Gladius Trivia

Severon V

28-09-2009 16:53:34

Round 1 (the easy ones):

1. Who is the current Quaestor of House Gladius?

2. Who is the current Aedile of House Gladius?

3. Where is the base of House Gladius?

4. What Clan is House Gladius in?

5. Who was Gladius first Quaestor?

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Next Monday starts a new round.

Severon V

06-10-2009 16:21:24

Round 2

1. Who founded House Gladius?

2. When was it founded?

3. Mandrax became a what on Eos?

4. Name one of House Gladius former battleteams?

5. Who is the current Rollmaster?

Good luck! Next Monday begins a new set.

Severon V

12-10-2009 11:59:56

Round 3

1. The former Gladius battleteam Keepers of the Night, was founded by whom?

2. Who was the last leader of the battleteam Arcano Signum?

3. Where is the Sword's Sheath located?

4. Name two other former battleteams besides Keepers of the Night and Arcano Signum.

5. Scion is of what Dark Brotherhood rank?

Good luck!

Severon V

19-10-2009 16:25:04

Round 4

1. House Gladius was originally a what order house?

2. What is Apollo commonly known as?

3. Windos Helkin Tarentae started which Gladius battleteam?

4. Name three notable members of House Gladius?

5. How do you earn the Gladius title, The Shield of Gladius?

Good luck!

Severon V

27-10-2009 09:03:57

Round 5

1. Telona was a famous Krath __________?

2. Who was the most current Shield of Gladius?

3. Rollmaster Dralin Talismarr was born on what planet?

4. A Krath battleteam leader is called a what?

5. What was the name of the other first House of Tarentum besides Gladius?

Good luck!

Severon V

02-11-2009 12:25:55

Round 6

1. Who took over as Gladius' quaestor during the 9th GJW?

2. Which is higher, a Gladian or a True Gladian?

3. Scion Altera was born on what world?

4. House Gladius' current Rollmaster is?

5. Gladius has how many operating battleteams?

Good luck!

Severon V

09-11-2009 13:13:31

Round 7

1. Describe, in one sentence, the throne room of the Sword's Sheath?

2. What ship did Gladius ride on while traveling during the Shroud in the 9th Great Jedi War?

3. What is a True Gladian?

4. Who are the four True Gladians?

5. A Gladius is a type of?

Good luck!

Severon V

17-11-2009 13:17:50

Round 8

1. Scion was born when?

2. Who is Severon Vercingetorix's master?

3. Apollo was born on what planet?

4. Shardara Bellamorae was the youngest of how many siblings?

5. What species is Nichos Rhade?

Good luck!

Severon V

30-11-2009 16:06:07

Round 9

1. Scion Altera was in what group before joining the brotherhood?

2. What was Apollo's name in the Emperor's Hammer?

3. Severon Vercingetorix was awarded what during the 9th GJW?

4. What is the color of Apollo's lightsaber?

5. The Sword's Sheath is built into what?

Good luck! This is the last round.