The Darkest Dragon


17-01-2008 00:43:01

Commander's Quarters, Sword's Sheath, Yridia System

Re-reading the message, Dralin Hakh'khar memorized his instructions from his master, Telona. Once he made sure he understood everything, he deleted the message and got up. After being made the commander of Praxeum, Dralin Vhett had been moved to larger quarters. Within the first week, he had discovered the secret doorway down into the hidden Praxeum base.

Moving towards the discreet panel on the wall, Dralin pressed his palm to it, which opened the doorway. This entrance was only compatible with the commander's biometrics, unlike the other entryways hidden throughout Sword's Sheath. As he moved down the hallway and deeper into the catacombs that led to the main room, Dralin pressed the button on his comlink, which set it to the Praxeum-only channel. After giving three clicks, he turned his comlink off.

Coming into the main room, he waited for the others. The room was well-furnished, complete with full accommodations for the battle team, a small kitchen-area, a couple computer terminals, and a separate room with enough bunks for most of Gladius. It was Praxeum's responsibility to make sure most of Gladius, especially the younger members, were safe in the event of an assault on Sword's Sheath.

As he rested in a chair, Dralin tried to reach out with his sense to get an idea where the other members were.

Damn it! he thought, sweat beginning to bead on his brow.

While Dralin did well in combat and studies, as well as the use of the Force to affect other objects, his Force senses were sporadic. He could hardly ever get them to work when he wanted them to, but when they did work they had a tendency to overwhelm his senses.