Time For A Poll!


05-05-2009 22:37:12

Okay, with all the GJW stuff over.. the grading still on going.. I was thinking.. it's time for us to have a follow up. The best way to do that is a run on. Gives us a chance to wind down and figure out where we want to go. It will also show the transfer of both myself and Scion to each other's old positions. But there is fun to be had. If there was no fun, then it wouldn't be a Gladius run on.

If you want a run on, take the poll!

If you don't?.. shut up and say yes anyways. :)

Severon V

06-05-2009 14:37:31

Hey, Apollo,
I voted yes but I am also starting a Clanwide Competition about the effects of the war.