New Gladius Comps


02-03-2008 03:51:03

Okay guys. Seeing this is my first day as your new AED, I thought I'd get an idea what kind of activities you would like to see happen within Gladius. Pick from above or post it here. All comments and suggestions are welcome!


02-03-2008 13:51:37

I love doing run-ons, but I also really like short stories. Either of those I can do. I can also do graphics, but JO/JA is outside of my computer's range (damn you Vista!).


07-05-2008 06:33:42

Run-Ons rule! Easy medals! :P


12-05-2008 01:46:40

JA is to unstable to play any sort of competition and to easy to install the cheats to it. Trust me, I know the codes for god mode and unlimited helth, force, and heat seaking missiles :)


12-05-2008 02:50:37

Awww.... Brimstone, you just killed people's chances at easy medals :P