie dreams?


26-03-2005 01:09:11

No...but, I always wanted to undress GI Joe.

Why would I have naked Barbie dreams?


26-03-2005 08:08:10

A hidden desire to be a girl maybe :)

Would that be cool for the Marshal of the Armies of Tarentum?


27-03-2005 02:26:16


You want to get hurt?


27-03-2005 14:36:17

yes, rumours abound in the Daemoni that Frosty is a kinky sod.

should we lock him up in a padded cell?


30-03-2005 16:30:39

yes, rumours abound in the Daemoni that Frosty is a kinky sod.

should we lock him up in a padded cell?

Sure, lock him up. but then again, I don't remember him. lol

Anyone miss me?

Bastion Creek, a.k.a. Kodiak Tonaloc


31-03-2005 08:20:44

We missed you alright:P. I'm the Rollmaster and...nice to meet you.

Wanna drink something together in the Ale Pond? :) I'm buying


31-03-2005 23:47:51

Better make it Corellian Ale. I don't drink the weak stuff. lol

Should I go back to being Kodiak, or should I hash it out as Bastion? lol Wait, this may not be a stupid question. Hmmm, can I have 2 lightsabers on my I.D. page in the Brotherhood's site?


01-04-2005 01:38:47

No, you may not, because only sexy people get sexy lightsabers. :P
* thinks to self, 'Oh God! I just shat on myself' :'( *
Is it true that Oberst is really that much off the mark that he thinks Guinness is better than Victoria Bitter? :P


01-04-2005 08:42:56

Oberst is correct Guinness is the far better brew.

Kodiak/Bastion couldn't hurt to try and get two anyway :-)


03-04-2005 01:08:29

*thwaps Spears*

Where's the question at?


06-04-2005 12:13:38

Don't know.

Is Spears losing his mind?


07-04-2005 03:38:17

because he`s invidious.

Who`s the man in the CyberGuy`s avatar?

Tarax Kor

08-04-2005 22:40:42

Some joe shmoe.

Why don't you ask Cybey?


09-04-2005 00:15:42

Why would we ask him? (question and answer in one!)


11-04-2005 22:44:05

One assumes he might be able to answer the question.

Is it wrong to start thinking of new cat names when one's cat is still alive and will likely live for several more years ?


12-04-2005 08:26:19


ask cybey? why would you ask Cybey unless you want to hear "It will be handled in Rebirth?"


12-04-2005 15:47:50

Batteries for hearing aid went dead.

Tina Turner or Aretha Franklin?


13-04-2005 13:17:41

Jamelia :P

If not me then who?!


13-04-2005 13:33:16

Me :P

Are you stupid?


13-04-2005 14:37:25

*hit Dox upside the head with a book.

Does that answer your question?


13-04-2005 15:20:18


Should I be worried when my boss starts C-walking in the hallway?


14-04-2005 20:32:16

Probably. If you so desire, freak out.

Would anyone pay to see Oberst freak out ?


15-04-2005 01:46:34

No !

Would anyone pay to see 2pac killin' Spears?


15-04-2005 20:33:19

Only if he's coming back from the grave.

Why is my 2:00 class' final at 8:00 in the morning, and my 8:00 class' final at 10:30 on the same day ?


16-04-2005 16:29:05

because examiners are biatches

When do i start my final A-level exams? (/me honeslty has no clue! :P )


16-04-2005 20:24:09

You start them when the seventh month has died, and Mars is in Scorpio.



17-04-2005 00:59:44

Some of us aren't up to date on recent devlopments.

What's better to go, a blonde or a brunette?


17-04-2005 17:27:19

I didn't realize it mattered all that much. By randomly pointing at a place on the screen, I say blonde.

Should I start charging people for when I go to fix their computers ? (I did get a free dinner out of it once, though).


17-04-2005 18:42:04

DEfinatley, i started doing little jobs for free and now people bleed me dry

Why do people prefer not to pay?


18-04-2005 07:16:15

Because everyone is a greedy bastard deep inside.

Are you a greedy bastard deep inside?


18-04-2005 08:34:02

I try not to be >:)

Is it wrong to be greedy and selfish?


18-04-2005 09:18:26

No, it is normal.

Is it wrong to have a name which means 'bastard' in another language? (Note, Konar means bastard in French)


18-04-2005 11:37:45

Nah, it's fine.

Is it wrong to mock a clanmate for choosing a French name?


18-04-2005 14:22:32

No, unless it translates into something like "little girly man" and they have no idea that their name means that.

Would you want your name to mean something like "little girly man" ?


18-04-2005 17:48:01

no for i am attatched to the misguided conception that all Welsh people love sheep :)

Does a name actually mean anything?


19-04-2005 08:31:23

Depends on how you use it :P.

How does Welsh people and loving sheep relate to having a name that means little girly man in another language?


19-04-2005 08:57:57

Because 'Welshsheep' means little girly man in the language I just made up.

Why is it always sunny when I'm at work and rainy at the weekends?


19-04-2005 11:59:45

Because life can be a bitch like that...

Is it just me, or does anyone else want to see a little rain to break up the sunshine and 75F weather?


20-04-2005 10:00:08

no, i'd rather see some sunshine and 75 F temperatures to break up the continual rain.

Why is wether so crap?


20-04-2005 11:17:24

I dunno.

Should I be thankful that there's sunshine and 75F weather, since it means that there are some really hot guys running around the quad and Silver Labs w/o shirts?


20-04-2005 20:20:15

No, be ashamed, be very ashamed of yourself. lol :D

Umm, has anyone asked yet how much would could a jawa sell, if a jawa could sell wood?

(this was edited after I reread original post, and given the question was stupid, among other things.....not to mention I don't know who all persons are. If anyone read the post before it was edited, and took offence, I do say that my lack of knowledge was my crime, and I took steps to correct it.)


20-04-2005 22:04:20

No :P

Does the fact that Bastion commited a crime make him a criminal?


21-04-2005 08:17:58

Not around here it doesn't

Now where did my coffee run off to?


21-04-2005 16:19:46

I think Rekio took it.

Should we get the pitch forks out and go after him?


21-04-2005 23:05:35

Yes, if for no other reason than we haven't had a good old fashioned town mob chase in awhile.

Was it ordinary coffee or something else?


22-04-2005 07:16:00

It had liqueur in it.

Why has the good old fashioned booze lost recent appeal?


23-04-2005 11:41:11

Because its "old fashioned" therefore, it can't have "recent" appeal.

What is so secret about Coca-Cola's secret formula?


23-04-2005 20:37:39

Coca-Cola is PEOPLE!!!!

Did you know that?


27-04-2005 23:34:28

No, I didn't know that.

Sunday May 1st means new Family Guy. Are you going to watch?


28-04-2005 16:35:03


What is that "Family Guy" thing?


29-04-2005 04:55:03

I have no idea but everyone from America seems very excited about it.

Why do Americans get things months before the Europeans?


30-04-2005 16:02:50

That's just the way things work, I suppose.

Do you use emergency pants?


01-05-2005 16:47:37

no, however i do believe in keeping a healthy stock of pants

Should they be making a new Indiana Jones film?


01-05-2005 22:17:14

No. The way Lucas is churning out would be bad.



02-05-2005 07:46:36

Defininately not.

Who things I should write a whole new saga called Konar's saga? ;) :P


02-05-2005 16:53:05

I do!

Who would read a worthless piece of written $hit, called Konar's saga? :D


03-05-2005 08:51:05

We all know Konar is far to lazy to write it down :-P

Anyone know what a "peace of $hit" is?


03-05-2005 11:57:16

It's what your kid poops out when he swallows a coin.

Did you ever swallow coins as a kid?


03-05-2005 13:41:58

Nope, but when I was 3 I had an entire apple core and all.

Could that be why I am so tall?


05-05-2005 06:50:17


I always eat the whole apple so would that mean i am never likely to stop growing?


05-05-2005 08:36:13

It is possible.

So who wants to grab a mop and clean the floors around this place?

Sato Khan

05-05-2005 23:52:03

Hell no! <_<

If people in Poland are called Poles, why aren't people in Holland called Holes?


07-05-2005 14:34:47

Because they are not holes.

Who saw "Meet the Fockers" ? :huh:


13-05-2005 20:11:00

I've not seen it, and I probably won't.

Do you think ewoks and furbys are related?


14-05-2005 15:59:27

I think they mated and produced Teletubbies.

Why do people try to barter at Macy's?


14-05-2005 21:26:29

I'd say it is because they are idiots, but that would be a serious answer. Maybe they think they are in a lesser store.

Next time I see a customer buy a lotto ticket or 5 at Kroger (where I work in the summer), should I tell him thanks for supporting my education?

(side note: Georgia has the HOPE scholarship. Keep a 3.0 or higher and you get money. It is paid for by the lottery)

Sato Khan

16-05-2005 22:41:32

Yes, the public has the right to know.

Why are boxing rings squrare?


17-05-2005 01:51:42

You take several blows to the head, and see what looks like a ring to you...

Does anyone else think it's odd that gelatin comes from animal fat?


17-05-2005 02:30:29

Yes, very odd.

Doesn't it suck how beer makes people fat?


19-05-2005 04:32:32

Don`t know.
So why do you have a beer avatar??


19-05-2005 13:38:28

I like Guinness.

Why do the guys who run the nutritional or fitness booths at Medical/Scientific tradeshows/conferences always hand out cookies, candy bars and cake?


19-05-2005 13:58:46

Most people simply can not resist free sweets thats why.

Would you perfer they offer nothing but wheat grass?


20-05-2005 09:33:16


You can smoke that, right? :P


24-05-2005 06:21:57

if it goes on fire you can smoke it

How does jet fuel taste like?


25-05-2005 16:41:28

Smooth and filling. Much better than the standard oil you get from the gas pump.

If the police never find it, is it still a clue?


06-06-2005 06:18:43




06-06-2005 08:32:44


If I looked Frosty in a cage with 3 gallons of dust mites who would walk out alive?


06-06-2005 09:42:24


What is the volume of the container?

Tarax Kor

06-06-2005 09:48:21

3 cubic feet.

Or is it 30?


06-06-2005 10:14:45

Its about 5 cubic feet give or take a bit.

Anyone want to bet on the dust mites?


13-06-2005 08:39:26

I bet Frosty will eat the dust mites, he could eat anything :P .

Seen Spears?


14-06-2005 01:23:24

nope sorry havent seen him........

when will the world come to a stop when Smoke appears?


14-06-2005 06:43:12

ermm...never. :P

when will Frosty be serious?


14-06-2005 15:17:06

Frosty being serious....thats like a sheep that welsh hasnt got ahold of

Whiskey or Scotch?


14-06-2005 15:34:50

none of them.

What is the diference between them by the way?


15-06-2005 10:31:16

one of them might make you drunk quicker then the other

And there's a sheep here i havent got??????????


16-06-2005 03:08:35

No, Merlance isnt considered a sheep.

What came first the chicken or the egg?


16-06-2005 08:15:53

as the egg came out of the chicken i'd say the chicken

did miraculosly one day a chicken just appear out of thin air?


16-06-2005 12:14:52

No. Someone took a long hard poop once, and out came a chicken.

Does that sound appetizing?

Ark Dowell

16-06-2005 17:43:00

Yes actually, it does. To me, anyway.

Has anyone ever seen a drunk bantha?

Sato Khan

19-06-2005 22:42:23

Only when I see my ex wife (lasted 2 months :P).

Why is it always easier to get your finger stuck in someting than it is to pull it out?


19-06-2005 23:36:09

Depends on where your sticking your finger?

When will the ale pond dry up?


20-06-2005 07:12:11

When the Baron of said Ale Pond forgets to stock up.

why is the world a sphere and not a pyramid?


20-06-2005 07:21:31

Because Tuttin Khamin (god knows how to spell this word) didn't build the earth.

Why aren't apples blue?


20-06-2005 10:42:22

Blue isn't a color that stands out for most birds and apes. Since they were the original vectors for the tree ovary (apples) to be spread (via seeds), the ovary needed to look appealing to them (the birds and monkeys).

Did you know you can make oranges green if you pee on them?


20-06-2005 16:14:06

why am i in house tridens but writing in this house's forum?

aco tyrus


20-06-2005 20:27:13

Becuz ur a dumb beep!

why do drive through bank machines have brail on them?


21-06-2005 04:57:56

For blind bastards like you to ask stupid questions......hahaha j/k

How does Oberst know you can pee on a orange to turn it green? Did he try it or is it a scientific experiement?


21-06-2005 13:59:27

hey smoke, why did i get transfered to huse gladius when i asked for a order change!!!!!!

why do bicycles have two weels instead of the standard 476859?

aco tyrus


21-06-2005 15:18:26

Tyrus, if you changed to Obelisk or Krath you will go into Gladius...the house is set for them, as Tridens is a default Sith House, but ask the clan summit to change you back...and its all about the Database, it decides where you go.

Why must the sun go down?


21-06-2005 17:01:56

im back to tridens woooohoooo

why is water so watery?


21-06-2005 17:04:19


does this dress make me look fat?

(p.s. im not a chick, nor am I homosexual)

[EDIT] Watch what you say, or at least how you say it. -HRLD KM


21-06-2005 20:28:02


Why did you want to know?

P.S. - Tyrus, the point of the thread is to answer the question previously asked, and then ask your own.


29-06-2005 16:41:38


How are you?


29-06-2005 21:00:39

im fine, cant ask for more

how come rubber duckies arent related to cinder blocks in the slightest way?


29-06-2005 23:32:24

????How does a giant spider from yavin 4 get a wookie in his web?????


30-06-2005 04:34:30

he has to lure him in with food, then trap him in with another web.

Why must noob's come in here and not know how to answers questions..before asking another one

Malus Maximus

30-06-2005 12:57:56

Because otherwise we wouldn't get a chance to throw flaming toilet paper at them.

