Journey Of The Knight


11-09-2007 16:04:57

This is the journal of Brimstone towards knighthood. please do not post unless you have a significant part in my trials to dark jedi knight. I am doing this run-on to help me advance to dark jedi knight. Many others will be able to post once Master Frosty gets a list or updates me on the personnel.

Below is the authorized list of people who are to post, all others must go through me. if you have a post you want to add, plz email me first.

Just received notice Anshar Kahn is to be my new master


11-09-2007 16:12:00

The war continues against the vong. After they had taken over Antei space, the brotherhood escaped to an unknown sector of space to a hidden location. Plans are already in the process of an counter attack against the invaders.

The leaders of all the clans are debating on who was superior during the was efforts. Master Oberst preached about tarentum's success and the lack of heavy damage and casualties in the conflict.

The other clans cry that tarentum was weak and refused to help defend Antei from being taken over. Oberst contradicts them with statistical proof that they indeed helped and were successful against the vong. Also showed that the other clans lacked real leadership and coordination that lead to the vong easily defeating the clans that were supposed to protect Antei space.

Brimstone sat in the great hall of the Brotherhood's new flagship. "How can a organization like this function with so much bickering and strife amongst the clans" thought the newly appointed Jedi Hunter.

The room grew silent immediately when the doors opened and in walked the Council headed by Grand Master Sarin. Brimstone also recognized the hero Muz, who just recently became a Sith Lord. He still had not heard what his new "Darth" name was of yet.


The room was quiet as all the people within took their seats. The Council also took their seats around the podium as the Grand Master stepped up to it. Brimstone sat in the audience of about 200 different races and ranks. He did noticed 2 other chiss that were there, making him smile and know he isn't the only one of his kind.

For the next couple of hours, the Grand Master spoke of victories and losses. Of Heroes and villains. Of awards, promotions, and titles given out. Afterwards, the clan leaders asked questions. Mostly they were jostling for positions of favor in the Grand Master's eyes of their superiority over the other clans.

The Grand Master then asked of questions from the audience. No one motioned or made any attempt to stand as if they were held against their wills or out of fear or perhaps respect to the leader of the brotherhood. Except for one person, Brimstone.

The chiss stood up and cleared his throat. The looks he received from the other clan leaders would had been enough to send a cold chill in a normal man's soul. Brimstone was not a normal man, and was unaffected.

The Grand Master spoke.

"Yes Seabr'imsto'nedansr, you have a thought?" spoke the GM in the chiss native tongue.

Brimstone smiled. "I thank you Master, for respecting me and my heritage, but I will speak in Basic for the unfortunates."

"Proceed then, Brimstone" said Sarin back in basic.

"I have helped in the war with the fight brought to the Vong and it has brought me rewards and punishments," said Brimstone as he glanced at Master Oberst. "I have also done this without full knowledge of the Force or the skills of the lightsabre due to the rules of the Council. I have also grown in the dark side without the supervision of a Master."

"You have no master?" interrupted the Grand Master, "I was assured you were assigned one when you became a Guardian, Master Ashura. Is he no longer your master?"

"He left me as a guardian for another clan and proceeded to abandoned me without even an offer to join him in his movement. I also had Master Cipher, but he has been awol for far too long. With no masters, I have taken upon myself to train and study in the Force."

"Sorry to hear that the lack of my masters unwillingness to provide in your growth" said the Grand Master.

GM Sarin then punched up a holopanel and the records of Brimstone started listing since he had joined the brotherhood, mere months ago. In it was his records of accomplishments and including up to the current war at hand.

"I see Masters Bloodfyre, Spears and and DA Telona have been working with you in your studies. Even a reprimand from Master Oberst for dereliction, yet it was to capture your old master for what you considered treason during war" Sarin continued. "I see here that you have killed over a dozen Vong by yourself without the use of a lightsabre, except this one instance."

The holo monitors lit up and a security recording showed Brimstone engaged with a large Vong. During the battle, Brimstone tried to use a lightsabre, but the Vong was too powerful, causing Brimstone to be forced to the ground, resulting in his arm getting broken. With the vong ready to kill, the second crimson blade escaped from its cell and pierced into the side of the vong's head, killing him instantly.

The Grand Master applauds as does the rest of the Council and audience.

"Very resourceful to use a weapon you lack understanding in and to use a basic trick taught to novices to kill a superior enemy. How is your arm?" asked Sarin.

"It has healed well thanks to Mistress Telona and her healing techniques she has taught me."

After shutting off the holofeed, the Grand Master asked "So what is your question?"

"With your permission, I request to take a leave of absence to further my studies in the Force to achieve higher fulfillment and to also gather my resources I need to create my own lightsabre, which is required I believe to become a Knight."

"Being that we are still at war" replied Sarin, "And looking at your excellent service record, I will allow you time to search for your components to craft your tool of the trade, but as for your studies, you will have a master before you leave." Then the leader looked at the Tarentum side of the room. "Who amongst you are dedicated to take this disciple as an apprentice, to train and bring him to his full potential?"

Frosty Romanae stood up. "Master, with your permission, being the Aediel of the House of Gladius, I hereby claim the taking of Brimstone as my apprentice learner. He is headstrong, strong willed, stubborn at some times, and wild, but he is very resourceful and could be very powerful once he learns how to use his powers properly as a Sith."

The Grand Master looked around the room. "Any objections?" he pauses, "I didn't think so. Granted Frosty."

Both Brimstone and Frosty thanked the Grand Master. After taking their seats, the leader spoke and answered more questions for another hour. Afterwards, he adjourned the meeting and then left with the Council. The rest of the room proceeded to leave as well, leaving Brimstone and his new Master, Frosty, to talk.

"I will train you in the ways of the Force and not abandoned you like the other masters have" spoke Frosty, "just keep in contact with me on your journeys. When I have need of you or a mission or tasks I need you to accomplish, I will contact you on my private secure lines. You will fins the channel frequencies in your room."

"I will my master. Just I ask, do not give up on me and abandoned me like the others. I don't appreciate the feeling of abandonment" calmly said Brimstone.

"Understood. And when you return, perhaps you can teach me some of your culture and language so we can co-exist" replied the Master.

"Of course, my master."


11-09-2007 16:22:24

The newly appointed jedi hunter was heading towards his fighter when he noticed a console light flickering alerting him to a message incoming.

Flipping a switch, Brimstone listens to Master Bloodfyre talk about the new fleet of ships that Tarentum was receiving and that possible leaders will be promoted within the clan to command these new ships.

Brimstone thinks about it and says why not, to adding his resume to the list of potential candidates for the new fleet assignments. He then transmits the encrypted information directly to the consul's chambers.

"Hopefully when I get back from my journeys, I will not only be promoted to Knight, but also control my own battle cruiser" thought Brimstone.

Hopping into he ship the rest of the way, he punches in coordinates to the outer rim and asks for clearance to leave. Permission is accepted and Brimstone lifts off in his claw-craft.

Next location: Tatooine.


18-09-2007 06:42:33

Frosty Romanae Tarentae stood in his chair with wood and leather insertion, an ancient chair one could call it, but in Tarentum it was a common sight. Clan Tarentum and it’s members always had an affinity for exquisite materials and well crafted objects. Their architecture proved of different backgrounds but similar tastes in every aspect of their life.

Frosty’s office in which he calmly stood was covered in Dashade motifs. This race, long ago extinct seemed to be kept alive only by the Aedile of Gladius and his brother Dox Romanae. Their Dashade nature always pulled them out of trouble and kept them on the right path….That is if you consider the Dark Side the right path.

Introduce into the Dark Brotherhood by Obelisk Prelate X-Pilot, the Dashade honed his skills as a natural combat master even further under his Human master. He always had a desire to teach his combat techniques to others, so this was one of the reasons he took Brimstone under his guidance.

His desk console lit up as it squealed an electronic noise announcing someone at the door. His monitors showed a hooded figure, a human. With a flick of his hand Frosty opened the door to let the stranger in.

It turned out to be Jedi Hunter Levathan Bruth'Kothae an old friend, a long time Journeyman of Clan Tarentum.

The Aedile of Gladius stood up and saluted Levathan as he returned the gesture.

“What brings you into my office?” asked Frosty in a deep voice whilst revealing his rows of teeth.

“I have heard that you have taken Brimstone as a master. I have heard his history and in a way it resembles mine…I spent time too long dwelling in the lower ranks and my only desire now is too ascend to Knighthood.“ replied Levathan.

“Seeking you a master will take extra time, time that you cannot afford as I see. So with your permission I will take you under my tutelage. Be warned though, I am not an easy master, you will find my task hard to fulfill and dangerous at times. That being said do you agree with these terms and approve of this Master and Student bond?” said the Dashade raising his voice gradually.

Levathan kneeled down and replied confidently: “I do…Master!”

“Your will have to catch up with Brimstone and meet him on Tatooine. He will most likely be stationed at Anchorage looking for a Tusken tribe that was once ruled by Sharad Hett and his son, both powerful Jedi that had lightsabers. It is said that the color of their lightsaber changed through time so either they had more then one saber or they had different types of crystals. Investigate!”

“I will master!” replied Levathan.

He presented his salute and left. His determination was great, you could have seen it in his eyes. Frosty knew that his apprentices would have a though time finding any information on how to build a lightsaber or better yet find any crystals. The Tuskens are a dangerous race and with the recent Hutt re-establishment on Tatooine after the Vong War, the task would prove to be even more dangerous. He decided to follow them in secret, keep a watchful eye on them from the shadows.

