Help Find Donos' Lightsaber

Sa Ool

13-01-2009 01:38:44

Balia Donos was sitting on a transport shuttle headed towards the Sword’s Sheath, coming back from the Shadow Academy.

“ Sir we will be landing in five minutes” came a voice over the com link.

As the shuttle landed in the asteroid hidden compound called the Sword’s Sheath, that was the home of every member of Gladius the young Jedi Hunter stood up and stood by the hatch. The Hatch opened and lowered down as the ramp as Balia walked down there stood his Master Windos Helkin Tarentae waiting for him.

“Balia how was your trip?” Windos said as his young apprentice walked to him and gave a slight bow.

“Pretty good Windos. I wish that my classes could have been on Lyspair instead of the ship Arcanum.” Balia replied.

As the two started to walk towards the living quarters Windos decided to reply, “your time will come to see Lyspair, but first things first we have some more important stuff to take care of so meet in your room lets say in two hours?”

“All right I guess I will meet you there.” Balia said as Windos started to head towards the Offices of Apollo and Scions.

The first thing Balia did once he stepped into his room was took off his outer robes and let them fall onto the floor as he went to go check to see if he got any news on how some of his fellow Gladians was doing. With that note Balia headed towards his bathroom to go and take a shower.

As Balia got out of his Shower he went and put some clean robes on went to go lay on his bed to study his notes and take a small nap till Windos gets there.


14-01-2009 22:21:21

Windos strode calmly towards his apprentices’ dorm. He paid no heed to the personal that he passed on his journey, something which seemed to increase his mysterious reputation among those who were not force sensitive.

It had only been a handful of weeks since the Prelate had stared death in the face and laughed and was know back to full capacity within his house. His first order of business, getting his Apprentice out from under his wing.

Windos stood over Balia’s bed. The Hunter had evidentially grown tired of wait for his master. A hefty kick at the beds foundations jolted the man from his rest.

“Come with me.” Said Windos, motioning out of the room.

“Where are we going?” Balia asked as he ran up behind his master.

“Somewhere no one but I have been to in over a standard year.”

The pair walked for what seemed like miles, through the corridors that made up the inside of the Sword’s Sheath until Windos stopped abruptly to face a blank wall. He put his hand out and traced a pattern on the stone which slid away to reveal a staircase which spiraled upwards.