Could Oberst give us another lecture about ye olde days of French aristocracy?


30-06-2005 15:16:09

Yes he could and chances are he will.

How long will it be until he gives another lecture on fisting?

Malus Maximus

30-06-2005 21:07:42

That seems to have become Rekio's area of expertise, my friend.

Would anyone like some Champagne? *takes out a bottle and a few glasses*


01-07-2005 04:35:01

Il Im a beer man myself

how does Malus Maximus know of Rekios expertise with fisting? :P


01-07-2005 10:30:07

He walked in on us last night, when Rekio was bent over a chair, and there were the 3 empty tubs of Crisco laying around.

When was the last time I lectured on the French aristocracy???

Sato Khan

01-07-2005 15:23:49

It wasn't long enough will never be long enough.

Would Reiko be offended if I borrowed one of his sheep?????


02-07-2005 15:33:42

Rekio does not have any sheep, but Welshman...

Would Welshman be offended if I give one of his sheep to Sato?


03-07-2005 04:34:12

Cant I blew them all up in the Independance games...hahaha

Whys the pollen always bug me....*Sneeze's*


03-07-2005 08:23:04

Because you are weak, and no way near a dark jedi should be :P.

have you ever seen Darth Maul sneeze? :P


03-07-2005 21:07:00

yes in episode 0.5: darth maul sneeze

why did frosty want to go light?


04-07-2005 03:19:25

cause frosty is sheep loving lighty...hes also afraid of the dark

Shall we blow Gladius up?


04-07-2005 07:43:21

Just try it ! :D

Shall we blow Smoke`s house?? >:)


04-07-2005 17:16:50

yes, as pay back for blowing up my sheep

Since when did i corrupt everyone into being sheep lovers?


04-07-2005 18:49:08

when you started to breed them in gladius.....

when will they ever bring back clear Pepsi?

Sato Khan

04-07-2005 21:26:15

Never, it causes cancer in sheep.

Is there anything that won't cause cancer in sheep?


04-07-2005 23:24:27

yes, three hundred pound librarians

why do people like welshman corrupt us into loving sheep?


06-07-2005 06:57:22

cause you younger members are fragile....and well he is a tarentae, that isnt helping :) :w00t: :lol: :D

Should i really cut welsh a break of the sheep jokes, puns, and anyother crap flipping?
(even though i was the cause of his first flock to be come BBQ)


06-07-2005 08:20:28

I am all for cutting Welshy into pieces and then BBQing him.

Does Smokes new Sig blind anyone other then myself?


06-07-2005 11:26:39

No, we are all blinded by the pink in it.

Why do Krathies never admit that they are pink?

Sato Khan

06-07-2005 21:50:41

It takes a real man to wear pink.

How do you confuse an Obelisk?


07-07-2005 00:14:34

play a flying game such as XWA.

why am i still considered a younger member if im prt?


07-07-2005 01:05:59

cause your a journeyman.....and your just a bit green still...

Is the new sig that bad? I mean its not to pinkish is it?


07-07-2005 13:38:26

(since im krath) no its not pink, its purple.

what rank does welshman stop corrupting you into loving sheap?

Sato Khan

07-07-2005 15:07:04

None, the love for sheep is eternal.

A wookie says what?


07-07-2005 15:22:43

that sheep are the only way to go. (translation: graaa, groaarr)

whats the point of the db?

Sato Khan

07-07-2005 22:41:45

It's a great place to pick up chicks.

Would life have a purpose if there were no sheep?


08-07-2005 15:40:15

You`ll have to find that yourself.

Why DB is a great place to pick up chicks?


10-07-2005 19:21:59

groahh, rooarraa( because there are no chicks)

why does smoke get a new sig every week?


11-07-2005 04:01:14

for 2 reason's
A: cause I have photoshop..and play around alot with it
B: casue I had a few people either say it was too pink....or it hurt there eyes

Should we induct another Tarentum member? as they have lost Lady T, and it seems as the Tarentae are rulers in the Clan


11-07-2005 13:22:25

new tarentum sounds great :::ahem::: :::ahem::: and no its not pink....

has this topic more or less turned into spam?


12-07-2005 10:25:30

yes, sheep spam. A wholesome meat that all should eat

Am i restarting a line of questioning (sheep) that should remain dead?


12-07-2005 13:25:01

Yes dead sheep....

Can anyone walk on water?


13-07-2005 10:25:08

Only Jim Carrey on "Bruce Almighty"

Why do you ask?


13-07-2005 10:29:40

Because knowing is half the battle.

Why do retail managers think that they are important?


13-07-2005 15:17:53

Casue its a must for there ego's

Why does frosty have a EHDB avatar?

Mike Halcyon

13-07-2005 15:55:57

He`s a cynbernetical organism from the future, sent by the remnants of the EH to destroy us so the EH can flourish again in the future. Duh.

Why do people always blame their errors and mistakes in the education of their children on videogames?


13-07-2005 17:23:33

Because some are really quite icky.

Why sheep and not cows?

Sato Khan

13-07-2005 20:55:27

Because sheep don't need commitment in a relationship like cows do.

When will this sheep madness end?


13-07-2005 21:39:46

When the sheep are finally extinct.

Why do people think that pouring water into a gas tank helps conserve fuel use?


13-07-2005 22:49:14

Because they feel the need to be idiots.

How come there is never seriousness when it comes to a pizza party?


14-07-2005 02:09:40

Because pizza cries out for bear when you start eating it.

Is my EHTarentum avatar cool or what? <3 Tarentum


14-07-2005 09:21:25

Actually that is, indeed, very cool :)

How much longer until I can finish work today, go home, put my feet up and have a nice glass of wine...?


14-07-2005 10:46:52

1,942,855,928 hours, Alanna.

Why do trees hurt?


14-07-2005 10:59:33


Because you're mean :P

How do you know trees hurt?


15-07-2005 02:49:21

well all things hurt when they get why not trees...
they get cut and they seep sap......just as we bleed.

What made the chicken cross the busy road?


15-07-2005 03:49:35

The naked rooster in a place called KFC.

What is life?


16-07-2005 02:55:15

Life is defined as how much gaming you do for Tarentum.

Why was that chicken naked to begin with?


16-07-2005 18:37:53

it was fealing particularly hot in the deep fryers in KFC

I see we have again degenerated into talking about naked animals, should i leave this clan to prevent further contamination?


17-07-2005 00:54:14

No.... cause who would tend to the space sheep?

Whats the difference between space sheep and regular sheep?


17-07-2005 17:37:30

space sheep have thicker fur which makes them more cosey and warm to hug

anybody want a space sheep space suit?


17-07-2005 21:05:32

no thanks...I would be sneezing all day wearing it.

Define boredum?


18-07-2005 07:08:36

me trawling through google to find pictures of cartoon sheep to amuse everyone

am i really that bored?


19-07-2005 02:38:44


Are you really that crazy? :P

Ylith Pandemonium

19-07-2005 05:02:21


if you would throw a pudding at the wall, would the phone ring at the neighburs house?

Dark Killer

19-07-2005 05:30:45


if you would throw a pudding at the wall, would the phone ring at the neighburs house?

Thats a good question :P
Maybe yes, maybe no :D

How to join a Battle Team please ?


19-07-2005 05:48:16

Contacting me.

Wanna join my battle team ?


19-07-2005 16:21:25

yes i do

who wants to get me a can of cider?


19-07-2005 16:50:22

Wookie #37 from episode 3

is a parsec something you can eat?


19-07-2005 18:17:33

if your into eating things that take light 3 years to travel then yeah, last i heard they were quite tasty.

Who wants to live on teh moon?


20-07-2005 01:10:25

Ill pass thank you....but the sound of cheese is pretty tempting.

Who coined the phrase "the middleman?"


20-07-2005 02:40:59

Who cares? :huh:

Should I let the sheep join my battle team? :nuke:

Ylith Pandemonium

20-07-2005 13:35:57

yes, see the sheep in "worms"

if Beer is called reeB, will the foam be on the bottom aswell?


20-07-2005 19:53:01

no, thats a figment of your imagination

could i tempt you with some scotch...?


21-07-2005 10:21:37

you can do nothing but try

would anyone drink anything called Welsh, which is like scotch whiskey but welsh whiskey?

Ylith Pandemonium

21-07-2005 11:50:49

I aint gonna drink something made of sheep!

did beer in the middle ages had soda?


22-07-2005 11:15:21


What if yes?


22-07-2005 14:52:56

Then you were stabbed by the beer producers.

Pepsi or Coca Cola?

Ylith Pandemonium

22-07-2005 16:05:11

coca peps

can a bird fly backwards?


22-07-2005 16:46:19

yes, if a big turbine is behind them

who invented air?

Sato Khan

22-07-2005 22:12:57

The Welsh we invented all good things.

If every day is a sunny day then what is a sunny day?


22-07-2005 22:24:05

a day where you look up and go blind

Is it cold in here?


23-07-2005 13:49:31

no, its warm

Could Penguins navigate a boat from New York to Antartica?


23-07-2005 14:23:06

Of course not ! :P

Did you saw the "Madagascar" movie?

Ylith Pandemonium

23-07-2005 14:45:50

I downloaded it :P

why is killer whale the name of a friendly creature and a friendly name like "great white" to a damn nasty shark?(I hate sharks)

Sato Khan

23-07-2005 16:04:01

Because they want to lul you into a false sense of security.

What exaclty is a nerf and why do they need herding??

Ylith Pandemonium

23-07-2005 19:19:13

a nerf is a anally abused sheep (ask welsh for more details :P)

do pigs fly?

Sato Khan

25-07-2005 20:56:53

Only in 747s

Who invented those little plastic shoe lace ends?

Ylith Pandemonium

26-07-2005 05:31:01

the little plastic shoe laces guy...

does the wizard world of harry potter know space flight?


26-07-2005 05:49:39


Why is the grass green?

Ylith Pandemonium

26-07-2005 08:32:08

if it was blue we coulnd't tell the difference between sky, water and ground

If a mole is blind, how does he know it's way?


26-07-2005 10:34:19

Seeing eye dog.

How does glue work?


26-07-2005 16:40:10

due to little sub-atomic particles called stickyons.

Does battery acid taste nice?

Sato Khan

26-07-2005 17:24:43

Indeed, but not as nice as a good sheep.

When will the hurting stop?

Ylith Pandemonium

26-07-2005 17:44:57

when all the sheep die

Is America's first degree mass weapon defence ducktape?


26-07-2005 18:23:25

offcourse it is..

is running down naked trough the street cool?

Ylith Pandemonium

27-07-2005 02:07:06

no its freezing

does hair grow like plants?


27-07-2005 06:56:38

No, cause you don't have to give him water to survive :P

Who likes 2pac, beside me :)


27-07-2005 07:19:56

Me ! :)

Do you like my banner?


27-07-2005 07:27:09


Should I get one?

Ylith Pandemonium

27-07-2005 10:55:25

you should ask me, I made it :P

Are my banners cool?:P


27-07-2005 11:21:26

Your banners ROCK Ylith !

Do you charge?


27-07-2005 12:32:23

ermm...yes...yes he does

who made up the name "Tarentum"?


27-07-2005 12:56:34

The most noble man !

Why do you ask?


27-07-2005 13:21:19

ihe was curious as to why we name clans after old italian cities

Should i go to sleep now?


27-07-2005 13:51:03

Yes !

Does a sheep sleeps??


27-07-2005 14:37:17

who is this "noble man" you speak of?

Ylith Pandemonium

27-07-2005 18:02:51

Your banners ROCK Ylith !

Do you charge?

(no I dont ;))

I dunnow, Ask the magical genie!

speaking of which, if I rub the lamp do I switch the light on or do i get three wishes?


28-07-2005 02:09:07

nope.. it just turns the light on.....

Why, does a car stop when the little gauge hits E?

Ylith Pandemonium

28-07-2005 04:53:50

because E is the driver and if guage hits him he'll be knocked out cold :P

when you drink too much beer wil you head exlode?


28-07-2005 07:03:05

no, it will implode

is that as painful as a head exploding?


28-07-2005 09:17:20

yes, but not quite as entertaining

if you bury a sheep and leave him there for 2 days, can you expect to see him again?

Ylith Pandemonium

28-07-2005 10:06:35

no, but it does grow a sheep tree.

does sheep grow in trees?


28-07-2005 12:24:37

yes, but only in autmn

what would be the point of a sheep tree?

Ylith Pandemonium

28-07-2005 12:42:25

it does only grow in Welsh's backyard...

From what have sheep been evolved?


29-07-2005 23:06:56

mamoths, dont ask any further

why would anyone ever want to be a sheep?


30-07-2005 01:49:46

I have no idea.

Can you ask Whelshman?

Ylith Pandemonium

30-07-2005 02:12:49

no, he just keeps them...

why does welshman have sheep?


30-07-2005 03:31:38

Because he's a shepard.

Will this thing stop?

Ylith Pandemonium

30-07-2005 11:47:08

dont know ask the magic 8-ball ;)

Do sheep smoke?


30-07-2005 21:28:33

no, im fairly certain they only drink

have you ever seen a drunk caveman?

Ylith Pandemonium

31-07-2005 05:05:39

werent they always drunk from eating drunk sheep?

how do you kill space sheep?


01-08-2005 10:32:52

By clubbing them over the head with members of Battleteam Daemoni.

Did she say he's just a friend?


01-08-2005 12:13:49

Tarentum was a greek city. These days it's called Taranto.

When will the spamming stop?


01-08-2005 12:32:13

Never !

Who likes spamming?

Ylith Pandemonium

01-08-2005 15:56:35

Tyrus, check his post count.

is spamming created trough the ages or did it just happen?


02-08-2005 12:41:32

Created trough the ages.

Averyone got his DC ?


02-08-2005 15:07:22


feel good about the selfs?