He pushed a button on his console and his Quaestor’s face appeared.

“Yes, Frosty?” said Kromtal Stormfyld.

“I will be a taking a leave of absence, Sir. I have apprentices to train. I plan on taking a trip to Tatooine.” explained Frosty with a grin.

“Very well, leave granted.” replied Kromtal.


18-09-2007 11:53:24

[incoming transmission]
[secured channel - knight's ascension]
[pass code sent - Alpha-six-Zulu-zero-zero-Force-four-nine]
[pass code authenticating]
[pass code authorized - Frosty Romanae]
[transmitting message - audio only]

"Jedi Hunter Brimstone, this is Master Frosty Romanae. I am sending you detailed info on a test for you, as well as your partner, Jedi Hunter Levathan. He will be showing up with you in Anchorhead, Tatooine. You first mission is to hunt for information on a possible Jedi by the name of A'Sharad Hett. The info I have is that he belongs to a race of settlers there calling themselves Tuskins or Sand People. Watch your backs. They are very dangerous people that don't take well to outsiders. You are to search for information only. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT engage with this jedi if the information is true. You two will work together as I have taken both of you upon as my apprentices. You will work well together and will make the Brotherhood proud when you both have elevated into the ranks of Dark Jedi Knight. This is all I have left to report. May the Dark Side be with you."

[end transmission]

Brimstone placed the ship on auto-pilot as he headed towards tatooine. Looking over the files that was sent with the recording, he understood the Tuskins all too well. Like his race of Chiss, they had to adapt to the harsh life of their planet's conditions.

It was going to be about 2 days of travel to get to tatooine. Brimstone could be there shortly with his hyperspace capabilities on his claw-craft, but now that he has to have a scraggler in his mind following him and working together, he might as well as take time.

After eating, he placed himself in force hibernation for the journey. setting the alarms to wake him when he was within a parsec of the planet and in case Levathan actually caught up to him.


18-09-2007 13:01:45

As Levathan steps out of his new master’s office, he lets out a sigh; feeling the door close behind him.

“I guess it’s time for another journey” he says to himself as he sets off towards his quarters to collect his gear, for he was only wearing his ceremonial, robes and armed with a katana.

As he was walking, Lev thinks back to what he remembers of the A’Sharad Hett but all Lev could recall of him is that was trained in the old republic, but raised on Tattooine and is possibly a master of the double bladed light saber.

Upon reaching his quarters, he hurriedly downloaded what information the archives had on the A’Sharad Hett onto a data pad, changed into his dark, less cumbersome traveling robes, packed a set of light brown robes and finally picked up his massive Masumune sword while grabbing his supply of credits then left. Flicking on his communicator, Lev ordered the maintenance crew in the hanger to have his modified X-wing fueled and prepared for flight.

As he entered the harshly lit, sterile hanger, he noticed several other ships being prepared, right next to his jet black X-wing that was facing the environmental shields into space. He stored his gear into the cargo compartment and began to check the fighter, as a maintenance officer came up to him and bowed, “sir, your craft is ready and fully fueled, will you sign off on it?” Lev remained silent continuing to check the various systems from the engines to the weapons systems, followed by an anxious maintenance officer.

Lev then took the data pad and gave his authorization, the officer then bowed again and turned to leave, looking relieved, “present my gratitude so the crew” said Lev quietly as he mounted the ladder to the cockpit.

Settling himself into the snug cockpit, he felt a surge of anticipation as he slipped the headset on, allowing a smile to come to his lips as he felt the familiar controls and plotted the most direct route to Tattooine, while bringing the fighter to life. He then called for hanger clearance, while closing the canopy and activating the repulsorlifts, he received clearance, bringing the engines to half power and roared out into space.

Aligning his craft, he went into hyperspace heading towards Tattooine. Settling himself into a comfortable position, he set the alarm to 20 minuets out from the destination. He then took a deep breath, slowed his breathing and heart rate and set himself into a hibernation state.


20-09-2007 02:23:21

Brimstone slumbered through the first day of his journey to Tatooine. A highly hot and dry desert climate, much different to what he was use to on Csilla and even Hoth he was doing simulation battles in the Antei combat simulations.

As he awoke to the alarm rising up, he was alerted that he was already within the sector of Tatooine. He sat up and adjusted his uniform. The same uniform he wore during the vong invasion. Except for some of the soot from the battle, it was still in clean shape and still off-white for an military personnel. He did have to make modifications since he was no longer an officer of the Chiss Ascendancy, but hopefully that will change one day soon, once the military of Tarentum realized his full potential.

A message came over the console as it alerted him that Levathan was also near the planet. He would have to locate him and see what he has plans on hunting not only for information on this unknown jedi's past, but what he wants to look for for his lightsabre components.

Going down his list on his data pad, he looked up what he was going to be looking for as part of his lightsabre. a stone called a krayt pearl. This highly valued item is known to have possible force abilities that help enhance damage to a lightsabre, making it very useful to Brimstone when he would probably come upon jedi. The maps and info of a place out in the desert known as the krayt graveyard would seem the most logical place to look. Brimstone still had some wealth from his time in Chiss space, but doubted that the locals would have any sort of currency exchange for it. plus, doubt anyone is going to sell a hard find item.

"Then again, maybe I will get lucky and find a dead krayt dragon that is just willing to part with it" thought Brimstone. "It would be the easiest."

As he entered the atmosphere of the harsh planet, he noticed there was no comm traffic asking for landing clearances or identification. This was a good thing as Brimstone wanted to be un-bothered by locals. Locating the city of Anchorhead was not too difficult. It was one of the larger cities and finding a landing hanger would have been good.

As he landed, locals who ran the hanger showed up. He figured they were the local staff that fuels and repairs ships that come in.

As he got out of his claw-craft, one of the locals came up to him. After some small talk, and a thumb print on a data pad to ensure payments for the "rental" of the hanger, he proceeded to toss a cloak over his white suit and leave the hanger. Brimstone also strapped his charric blaster to his hip and under his cloak, strapped over his back was a charric riffle. He also grabbed a rucksack to use in case he had to purchase or find anything of use. He thought about taking his training saber, but found it would be useless in any actual combat. Also, he brought the personal data pad with his account information in case he had to purchase items.

Brimstone decided to wander the town, checking out different shops and junk dealers for information and possible parts.

The luck of the force must have been with Brimstone today. He found a merchant that dealt with foreign credits. After some haggling, he was able to purchase 30,000 credits for use in this system.

Brimstone continued to wander about and found two items he could use. An activation plate to turn on/off his saber and a connector kit. The kit would be helpful when he makes his dual-bladed saber so it can easily turn into two separate blades. After placing the items in a backpack he carried, he walked off to the nearest cantina. There he was going to wait for Levathan to find him.


20-09-2007 09:58:07

When Levathan came out of hyperspace he was already awake and had reviewed the little information the archives had on Hett; which is to say, very little, with the data ending on the fact that he was rumored to have started the previous Tusken uprising.

The Planet Tattooine loomed large ahead of him, a giant brown dust ball. Needless to say, it didn’t look very appealing to someone from a primarily cold and aquatic world. Sighing he scanned the comm. Frequencies and detected only local traffic, no landing beacons, and nothing powerful enough to be a control centre.

Muttering to himself about the inefficiently of the Hutts Lev began the decent to Anchorhead settlement; entering the atmosphere at speed and transferring to repulsorlifts just outside the settlement, he soon maid his landing in the poor excuse for a spaceport, during landing he noticed another spacecraft that looked in a lot better condition then anything else in the nearby area, figuring it must be Brimstone’s, it confirmed what he sensed when flying in over the city; that there was a force user nearby.

Upon setting foot on the floor of the open parking area, he took a deep breath of the warm air, thinking in the back of his mind that it’ll be worse in the desert. A three people in worm clothing and looking slightly ragged made there way up to him and asked for the landing and service fee. Signing off on the fees, he told them to just refuel and keep watch on the fighter as he changed his black outer robe for the lighter brown, refastening his cloak around him. Then attached his sword, sheath and blade, to the magnetic clamps on the belt he wore under his cloak, on his back, hilt at his hip, as always.

Pulling up the hood of his cloak against the sun, he set out into the market district, asking directions for someone who dealt with foreign credits. After changing his credits to local currency, Levathan then headed towards the local meeting spot, the cantina, figuring that’ll be where his fellow dark Jedi would be. As he was waling towards the cantina, he noticed a remarkable amount of street vendors selling various blasters and slicing gear. Stopping by one such vendor to buy a couple of power cells and a crystal he liked the look of, he then continued to the cantina while keeping an eye out for anything that might strike his interest.

Upon arriving at the cantina he saw that the door was guarded by two rough looking bouncers, they didn’t stop anyone going in or out, just kept there eyes open and looking bored. As Levathan was passing them, into the cool interior of the cantina, he noticed that the bouncers carried highly modified blasters; Hutt enforcers then, amending his thoughts.

The cantina was what can be expected on Tattooine; humming with various conversations, strange music being played by the band and dancing twi’lek dancers on stage in the middle of the room, no doubt slaves. He noticed immediately the figure sitting at a table in a back corner of the room and started towards him. dropping his hood, he caught the arm of a waitress and ordered a drink and a snack. Then approaching the table he grinned at the sight of the Chiss, who was staring him full in the face with a blaster pointed at Lev under the table. Adjusting his sword, Lev the sat opposite his fellow apprentice, who was still trying the bore a hole through the human’s head with his gaze.

