Nfl Fantasy Results


29-12-2008 03:42:50

I had before the season created a league and joined another on for fantasy football. here are the final results. the playoffs were 2 wks each with a 1st rd (wk 14-15) and rd 2 (wk 16-17).

Here are the results and notes for my teams that won the championships.

Football in Troy

1 Team patrick 8-5 L4
2 Troy wolverine 7-6 L2
3 Troy Da Raiders 5-8 W1
4 Detroit Detr... 4-8-1 W1
5 USC '05 Trojans 3-10 W1
1 Dathomir Sith Lords 10-2-1 W3
2 Decatur Panthers 10-3 L1
3 philly metro 8-4-1 W7
4 Illinois Bea... 4-8-1 L1
5 Finger Lakes... 4-9 L1

Playoff Seeding
#1 Dathomir Sith Lords, #2 Team Patrick, #3 Decatur Panthers, #4 Philly Metro

1st Rd
Dathomir - 192
Philly - 165
After 1st week, I was leading 112-57. the 2nd wk saw me go 80-108. it was a good thing I built a huge lead in 1st wk.

Patrick - 164
Decatur - 137
1st wk Patrick held a 83-82 lead, but pulled away in 2nd wk with a 81-55 blowout.

2nd Rd - Championship
Dathomir - 197
Patrick - 171
1st wk Patrick held a 111-105 lead and looked to pull off the upset, but I rebounded with a 2nd wk 92-60 thumping to win the championship

2nd league
Jedi vs Sith (my league I made)

1 Homemade Chewbaccas 10-3 W3
2 Mos Eisley Smugglers 7-6 L1
3 Dathomir Sith Lords 7-6 W2
4 Naboo Gungans 7-6 L1
5 Ireland Uncl... 4-9 L1
1 Stroudsburg, PA Pocono Pub Hop 8-5 L2
2 Iowa Sydney'... 6-7 W1
3 ca good team... 6-7 W1
4 NJ Vissenious 5-8 W1
5 www. 877NFLs... 5-8 L2

Playoff Seeding
#1 Homemade Chewbaccas, #2 Stroudsburg, PA, #3 Mos Eisley Smugglers, #4 Dathomir Sith Lords

I had to win the last 2 weeks of the season to make the playoffs. This was after the Homemade Chewbaccas beat me for the 2nd time including a 80-52 loss in wk 1 and a 113-18 drubbing in wk 6 (most of my team was injured or on byes that week, and I was on the road and had no access to a computer). it didn't look good for me after the pairings matched me up with them in the 1st rd.

1st Rd
Dathomir - 218
Homemade - 138
I went and destroyed them in wk 1, 119-59 behind a massive point performance from my RB DeAngelo Williams of Carolina. this player I drafted in the 9th rd and turned out to be the steal of the draft. I did draft QB Tom Brady of NE with my 1st pick, but lost him for the season on the 2nd play of the game in the 1st wk of the NFL season. In wk 2 of the 1st Rd, I went 99-79 behind a rookie RB in New Orleans that trounced the opponent. This gave me a massive win over the #1 team of the league.

Mos Eisley - 199
Stroudsburg - 146
Mos held a slim 78-75 lead after wk 1, but trounced the #2 team of the league 121-71 to make it to the championship rd.

2nd Rd - Championship
Dathomir - 249
Mos Eisley - 133
I totally obliterated the championship game. 1st wk I was up by 60 pts at 139-79. Then the trash talking began between us. They threatened to go Order 66 on me and come from behind to win. That didn't happen with another outstanding performance of 110-54 by my team. Only one of his players managed double fantasy points and the others including a -4, 0, ans 1 pt performance, while my team's 6 of 9 players had double point outputs.

I was in 5 leagues total. the other 3, I ended in 5th, 8th, and 3rd. I would have been in the Championship game in the league I was in 3rd place, but lost the 1st rd by 1 stinking pt. Didn't know that the league creator had set-up that passing TDs were only worth 4 pts instead of 6 like all the other leagues. My QB McNabb had lost 4 pts cause of this screwup on TDs he threw. Oh well, took out the number 1 team to end in 3rd.

Well, that is my News report on the Fantasy Football Leagues. Hope to see you all next year as the Sith Lords contend to repeat as champions.