Ylith Pandemonium

02-08-2005 15:47:31

ask him...

is my avatar cool? or should I get the young evil vader back? (in the black suit and the white face with scars and stuff ;) )


02-08-2005 17:53:00

i like this one!

is your son a hacker?


02-08-2005 18:01:19


Why did my coffee get cold?


02-08-2005 18:05:18

cuz your cold

do i have a nice smile?

Ylith Pandemonium

02-08-2005 19:24:41

seen it before on tv?

why does the moon have pimples?


02-08-2005 19:33:51

because it does not have fingers to pop them.

How do you know if you are addicted to Caffeine?

Ylith Pandemonium

03-08-2005 04:55:39

your head will explode..

when baking chocolat chip cookies...why dont the hockolate chips melt?


03-08-2005 08:03:21

You would have to ask someone that knows what either chocolat or hockolate is.

Is it possible that I am not the worst speller Tarentum has ever had?


03-08-2005 10:27:58

No !

Is Spears cool? :P


03-08-2005 10:33:27

The Coolest.

Is Dox smelly?


03-08-2005 10:46:00

NO! But Frosty is, after a night of drinking and partying.

Does the HM's beautiful legs come with a pair of big tits?


03-08-2005 20:30:01

yes, ive seen them

is tridens better than gladius? lol

Ylith Pandemonium

04-08-2005 14:24:20


why did they invent male thongs?


04-08-2005 14:57:28

so ppl like you can ask why they made them

why is it if you look to see something when someone says "look" you never see it?


05-08-2005 15:50:49

Because you have Cataracts.

Why do people on the bus always insist on standing two inches from you?

Ylith Pandemonium

05-08-2005 16:26:35

because one inch is too close

Is asking nothing spamming in the topic?


05-08-2005 16:58:12

I would think so.

why do the cases to games always disapear while you are playing?


05-08-2005 18:09:59

because the case-stealing nomes come out to play

what is shiny, red, long, and hot all over? :P


05-08-2005 21:56:15

A cinnamon stick.

Is lettuce flamable?


06-08-2005 06:39:25

only if u want to..
are cellphones dangerous for your ears?


06-08-2005 09:31:53

yes, because dear ol' george bush said so

why do squirrels look so innocent, then eat you?


06-08-2005 17:33:10

they are poisoned by millenia of eating nuts that have been hidden under ground for too long.

what are the point of acorn trees?


06-08-2005 18:03:23

to make more acorns.

why do women have boobs?


06-08-2005 18:28:21

so babies can have milk

can you milk a sheep?


06-08-2005 22:07:01

yes, that is how you get sheep cheese.

who took my soda?


06-08-2005 22:09:47

me, i just couldnt resist

what would you do for a klondike bar?


06-08-2005 23:02:25

You do not want to know.

Is that a blister on my toe?

Ylith Pandemonium

07-08-2005 12:33:33

no, you stepped on a game case stealing gnome...

Who do your feet smell and your nose run?


07-08-2005 12:48:41

cause the nose ain't walking.
Why are smiles so lovely?


07-08-2005 21:03:38

No one will ever know.

What is the wing velocity of a swallow?

Ylith Pandemonium

08-08-2005 14:15:21

120 mph

Do Jedi hairdressers have lightscissors?

Sato Khan

09-08-2005 02:20:05

Yes, their names are all Raul and they prefer the term hair artist.

Will my insomnia ever be cured?

Ylith Pandemonium

09-08-2005 08:13:24

because they can't remember how to do it

why do women always talk too much?


09-08-2005 17:28:13

Because most of us donnot have a filter over our mouth.

I'm thinking of a color between one and ten, what is it?


09-08-2005 19:25:47

the letter a

Why are computers dumb?

Sato Khan

09-08-2005 20:37:52

Because they're Communists.

If Drew Barymore married Drew Carey wouldn't she be Drew Carey?

Ylith Pandemonium

10-08-2005 08:09:44

guess so...

are women made of marshmellows?


12-08-2005 03:30:11

Not from my experience...they're all made of barbed wire and pepper spray. :P

Will this thread EVER F-ING DIIIIEEE!?!?!?!?!

(seriously...I haven't looked at this board in...probably a YEAR! And this thing's still, [Expletive Deleted F-word]ing going....holy cow pie, Batman!)

Ylith Pandemonium

12-08-2005 05:54:01

check again in a year...

why isn't coca cola green?


12-08-2005 07:52:47

it is if u put a green pencil in it.

Are there any dodo's left in the world?

Ylith Pandemonium

12-08-2005 10:10:11

When people die will they turn into bugs?

Sato Khan

12-08-2005 22:10:16

only in tennessee

What is the meaning of life?


12-08-2005 22:15:32

to forsake all else and serve me!!!!!

Why did the R2 unit cross the road?

Sato Khan

12-08-2005 22:17:04

There were sheep on the other side.

If the plural of mouse is mice shouldn't the plural of spouse be spice?

Ylith Pandemonium

13-08-2005 02:46:30

only in india...

why is the sun yellow and the sky blue?


13-08-2005 15:04:54

Because God ran out of crayons.

WTF did Jason come back and join CP???

Ylith Pandemonium

13-08-2005 17:20:00

his mother made him....

who invented schoolbooks?


13-08-2005 17:27:24


why arent i millionaire?

Ylith Pandemonium

13-08-2005 17:32:29

because schoolbooks suck! :P

do sheep eat cows?

Sato Khan

13-08-2005 21:46:13

Yes with hot sauce.

Does anyone know where my pencil went?

Ylith Pandemonium

14-08-2005 06:40:48

your sitting on it!

why do sheep eat grass?


14-08-2005 18:54:12

cause it is there secret weapon of world destruction.
Why are there no human-sheeps?

Ylith Pandemonium

15-08-2005 05:52:50

welshman stopped their evolution.

Welsh people have sheep so scottish people have....?


15-08-2005 19:49:35


Are the scottish and the welsh friends or enemy's?

Ylith Pandemonium

15-08-2005 19:51:47


Why do welsh people have a dragon?

Sato Khan

15-08-2005 23:45:06

Because we rock!

Does the Y Ddraig Goch (Red Dragon) make us look cool?

Ylith Pandemonium

16-08-2005 08:56:05

we were already cool...

why is everyone cool while I am hot? B)


16-08-2005 10:41:17


How do birds eat worms

Ylith Pandemonium

16-08-2005 13:18:16

with knife and fork

how do you spell butter?


16-08-2005 13:47:03


Where is my hat?

Ylith Pandemonium

16-08-2005 14:24:11

mailed it to Jac as a wedding present...

is it cool to be married?

Sato Khan

16-08-2005 18:06:16

As long as she dosen't speak.

Where does dirt come from?

Ylith Pandemonium

16-08-2005 18:13:17

from dogs

Do flea's know what love is?

Sato Khan

16-08-2005 18:32:20

Of course, fleas are very romantic.

Where does lint come from?


16-08-2005 20:11:36

the ancient romans.

Why not take a crazy dance?

Ylith Pandemonium

16-08-2005 20:47:37

because you dont take one, you do one.

Is my banner cool? :P


16-08-2005 20:54:34

no it's hot ;)

Why can't you take a dance?

Ylith Pandemonium

17-08-2005 10:47:07

you take a step, and you do a dance

Do whale's eat sharks?


17-08-2005 18:41:20

No whales eat giraffes.

if a shark was blue could u see it in the sea?


17-08-2005 19:56:42

I think that one speaks for itself. :P

How many brain cells do dolphins have?


17-08-2005 20:00:33

more then a lot of humans

since when has everyone turned Welsh inthis clan? :P


17-08-2005 20:23:33

Since u welsh got the sheep :D

Why are the welsh the only one with the sheeps? :w00t:

Ylith Pandemonium

18-08-2005 05:53:27

they have to feed their dragon...

Should the sheep be on the Welsh flag?


18-08-2005 18:09:33

only if the dragon fly's away?

Where would the dragon go then?

Ylith Pandemonium

18-08-2005 18:31:27

to scotland for some scotsch or whatever, that alcoholic scottisch drink

how come welsh have only sheep and no rams?


18-08-2005 19:23:07

Ram's where eated first by the Dragon and now he sleeps for like eh.. still 5 years to go.

Why is he asleep anyway?

Ylith Pandemonium

19-08-2005 04:59:17

I dunnow...

why dont I know?


19-08-2005 18:51:32

cause u don't know..

Would he wanna know?

Ylith Pandemonium

19-08-2005 19:01:57

I dont know ask him

I do know that you know what I know so if you knew what I knew would you knew that you knew that I knew that you knew?


20-08-2005 17:49:48

only if u knew that i know it

what is the different between me and you?

Ylith Pandemonium

20-08-2005 20:49:54

I am superior MUHAHAHA

Who do cars have wheels?


20-08-2005 21:18:34


why did he sayed who in stead off Why?

Ylith Pandemonium

21-08-2005 04:31:54

it was a typo damnit :P

why do people never appreciate a good typo?


21-08-2005 07:34:52

we do.. only not now:P

Who is superior a ducktaper or a sheep?

Ylith Pandemonium

21-08-2005 08:43:00

a ducktaping sheep

who loves the ducktape?


21-08-2005 11:08:54


why do i pop in at odd times?


21-08-2005 12:31:33

Cause there aren't any odd times.. :P

Why telephones rings?

Ylith Pandemonium

21-08-2005 13:14:19


when the phone goes at the neighburs house.....who called?


21-08-2005 18:05:46

my mother.. >:)

Why did my mom called the neighbours anyway?

Ylith Pandemonium

22-08-2005 00:10:29

to shott some german video

60 min is an hour
60 sec is a min
a sec = ...?


24-08-2005 16:08:47

a thousand miliseconds or fifteen welsh seconds

Should i eat a big bar of chocolate i have in the fridge?

Ylith Pandemonium

24-08-2005 18:06:42

no eat the fridge saves time..

....I forgot...?


26-08-2005 09:29:51

To change the toilet paper.
Whyyy??? :P

Ylith Pandemonium

26-08-2005 10:31:33

because it's too expensive damnit!

Like my new banner/name? :P


26-08-2005 14:24:16

Your name? God damnit you have the same name like me, how couldn't I love it? I feel like I am brother to the terminator..."I'll be back" :)

Do you like my banner? :P

Ylith Pandemonium

26-08-2005 15:54:22

Yeah cause I made the damn thing :P only problem is I can't see it...

Don't you know how to make visible?


27-08-2005 09:32:51

no, but im sure youll teach us

who made the name dark brotherhood?

Ylith Pandemonium

27-08-2005 10:40:32

I have no idea...

Do we care..?

Sato Khan

27-08-2005 20:58:09

Not in the least.

Where the hell are my car keys??? :@


28-08-2005 01:23:25

Welshman's sheep ate them.

Why can't Engineers write?

Ylith Pandemonium

28-08-2005 05:05:12

because they are engineers...

Why is everyone dumping my banners?... :'(

Sato Khan

01-09-2005 13:26:18

They're in a Communist conspiracy against you.

If it looks like chicken, tastes like chicken, and you got it at a Chinese restraunt is it really chicken????

Ylith Pandemonium

01-09-2005 14:57:59

All chinese food tastes like Chicken!


Sato Khan

01-09-2005 20:29:39


Why do you want to know why?

Ylith Pandemonium

02-09-2005 00:24:41

because you said because...

Why is the sky blue?


08-09-2005 17:28:25

because it is purple.

Guess who's back.

Ylith Pandemonium

09-09-2005 12:22:19

you, and change the banner, didnt gave ya a new one for nuthin :P

Whose the man? B)


09-09-2005 13:40:24

I am

Who is not the man?

Ylith Pandemonium

09-09-2005 13:46:01

Telona, Ciara, and all the other women :P

Why doesnt XWA work?


22-09-2005 11:07:11

becuse it hates you

why dose it always rain?


27-09-2005 04:33:26

Because God Is always sad and cryes :(

Why IS He sad?

Ylith Pandemonium

27-09-2005 17:27:59

Welsh is [Expletive Deleted F-word]ing up his sheep......letterally...



04-10-2005 09:50:04

Because he is Welsh and thats what they do to Sheep.

Why can't we be friends?


04-10-2005 21:49:32

Well becuase you have that hideous puprle barney avatar....hahahaha

When will Merlance be a grandmaster?


05-10-2005 01:18:12

When Rekio gets laid.

When will Rekio get laid?

Ylith Pandemonium

05-10-2005 07:46:07

When Merlance becomes a Grand Master...

when sheep get laid by th welsh...what do male sheep do then...?


05-10-2005 09:44:55

They go see you? hehe

Why does [Expletive Deleted] always seem to roll down hill? Why not up Hill

Ylith Pandemonium

05-10-2005 15:39:47

it cant roll at got deleted...



05-10-2005 17:02:06

Id say cause the S*@t isnt allowed in here...hahaha

Why is the earth round?

Ylith Pandemonium

06-10-2005 00:49:31

because Lego didnt excist at the time...

Why is moter nature a woman?


09-10-2005 01:53:57

cause guys destroy stuff and women are there to fix things

Why is work such a drag?

Ylith Pandemonium

09-10-2005 05:22:27

because you have to work...

Does Darth Vader own a Furby?


09-10-2005 06:27:08

he did, up until the point of it annoying him, and he stabbed it with his saber

What is the meaning of Beer?

Ylith Pandemonium

14-10-2005 11:48:02

drool of the gods given to us by angels too keep us

There is no god...there is only....?


17-10-2005 12:58:04


When will everyone run out of stupid questions?


17-10-2005 13:04:09


Does anyone have a stupid question I can use?


17-10-2005 17:18:40

yes, "why is the purple barney so gay?"

When does the madness end?

Ylith Pandemonium

18-10-2005 00:44:35

Anshar became consul so I think one of these days...

where will Rekio go?


18-10-2005 01:19:34

rekio is eternal...he never leaves

So....Whats green and has horns?