Levathan, still grinning, lifted an eyebrow and looked back at the Chiss, slightly amused,

“You sure took your sweet time” Brimstone growled at him

Levathan merely shrugged, but said nothing as the waitress had returned with his drink and snack. He paid for the food and drink and proceeded to drain half the glass before speaking.

‘You stick out like a Wookie in room full of Jawas in that uniform, and it cant be comfortable in this heat”

Brimstone’s back straightened and Levathan held up his hands to forestall him, “it’s not an insult, just an observation. So… have you decided on our next move?”


22-09-2007 11:26:19

As the chiss sat there looking at the fellow brother, he takes a sip of his drink while laying his blaster to the side of him on the bench.

"I am wearing my uniform because it suits me. Besides, it keeps the locals from bothering us."

They continue their discussion of the info. Brimstone kept looking at the door as if expecting someone to arrive.

"I have a feeling our master is going to be following us in our search."

"Why do you think that?" asked Levathan.

"Just a feeling in the Force I am sensing."


23-09-2007 18:32:24

Levathan smiled slightly, “I suppose it’s possible, and probably inevitable, he is our master after all”

To which Brimstone nodded.

“ok well, odds are well be out in the desert for a while, considering this Jedi was a Tusken. You didn’t happen to bring any supplies with you? Water, food, survival gear?”

Brimstone shrugged and replied, “Thought I’d buy it here, considering this is very likely to be the best place to purchase desert survival gear”

Lev sighs, “ok, we can pick up the water and food here but we’ll need to look for more suitable clothing for you, your cloak will be fine, but that uniform will be real uncomfortable in the desert. I’ve got a small med kit with this big knife you see on my back and a dagger”

Brimstone’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the sword on Lev back, “how do you use that thing? I thought it was a staff or something, and why would we need a med kit? Cant you heal yourself?”

“Ever try using the force when your dehydrated or suffering from heat exposure or begin to see mirages? As for the sword… you’ll see when I need to use it.”


25-09-2007 12:16:24

Brimstone and Levathan continued to make small talk about their ideas of lightsabres and the brotherhood. They also continued to go over the notes sent by their master. The waitress kept their glasses full and their plates loaded with snacks.

Brimstone also convinced Levathan that his uniform, while it did stand out like a "wookiee in a room full of jawas" as Levathan pointed out, was actually more resilient to extreme temperatures and was well crafted to suit a soldier.

"Have you heard of the krayt pearl?" asked Brimstone.

"No not really, what is it?" replied Levathan.

"From the old records that the Brotherhood libraries have of past jedi/sith teachings, it is like a force crystal, except that can make the blade more powerful and destructive. It also comes from a creature called a krayt dragon from this planet. It is like a secretion or a gall stone from this beast."

A nearby drunk overheard the mentioning of the krayt and stumbled over to them. "So you seek to search for the dragon's treasures, do you?"

Brimstone looked at the drunk alien coldly. "Not that our conversation has or is of any concern of you, but yes. We are looking into researching of ancient artifacts."

"Ahh, well I know where you can find these dragons, tons of them I tell you. I can take you to them in my speeder. It isn't far. come, come, I'll show you" said the drunk as he tried to grab Brimstone's arm. Brimstone pulled away and was about to bring his blaster up when he was interrupted by Levathan.

"I don't think OUR employers would like to waste time if we are unsuccessful in our search, don't you think Brim?" winked Levathan.

"I would guess not, Lev" replied Brimstone.

All three decided to leave out of the tavern. Brimstone tossed a few credits to the waitress as they left.

As they went outside, they headed down the streets. "Over here is where my speeder is. Yes, yes, you will find it here" said the alien. Unknown to them, they were being followed by the two "guards" that Levathan had recognized earlier when they arrived.

As the 3 came around the corner, it ended at a dead end alley. The alien that was leading them turned around with a blaster pointed at them.

"This is where your journey ends, now if you be so kind to hand over your credits and weapons, we will make this quick and easy" said the alien. At the same time, the two big guards came around with their blasters drawn, suggesting to Brimstone and Levathan that they were actually the alien's henchmen.

"Lev, do you think that these three have any real idea what or who they are messing with?" spoke Brimstone.

"Apparently, they think we are rich idiots" replied Levathan.

"Shall we?"

"We shall!"

Before the three criminals could even react, Levathan had his sword out of its sheath and disarmed literally the lead alien's right blaster arm. Brimstone had spun around with a powerful spining kick and it landed in the jaw of one of the guards. The other guard was lifted off the ground by a telekinetic gesture of Brimstone's as he forcefully strangled the guard in mid air.

Levathan was on the other guard, dismembering him quickly with his sword. The last thing that the guard saw was his own head hitting the side of the alley wall with a thud.

Brimstone's red eyes turned pitch black as the dark side energies he was using brought satisfaction to the chiss as he drained the life out of the guard. After he dropped the body, Brimstone and Levathan turned to the main alien, who was clutching his blood-gushing arm socket.

"What the hell are you? a jedi? they don't kill people" screamed the alien as he tried to beg for mercy and his life spared.

Levathan sneered. "Jedi, you call us jedi?" He spat on the alien as he brought down his sword on its head, nearly cutting him in half. "That's what I think of the jedi."

Brimstone proceeded to search the remains of the corpses, looking for anything useful. A couple of bystanders came around the corner, and before they could scream, Levathan called upon the Force and mind tricked them into thinking the alley was deserted and they went the wrong way. They left without question.

"I suggest we leave and not look back" suggested Levathan as he looked around the streets to make sure the coast was clear.

"I suggest we do so also, but now we have this alien's speeder he was so nice to give us, should make our travels easier" replied Brimstone as he held up a vehicle data pad. "This way."

"How are we going to tell people that it is ours, hmmm?"

"Sabacc. a fool's game."


02-10-2007 17:50:51

As Levathan and Brimstone finished inspecting their new land speeder, Lev straightened from his inspection of the systems, “no sense waiting around, I’ll go get us some food and water, you go ahead and get anything you think we might need; a map would be nice to the kyat dragons. Also look for any relevant info on the sand people or a Jawa sand crawler, they usually have some good information on locations. I’ll do the same.”

Brimstone nodded and said, “I suggest watching your back, if those fools back there are brawly enough to attack new comers, the Hutts must have more control then we see.”

“ok, lets go, meet you at the entrance to the city” Lev said and walked towards the cantina, while Brimstone got into the speeder and headed for the higher density market area.

Levathan picked up supplies of dried food, nutrition pills and a couple canteens of water. The fact that the barkeep asked no questions pointed out that they knew what must have happened. After packing the supplies in a bag, Lev probed the Barkeep’s mind, and found that he was really nervous and scared, though tightly controlled. As Lev turned to leave he looked at the Barkeep straight in the eyes and smiled, somewhat cruelly, he got the message immediately, judging by the startled look on his face and the way he was looking around himself.

Levathan then set out to look for hunters, from the data he had gathered on Tattooine, he knew that there were some artifact hunters around, they would be the likeliest ones to know the various locations of interest in the desert, the only one who would know more , and are friendly, are the Jawas in the desert.


02-10-2007 21:56:55

As soon as they departed, Brimstone made his way to a vendor that looked like he earlier had parchments that could have been maps. He gave a look through them and saw a dragon symbol on one of them.

After paying the credits for it, he proceeded to head in the speeder to the edge of town to wait for Levathan. Another vendor walked up to him and asked if he would like to by some sureveyance droids that are sliced to work by a comm bracelet. Brimstone looked them over, and being they looked legit, bout 4 of them and place them in the speeder.

Shortly Levathan arrived with the supplies and a brown loose fitting vloak for Brimstone to wear. "You need to cover yourself or we going to have more people trying to screw us."

Brimstone put it on and they headed afterwards out to the great dune sea from what the map was entailing. As Levathan drove, Brimstone programed the 4 droids with the coordinates of jawas and the krayt dragons. They headed off in 4 different dirrections. The braclet let out 4 tones and the readout showed the directions they were headed. The two jedi hunter's headed south-west following the closest droid.

As they contimued about 200 kilometers, they came up what looked like a village with a noticible jawa sand crawler and about 3 dozen jawas scurring abouts. As they proceeded to stop, a couple of them started rubbing the speeder trying to offer to buy it. Levathan said no.

Brimstone in basic spoke to the jawas and learned there was a tuskin uprising by mos eisley a year ago and that the tuskins were led by one with a fire beam protruding from his hand. Brimstone took notes as to this possibly being the jedi they are searching for.

Meanwhile Levathan was able to get good coordinates of the krayt graveyard. Also, he questioned about a droidka that looked like it had been left over from pre-clone wars times. After questioning on it workability, he decided to bargain for it. Maybe it could be usefull as a guard or a decoy against they jedi or krayts so they could study them.

Brimstone then thanked and paid the jawas for their information and proceeded to head north-west towards the great dune sea. There is where they would find the legendary krayt graveyards.


03-10-2007 08:45:31

It had been well into the night before they stopped fro the night, they were far from all sources of civilization and the night was getting colder. They sat around a heating element while eating their dinner of dried meat, bread and water, while looking at the map Brimstone had picked up in Anchorhead.

The map showed several Krayt dragon caves some of them crossed out and noted with empty and there were also three locations marked with bones.

“I guess these are the graveyards, we should get there early tomorrow”

“Hmmm” Lev was pondering the notes next to them, “why do I get the feeling there’s something here were not seeing?”