Tarax Kor

18-10-2005 01:54:18

a bullfrog. duh.

What's red, black, and blue all over?

Ylith Pandemonium

19-10-2005 00:41:21

a red bull can special edition

will the Eps III Bonus disk come to Europe aswell..?


20-10-2005 20:26:31

Gladius has a BIIIIG problem its called the W-E-B-S-I-T-E --->last updated in 1286. B.C.

[why the hell did i post this here...gdmt]


20-10-2005 20:56:24

No! Why would they send it to Europe! JK
Do you think they will release all Star Wars movies as a set?


20-10-2005 23:03:23


Whos worse Deku Mortimus, or his little buddy Tuskani? {and yes you can vote both..I just felt like picking on them today for some odd reason.}


20-10-2005 23:09:32

Who's worse Deku Mortimus or Tuskani? (just keep spreading the love)

Ylith Pandemonium

21-10-2005 00:46:16


Who is worse, Mortimer or Tuskani? (hey, I like this question :P)


21-10-2005 02:38:06

hmmmmmm.......but this is gonna be good


21-10-2005 09:32:27

Tyren look at the name of the topic it tells you how to play along in here. You need to give a stupid answer to the question previously asked and then ask a stupid question of your own.

Tuskani is worse.

How long until Tyren gets with the "Ask & Answer" program?

Ylith Pandemonium

21-10-2005 11:45:23

when he reaches DJK...

whats Tarentum's position now?


21-10-2005 13:23:14

We kick butt and take names...

Why does that purple barney avatar make me wanna drink?


21-10-2005 13:40:00

It is a dancing hippo not Barney. But it is supposed to make you want to drink that is its job.

Will somebody smack Smoke for me?


21-10-2005 13:53:48

Swigs a drink of Bud Light, and says, "Mighty Spears, needs help beating a poor simple Sith Battlemaster up...We are doomed...."

to answer your question....NO, Smoke is all powerful..even his ego over shadows you Headmaster

How do you spell relief?


21-10-2005 14:00:01

Why is the sky red?

Ylith Pandemonium

21-10-2005 17:17:35

because it's blue...

why are men better in driving cars than women?

(PS: Devani, love your banner! I like the eye, <3 female eyes)


21-10-2005 17:28:51

Because they care so much about them!
Why are women always right?
(PS: Thanks Ylith! I'm glad you like it!)


21-10-2005 17:33:18

because guys would be lost without them...

Why are woman more know for being drama queens? :D

Ylith Pandemonium

22-10-2005 05:13:12

because it's drama 'queen' well...beside welshman though...but he's known as Ladywelsh too so...

who came up with the sheep..?


22-10-2005 08:01:29

Welshman great-great-great-great-great-.....-great grandfather...

why do cows rule the world? *moo*


22-10-2005 18:40:14

Cows don't rule the world, they're just trying to take it over.

Do you think we can get Welshman's army of sheep to fight the cows?


22-10-2005 19:40:37

Well maybe if Welsh would stop molesting them first...and give them a few days to sleep it off... ;) O-)

Why does the sun come up in the east and sits in the west?

Ylith Pandemonium

22-10-2005 19:41:37

Cows made that happen..

SO....any Idea how to fight the cow invasion..?


22-10-2005 19:44:03

get someone to milk them....

When will Ylith ever learn to not challenge Ma`ar? :w00t:


22-10-2005 20:41:13

When stupid is scarce

Why is the sky blue ? :P


22-10-2005 20:59:51

Cuz it aint red!

Why do feet stink(especially mine)?


23-10-2005 00:52:29

If they didnt what part of the body would?

How smart is Tyren?

Ylith Pandemonium

23-10-2005 06:31:46

when cows rule the world...not very..

When will smoke let me win like its supposed to? :P :w00t:


23-10-2005 07:53:36

When pigs fly!

How dumb is that?


24-10-2005 04:51:47

Really dumb, casue I PWN Ylith

So what time does happy hour begin here?

Ylith Pandemonium

24-10-2005 04:58:16

5 pm

hah! I've been training like hell! you cant touch me now :P....right?


24-10-2005 06:07:26 do i spell wrong P-W-N-E-D Dont worry when im old and grey you might have a chance to beat me 3-0

So when do the party girls come to tarentum?


24-10-2005 12:09:17

I turned them away because they beat me in a drinking competition

What time is it?


24-10-2005 13:32:19

Time to....die?

whos faster or bunny?


24-10-2005 13:57:38

I don't know, I guess the bunny cuz there's no other choice.

Who is the most violent member of the DB?


24-10-2005 15:17:58

One of my sheep when it's hungry

Why does my computer make wierd noises every now and again?

Ylith Pandemonium

24-10-2005 15:23:43

because there is wool everywhere...

why wont people e-mail me? :P


24-10-2005 17:53:04

cuz you got a crappy mail :P

Why wont you die?

Ylith Pandemonium

25-10-2005 00:44:53


Why should I...?


25-10-2005 02:15:04

'Cause Tyren wnats a reaason for you to kill him.

Why do humans only have 2 legs and not four?


25-10-2005 03:35:30

Cuz if they walked on 4 you would be crawling up everyones ass! :P (nhf)

What is the "essence"?

Ylith Pandemonium

25-10-2005 12:26:08

the gass in your tank..

why do Americans have helloween?


25-10-2005 13:47:48

Don't ask me in my part of the US we have Halloween.

What the hell is helloween?

Ylith Pandemonium

25-10-2005 15:01:44

a typo which you naggy yanks cant ignore :P

why do yanks do HALLOWEEN...?


25-10-2005 15:18:45

For much the same reason many cultures have a Day of the Dead type celebration. Its just done here on the Eve of All Saints day instead of All Saints or All Souls day. Oct 31, Nov 1-2 respectivly.

Who wants to smack Ylith for me?


25-10-2005 15:56:38

Who wouldn't want to smack Ylith for you?


25-10-2005 15:57:14

OOh, Ooh, Pick me! Pick me!
Why do non-Americans always question how we do things?


25-10-2005 17:12:49

Because they are jealous of us.

Why can't I spell worth a damn?

Ylith Pandemonium

25-10-2005 17:27:05

because it's hard...

Sheesh man why does everyone want to hurt me...? :mellow:


25-10-2005 17:55:56

Actually were really hiding the fact of abuse towards you casue in truth we want to smack the Headmaster around....j/k ;)

Who has the guts to smack Spears for all of us?


25-10-2005 19:12:22

someone who actually HAS organs


25-10-2005 21:04:35

umm...tulkar you are supposed to ask a stupid question too...

Why is their a Plagueian posting in a Tarentum forum?


25-10-2005 21:30:34

cuz hes lonely...send the Oberst >:)

Why dont people read the rules?


25-10-2005 21:40:49

Because they ain't got no sense.
Why can't people from other clans post?

Sato Khan

25-10-2005 21:54:53

Because the Flying Spaghetti Monster said so.

Has anyone seen my car keys?


25-10-2005 22:09:06 left them in the strip-bar...

What is the ONE SHEEP?


26-10-2005 00:17:47

The oooooonnnnnnneeeeeee sheep. :lightsaber:

Be afraid, be very, very afraid!



Tarax Kor

26-10-2005 03:34:03

Zil... where's your Question?


What's 2+2/a lot?

Ylith Pandemonium

26-10-2005 07:07:03

it's 3....I think.....

should we smack someone with ability to fry our asses with force lightning...?


26-10-2005 12:13:22

If you're talking about Spears you should know that he's been already smacked in the Daemoni thread.

Don't you feel stupid just for not knowing that?


26-10-2005 12:49:25

No as I recall, any time a Daemoni has tried to smack me, all they did was soil themselves.

Should I try to make sure none of the Daemoni ever makes it above DJK? :-P


26-10-2005 14:51:01

*smacks his Apprentice* Yes.

Why am I wasting my time debating with Creationists?

Tarax Kor

26-10-2005 16:31:10

Duh. that's an easy one. So you could feel superior around them. :P

Why did the water turn very very very cold in the middle of my shower?


26-10-2005 18:49:45

Because you let the fairies out of your water heater.

Does 9/9 equal 0.99999999... and 1?

Sato Khan

26-10-2005 19:32:32

Only in parallel universes on the second Tuesday of October at 13:26pm for a space of 2 seconds.

A lumberjack says what?


26-10-2005 20:29:47

Wood is falling all around me,
Bears are playing havin fun,
Its the season of love and lumbejackiiiing,
Happy Cutting everyone!

Why did i write a stupid poem like this?


26-10-2005 21:37:44

Cuz your secretly in love with lumberjacks
Can Dark Jedi's be hick's?


26-10-2005 21:40:23

probably...if it involves Spears... :D

What do you get when you crossbreed a sheep and a cow?


26-10-2005 23:37:24


Have you ever had keys on your keychain/keyring that you don't know what they're for and why you have them?


26-10-2005 23:51:12

Ummm...yes, and it sucks, just when you get rid of them, you find out you need them at the worst possible second

Why does the banks always say I never have enough money?


26-10-2005 23:54:23

cuz your girlfriend/wife spent it all.
Who choose elbow pasta for Mac & Cheese?

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2005 09:03:56

The elbow pasta man! whoohoo!

who do females always spend male money...?


27-10-2005 11:18:34

Cause thats the way they were breed, Its true woman piss more money away on the dumbiest stuff around

Whats worse a woman shooping for purses, bra's, or shoes? :D

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2005 11:51:46

bra's...defenitly bra's....

Why can't men look at other women without beeing slapped?


27-10-2005 12:20:16

Because they are fidgety, insecure creatures. *awaits a slap*

Can someone write me three book reports I have due today? :P


27-10-2005 12:24:18


Why does Ylith think bra shopping is lame? [Personally thats one I enjoy....Purses are so BOOOOORing)

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2005 12:29:26

well...for one.....I see beautiful women walking in bra's looking for a better fit cause the
one they are wearing is almost bursting out. And I go like: "sweet mother of abraham lincoln!
and when that happens my girlfriend comes out and smacks be against the head saying I
aint allowed to look at other just say purses are less painful :P

heard enough? :P


27-10-2005 12:35:08


Can I have a cookie?

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2005 13:02:06

yeah sure...

Hows my new ava and sig? :D


27-10-2005 13:10:43

I liked your old ava better. The sig is nice...

Finished one book report, how about someone do the other two? That's a good compromise, right? Right? :P

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2005 14:46:04

no :P

I had to remove the ava...because it was too large for people on dialup...bummer eh?


27-10-2005 19:04:33

What do you call two men with no arms and no legs hanging in front of a window? ^_^


27-10-2005 19:06:49

Have you ever had keys on your keychain/keyring that you don't know what they're for and why you have them?

Yes, actually, I have some right now ... I think I know what they are to actually, but I'm not sure which key is which, so instead of turning some in like I should, I just keep them all until I can test which one is which and know the ones I need to keep & the ones I need to turn in >:P.

If up were down and left were right, where would center be?


27-10-2005 19:12:20

What would you rather see Ziltopia in: 1) pink cammo, 2) blue cammo, 3) green cammo, 4) red cammo, or 5) black cammo?

Also, it is perfectly fine for men to look as long as they can 1) not drool and 2) refrain from touching ;).

There is nothing wrong with purse shopping, but that is something you do with your girlfriends not with your man. Besides, men love it when their lady is looking cute & sexy, purses are part of the outfit & make women happy. Not only that, men waste their money are all sorts of things, team memorabilia for one, tools that they have absolutely no use for but just HAVE to have, multiple versions of the SAME game, just for different platforms, oh and titey whiteys.

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2005 20:38:42

red cammo, only if it's bordeaux red, else it's the pink cammo ;)

What colors have trains in brazil?


27-10-2005 20:43:02

Well, most bride's trains are white; but I think I will go with green on this one Alex. >:P

Why pose an answer to a question if no one responds to what has been stated?


27-10-2005 22:24:15

why cant we see Ziltopia in pink underwear and leather? >:)

Ylith Pandemonium

28-10-2005 06:29:31

*slaps tyren* no way to treat a lady!

Well, maybe it was a good Idea....was it?


28-10-2005 12:14:52

DOH!!! *rubs his cheek[bitch] :P *

why is everyone so sadistic yeez?

Ylith Pandemonium

28-10-2005 18:46:29

DARK jedi brotherhood?

Why cant we be sadistic..?


28-10-2005 19:15:57

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood: Where Sadism is an Artform



28-10-2005 20:09:36



28-10-2005 22:40:12

Do you think it is because no one answers the questions she writes?


28-10-2005 22:43:41

why cant we see Ziltopia in pink underwear and leather? >:)

Well, do you want to see me in pink underwear holding a black leather riding crop or in pink leather underwear (you need to be specific man!)?


28-10-2005 23:14:12

ok make it leather(any), high heals and pink underwear...k? >:)


29-10-2005 02:24:54

What kind of high heels?


29-10-2005 05:27:46

The good kind. Besides, it's not the high heels we are looking forward to seeing. ;)

Do you think we can get back on the answer and question way of doing things now? (except for Zil, I'll let her slide if it's dirty talk. :P )


30-10-2005 12:18:27

Dirty talk?! I never have in my life!

What kind of woman do you take me for?

((Can you not see that I went back and edited my previous posts?))


30-10-2005 14:54:53




30-10-2005 21:47:37



Because I said so.

If a+b=c and d+e=f, then why is the ocean blue?


30-10-2005 22:49:27

Because : dp x dx > h / (2 x pi) = Planck's constant / (2 x pi)

Why isn't the Earth a dodecahedron?

Tarax Kor

31-10-2005 00:36:39

because it has enough plankton already.

why is the moon white?


31-10-2005 03:31:24

Because : dp x dx > h / (2 x pi) = Planck's constant / (2 x pi)
Why isn't the Earth a dodecahedron?

It turns out that earth is homeomorphic to the closed unit ball (NR^3), which is at least is as compact as your dodecahedron, one of the five Platonic solids. However, there is also this:

And the moon is white because I am a Paladin according to that online quiz. O-)

Does the ocean already have enough plankton to make it blue or does the earth already have enough plankton to make it unable to be a dodecahedron; isn't utterly annoying when people are not specific in their answers?


31-10-2005 04:21:46

Ummm...dunno...i gess anything you say Zil

Why did this thread get intelegent all of a sudden?


31-10-2005 04:25:22

With Oberst and Ziltopia together the combined I.Q. of Tarentum has grown exponentially overnight . ;)

Does mathematical and scientific theory scare you Smoke?


31-10-2005 04:30:19

Well yeah...there is a no brainer....hehehe ;P

Hummm........What is the theory of realitivity?


31-10-2005 04:42:30

That we are all relatives of each other in some fashion genetically thanks to our great grandparents Adam and Eve.

Can you ask a harder question please?


31-10-2005 06:44:59

yes I can

How much wood can a wood chuck chuck? :D


31-10-2005 12:18:42

6.02 x 10^23 chucks of wood.

Who's having a good Halloween? (Pardons to those that don't celebrate it.)


31-10-2005 18:19:19

me...I was normal person!!!

Why is Halloween bad???

Ylith Pandemonium

31-10-2005 20:44:56

because yanks made it up...

why do yanks like to dress up?


31-10-2005 21:54:23

so old pedofile maniacs can rape them in little, dark, dank streets!

So how come i get to clean the toilet every freakin time?


31-10-2005 23:19:32

Because we want you to be able to live out your fantasies, no matter how perverted they are. >:) ;)

Can you feel the love tonight? B)


01-11-2005 02:13:11


Have you seen her?


01-11-2005 11:03:41

What is?


01-11-2005 12:15:28


We are?


01-11-2005 13:06:54

very, very, very.....something.

What the [Expletive Deleted F-word] is that?
*point the finger at Yliths...erhm..."tools"*


01-11-2005 19:05:45

That is what happens to a cybernetic arm after Oberst is finished with it.

Why is my annoyance at Tyren = limit as x -> 0+ of 1/x^n?


01-11-2005 19:34:24


Ylith Pandemonium

01-11-2005 20:01:18


why do people make fun of my handicap? :'(


02-11-2005 00:29:57

Cause it seems as you get own let alone by me in JA, but now on the forums board...hehe(dont worry Ylith we still like you...some more than others :D )

Why cant we just skip day lightsavings time


02-11-2005 02:54:25

If you live in Bloomington, IN, you do skip Dalight Savings Time.

Why is Tyrens crying if I was just teasing him?


02-11-2005 05:07:39

Because he is a senstive brat >:P

Why doesnt Smoke move to Hawaii we have no Day lightsavings time?


02-11-2005 09:51:44

cuz he just aint....surfs up dude! \m/

Why do you think I`m sensitive?!


02-11-2005 14:01:25

/me shrugs.

Why do people think throwing crap at me while I'm falling asleep from a dumbass presentation is funny, since it obviously isn't, and anyone who says it is will find themselves face-to-face with a slow and painful death? <_< >:) :@


02-11-2005 15:47:38

I think it is funny! >:P

*throws a wadded up piece of paper at you*

Who says I am adverse to die (think Shapekspeare)?


02-11-2005 15:51:33

Beacuse all the worlds a stage

If all the worlds a stage, how come they build stages?


02-11-2005 16:00:01

A built set is just a microcosm of the world as stage.

If we know the answer is 42, why is it important to figure out the question?

Ylith Pandemonium

02-11-2005 21:02:12

yanks need quiz shows...

why aren't yanks just apart of Europe? they'd be much better then :P


03-11-2005 00:29:04

Kinda answered your own question there, huh?

Wait...that's not my question. :P

If all dogs go to heaven, where do hamsters go?


03-11-2005 00:29:17

Because once Yanks were a part of Europe and we decided that you were a bunch of wankers and we needed to kill off some Natives and all that, so we left in these three little boats and Oberst's ancestor ran around fisting people and then all these other people from all these other countries that aren't in Europe and here we are.

What is it with Europeans and quiz shows?

Ylith Pandemonium

03-11-2005 07:01:33

we dont have quiz shows...

Americans and the superbowl...?


03-11-2005 11:34:23

It's a means of pacifying the stupid. While the morons are watching the Superbowl, the people with the money and the power are plotting what will happen with the economy and with politics in the coming year.

What if yes?


03-11-2005 12:21:51

Then your worst fears have been realized, Oberst.

What do you think Oberst's worst fear is?


03-11-2005 12:46:29

Oberst's worst fear is that when hamsters die they go up his butt. >;P

Does anyone know a limerick?


03-11-2005 14:08:37

I do, I do!

There once was a lad named Saint
Who swallowed some samples of paint.
All shades of the spectrum
Flowed out of his rectum
With a colorful lack of restraint.

How was that? :P


03-11-2005 15:06:22


Does anyone know "There once was a man from Nantucket ...?"


03-11-2005 18:23:31


Why am I not allowed to tell the Freshmen that standing next to the Plutonium will make them the Incredible Hulk?

Ylith Pandemonium

03-11-2005 19:23:45


because it wasen't plutonium..?


03-11-2005 21:12:31

well i dont know.

Why does Oberst ask weird questions????


03-11-2005 23:27:42

Oberst is the only one who responds with intelligent questions actually (or at least funny ones, if you are intelligent enough to understand them). >:)

Pete and Repeat went over a bridge, Pete fell off, who was left?


04-11-2005 00:40:03

Me. I pushed him over and then hurled the other guy after him.

If Pete fell from height "h" with an initial velocity of v=0, and Repeat was then thrown from height "h" with an initial velocity of 4.7m/s^2, after how many seconds and at what distance will Repeat be twice as far from the starting point as Pete?


04-11-2005 04:50:51

I don't know :huh:

Is Oberst an inteligent man?

Ylith Pandemonium

04-11-2005 06:30:19

no we just dont understand him :P

if X has a value of 2, and Y a value of Pi, X+Y/X*Y= ?


04-11-2005 12:34:13

0.81831015504887652430775499030746, about. Damn Pi.

Who wants a cookie? /me holds a box of chocolate chipped cookies.


04-11-2005 17:19:29

i dont...i hate cookies

Who wants to play "Pin the tail on the donkey"? Yliths the donkey


04-11-2005 19:31:39

I don't; I would rather play catch some tail. ;)

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?


04-11-2005 19:50:06

I remember that game show! Man, that was like, the sheehit. :D

Whooooooo are you? Who who, who who? ('Cause I really wanna know. :P )


05-11-2005 01:15:10

CSI was ok, but it getting kind of lame now.

If a is not b and b is c, can a be c?


05-11-2005 01:19:20


Does anyone know why my stepfather is calling my dog "Saddam"? :blink:


05-11-2005 01:25:05

Because he likes to get humped by camels?

What is the deal with Conan the Barbarian anyway?


05-11-2005 01:39:39

He's a barbarian named Conan. 'Nuff said.

Well, also, he might have been Force Sensitive. Who knows.

What is the German word for Brautwurst?


05-11-2005 04:41:56


Sprechen Sie Dutsch?


05-11-2005 06:52:41

i dont know what you said but i dont like the way ya said it.
*smacks Zill with a woolen teddy-bear*

Whyt did Einstein say on 27th october 1902. at 3:02:54 pm when he was in his bed?


05-11-2005 07:01:18

I'm not sure, I know that during that time he was working in a patent office. On October 11, 1939, he did warn President Franklin D. Roosevelt that his theories could lead to Nazi Germany's development of an atomic bomb and suggested the U.S. develop its own bomb. This resulted in the top secret "Manhattan Project."

What did Eistein say on October 27th 1902 at 3:02:54 PM when he was in bed?


05-11-2005 07:03:12

You suck.

What is the difference between a beaver and a badger?

Ylith Pandemonium

05-11-2005 19:00:14

police dont carry beavers...

If the yanks didnt throw with bombs...would there be world peace?


05-11-2005 19:52:41

no...theyd still throw hamburgers...

Why are we here?


05-11-2005 20:06:18

To run rampant maiming, killing, looting, laughing, and sexing it up, come on Mr. Dark Jedi! >:)

Where have all the flowers gone?


05-11-2005 21:02:33

beacuse ylith is an idiot :P

Who do i hate the stupid word yank?


05-11-2005 21:38:22

/me smacks Rage: "Don`t insult the Valheru!"


05-11-2005 23:39:13

Well, no on answered my question.

*Ziltopia wilts*

Is Rage drunk or has his brain finally exploded due to all the pressure?


05-11-2005 23:45:30

Nope the site of Tyren made me go insane :P

Why are stupid people allowed to run ramapant? (and no, its not me :P)


06-11-2005 00:51:54

No, no, hon, evil and dark people are allowed to run rampant, not stupid people.

... and when will I see you again?

((eeeeeeeeevil pop reference, I know, BUT if I am forced to endure it, so much you!))


06-11-2005 04:06:36

Nie! :P

Zil, magst du Deutsch sprechen? (If you post, and you're not Zil, I will so take a bite out of your jugular. :@ )


06-11-2005 05:10:59


Warum fragen Sie?


06-11-2005 06:01:55

Kein Grund. Ich habe nur zwei Jahre Deutschklasse durchgeführt. Etwas von diesem ist von der Schule, etwas von ihm ist von Google. ;)

So, wo erlernten Sie, Deutsches zu sprechen?

Ylith Pandemonium

06-11-2005 17:56:39

Wir haben Deutsch auf them classe, aber nu nicht mir.

can anyone speak Dutch for that matter? It's like german :P


07-11-2005 01:34:11


If I said "duck lips" was the question, what would the answer be?


07-11-2005 01:37:18

The answer would be "No, thank you. I've had my fill."

Who thinks Zil meant the words 'question' and 'answer' in her previous question to be reversed? :P


07-11-2005 01:42:09

I think Fenn would be correct in his above statement.

Why do some people call women's breats "jugs"?


07-11-2005 01:44:06

It has it's roots in hillbilly culture, I'm sure.

Are you a turtle?


07-11-2005 01:46:31

I like turtles.

Why do you ask; am I not coming out of my shell?


07-11-2005 01:47:56

Yes, yes you are.

The question is, in what way?


07-11-2005 02:09:09

I suppose I am a box turtle. ;)

What way would you like?


07-11-2005 02:15:48

knowing fenns mind, it was probally perveted

Why do roosters, cackle at dawns first light?


07-11-2005 11:11:06

They're that [Expletive Deleted F-word]ing bored.

What is so hard about asking that your bagel get run through the toaster twice, that it makes the people at the [Expletive Deleted F-word]ing deli bitchy?


07-11-2005 14:02:45

Because customer service is dying of a malignant tumor, Oberst. It tries to live a full life, but with full knowledge that any day now it will kick the bucket.

Which is better, an english muffin with rasins, or a million bucks?


07-11-2005 18:25:53

Definitely the million bucks, raisins are of the devil! >:) :P

Why does my body feel the need to be active between the hours of 10PM and 6AM and inative from 6AM-2PM?


07-11-2005 19:31:05

Because God screwed up and crossed the wires in your brain when he made you.

Who is the smarter guy, Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein?
/me hopes for an Oberst post. :)


08-11-2005 00:08:11

I'm gonna have to go with Hawking on this one. For no particular reason other than I like theoretical physics.

Who contributed more, Fermi or Einstein?


08-11-2005 00:40:43

/me shrugs.

You'd probably say Fermi, but I'll stick with Albert. Theory of Relativity...that's what it's all a-bout! :D

If you lead a horse to water, how long does it take to drown?


08-11-2005 01:07:06

The same amount of time that it takes Schroedinger's cat to die.

If you stick two radioactive isotopes into the box, do you halve the time it takes for the cat to die?


08-11-2005 09:40:06

You could, but as soon as you checked the results you would ruin the experiment.

Why did they put Hazelnut in my coffee this morning?


08-11-2005 10:36:39

The Hazelnut adds many healthy vitamins and minerals to a drink which normally would just make one hyper. It is a good source of the Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E, as well as essential oils. Thus, whoever put the Hazelnut in your coffee is trying to fix the universe, one being at a time.

Why is base 10 the common base for representing the integers, since representing an integer as a sequence of 0s and 1s (no's and yes's) would be a lot simpler?


08-11-2005 12:03:28

Because we're not computers. We made computers, so we get more integers. :D

So, who here had coffee this morning?


08-11-2005 12:12:35


Who do you love...?


08-11-2005 12:36:50

Too soon to tell.

Who do you think? ;)


08-11-2005 12:51:36


When will I surpass Ylith in posts?


08-11-2005 12:54:08

FYI, you suck. :P

And you will only when I say you will, and not a moment before! :@

When will the world end?


08-11-2005 12:56:33

The world will end for you when I really do suck! >:) :P

Why do you think you own me?!


08-11-2005 12:59:39

Maybe because I am God. But most likely it's because I'm perverted. ;)

What is 2+2 equal to if you try to solve it in a subspace domain? (I'm sure Oberst would probably kick my ass for mentioning subspace, but meh.)


08-11-2005 16:38:22

15,235,766,364,728,152,826.894355 x 10^9

Why are the Daemoni the most perverted BT in the DB?


08-11-2005 16:55:38

Becasue we watch Dragon Ball :w00t:


08-11-2005 17:47:04


Wheres Cannab|s` question? x(


08-11-2005 18:40:07

In the pooper. Go fish it out.

Who put the 'id' in 'idiot'?


09-11-2005 08:56:13


Why has it taken me this long to make my peace with Emp. I?


09-11-2005 12:19:08

Ask your inner self grasshoopa! For within you lies the answer to all!

Why am i talking like a budist monk?