“Maybe you’re just being overcautious”

“Perhaps, but hey guy who made this map has horrible handwriting, what ever happened to holo-maps?”

Brimstone chuckled, “technology doesn’t seem to be a strong point on this, place you called a dust ball.”

Lev sighed, “ok, lets get some sleep, I’m probably worrying too much but lets leave the speeder a little way out from the graveyard.”

The next day, they packed up and started out early the next day at dawn. The desert was featureless, the sand dunes and various rock formations quickly lose their appeal after the 50th one you’ve seen and passed.

The Krayt Dragon graveyard was a vast maze of bleached white bones sticking up out of the sand, at the back of the graveyard was another rock formation with a cave in its side.

“This’ll be annoying, if anything what were looking for is in that cave, these bones out here would have been picked clean by now.”

Levathan was staring at the cave, it had an overhang so everything beyond a few feet was in shadow, “yea, well, lets get to it, I’ll take point.”


03-10-2007 12:31:15

As both entered the cave, with levathan at point and Brimstone at rear, they proceeded to go down the dark passageways. The cave's entrance that was bright from the sunlight gave way to the darkness within.

They had to pop open a lightsource to help them see in the cave. As they travel deeper in the cave, there was suddenly a light coming to them from within. Dropping their lightsticks, they proceeded with caution. Brimstone pulled off his charric rifle and Levathan had his sword in his hands.

They peered around the corner and saw what looked like 20+ tuskin raiders inside camped out. most of them were walking back and forth, going over bantha sticks and checking each other's outfit to make sure there was no flesh showing, as it was considered an insult to expose one's flesh.

Then they all gathered around one lone, tall tuskin. Both Brimstone and Levathan were still not close enough to hear what was said, but they figured this must be the groups leader.

"Brimstone, you see what I see?"

"No, what is it?" whispered Brimstone.

"Look around his waist. Isn't that a lightsaber hilt?"

Brimstone looked and saw what indeed looked like a lightsaber. Was this the jedi they were looking for for Master Frosty?

"We need to get out asap before we get caught and report back to our Master that we done better than find information, but the actual jedi."

The both slowly backed out and grabbed their lightsticks off the ground and headed back out of the cave. This had to be the jedi Hett they were looking for. Without any skills in a lightsaber themselves, and the info they read on this jedi, they both knew there was no way they could take him out, much less his followers.

As they got out to the entrances of the cave, they both stopped. Outside about 100 meters infront of them was a very large and battle scarred krayt dragon. The creature was, if not, 100 feet in length. now both jedi hunters were in a predictament. Stay in the cave and risk getting dected by the tuskins or leave and risk getting eaten by the dragon.

The krayt continued scavaging the areas until it came accross they path the two jedi hunters had taken to the cave. Like a hunting beast, it seemed to smell their scents and follow it, back to them.

"Now we are screwed" cursed Levathan.

"Let's get back inside fast and see if we can find an encave we can hid within" muttered Brimstone.

They ran back inside and found a couple of small indentations of the cave. Replacing their weapons and wedging themselves within, they had barely enough time to toss asside their lightsticks when the rumble of the dragon entering the cave could be felt. Rocks and dust pelted them from the walls and ceilings. Shortly the dragon walked between them. The stench of its hide was overwhelming. Both remained quiet.

The dragon stopped as if adjusting it eyes to the darkness, but shortly moved forward when it caught the glimpses of the lightstick they hunters had thrown away.

The dragon moved faster towards the lights. After it passed them, within seconds the shrieks of tuskins could be heard. The Krayt founds its meal. Battle erruptions were heard as well as the terrifying bellows of the dragon.

Brimstone climbed out of it cave and started to follow the path to the battle.

"Brimstone, what are you doing?" yelled Levathan.

"If that is the jedi we are looking for, then maybe we can kill two banthas with one stone. Get the head of the jedi and the pearls we need."

They both went down the cave as the sound of battle ensued. As they peared around the entrance, the dragon was having its way with the tuskins. Bodies were strewn accross the ground as they faught to stay alive. The one tuskin with the saber had it out and was fighting the dragon. His fellow tuskins were basically using themselves as human shields to protect their leader.

Brimstone pulled his Rifle out and took a bead on the jedi. He had him in his sights.

Levathan whispered to Brimstone "Don't shoot the jedi, we were only to get information."

"I have no plans to shoot him unless he kills of the dragon first."

The krayt was enormus as it filled the room. Tuskins kept falling.

"Brimstone, you have a head shot for the dragon?" spoke Levathan, "I think we can get more info from the jedi alive if we help to kill it."

Brimstone seemed confussed by the suggestion, but then retrained his scope on the dragon. "Yes, I got the base of its skull."

"Then fire when I say go and pin it down as I go in and slice and dice."


Levathan pulled out his sword back from it's sheath. As soon as there was just the Jedi left against the dragon, Levathan gave the order and Brimstone opened up on the dragon. Levathan charged into the cave as the first shot hit the dragon in its neck and it lifted its head high and screamed in pain. Levathan rolled under its massive tail and severed a 4 foot section off its tail end.

The tuskin jedi saw the combatants that entered into the fray and decided to work with the two jedi hunters. With a tumble upward slash, it caught the dragon in the throat as 5 more shots came from Brimstones rifle into the skull area of the dragon. Levathan rolled by its back hindquarters and severed the acheilies tendons of the dragon. The krayt, turned to try to bite Levathan's head off, but as it opened its mouth, too 4 shots straight down his throat.

As blood spewed from its mouth as it tried to roar in anguish, both the jedi and Levathan ran under its throat and at the same time, took out its front legs, dropping the dragon straight to the ground. then Levathan went to sever its head as the jedi impaled his lightsaber through its skull, killing him instantly.

The Jedi raised his lightsaber in a defense posture and did Levathan. Brimstone came running out of the cave with his rifle pointed at the jedi, with a full bead on him. But in a turn of events, the jedi, instead of attacking, turned off his lightsaber and placed it on his belt.

Levathan and Brimstone lowered their weapons too. Brimstone then walked over to the dragon's belly, pulled out a vibroknife, and proceeded to cut it open, searching for the pearls within. The jedi watched Levathan keeping an eye on the blue alien. Soon after, Levathan walked over to help brimstone look for it too.

They jedi stood there and watched. Shortly afterwards, Brimstone pulled out 5 small hand-sized white rocks. After pocketing 4 of them, he tossed one to the jedi who caught it with the force.

Levathan walked over to the Jedi. "Are you a jedi?" he asked.

The tuskin took off his mask and wiped his brow. "Yes I am. You two must be treasure hunters?"

"Yes we are" spoke Levathan.

"Well, I appreciate your help for saving my life."

"Sorry about your fellow brethren. Wish we could have helped, but been tracking this thing for a day now."

"No worries. I could sense you nearby before that dragon arrived" spoke the tuskin jedi. "My name is Hett, A'sharad Hett."

Brimstone walked up to the two, and with a a hand out, shook Hett's hand. "I am Brimstone, this is Levathan. We never seen a jedi before, much less thought one would be a tuskin."

"It's a long story that I would not mind telling you, but we must leave before another dragon comes. This was a female and the male will be looking for her."

Hett put back on his mask and the 3 left the cave to the outside. Brimstone and Levathan glanced at each other. What were they going to do was the look now as they have to hide their thoughts about the jedi while walking amongst his midst.


07-10-2007 17:32:47

Levathan was muttering a few choice curses as they emerged into the light again, “darn it, sorry guys, if I don’t clean this blade now before the sun totally dries it; I’m going to have to grind it off.” Lev then pulled a scrap of cloth from his belt and proceeded to clean the blade as they made their way out of the graveyard.

When they reached the edge of the graveyard, Brimstone asked, “how did you get here, we didn’t think there were any settlements around?”

Hett continued to walk to the speeder, and simply said, “My people walked, Banthas attract the attention of the dragons so we didn’t bring any here.” By this time he had seated himself on the side edge of the speeder.

Lev, after cleaning his blade to it usual, dull black, proceeded to seat himself in the driver’s seat and pulled his hood back up to keep off the baking sun. “Can we take you anywhere in particular?”

“I would be grateful, I will direct you to the boundaries of my people’s camp, it took us a week to come here.”

Brimstone seated himself in the passenger seat, “a few days by speeder then.”

Hett, also now seated in the rear, shrugged, “perhaps.”

Lev set a course for the speeder and headed deeper into the desert, it was past noon now, judging by the position of the twin suns. Lev and Brim sat quietly throughout the day, concentrating on hiding for force sensitivity; by the time they stopped at dusk, both Jedi Hunters were feeling somewhat uncomfortable and constricted.

Camp that night was uncomfortable, although Hett kept his mask on, one could tell from his posture that he seemed entirely comfortable.

Brimstone, looked up from the Krayt peril he was studying, as Hett spoke, “so tell me my young friends, why are you hunting for Krayt dragon perils when your more fit for life as elite mercenaries or guards?”

Levathan; who was laying on his back studying the stars, immediately sat up with his hand on the hilt of his sword. To which Hett chuckled, “that, is exactly what I’m talking about, if there were more like you two in the old republic, we might even have survived.”

Both brothers smiled inwardly, this was the perfect opening; Brim then asked, “can you tell us about your days as a Jedi, there’s much that is shrouded and lost, so we’d like to know.”

Hett then looked up at the stars, “that was a long time ago, but I’ll indulge you, I’ve noticed it is normal for of the young to be inquisitive.”