09-11-2005 15:07:49

Are you emulating Master Yoda; fear I have that you are going to the Light Side!

Why are some things in Empisodes 1-3 more technologically advanced than in Empisodes 4-6, yet other things are less?


09-11-2005 17:44:51

Cuz Lucas likes it that way.

Why do you think im passing to the LS?...i could be imitating Yoder...Yodas DS twin brother


09-11-2005 23:24:44

Yoder, sounds like some Sweed to me. Imitation is the best form of flattery; I still worry that you are becoming a Lighter. >:) :P

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow and only had however many hours are left until midnight after reading this post, what would you do?


10-11-2005 08:18:47

Eat a pizza, drink some beer, got to all the peolpe i hate and [Expletive Deleted F-word] them off, screw my girlfriend(hey gotta have some pleasure while im dying), kiss my mom goodbye...oh yea id format my comp...the ship goes down with its captain >:)


10-11-2005 08:31:23

Smacks Tyren for not asking a question.

Who else wants to smack Tyren for not asking a question?


10-11-2005 10:29:51

I will.

In the classical limit definition of the derivative, why don't we have h approaching 42, as many of the formulas would still work? :P


10-11-2005 11:21:16

Because Planck doesn't like 42.

How do you make a "small" infinity well?


10-11-2005 11:33:54

You give it an arbitrarily large amount of medicine so it grows big and strong! :P

How would one know if he/she has traveled to the end of the universe?


10-11-2005 14:53:48

Because s/he would be in one of the finest restaraunts in the galaxy watching the end of the universe occur over a fantabulous meal! >:P

Why do I get the feeling Jareth is finally reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?


11-11-2005 08:14:54

becuse it looks like he's finnally turned hobo

why is my hair silver?


11-11-2005 12:49:53

Perhpas you're getting fecking old! :P

Why is my landline not working, but the DSL is (they are both on the same phone line)?


11-11-2005 19:22:09

That's only for us techies to know, and for you not to know. :P

Who owns pet's that like to fight with each other?


12-11-2005 03:08:11

I do....

Why do cats suck so bad?


12-11-2005 14:35:35

In my case, because they cause my ears to turn red!

Is it wrong to desire revenge against ignorant team members who have wronged you?


12-11-2005 15:28:10

Absolutely not, Kill them all!

Is it wrong to laugh at your annoying neighbors when something bad finally happens to them?


12-11-2005 21:52:26

Only if it's wrong to laugh at your younger brother when something bad happens to him.

Is it wrong to push your younger brother down a flight of stairs?


13-11-2005 14:32:54

No, its often encouraged. Just make sure hes not pregnant.

Why do pregnant women look like pears?


13-11-2005 21:24:23

becuse they have condition :P

what did Arawan mean by that last question?


13-11-2005 22:37:33

He meant you look like a pear, Lev.

What's next?


14-11-2005 00:09:22


Why does Levathan's comment to the above not make any sense whatsoever in the least?


16-11-2005 20:00:14

because that question has no answer

why do most animals not know what "animal magnetism" is, and do they have a say in it?


16-11-2005 23:03:46

No, they do not have a say in not knowing. >:) :P

A horse is a horse, of course, unless on Zwhelerse, why?

Ylith Pandemonium

17-11-2005 12:16:32

because its Archean! get off of hiM!

can Daemoni be: Deamoni; Keepers of the Mystics of the Black Night? :P DO WE PWN THEM! YEAH! WHY? I DONT KNOW! YOU ANSWER :P :P


17-11-2005 12:44:35

*kicks Ylith in the balls, again!*

Why are all the Daemoni beneath me? >:) :P


17-11-2005 17:03:46

because im on mystics of the black..yea, you get it

why is ylith so cock...y?


18-11-2005 11:45:08

Because I have pink cammo undies.

Why are turtles the most wonderous beings in the universe? >:)


18-11-2005 11:50:32

Because they know thrusting their bodies forward very slowly can make others very happy! :P

Why do I keep getting error messages saying, "The window 'Team Gyaan' is not responding," on this Dell?


18-11-2005 18:10:35

because mIRC is just plain complicated

how come im still grd?


18-11-2005 19:38:36

Cuz your my clone and i`m GRD!

The universe ist big enough for 2 Tyrs!


19-11-2005 12:56:41

False. >:) :P

Tyrus will make GRD when he actually does what it says to do on The Clan Site as well as finishes all the Krath courses at the SA (as was put up on the Mystics MB, i.e. my office).

Promotions should not just be given away in Gladius, right?


19-11-2005 12:56:46

False, but with quantum physics you both can live in two parallel universes.

Why am I having trouble smelling?


19-11-2005 13:01:14

Because you are allergic to Oberst fistings (which is what you are going to receive, ... promotions should be given away, hhmmppppfff! >:) :P).

What came first, the dragon or the egg, and why is it really all that important to know? :P


19-11-2005 14:56:47

because sometimes there is the dragon wanted to be on top...

how many times a day should you attack a jedi?


19-11-2005 16:59:39

Zero. Wait until the evening and read that jedi deadly poetry until he or she surrenders.

Does anyone want to read a paper I just wrote? :P

Sato Khan

19-11-2005 19:00:35

Not unless you want to hear one of mine.

What's the last thing that goes through a bugs mind before it hits a windshield?


20-11-2005 06:29:31

OH SH*T......(splat)

Why cant Halo be added to DB ?
(its identical to RC)


20-11-2005 15:16:13

it is, but master chief is a member of the rebellion and we dont want any of that

why do most people think chuck norris is going to take over the world?


20-11-2005 15:54:52

He's already been a world karate champion, so he is setting his sights higher.

What was the first dream ever documented?


21-11-2005 00:38:03

probaly when the first dream happend...

whats a ??


21-11-2005 01:45:15

its a letter of the alphabet.

Why do things seem brighter on the otheside?


21-11-2005 09:17:25

cause thats where the sun usually shines....

What does a bottle of Beer and Zill have in common?


21-11-2005 14:45:58

not half as much as they should have in common

who is the janitor of the ale pond?


21-11-2005 22:20:58

Teh Jedi Man

Why ask why?


21-11-2005 23:14:08

because you need something to say just to be annoying and why is annoying when you say why so many times why it suddenly loses all meaning....

Why is Tarentum overrun by Romanians and the Dutch? :P


23-11-2005 19:54:02

Cause I can't kill them fast enough.

Why is this thread still going?


23-11-2005 21:39:59

I belive we owe the desire to take part in brainless activities for the long life of this thread.

After all what else would we be doing here?


23-11-2005 23:08:17

Sheering Welsh's sheep every summer...

How come every where i look i see sheep?


24-11-2005 07:12:25

Because Castle Tarentum is now Barn Tarentum and we live on Yridia Ranch.

Why arent there any square fruits?


24-11-2005 20:18:39

becuse that would would look weird on trees

what would we use wool for in this universe?


26-11-2005 21:14:32

We would use wool to throw at Jedi.

Why did Bane laugh at Xanatos97299?


27-11-2005 20:17:44

becuse your an idiot that laughs at anything and everything >:)

hows the food?


28-11-2005 12:45:37

fine considering you made it... >:)



30-11-2005 01:46:08

She's around, anywhere..*looks over shoulder*

Why are most of my quit quotes from Welshman?

Ylith Pandemonium

30-11-2005 07:26:18


need to ask...? :P


01-12-2005 07:57:59


If you would say you're unpredictable and I would say that I already know. How unpredictable are you then?


01-12-2005 17:15:01

Predictable, if you have studied Chaos Theory or Quantum Computing to correctly predict that person's next course of action.

Why am I using Linux?


01-12-2005 19:17:03


why does dial-up still exist?


05-12-2005 14:07:21

To control the minds of those who turn out most frequently in elections :P.

Why is it hot in here?


05-12-2005 22:32:22

becuse frosty just entered with a dozen twi'leks :w00t:

hmmm, how come it just got cold?


11-12-2005 06:35:35

Because of the Ice in my teeth and around my neck. :P

Why is winter my favourite time of year?


11-12-2005 18:48:43

cuz your...Frosty???

why is this thread still open?

Ylith Pandemonium

12-12-2005 00:49:52

b3c4us3 1t R0xX0rZ y0!

why does winter have to be so dman cold?


12-12-2005 05:14:13

Because...that's the way it is :P

Why do you ask?


12-12-2005 15:11:32

Cause poor Ylith had his car in reverse to drag race....(see the cold does effect us)

Whats pink and runs Daemoni? :P

Ylith Pandemonium

12-12-2005 16:21:43

me..? ahh damn!

if I would leave tar would anyone miss me?


14-12-2005 05:25:05

*Archean kidnaps Ylith, drives him to the desert and leaves him there, naked.*



Are you a Templar of Steel?

Ylith Pandemonium

14-12-2005 13:11:35


can I make clothes out of sand..?


14-12-2005 15:07:20

Sure you could.

How would you wash them?

Ylith Pandemonium

14-12-2005 15:19:18

with ehh....I dont know...

Hows my avatar? :P


15-12-2005 12:40:39

Gay :P

Why does Ylith allways have banners that are over the allowed limits? O-) :P


15-12-2005 14:19:41

Because he is a Ylithman

WHy does Tyren call everything he doesnt have gay?


16-12-2005 10:28:14

It's his perogative

What am I doing here?

Ylith Pandemonium

16-12-2005 11:58:44

signin britney spears songs...

Why is Tyren jealous of my banners? :P


20-12-2005 06:15:25

He isnt :P

Should Tyren make me a Hammerfall Banner? :D

Ylith Pandemonium

20-12-2005 20:03:33

no I should damnit!

why are we all doomed?


22-12-2005 12:25:45

because of the fat man outside...

why must the good die young?


23-12-2005 13:34:00

Because evil people can only put up with so much for so long :P .

When will I be able to kill Light Jedi by just looking at them?


28-12-2005 00:38:21

I'd say you should ask Welshman for tips, but he kills them when they look at him. He's got that whole Medusa thing going on.

Would it be worth the snakes for hair if you could turn people into stone?


03-01-2006 09:24:04


How come its been weeks (well about one) since anyone last posted on this?

Ylith Pandemonium

05-01-2006 11:27:57

no one wanted to past after Oberst :P

can sheep get wings?


05-01-2006 18:47:08

Well if pigs can fly so can sheep....

Why didnt anyone want to post (or as Ylith said past) after Oberst?


07-01-2006 04:27:57

Because the question needed more thinking time.

So what's new in this joint?


11-01-2006 05:29:42

cuz he's a loser.

Why do you ask?


20-01-2006 06:21:08


Did you forget to scroll up to the newest page before answering? :P


22-01-2006 21:24:15

eather that or he forgot :P

if sheep can fly can dragons swim?


23-01-2006 11:27:26

Chinese dragons can...I think.

Can pigs fly?

Ylith Pandemonium

23-01-2006 14:28:57


Why is this forum so...empty and silent these days..?


27-01-2006 01:07:37

We're at the kegger at Frosty's house.

Didn't you get the invite?


27-01-2006 07:48:32

Apparently not...must of have been too wasted to send it out. Oh, well...

Now where did I put that hose?


18-02-2006 04:12:29

i think i saw it in the Freazer

hmm... do we have a keg around here? i'm running dry


20-02-2006 11:31:11

*Throws Lev's a key*
There's a lot of them in the room with the "QUA office" sign on the door.

Got that?


22-02-2006 08:27:19

[Proper-talking-English-pantsless-guy-mode]I am very sorry sir but i dont seem to understand what you are talking about![/Proper-talking-English-pantsless-guy-mode] <_<

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? :D


05-03-2006 02:06:29

a lot!

Snicker or Mars?


06-03-2006 16:51:01

Mars bar, definately Mars bar.

Anyone hungry yet?

Ylith Pandemonium

08-03-2006 18:10:06

not really

so...its yellow and when it hits your eye your dead! what is it?


08-03-2006 18:32:37

a duck?

Did u all missed me?


09-03-2006 19:51:21


Who are you?


10-03-2006 18:36:08

ur long lost son?

how lond was i lost then?


11-03-2006 09:24:04

Wow, Maikeru!

How you been little buddy? Where did you disappear?


11-03-2006 19:45:53

i dissapear everywhere, any time..
but i'm back now.. :)

so how r u?


12-03-2006 08:00:33

Like a coin

Are pens intelligent?


12-03-2006 13:18:27


Are their wielders inteligent?


13-03-2006 13:36:12

Depends on wether they have four legs and wool.

Does a DVD feel pain when the laser is reading it?


13-03-2006 15:45:41

Yes but it's kinky for DVDs so they like it.

Do my stuffed animals have brains?


15-03-2006 06:40:11

No, stuffed animals just create that illusion.

Gym or home-workout?


25-03-2006 03:04:11

Gym. Tennis courts there.

Babolat or Prince?


25-03-2006 19:26:58


Sammy Hagar or David Lee Roth? (VH front man)


26-03-2006 16:10:30

Um...Sammy Hagar since he's the only one I've heard of.

What's up with people wanting long names no one can pronounce?

Ylith Pandemonium

30-03-2006 17:50:05

its a subtle referrence to another suspicious long object who can not be named :P this what they call an innuendo?


01-04-2006 00:51:47

I have no idea what you're talking about.

How do I get rid of this hangover?


02-04-2006 19:47:02

Don't get one in the first place.

Why do I never get hangovers?


04-04-2006 07:25:32

You don't drink enough.

Beer or Brandy?


06-04-2006 05:38:28


Coke or Pepsi?


06-04-2006 06:40:06


Luke or Captain Hunt?


06-04-2006 12:11:36


How long has this thng been going?


06-04-2006 23:35:25

Forever and a day.

Why do some beta-carbohydrates give you gas, but others don't?


07-04-2006 09:51:05

Guess it depends on their density.

How come the other orders aren't as cool as the Obelisk?