07-10-2007 20:21:08

Hett spoke of his time in the old republic, before Palpatine had used his influence on the senate to eradicate the Jedi with order 66. He talked about how his father who was a master of the jedi ways had died to an assassin. Of how Darth Vader hunted down the jedi with Palpatine's help. Of times he nearly was caught before he decided to come back to his roots as a tuskin in order to hide from those hunting the jedi.

Brim and Lev quizzed him about different aspects, showing eagerness to learn the ways of the force. They spoke on how they were mercenarys against each other and found they had a common bond, the force, that was when they decided to work together. Most of the time, they spent doing high paying duties for people in search of artifacts.

"So do you know what a krayt pearl is really worth?" asked Hett.

"Our buyers said they are useable to some weapons" spoke Brimstone. "They were offering for 1-2 of them, but these 4 should pay us handsomely."

"Well, I will tell you that you should keep the two extra's for yourself. Do you have access to a lightsaber?" asked Hett.

"Not sure what that is" replied Levathan.

"Is that a weapon of the jedi?" asked Brimstone.

"That it is. With the pearl, it helps enhance damage of the blade to make it easier to strike down creatures and enemies of the Jedi" replied Hett as he took off his lightsaber. He opened it up and pulled out 2 crystals and another krayt pearl. "If you learn to meditate and channel the force into a pearl, you can help it enahance its true abilities. Then after you polish and shape it, it will work in place of 1 crystal. And before you ask, it will not work for all 3 crystals. I have tried."

"That was what I was going to ask" said Levathan with a smirk.

The three of them decided to grab some sleep and prepare to head out in the morning. Brimstone was unable to get much sleep as he was wary of being around this jedi in fear he would realize who they were and strike them down in their sleep. Fortunately for him, Hett slept soundly, despite wearing his mask. Brimstone made a personal recording on his comm to his ships logs. He got up and walked off about 100 feet to not to wake up Hett.

[outgoing transmission]
[secured channel - knight's ascension]
[pass code sent - Alpha-six-Zulu-zero-one-Bantha-four-eight]
[pass code authenticating]
[pass code authorized - Seabr'imsto'nedansr]
[transmitting message - audio only]

"Master, reporting in. We have made contact with the jedi you asked. He is in our camp. We have succeeded in making him believe we are younglings in the force. He is taking us to his hidden location and so-called teaching us some of the force. I must end transmission. Can't risk anymore of our detection. Brimstone out."

He then shut off his comm.

The three then got up in the morning and proceeded to head off towards the location of Hett. Levathan kept track of the way to get to the location just so the brotherhood could hunt down this jedi. But he still felt uneasy being around him. Something in the back of his mind was telling him this wasn't just a jedi, but possibly a dark jedi like them, or one that could reach potential as one.

The days turned into night as they continued to travel.....


08-10-2007 08:23:34

Dusk had fallen into night, as the speeder crossed the sands towards the silhouette of a low range of rocky hills that was slowly looming ahead of them. Even though it had passed into night Hett insisted that they continue throughout the night until they reached their destination.

Hett had guided them to a large cave; the cave was rough with an irregular opening, but large enough to guide the speeder into it. As they got out Lev could see that the cave extended much further in, yet it narrowed along the way.

“this is a place no other then myself knows; it used to be a Krayt dragon lair at a time before me, but I have adapted it to serve me.” Hett advised them as he stepped deeper into the cave.

Brim and Lev followed deeper into the cave, activating light sticks as they went. The walls got smoother and narrower as they went deeper, until they were forced to walk in single file. Then after about 300 meters, there was a multihued light coming into the cave ahead of them. Still following Hett, they found themselves in a large, domed chamber, with smooth walls and the floor strewn with random boulders and rock. There was an opening in the centre of the dome, allowing air to circulate. However what made the place unique and the source of the multihued light was the crystals. The walls streaked and sparkled with them, ever boulder had at least ten crystals protruding from them, and the rocks had crystals embedded within them. These crystals collected and refracted what little light came to them through the opening in the dome yet they now glowed strongly with the added light from the light sticks.

The two Hunters were stunned; they had only ever heard and seen images of these caves, they could feel the force flowing through the room, flowing through the crystals, glowing mutely.

“Tattooine is barren on the surface, but if you simply look for it, great wonders are to be found. This is my place.” Now taking off his mask, they could see the satisfied smile spread across his face at their stunned expressions.

Levathan quickly moved closer to one of the boulders and quickly examined a glowing silver crystal. Seeing this Brim moved closer to Lev and saw that Lev had paled, to the point where it showed on his already paled complexion, “what is it?” Brim asked, concerned that they had found themselves in a very dangerous situation.

“Druid fire” was all Lev said, breathing it out. Now Brim’s eyes had gone wide with the realization, this was a force cave, that had cumulated countless crystals.

Without either of them noticing, Hett now moved onto the other side of Lev, “yes young one, but that is not common knowledge, how did you know?”

Recovering quickly Lev said, “I… I saw one once, cant remember where, but I head they were of very high value.” His voice coming back to normal as he now controlled his senses and emotions once more.

Hett nodded, “indeed, but they are of that value not because they are rare, as are most of the crystals here are. But they are prized because they are also used in lightsabers, as all are here. Come, I will show you what I’m going to do with this peril.” As he moved away from them to the far side of the cave, where they could see various items required for comfortable living.

Brim and Lev followed…


16-10-2007 12:01:57

As they both followed him into the cave, a beep was heard from Brimstone's comm. Hett looked at him and asked what was that. Brimstone replied that it was their employers who was needing the pearls.

Brimstone excused himself and left the cave to go and answer the message. Making sure that he wasn't followed, he proceeded to enter in the encrypted info.

[incoming transmission]
[secured channel - knight's ascension]
[pass code sent - Alpha-six-Zulu-zero-zero-Force-four-nine]
[pass code authenticating]
[pass code authorized - Frosty Romanae]
[transmitting message - audio only]

"Brimstone, what did I tell you about making contact with the jedi. I am going to have to teach you to follow orders. I need your location so I can retrieve you two before the jedi realizes you are part of the dark side. Make sure you survive so I can train you properly. Frosty out."

Brimstone wasn't too happy with his master's attitude. It wasn't his fault that he was stuck with the jedi. He just happened to meet up with him by accident. Brimstone then replaced his comm and went back into the cave.


Levathan was with Hett in a chamber that had a pit with druid fire being constructed. The rare white lightsaber crystal glowed brightly. He watched as Hett proceeded to call upon the Force and channeled the energies into the crystal, opening it up to being useable by the Force and in a lightsaber.

Brimstone walked in on them as the enchantment was happening. Levathan noticed that Brimstone was upset. Hett could feel that he was upset too. After another hour of enchanment, Hett stopped and used the force to pull the pearl out of the fires.

"So I take it that it wasn't good news with the comm you received?" asked Hett.

"No, told our employers that we had recovered 4 pearls and they lowered their prices. Told them we won't sell for less than agreed upon and they threatened to kill us if we didn't turn them over. Just don't like threats."

Brimstone and Levathan watched as Hett opened his lightsaber and replaced an worn down crystal with the new one. Both could feel the energy of the force in the weapon as if it were overpowering. They both looked at each other as to say they need to use this technique when they make their own lightsabers.


01-11-2007 02:33:47

The night moved on. Brimstone and Levathan spent time talking to the jedi on the wars of the past and about the fight between the lightside and the dark side of the force. Even though Brimstone tried, to suppress his dark tendencies, he knew that somehow this jedi would figure him out.

Once they went to bed, Brimstone couldn't sleep. He decided to leave the tent and go out for a walk. After about an hour of solitude, he was met up by Levathan.

"I know what you are feeling Brim, and I am feeling it too. We haven't had enough training to hide ourselves within the force and think this jedi will find out soon."

"I know. While I do see some of his points, the dark side has some much freedom to be open and less restricted as the jedi ways are."

"Well, then in the morning, I think we got the info we needed, it will be time to head out and leave."

"Exactly what I was thinking. Even though it would be nice to take him as a prisoner, I know for a fact we couldn't succeed without him or these tuskins overpowering us."

Both decided to go back to sleep and leave in the morning. They kept logs of the info abbout the tuskin tribe and the details of their encounter. Brimstone sent it ahead to the ship recordings and then proceeded to delete everything from the comm.


08-12-2007 12:55:16

The next morning, both Levathan and Brimstone got up and left. But not before leaving a little surprise for the Jedi.

Brimstone had rigged the generators to overload simultaneously an hour after they left, hopefully killing the jedi and anyone within the cave and causing a massive cave-in.

They both hopped onto their speeder and sped away in a hury. as they gottend about 3 kilometers away, a thunders clap was heard richochetting off the valley's walls from the explosions withn the cave. They both knew that they now needed to get off the planet if the jedi lived so they wouldn't be hunted down.

Brimstone decided to relay to their Master Frosty of what they had done.

[outgoing transmission]
[secured channel - knight's ascension]
[pass code sent - Alpha-six-Zulu-zero-one-Bantha-four-eight]
[pass code authenticating]
[pass code authorized - Seabr'imsto'nedansr]
[transmitting message - audio only]

"Master, this is Brimstone. We have left the jedi encampment and rigged an explosion within his peremeter. It has gone off, but we are unknown if it took out the jedi. We are headed back to our ships and waiting to get off this rock. Reply back asap with any further orders."

Brimstone ended the transmission. The both of them continued to head back to their ship. 3 hours passed and a beep came in on the tranceiver.

[incoming transmission]
[secured channel - knight's ascension]
[pass code sent - Alpha-six-Zulu-zero-five-Quere-three-eight]
[pass code authenticating]
[pass code authorized - Telona]
[transmitting message - audio only]

"Brimstone and Levathan. This is Mistress Telona. Master Frosty has left the clan and apparently did not contact you. We have reason to believe that he jumped ship to another clan, possibly Scholar Palentea. We will work to finding you both replacements of Masters. Keep doing what you are doing, learning within the Force and building your lightsabers. May the Dark Force be with you. Telona out."

Brimstone looked and Levathan and he had the same look as himself. They both were abandoned again. This being the third time for Brimstone. Brimstone pulled out a datapad that he was storing info on possible new crystals for their lightsabers. They had gotten 2 Krayt pearls each and some supplies for building them.

As he checked off the list, the next item was a Qixoni crystal. A high dark-side energy crystal that was too powerful for a light-side jedi to weild. The last known locations of these crystals were in the Japreal system on the planet Onderon. Brimstone brought up a small star chart and showed Levathan. They both agreed to go there and try to find themselves some of these crystals.

Eight hours later they arrived at their ships. After a systems check and a download to the nav computers, they proceeded to start to take off. Simultaneously, they both felt the disturbance in the force and their attentions were diverted to a vehicle coming at them about half a kilometer away. They could feel the anger in the rider as that of the jedi. He survived and was mad. They both took off and headed out the atmosphere, leaving the jedi behind and angry.

This was one planet Brimstone was not going to visit again. At least not till he was powerful enough to eradicate the jedi.

Sato Khan

12-12-2007 20:30:09

*Iziz, Onderon, Inner Rim*

A stiff breeze blew through the streets of the capital city, kicking up vorticies of dust and small bits of trash, all to the annoyance of the inhabitants, and in particular to an increasingly impatient and annoyed off world visitor.

Sighing inwardly, Sato Tarentae pulled a long lock of raven coloured hair from out of his face, as he made his way toward the outskirts of the city. The Battlemaster had never intended to visit the rim world, but situations were like the Force; ever changing, sometimes with you, and sometimes against you.

As he walked, the Sith, kept his Force Awareness focused toward the sky as he tracked two uncloaked dark side force signatures. He traced their approach toward final destination on the far fringe of the city, a few hundred metres beyond where he stood, in a setting of complete anonymity. Finally, the fun can begin, he wryly thought to himself. His hand reflexively gripping the hilt of his lightsaber, Sato melted into the shadows, and began to stalk his prey...the Chiss

"This planet is oozing with Dark energies," the Battlemaster heard the focus of his attention say. "I feel alive and strong here, finding the crystals will not be difficult."

"It will be more difficult than you know," the calm voice from the inky shadow paused, "journeyman." With the speed and skill born of intense training, Levathan and Brimstone brought blasters to bear on target and squeezed off a volley. It was not enough, each of their blasts having been neatly deflected by a crimson sabre blade. Lashing out with the Force, Sato picked Levathan off the ground and hurled him forcibly into hull of his ship, knocking the Jedi Hunter unconscious.

"Jedi Hunter Seabr'imsto'nedansr I presume," Sato's voice was as always calm, reflecting the connection he held to the void that is the Dark Side. " I have been persuaded by the Gladius Summit to complete your training. You will now come with me." So said, the Equite turned his back on the Chiss and began walking away.

"Who are you?" The Chiss demanded, his anger nearly tangible through the Force.

"I am nobody. You however will come to call me master." Sato continued on, showing no sign that he was willing to wait. Feeling the dark side power emanating off the Sith Equite, Brimstone started after.

"What of Levathan?"

Sato, stopped and turned to face his new charge, his one eyed gaze burning into the Chiss' soul. "Leave him, he is of no concern to me. If he is worthy, he'll follow and catch up."

As the sun dipped beneath the horizon, two Sith walked out of the city, astride the path of destiny.


03-03-2008 16:10:29

Sato Khan and Brimstone kept up their search for the sith crystals. After a weeks worth of searching, they had found what they had needed. Brimstone purchased 4 of them for his lightsabers.

During that week, he watched his new "master" as he tried to train him. This Sato Khan was unfamiliar to him and Brimstone felt lesser of a sith to be trained by someone he felt inferior. Levathan finally showed up 4 days earlier. They spared and trained together under the watchful eyes of this new Master, but Brimstone didn't feel any connection to his training.

As they headed back to their ships once finding the crystals, Sato Khan told them to lock up their ships and leave them here and go on his ship. Brimstone did not feel elated to leave his ship behind, due to being his personal ship for one, and that this planet didn't look like it was going to be a hospitable place to leave an unmanned ship.

Before he could even refuse the order, a strong presence was disturbing the Force. Before Brimstone and Levathan could even react, Sato Kahn force threw them to the side and yanked out his crimsom blade, just as another person leapt over the crates with his blue bladed lightsaber in full attack mode. Brimstone looked up and recognized the jedi as the same one from the planet of Tattooine. He had followed them to the planet.

"Note to self, change ion patern trails on ship" thought Brimstone to himself. Brimstone yanked out his charric blasters and was ready to open volley on the jedi with his back turned, but the jedi just threwup an hand and yanked both out of Brimstone's hands and tossed them over the side and off the platform into the abyss below.

"Run!" yelled Sato Kahn to the students. Levathan ran for his ship and Brimstone to his. Bother jedi hunters hopped in and proceeded to lift off. Brimstone was going to open a volley from the ships laser banks, but it would had put his new master in harms way too. Brimstone instead headed towards the hemosphere and the sky turned from blue to black as space came into viewport.

Opening up a secure channel, he left a quick message for his master to contact him on the secured channels and use the correct passcodes and he will route the location of where him and Levathan were going.

That location was Dathomir. Home of the Nightsisters and Rancors. Brimstone pulled back on the warp controls and the stars streaked outward as the ship hit hyperspace and left Onderon's space.


06-04-2008 14:29:08

Journal log. Brimstone. Password Accepted


A planet of mystery and intrigue. Power tapped from this planet radiates with the dark side. Creatures of ferocious concoctions roam the hillsides. Some say that 90% of this planet is still uninhabited or charted. Rancors like the one owned by Jabba the Hutt were rumored to have come from this planet and that the creatures themselves could weild the power of the dark side like a humanoid could with the Force.

Night Sisters

These women or witches as most locals call them, command the dark side of the Force like the Sith do. The only difference is that they use theirs for the control of the planet, while we Sith, want the entire galaxy. Interesting if the Sith and the Night Sisters would to breed together, think of the destruction that would spawn from the union. The Jedi would not know what would hit them.

Darth Bane

The once great and fallen Dark Lord of the Sith, once ran a Sith Academy here. It was rumored that Darth Bane actually destroyed the Sith and the Academy around the same time he enforced the "Rule of Two" upon the Sith. The Jedi tried to destroy the entire academy after his reign, but I think the dark side here as well as the ghosts of the Sith were able to keep hidden the exact location of this stronghold. Note to self, hopefully the information about lost holocrons being hidden here and Korriban. with my luck, I hope to find one of these holocroms to help me with my understanding in the Sith and dark side. Why not, it worked for Lord Bane when he destroyed the Sith just to rebuild it.

Journal entry submitted. Deactivation of journal commencing.


Brimstone lands his ship at the southern hemesphere in a clearing of a deserted outpost. years of war between the Sith and Jedi are clear from the destruction of the outpost. He can tell that many Brothers of the Sith died here and could feel the dark side illuminating from here. But despite what he hopes to find, the main thing is he is here to find a legendary crystal that could only be weilded by one attuned to the dark side.

After securing his ship, he sent a secured message to his new master with his location. Grabbing a backpack and his charric blasters and rifle, he proceeded to search the grounds for any clues that will lead hiim to these crystals. Lots of creatures scurried away from him when they saw him. Were these creatures scared of him like he was of this place?

"I hope I don't run into a rancor" thought the jedi hunter to himself. As he was about to enter a building, he got a message from Levathan. Stopping, he opened up the comm on his wrist to hear the message.

"Brimstone, this is Levathan. I am headed to another planet on our list. I think I might have found some lightsabre components there. Also, I got word from our leader that he has lifted the restrictions on lower ranks to being able to use a real lightsaber too. When we get back to Gladius, we should be able to get one from their armory. Talk to you later. Levathan."

"Great!" thought Brimstone to himself. "I go out of my way to learn to build my own, and now we all can have them just handed to us. Wish they would have told us this before I risked my neck."

Brimstone shut off the comm device and entered the building. With a lantern turned on, the hallways were dark and covered with vines and vegitaion from the years of neglect. Most of the machinery and computers were destroyed during the war that they were unable to be accessed.

Brimstone searched for 6 hours and found nothing of importance. Afterwards, he headed back outside to his ship. When he walked out in the moonlight, a dark presence was immediately felt and made the Jedi Hunter suddenly on his guard. Whipping out his charric rifle, he looked around to see what was hunting him. He didn't see the attack till it was too late. The rifle suddenly was wrenched from his hands and he was thrown against the wall by an unseen force. Pinned to the wall, he was unable to move.

Out from behind his ship walked a woman in elaborant robes. with her hand outstreched. She was weilding the Force and holding him at bay.

"Let me help you with those" she spoke as with a wave of her other hand, removed the two charric blasters from his holsters and threw them towards the ship. A tightening surge was envelloped around his throat. She walked towards him with a evil glare in her eyes.