07-04-2006 13:52:23

Because the cheese stands alone?

Curdled goat's milk anyone?


07-04-2006 20:03:58

You before me.

What brings you around here again Jason?


07-04-2006 23:03:34

Missed my old Clan. Plus, when I saw that you, Sithie and Spears had returned, I figured I might as well, too.

Have a problem with that?


07-04-2006 23:44:22

Yeah, one more guy to stink up this place :P

Aren't flowers pretty?


08-04-2006 03:22:36


Should I kick the elders into hard core activity?


08-04-2006 03:29:51


Do you mean should we all sit back, eating popcorn while they kick your ass? (or in Zero's case have me kick your ass) >:)


08-04-2006 14:03:38

Haha, nice but I wasn't talking about Tridens elders.

Hmm, what should I use: Timbo boots or High tops?


08-04-2006 16:32:08

Flip flops

Why am I watching the golf?


08-04-2006 16:33:31

You are bored.

Why does the weather have to go from 80 to 30 in one day?


08-04-2006 19:35:04

Hell is starting to freeze over

Why does this topic keep going, and going, and going?


09-04-2006 12:07:14

Because it's either the Energizer rabbit...or a ZOMBIE!!! AAAHHH!!!KILL IT!!!

Why can't I think of a question?


10-04-2006 15:33:51

You aren't skilled like me.

Why did I ever start this topic?


11-04-2006 10:02:48

To help your post count.

Will it ever stop?


11-04-2006 14:49:21

Nope. It went forever on the old boards, and it'll go forever on this one.

Would anyone like to try some KFM(Kentcuky Fried Macaw)?


11-04-2006 16:51:03


How about Canadian Goose?


12-04-2006 06:41:59

Yes, thank you.

Where's the sauce?

Asani Vosa

12-04-2006 12:17:37

blame Canada?


12-04-2006 16:03:43


How long until this member gets the concept?


13-04-2006 03:54:54

Once its possible to kill a bird by throwing it off a cliff

Anyone know why Krath pwns all?


13-04-2006 16:18:48

Because I'm Krath ;)

Will it stay so warm here?


13-04-2006 17:22:46

Because I was roasting some Krath who dared to think they PWNED the Sith ;p

Should I now hide from all concerned?

Ylith Pandemonium

14-04-2006 08:51:32

nah...everyone knows Obelisk pwn Sith and Krath anyday

so hows Tarentum?


16-04-2006 00:45:36

Fine if you cut out the 'my order pwns yours' crap.

Why do people do that knowing we all pwn?


20-04-2006 02:57:12

Cuz they don't know that.

Why should I know something that it's not true?


24-04-2006 20:22:12


Can you rephrase that question?


25-04-2006 11:46:49

Uhmm, no :P! I'll ask another one.

In a difficult situation (EG: there's one more cigarette left and you have to chose between giving it to your best friend or to your brother...and so on etc etc) would you chose your friends over family?


29-04-2006 15:50:10

Since I don't smoke, I wouldn't have the cigarette in the first place.

Anyone else sick of these reality shows?


30-04-2006 03:54:47


Which ones?


02-05-2006 02:28:44

All of them.

Why does it seem like the only people who win tournaments anymore are Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer?


02-05-2006 11:30:13

Uh....... *shrugs, not knowing either of those names*

Would you buy cheese from a midget?


20-05-2006 10:57:39

Cuz it's sweeter.

Why can't I think of any stupid questions?


21-05-2006 04:39:08

I dunno.

Will Federer ever beat Nadal?


21-05-2006 15:08:30

Yeah, most definetly.

Why is CS (Counter-Strike) so addictive?

Ylith Pandemonium

23-05-2006 15:06:57

we like to shoot arabic people...well...I think....

Why do we like to shoot arabic people anyway?


03-06-2006 02:04:17

Cuz shooting ppl releases stress. :P

Where the Hood at?

Ylith Pandemonium

03-06-2006 08:01:42


Where's the Bathroom at?


03-06-2006 10:41:58


Where's the Bathroom at?

I don't know though I simply hop into the sea for a quick swim ;)


04-06-2006 15:21:30

Give a stupid answer then post a stupid question. :P

Got it?


04-06-2006 15:56:37

Give a stupid answer then post a stupid question. :P

Got it?

Why does nobody tell me these things before I post?


05-06-2006 07:16:51

I just did but you still didn't answer.

Think you'll get it right this time? :P


05-06-2006 15:23:38

I just did but you still didn't answer.

Think you'll get it right this time? :P

Probably not cause it takes me awhile to figure things out.

Can someone explain why I'm such an idiot?


05-06-2006 17:58:50

Naa we will let you figure that out yourself.

Anyone know why he keeps using the quote feature?


05-06-2006 21:36:15

Doesn't have to move the mouse as much? (ha! answer and question in one! :P)


15-06-2006 10:55:26


Will Tarentum win the GJW?


18-06-2006 02:38:10

Like hell we better.

What kind of awards will we get?


19-06-2006 07:34:05

A Death Star.

Should we put some spiners on it?

Sato Khan

21-06-2006 04:03:26

Last time we did that we got "jacked".

Is jacked the correct hoodlum term???


21-06-2006 12:34:42

Yeah, it is.

Then how about some neon lights?


21-06-2006 12:53:01

We definitely need neon lights cause the trench is so dark and hard to find.

Think anyone will notice?


22-06-2006 04:37:50

That's the whole ideea when using neon lights, they make your car stand out in the crowd.

How can I be so stupid to write Kiss instead of Chiss?

Ylith Pandemonium

22-06-2006 08:15:02

Oldie Rock Bands FTW! B)

Has Frosty seen the light and turned metal? :o


22-06-2006 19:32:23

I wouldn't put money on it.

How about some pink fuzzy dice for the Death Star?

Adien Falaut

23-06-2006 08:54:57

Metal rules :D

Ylith Pandemonium

24-06-2006 09:11:57

hmm...huge pink fuzzy dice...would be cool...

Why didnt Melkor ask a question?


25-06-2006 07:38:20

Oh yeah!

Maybe some Magic Trees also?


25-06-2006 08:03:30

That'd work.

Could we employ sheep as gunners?

Ylith Pandemonium

25-06-2006 08:18:38

those are the space mines...

maybe some sub-woofers to pimp the Death star?


26-06-2006 20:22:34


Your not going to play that rap crap are you?

Ylith Pandemonium

26-06-2006 21:23:08

Thats Frosty...I am the good guy

Celldweller, Mudvayne or Metallica?


27-06-2006 01:13:20


how do you spell relief?


27-06-2006 11:19:00

S-c-o-t-c-h. Relief.

Glenfiddich or Oban?


27-06-2006 20:37:44

Whichever suits you (no fking idea :P)

What's the name of the foothills of the Pyranees?

Wes Biriuk

29-06-2006 05:16:52

I don't know. They lie on the french border.

Who cares?

Ylith Pandemonium

29-06-2006 05:37:25

the french...

what are the french good for?


29-06-2006 08:12:33

keeping the frog and snail populations in check?


29-06-2006 12:54:40


RAP is not CRAP, then what's Rock and Metal supposed to be? :P


29-06-2006 12:57:14

Uhmm, noise that scratches your eardrum (except for LP and LB, they're cool).

How about we put some 15' monitors on the Death Star, you know on the back of every seat? :)


29-06-2006 14:15:25

Pimp my planet destroying weapon huh? I say we keep this to ourselves; if MTV hear about this, 1 of 2 things will happen. They will sue us, or steal the idea and find some out of work rapper to present the show. I gotta say though if they were to steal the idea, I would like Drew Carey to present it.

Ylith Pandemonium

01-07-2006 11:50:14

you still didnt quite ask a question..

Rap has no skillz, and only [Expletive Deleted F-word]s up grammar and language...why?


11-07-2006 19:09:08

Because people are getting lazy with their words.

Are we reverting back to the days of just grunting and pointing?


11-07-2006 22:10:08

Ugh! (Yes)

Ugha-duh, duh ack ack? (What's wrong with monosyllabic means of communication?)

Wes Biriuk

11-07-2006 23:42:57

It's the only way to communicate man-to-man without women listening.

Why must women know everything?

Ylith Pandemonium

12-07-2006 05:03:07

because...well....I dont know....I aint a woman damnit! :P

so....hows life?

Remdan Tyranius

13-07-2006 01:28:49

Not bad...hangin in there.

Bacon or sausage?


21-07-2006 09:46:51

And. Bacon and sausage.

Pancakes, waffles, or French toast (pain perdu)?


21-07-2006 12:54:40


Leche de Tigre or Milanesa?

Remdan Tyranius

21-07-2006 15:34:10


Te gusta pollo o huevos?


26-07-2006 13:11:11

We speaka da Basic here. Eggs. Yum.

Omelette, quiche, souffle, custard, or scrambled?

Remdan Tyranius

26-07-2006 18:40:45


Halo or Half-life?

Ylith Pandemonium

27-07-2006 03:32:30


flying or swimming?


31-07-2006 13:43:08

Do I need to answer that question?


31-07-2006 16:21:01

You do. :P Even though it looks like it's an answer and a question altogether. :P

Batman or Superman?


31-07-2006 19:40:52


Juggernaut or Colossus?


31-07-2006 21:56:28


Carnage or Venom?

Remdan Tyranius

31-07-2006 22:50:31


7 or 8


01-08-2006 08:41:59


Wine or Beer?

Wes Biriuk

03-08-2006 21:44:56


Chicken or Chook?


04-08-2006 09:48:04


WTF is chook?


04-08-2006 18:35:41

I know you guys didnt steal my 'Or Game' idea.... :P


09-08-2006 07:35:47

You need to answer the stupid question then ask a stupid question yourself!

Got it?


10-08-2006 04:24:20


ds^2 = -(-1Rs/r)c^2dt^2 + (-1Rs/r)^-1dr^2 + r^2dtheta^2 + r^2sin^2thetadphi^2 ?


18-08-2006 17:00:20


Pi or pie?

Ylith Pandemonium

19-08-2006 07:05:16

Pie...because you cant eat Pi!

The sheep are infected by the blue tongue virus...should we blame Wales?


05-09-2006 00:52:28

Nah. Blame Canada.

What's this 'blue tongue' virus?

Ylith Pandemonium

05-09-2006 03:53:26

sheep go nuts , get blue tongues and die

guess the blue tongue bit is funny...right?

Sato Khan

05-09-2006 23:42:23

Not funny...

Without sheep what'll we shag?

Ylith Pandemonium

06-09-2006 08:03:07


does this include the current DGM?


06-09-2006 14:04:43

I'm not shagging Goat.

Others besides Welsh shag sheep?


10-09-2006 04:56:19

Well Sato is welsh also so who knows.

How much do I rock on a scale from 1 to 10?

Ylith Pandemonium

13-09-2006 17:33:22


A, B or C?


14-09-2006 00:07:42

C...the flies around Ylith's signature.

Bats or birds?


14-09-2006 02:09:59

either hawks or eagles


Sato Khan

16-09-2006 00:41:20


Will our Welsh finally realise his dream of being Mrs. Universe??


16-09-2006 11:38:15

Only when my girlfriend is Jessica Alba.

What would happen if I boil an egg in alchool?


16-09-2006 16:46:40

A dream come true

Will Welsh ever get over sheep?


17-09-2006 06:10:19

Only when I get over women.

If I'd kill for fun will it be considered a crime?

Ylith Pandemonium

17-09-2006 11:31:12

only when you harm animals in the process...

did Wales stole sheep lobing from new zealand , or new zealand from wales?


17-09-2006 18:46:07

The latter

Why do we waste our time posting stuff here?

Ylith Pandemonium

18-09-2006 08:54:38

because we're bored with a vengeance...

Kaine likes spam..?


18-09-2006 09:45:33

oh yes! He's a spammer in disguise.

Are you spamming on this board?


18-09-2006 22:14:01

Yes, because our questions keep changing subject

Is it bad for a person to kill a killer?

Ylith Pandemonium

19-09-2006 08:44:26

doesnt solve the problem...

if bullets cost 4000 dollar each, would we like to shoot people?

Sato Khan

19-09-2006 13:02:18

Only on hollidays!

Is it only me or does Barbara Bush look alot like George Washington?

Adien Falaut

19-09-2006 15:10:39

LOL I see it man


21-09-2006 08:34:55


Where's the question?

Ylith Pandemonium

21-09-2006 10:38:21

he was too shocked...

does Sato have a thing for Barbara Bush now?


21-09-2006 18:45:54

Yes, but we'll pretend like we don't know


Ylith Pandemonium

22-09-2006 14:11:33

because we dont want to be rude..

will Sato ever fall in love with someone younger?


22-09-2006 17:53:48

Depends how much younger



24-09-2006 00:14:06

Laura Bush.

What if there's no cheese in the afterlife?


25-09-2006 10:26:49


What if there's no afterlife?

Ylith Pandemonium

26-09-2006 06:52:20

sucks even more...

Why doesnt Sato like sheep like Welshman does?

Sato Khan

26-09-2006 09:55:37

He does...only he fancies old ladies more.

Why is he speaking in the 3rd person???


28-09-2006 10:54:12

Cuz he's fat!

WhErE ThE HoOd At?

Ylith Pandemonium

30-09-2006 19:28:38

you take the subway to main, then go right at 3rd, then its on the left...

if Sato has a hangover when the neighbur has a stroke...what does this tell you?

Sato Khan

04-10-2006 17:43:05

That I shouldn't have rogered my neighbour.

Why is my hair bright red?

Ylith Pandemonium

05-10-2006 03:51:07

The Queen Mum sat on your head at one time this month...

Where is Daemoni...!?

Sato Khan

06-10-2006 09:47:42

Went the way of the Queen Mum.

What is pi if X equals blue?

Ylith Pandemonium

06-10-2006 12:37:59

Blue Berry Pie!