"You are not from around here I can tell" she spoke to him. "I never seen a man who was as blue as the ocean. Who are you?"

Brimstone tried to speak, but his throat was unable to produce any words from the grip she had on him. When she finally released her hold, he dropped to the ground coughing.

After a few moments and her "Well?", Brimstone stood up, adjusted his white suit, and spoke.

"I am a Chiss and am not from around here. You must be what the locals call a Witch I assume?"

"A witch you say?" said the woman with a sinister laugh. "Yes many locals call us witches because they don't understand us, mostly out of fear, which is what I don't feel from you."

"I don't fear the dark side, I am Sith and enjoy every minute of it."

"A Sith you say? What do you know pup about the Sith. Their kind is no longer around since the war."

Brimstone could tell that the meer mention of the Sith enraged her. Perhaps from the years of the Sith occupying her world have brought on untold hatred. This was one woman he had no intentions of finding out how mad she could get.

"I came here to find Sith artifacts and crystals to build my own lightsaber. The Sith are back in power and enmass. We are no longer under the Rule of Two as it has been for generations" replied Brimstone.

"Then you came to the wrong place, hoping to invade our planet again and try to enslave us once again" said the woman with a glare.

"I am not here to invade, only to recover lost history. Our records of our past was lost from the Great Jedi war that I only have limited knowledge."

The witch walked over to a clearing and pulled a couple small, but dead, treas out of the ground and hurled them with the Force into a pile. Lightning flashed from her fingers as the pile was set aflame. She made a campfire and motioned to Brimstone to sit. As soon as the Jedi Hunter sat, 3 more women emerged from the shadows, all wearing the same attire as the first.

"Great, now there is 4 of them. I am so going to get killed" thought Brimstone to himself. The 4 women sat around the fire. None of them spoke to him. They just started chanting low und unable to be understood by him.

Brimstone sat and watched this go on for 2 hours. He then decided to make himself comfortable and work on his meditations.


21-04-2008 01:57:35

***5 hrs later***

Brimstone awoke on the ground to find all but the main nightsister gone. Rubbing his eyes to get sleep out of it, Brimstone straightened out his now dirty, white uniform jacket. He rustled through a utility pouch on his belt and pulled out a nutrition bar and unwrapped it. The taste was not to his liking. Humans use these when out traveling so not to use camp fires to actually cook a meal and not to give out their locations. Brimstone surely missed the food from Chissila.

The witch was already awake. She either slept while he did or stood guard the entire time, but she didn't speak.

Brimstone got up and the witch did nothing but keep an eye on him and the distance as if scouting.

"Mind if I check out my ship incase a message came from my commanders?" ask Brimstone, "I am expecting my master to contact me."

Your master you say, and I thought you were so powerful of a Sith you didn't need a master?" retorted the witch.

"Alot has changed since the Sith were extinguished centuries ago. We are now in larger numbers and more well organized."

"Hrmpphh!" she torted.

Brimstone walked over to his ship. He just noticed a tripwire at the base of the steps that ran up to the canopy. It lead to a thermal grenade hidden in mud underneath the fuselage.

"You do know it would take more than this to bring down my ship?" Brimstone said with a smirk. He proceeded to disengage the wire and then placed it with the grenade, in the air, holding it with the force. The witch watched as brimstone hurled the grenade with enhanced speed. 3 seconds and 500 feet later, it exploded. The results engulfed the forest and set trees on fire, as well a scream from a predator that had been hidden in the branches, howling out as its matted fur was set aflame and the creature ran further into the woods.

Brimstone opened his canopy and found a blinking light of an incoming transmission. Authentications codes checked out, but it wasn't from his master Sato Kahn, but from Anshar Kahn. "Aparently a realative I guess, must be some bad news of my old "new" masters demise" thought Brimstone.

"Brimstone, this is Anshar Kahn, your new master. I am taking over the reigns of your training and you WILL follow my orders. I know you to be on Dathomir and you need to watch yourself. You are not skilled enough to handle the dangers of the planet much less the force-witches of the planet. If you find yourself in danger, then you will have to get out some how. I will rendevous with you at a later time, perhaps even on dathomir. I am also bringing you your lightsaber to replace that training saber you have. The clan leaders decided that you and others are deserving of one that actually works. That is all I have to report. Anshar out."

Brimstone shut off the comm device and grabbed a napsack with a change of uniforms there. He then step down and closed the canopy. As he did so, he opened a access panel and punched in a security code. The ship was now armed against intruders and sabotores. He knew the high energy electrical shock anyone would get would set it off and tend to fry those who tamper with it.

Brimstone then walked past the with to the nearest building entrance and stepped inside. He then changed his uniform to a clean white uniform. He also placed two charric blasters in their holsters since the others were removed. he walked out back into the daylight.

"I didn't think you would only have the 2 guns I took last night, very smart" spoke the witch.

"I never come unprepared" replied the jedi hunter. "By the way, what is your name, instead of me calling you witch, which would show you some respect for not killing me in my slumber?"

"Jara" the witch spoke, "you may call me Jara. My actual name would be undecipherable to you."

"And you can call me Brimstone, as my full name is also hard to pronounce correctly by those without the proper chiss language training" replied Brimstone.

Both smilled.


23-04-2008 22:21:44

Anshar closed the comm system down, the message being sent to Brimstone. Brimstone had garnered a reputation as being stubborn, to say the least, but during Brimstone’s entire time in the clan, Anshar had been Headmaster, and he had hardly set foot back in the clan’s territory during that time. His departure to train on his own had separated him from the clan, meaning he was unaware of Anshar’s return to Consul.

That Anshar did not know Brimstone very well did not mean he could not train him, but ultimately, success would come from Brimstone himself. He could succeed, and join the ranks of Anshar’s students who continued to serve the clan to this day, or he could fail, joining a shorter and far less glorious list. But, the potential for success was there: Brimstone was, after all, a Jedi Hunter, which meant he was close to reaching knighthood.

Anshar held in his hand the basic, mass produced lightsaber provided by the Dark Council. While it would serve as a suitable weapon for any Jedi, it was not a true lightsaber. A true lightsaber was the wielder’s creation on physical, mental, and emotional levels. Everything from the blade color to the hilt design reflected something about the creator. Brimstone would use the full lightsaber provided by the Dark Council, but he would never have a real lightsaber until he created it himself.

But, all that would remain to be seen. For now, hidden in the shadow of Koratas, one of Dathomir’s moons, Anshar sat on the bridge of his private vessel. From there, the Krath Master could remain entirely hidden and still monitor his new student’s progress, and intervene if he so chose. For now, though, Brimstone would remain by himself. It was, after all, his choice to be on this journey.


26-04-2008 04:28:59

The day turned into night once again on Dathomir. Jara had kept a sharp eye on Brimstone. Was she weary of this stranger or just the fact that he was a Sith? Did she admire or hate this individual that was on her planet. She didn't talk much except for a once in a while of "stay in my sights" warning Jara would give Brimstone. Both were very simular, yet complete opposites.

Brimstone had started a camp fire and was kneeling and sturing it with a stick. Every now and then he would stare up in the sky towards the heavens and the moon, Koratas. Brimstone couldn't tell if it was nerves or a sensation in the dark side of the force that he was being watched carefully, but not by someone on the planet. Brimstone had checked the comms once again, but no new messages from his new master, Anshar Kahn.

He tried looking up on the archives, even sent a secured message back to the Gladius House, and all they could say was Anshar was away from the Clan and in an unspecified location. Matter of fact, he had only been heard from for a limited time weeks ago. Brimstone asked for more information, but all info was deemed classified material that was only release from the Consul.

Brimstone scratched his head. "I thought the Consul had retired? Now who is this new Consul I wonder? I have been out of touch far too long since I went Rogue months ago."

The jedi hunter had told Jara that he was going to head further inland in the morning and she was welcomed to tag along. He had some co-ordinants to the possible temple of Darth Bane and he had hoped to find info that the Brotherhood had yet to find before. He remembered ancient stories he read in the libraries that the Sith had mocked Lord Bane for seeking relics that were lost, and look how that turned out. Lord Bane destroyed the Sith with their own greed and rebuilt it in his image.

Brimstone wasn't wanting to take over like Bane did. He was just wanting to learn the dark side and become more adept and admired, instead of looked down for his stuborness, a trait most non-chiss don't understand of them.

Brimstone unfolded the cot and prepared to lay down for the night. He set the timer on his comm to wake him up before dawn.


06-05-2008 14:54:02

Anshar read the text, scrolling through the information on Brimstone that the Brotherhood had. Despite the break from the Emperor’s Hammer several years ago, the Brotherhood had insisted on detailed records of their members. Few members realized how detailed the records could be, but Anshar, especially during his time as Headmaster, had not only seen them, but had been responsible for updating them, at least in part.

“So, you are here,” said a calm female voice inside Anshar’s head. He had been expecting this discussion to start a little sooner. “Don’t tell me this Chiss is one of yours.”

“You might say that,” replied Anshar. “I have taken it upon myself to see this one through his knighthood.”

“Still the teacher, even when you are no longer a Headmaster,” replied the voice. “I already know that this Chiss is on his way to the temple, to my home. Jara, for all her strengths, was never good at closing her mind, or realizing when it is being read.”

“This is very much unlike you,” commented Anshar.

“I am living in a hostile world,” replied the voice. “None on this planet trust me, nor do I particularly like it here. When the invaders are gone, then I shall return to the galaxy. As for now, what shall I do with your . . . student? Shall I challenge him, or help him?”

“Let him choose,” replied Anshar. “I will join you and await his arrival, but I must make a little detour first.” The woman’s voice acknowledged and the telepathic conversation ended. With that, Anshar took his ship out of the moon’s shadow and began his flight to the planet’s surface, still keeping his presence hidden.

* * *

Brimstone found himself walking on rocky, unstable ground, with powerful winds buffeting him from all sides. The wind, though, was different: it was not a normal wind. It was if a hundred hands were touching him all at once, and he involuntarily shuddered. Though the wind blew hard, there was no whistling in his ears, or any rustling of trees or debris around him.

Stumbling into a clearing, he looked up and saw the night sky, replete with stars and a moon. Bringing his eyes back down to eye level, she suddenly found himself facing two cloaked figures. He could see neither their eyes nor faces, but in the glint of the moonlight, ht was quite certain he saw some strands of long silver hair on the silhouette on the right.

“Wh-Who are you?” demanded Brimstone. “What do you want with me? And how did I get here?”

“What makes you so sure you are even here?” replied the taller figure on the left. “When you do reach this point, you will be one step closer to that which you seek.”

“But he will not have it just yet. Another challenge awaits him.” said the silver haired figure on the right.

“What do you know about me?” demanded Brimstone. Unable to find his training lightsaber, he curled his hands into fists, anger growing. “Tell me now!” He tried desperately to charge, but found his feet firmly planted on the ground. Abruptly, the wind stopped completely, replaced by a solitary “strand” of it wrapped around his neck. It began to squeeze, choking the life out of the Chiss. He vision began to grow blurry and he clawed frantically to remove the invisible killer around his throat, but he could grasp nothing.

The taller figure tossed something at Brimstone’s feet. “Use that all you wish during your journey here, but know now that it will do no good against the wind you faced tonight.” Just as Brimstone’s last gasp for air left his body, he jolted upright, waking up and ending the dream. He found himself coughing and breathing very heavily, trying to bring in as much air as possible. His neck was sore, too. Sitting up, he set his feet on the ground, finding something underneath on of them. Reaching down to pick it up, he was surprised to find a stone grey lightsaber. It was not his training saber, which was no where to be found. Brimstone activated the new lightsaber, the crimson blade springing to life.

He then shut the blade down. As he lay back down on the cot, unable to sleep, he wondered just how real the dream had been.


09-05-2008 03:00:29

Brimstone layed there on his cot, pulling up the blanket to keep him warm. The night was still and no wind was blowing. Did his master arrive without him feeling his presence? That was the only explanation he could summon as to why his new lightsaber was here. And his training one was missing.

He couldn't sleep and got up to wander over to the campfire and stirred the coals and embers to get it restarted. He levitated a good piece of wood to the pit and using his new lightsaber, actually started a fire on the wood. then he closed down his saber and started warming his hands together.

Brimstone looked over the saber and decided to tinker with it. Opening it up carefully, he studyied the intracacies of the weapon. This new tool might just help him better know how to make his own.

Jada was sound asleep, like she was deceased. He studied the map coordinates of the possible location of Darth Bane's fortress. He was going to need all his skills in scouting and the use of the Force to protect him. He remembered stories of a crustacian that Bane had used to protect him against lightsaber attacks, like the Vong had used. He remembered that they nearly killed bane, but also empowered his Force abilities by 10 fold. Wondering to himself, he though if he could just get ahold of some and study them, maybe he could make himself some armament to help protect himself.

Brimstone continued to study the maps.


Anshar had landed at the home of Jada, the same location Brimstone was leading her to. Knowing that the Brotherhood was here many years ago looking for artifacts too and finding nothing, he had hopped his new student would either be lucky and find something overlooked or be disappointed in finding nothing.

Bane was one of the Sith Anshar admired. He recanted stories of how Bane was laughed and scoffed at for searching for something that was not found. But Bane did find something eventually. Darth Malek's holocrom. Did Bane leave a little treasure like this too that someone would eventually find.

He hoped also that if there was some treasure like that, that Brimstone wouldn't do as Bane did and use it to destroy the Brotherhood, or he would have to be forced to end his new apprentices life before he could subject the Brotherhood to darkness again. After leaving the Emperor's Hammer so many years ago, many of the old ways have pursued the Brotherhood in hopes of teach them a lesson, only to fail to the combined efforts of the strong will clans.

Anshar made himself home at a campsite near the ruins. He waited for his student to arrive.


15-05-2008 01:12:28

Jara was not all that happy with Brimstone’s sudden acquiring of a full lightsaber, if for no other reason than it indicated that someone else had been there. Nevertheless, she continued along with the Chiss, though who was leading, following, and watching now blurred together. Brimstone seemed to know where he wanted to go, but Jara knew the world. It was a strange combination, to be sure.

“We’re getting close,” said Brimstone, taking a final look at the map. “Tell me, what can I expect at the ruins of this temple.”

“Trouble, I’m sure,” replied Jara in an abrupt tone. Brimstone shrugged it off and the two continued their trek towards the temple. Meanwhile, the dream played through Brimstone’s mind over and over again. He knew he was approaching a great challenge; the question was what was it?

* * *

“They’ll be here soon,” said the female.

“I know,” replied Anshar. “That is exactly why I am about to don my cloak. I trust you are ready for your part as well, no?” The woman nodded and smiled. “Good. This will be Brimstone’s true test of whether or not he is worthy of being taken to the final stage by me.”

“You really think he is that close?” asked the woman.

“I do,” said Anshar. “I don’t admire him any more than any other student. If he passes this trial and the next, then he will have earned some of my respect. Now, let us get ready for they are almost here.”

They both donned their cloaks, completely concealing themselves from physical identification. That, combined with the Force, made them unknown to those that they wished not to know them. It was not long before Brimstone and Jara appeared from the forest, appearing in front of the temple, or at least what was left of it.

* * *

As they entered the clearing, Brimstone noticed that Jara quickly dropped back. Looking up, Brimstone saw a landscaped scattered with stones and rocks, much like in his dream. And, just like in his dream, the two cloaked figures stood before him. The only major differences were that the strange wind was not blowing and that it was only dusk. He saw the strands of silver hair on the smaller figure.

“Stand aside,” commanded Brimstone. “I must search the temple.”
“There is nothing there worth searching for,” said the smaller figure.
“I would like to verify that for myself,” retorted Brimstone. “Are you the guardians of these ruins?”
“No,” replied the taller figure. “For now, though, they are my companion’s home. If she says nothing is there, then there is nothing there.”
“Who are you?” demanded Brimstone. “You toyed with me in my dreams and here you are again, taunting me. I demand you show your faces.” At that, he also drew his lightsaber, igniting it.
“I suppose we can give into one demand,” said the taller of the two figures, a scoffing tone in his voice. Both figures removed their hoods, giving Brimstone a clear look at them both.

The man had solid blue eyes and short brown hair. Brimstone was certain he had seen him somewhere, but he could not recall where. The woman was strikingly beautiful, her silvery hair flowing well past her shoulders. Her violet eyes conveyed power and sophistication. The male walked several feet away.

“Now, Jedi Hunter, you must make a choice,” he said. “My friend lives here for the time being. You want access to her home to search for something that may or may not be there. What do you do?” Before Brimstone could respond, the man continued. “Keep in mind that you will never be able to lay a single hand on her, or touch her in anyway or with anything. Mariys is a very powerful and unique Force user.”

“I will overcome any challenge that gets in my way!” exclaimed Brimstone. “I will not be denied what I have sought.” With that, Brimstone raised his lightsaber and charged. He did not make it very far. A powerful wind slammed into him, planting him firmly in place. The wind then grasped his throat, choking the life out of him. Once again, he tried everything he could to stop it, but nothing he could do, no physical or Force power, could stop what was being done.

Brimstone dropped his lightsaber as his vision blurred. Soon his vision darkened and then he blacked out.

* * *
When he awoke, Brimstone jolted upright at the unfamiliar surroundings. In fact, he quickly ascertained that he was no longer on Dathomir, but rather, he was on a ship of some sort.

“Awake, I see,” said a familiar voice. Turning his head, Brimstone saw the blue eyed man. Scrambling up, Brimstone found his lightsaber next to the cot. He grabbed it, but did not ignite it.

“Who are you?” he asked. “And where are you taking me.”

“I am taking you to the end of your current life and the door to a new one,” said the blue eyed man. “Dathomir did not have what you needed. As your master, I will guide you to the final steps to achieve knighthood. You, however, will have to climb them.”

“So, that means, you’re Anshar?” asked Brimstone.

“Yes,” replied the man. “I am Anshar, your new master and Consul of Clan Tarentum. We are currently aboard my personal ship heading to a place that will test you more than you know.”

“And where is that?” asked Brimstone.

“The planet Colomar,” replied Anshar. “Oh, I don’t expect you to have heard of it. Very few have, and even fewer have been there. It is a small world in the middle of nowhere, well off the main galactic routes. But it is strong in the Force, and there will be your final test. But, you can learn more of Colomar later. For now, let us get something to eat, and then we will spar. It is time you learned some proper lightsaber combat.” Brimstone nodded.

“One more thing, Master,” said Brimstone. “Who was that woman? I believe you called her Mariys.”

“That will be revealed in time,” said Anshar. Before Brimstone could pursue the topic, Anshar left the room, leaving the potential knight still clutching his lightsaber.