Why is this obvious?

Asandra Vos

06-10-2006 13:26:27

I dont know. You tell me. ^^

Wth is this topic about? ^.O

Ylith Pandemonium

06-10-2006 17:20:39

Poo :D



07-10-2006 01:34:12

Cuz it never hurts to ask.

Did you miss me?

Ylith Pandemonium

07-10-2006 04:08:12

yeah bro we did :D

did you see the Romanae Wiki Page?

Asandra Vos

07-10-2006 10:21:19

no, but i will!

Who are you again? :P

Ylith Pandemonium

08-10-2006 06:33:34

I am God..

who are you?


08-10-2006 15:21:37

Whats a "stupid question"?

Ylith: YOU are not God! Malik is God, I think.....

Ylith Pandemonium

10-10-2006 05:39:07

your question..

if Malik is God...who is God then?


12-10-2006 02:22:57

God is a biatch :P :D

Is this thing still runnin?


12-10-2006 08:52:04


If God is a dog and dog is man's best friend, then am I really a bitch? :P


12-10-2006 11:10:31're Ann Coulter. :P

I'm such a [Expletive Deleted], aren't I?


12-10-2006 15:45:50

More than you know...

Why the [Expletive Deleted F-word] does Oberst sodomise everyone?

Ylith Pandemonium

12-10-2006 20:13:29

because he can

why ask the obvious?


13-10-2006 08:34:06

Only to annoy you.

Ann Coulter is the extreme bitch of the known universe, how can the two of us be related in any way whatsoever?!


13-10-2006 09:20:43

You can`t. You`re above her in the food chain. :P

Whats 2092782787276626286826286825+22476254724?


13-10-2006 23:40:18


Is it a perfect square?

Ylith Pandemonium

14-10-2006 04:09:35

nope, slightly off

Whats a Cube devided by 4 then diagonal cut 4 times and then add toothpaste?


16-10-2006 15:39:55

Bristles on Oberst's ass cleaning tool.

Why does Melkor keep using FARTHER instead of FURTHER in The Blood Hunt?!


Ylith Pandemonium

17-10-2006 05:01:08

to add a german accent



17-10-2006 09:34:45

Because it is annoying as [Expletive Deleted F-word], that's why.

How come all the restaraunts that I like to frequent in Bloomington are shutting down? :blink: :(

Ylith Pandemonium

19-10-2006 19:49:35

they dont like you...

why do they?


20-10-2006 03:54:12

Because the owners are swindling bastards, and need to be smacked up a mustard bottle upside the head, but not before the second Tuesday of the week in North Korea on a nuclear warhead.

...What did I just say?

(Whoops...this is Jason. I meant to post that as myself, but forgot that Krae'hi was logged in...sorry for the confuselment!)

Adien Falaut

20-10-2006 13:00:44

Bristles on Oberst's ass cleaning tool.

Why does Melkor keep using FARTHER instead of FURTHER in The Blood Hunt?!


Because I'm from western kentucky and I don't care LOL and I wasn't aware this was a grad level english course >:)


21-10-2006 09:16:56


So where's the question? :P


21-10-2006 12:17:16

Because I'm from western kentucky and I don't care LOL and I wasn't aware this was a grad level english course  >:)

This may not be a grad level English course; however, we do expcet those posting to have the equivalent of an elementary school edcation; obviously if you are posting, you can read and write! :lol: :P

Was that whole grammar thing lost on you then? :o X-)

Ylith Pandemonium

23-10-2006 04:42:36

nah, it's a normal thing...

since when do americans care for grammar anyway?


23-10-2006 06:27:21

They don't. :P

Why would I wear an M size shirt when I could wear an XXL shirt as easily?

Ylith Pandemonium

23-10-2006 07:56:38

it'll look silly

why wear a shirt in which you drown in?


23-10-2006 10:50:38

Because then there will be room for two? :P

Why haven't more of you posted to the run-on???


23-10-2006 14:00:16

cuz they lazy.

Who loves me the most? :P B)

Adien Falaut

23-10-2006 14:26:41

This may not be a grad level English course; however, we do expcet those posting to have the equivalent of an elementary school edcation; obviously if you are posting, you can read and write!  :lol:  :P

Was that whole grammar thing lost on you then?    :o  X-)

actually I suck at writing I'm better at math personally, I just try to do it to get better at it.


23-10-2006 14:59:47

/me ignores Melkor's post

You love yourself the most, Tyren.

Is self-love (vanity) the greatest sin?


24-10-2006 11:47:22

Nah. Almost. :D

Where did all the people go? :mellow: :ermm: :S :blink: :huh: :o X-)

Ylith Pandemonium

25-10-2006 10:44:50

to other clans.

Why do people walk backwards?


26-10-2006 17:02:21

They have crabbs? (It's a special 2 in 1:P)

Ylith Pandemonium

26-10-2006 19:53:35


can you eat it?


27-10-2006 16:18:39

Depends on what kind of crabs they are!

Why is it when I really, really need it I end up losing my net access for a week??

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2006 19:19:13

because god is a woman and will not tolerate competition god a woman..?


28-10-2006 08:43:05

No, God is a DJ!

Am I right?

Ylith Pandemonium

28-10-2006 15:49:34

I cant feel the thats a no

Disco Fever?


29-10-2006 16:20:13

Nope...jungle fever!

What if Hitler was a gay, Jewish, black guy, who went on Jerry Springer and got his ass kicked by Steve in a garbage can?


29-10-2006 16:33:12

The big outerspace bunnies would attack us and we`d all have to be their sex slaves

What would you do if now was the ending of the world?

Ylith Pandemonium

30-10-2006 03:52:19

buy a Xbox 360 before it's too late

Devil May Cry 4 is pure ownage, but PS3 sucks....dilemma?


31-10-2006 09:00:03


Why is it that I come dressed as a black kitty cat for Halloween & all my office mates look at me like I am crazy?


31-10-2006 15:16:06

Cuz they`re yippies...and you know yippies dont like hot chicks xD

Why am I at home on Halloween???


31-10-2006 15:47:01

Because one gets more candy when one buys it himself than when going trick-or-treating.

Wtf is a 'yippie'?

Ylith Pandemonium

01-11-2006 05:48:22




01-11-2006 15:53:41

Nothing. Just listening to the voices in my head.

What's with the French and their strange desire to eat snails?

Ylith Pandemonium

02-11-2006 03:56:35

they are french...they are too foreign to need a reason...

so whats been happening?


05-11-2006 17:42:13

Not much.

Deviled goose eggs, anyone?


06-11-2006 08:44:42

Just the white part. :P

A protein shake anyone?

Ylith Pandemonium

06-11-2006 10:17:49

I'll pass...

so whats new?


06-11-2006 14:12:34

hi, is it wrong for me to post on here? just saw troutys pic so..... wondered if this was friendly ground?


07-11-2006 13:36:15

I'll pass...

so whats new?

I got a new teddybear :P :D

Is Neo truly the One or is America trying to decieve the world again?


08-11-2006 09:55:42

Neo is one; one what I have no idea, but definitely one. America always tries to deceive the world, so, obviously the answer is BLUE. ;)

Why is it that no one can find any work for me to do at work?




From the Hot Chic! ;)

You could have come over to my place for Halloween; however, my husband might not have let anyone play with the kitty (besides him!). >:) :P


11-11-2006 04:30:08

Thats cuz your tr00 1337! B)

What do you think i look better a pink bunny suit or a commando outfit? :D


Teh kitty is mine >:) AND NO OTHERS!!! :@ >:) :P

i will have the way or the other >:)

Ylith Pandemonium

11-11-2006 07:31:04

you will look best in a Burka

Will there be a 6th season of futurama?


11-11-2006 08:57:33

Dunno but the giant man-eating sardines from another dimenison are way cooler :P

Do you think Yliths last avatar was better?


12-11-2006 09:28:11

Dunno but the giant man-eating sardines from another dimenison are way cooler :P

Do you think Yliths last avatar was better?

No, they all sucked.

Does every rose have it's thorn?


13-11-2006 16:02:07

Yes. Other wise they're just pansies.

Was that funny in any real way?


14-11-2006 02:19:17

No, twas like a cowboy's sad, sad attempt at songwriting.

What's up with all these animated signatures?


20-11-2006 16:41:38

People have WAY too much time on their hands (they know how to make graphics but have no idea how to write! >:P)!

Why is it that every "Technical Services" department (you know, the guys that are SUPPSOSED to help you with compies at work) are stupid?


Cat rape, a vicious crime!! >:P Shame, shame!!

Ylith Pandemonium

26-11-2006 09:17:22




29-11-2006 00:14:13

Why not?

(double whammy! Yoo-ha!)

Ylith Pandemonium

01-12-2006 19:50:02

why not not?

(counter double!)


02-12-2006 16:20:53

because because



03-12-2006 01:45:34

That's what I've been thinking as I've read the past 5-10 replies.

Michigan or Florida?

Ylith Pandemonium

06-12-2006 04:18:03



Varkain Athanas

08-12-2006 10:31:17

Tawny Owl

Why put milk in a plastic bottle?


08-12-2006 15:48:59

Because plastics keep the evil aliens trying to steal our milk away. They hate plastic. It burns their skin. BURNS THEIR SKIN!!!!!!!!!!111111oneoneone!!eleven

Why can't cows fly?

Ylith Pandemonium

08-12-2006 18:30:18

because pig can't moo

will dogs ever rule over mars?

Varkain Athanas

09-12-2006 10:17:56

I doubt it, since their mouths are supposed to be cleaner than humans.

What makes a clock chime?

Ylith Pandemonium

09-12-2006 16:00:55


is God a Devil in sheeps clothing?


10-12-2006 20:24:58

IT BURNS THE SKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patient walks in with high fever, suffering from hallucinations, WBC count is 500% above normal, T-cell count is 1500% above normal. Signs of vasculitis and lesions on the skin. Patient reported cleaning their attic 48 hours prior to onset of fever. 96 hours ago, patient returned from Yosemite. Should I suspect virus, bacteria, fungi or another pathogen?

Ylith Pandemonium

11-12-2006 05:17:41

cell destruction due to inbreed

or maybe a virus?

Varkain Athanas

12-12-2006 20:20:26

Nah, alreay had conjuctivitus on tuesday.

Why me?

Ylith Pandemonium

13-12-2006 06:20:57



Varkain Athanas

13-12-2006 12:29:03

Gah! I already said that muppets are my bane!

What the hell's a girrafe?

Ylith Pandemonium

16-12-2006 20:53:26

a thong

male or female?


19-01-2007 23:44:51

Not a Ylith.

Last movie you saw in a theatre?

Ylith Pandemonium

20-01-2007 04:14:07

motherf*ckin snakes on a motherf*ckin plane

who's that?


22-02-2007 20:28:15

Its a snake.

Why do we have movies?


23-02-2007 22:07:17

Because without movies, there'd be not Dark Brotherhood.

Morrowind or Oblivion?


24-02-2007 17:44:10

Never played either.

If the cheese has mold on it can I give it some fancy name?

Ylith Pandemonium

25-02-2007 08:34:46

only if it starts to move

why does cheddar look orange?


26-05-2007 14:02:00

Cause cows had been given orange juice to drink instead of water.

How do they get the lemon's and lime inside Diet Coke with Citrus Zest?


26-06-2007 13:58:54

Hundreds of Chinese midgets, squeezing fruit into a giant vat of Diet Coke.

Why did this thread suddenly stop, after so many years of NOT stopping?

Makurth Mandalore

26-06-2007 19:47:19

Because giant hamsters chewed on the website connectors.

Why is the sky blue??


03-07-2007 15:38:16

'cause that's where Smurfs come from!

Why is orange juice orange?


08-07-2007 00:12:27

Same reason why your hair is purple.

Would some of you consider Jason's hair color a bit on the gay side? :P


09-07-2007 14:11:48

Hey, now that's just uncalled for!

Why do you gotta be so mean, Telona? :(


09-07-2007 20:21:53

Uh, Dark Jedi :P

Why wasn't this thread allowed to die?


11-07-2007 11:20:53

Because I said no! It must live on forever!!

Why, do you not like this thread?


11-07-2007 16:23:58

I didn't say that.

Who loves ya?


12-07-2007 14:03:26

*snorts* Sure as hell doesn't seem to be you. :P

Which is faster: a '94 Geo Metro or an '03 Dodge Viper?


12-07-2007 16:44:58

The Earth.

How do you explain colors to a blind person?


12-07-2007 17:58:21

same way you do sounds to a deaf one :P

Why is the south pole cold?


13-07-2007 18:12:03

Oh I don't know, the snow, the ice, the lack of sun for months at a time. Take your pick.

Why do kids feel the need to name the feeder goldfish they win at carnivals?


13-07-2007 20:26:17

So they know what to call it when it dies two days later.

Why does walgreens have locks on the doors if they are open 24 hours a day 7days a week 365 days a year.


28-09-2007 19:23:30

So when they are robbed they can lock all the innocent people in and wait for the cops to get there to look at the fuzzy video and the puddle of blood of a soon to be rotting cashier.

Why do they make blue and green umbrellas for girlie drinks?


29-09-2007 12:32:22

Because a black paper umbrella does not make for an appealing Blue Hawaiian.

What if yes?


01-10-2007 14:41:13

Then our assumptions on 'no' are wrong

If Jenna Haze was donkey punched by Mike Tyson, how many Tarenti's would download the video?


01-10-2007 16:52:33

10 factorial.

Why do we always take the area inside or under the curve of a graph, but never outside or around that same curve?

Sephiroth Kali

01-10-2007 17:42:44


Are we truley sentient beings?


03-03-2008 16:19:53

so long as we don't stop breathing.

Why aren't ppl bothered by the idea that getting with twins is participating in incest?

Ylith Pandemonium

04-03-2008 14:11:17


Does the banana slip out of its jacket?