Keepers Of The Night


07-05-2007 05:59:55

Ok first and foremost, if you aren't part of the BT then please do not post to this thread. This discussion group is for the various topics that go along with a character creation project. Only members of the KotN and summit members would have a clue on what we are talking about. Thank you.

Chapter 1 topics for discussion

-What kind of markings, piercings, and clothing do you envision on our two characters?

-Do you think it is a good idea to have the particular things discussed in chapter 1 down
before moving on in developing a character? Could some things be done at a later


07-05-2007 06:14:01

depends on the race and sex of your characters. if zabrak, I expect lots of tattoos and markings and if a twi'lek, very provocative clothing

you have to have some sort of setup for the story to entice readers to want to read more into it.


07-05-2007 06:14:40

woot first and 2nd reply to this thread


07-05-2007 20:03:23

Well the characters that were discussed were neither Zabrak or Twi'lek so that's out the window. Let's keep the discussion to just the two that were highlighted. And um...what I sent out was not a story, it is a look at character development. If I were to do this in RL it would be more like a class or seminar. :)


10-05-2007 06:43:16

I'd say that people discussing their own characters can find it helpful in development, rather than these 'alien' characters. Although, discussing these characters in tandem with what our own characters are could be helpful.

For example: Quinn could be wearing loose clothing to allow the fur some 'freedom of space', while Penny could be wearing tight-fitting clothing to reveal her fitness. Etc.


18-06-2007 06:33:29

Ok, finally moving on to Chapter 2...or part of it at least. Let's hope this round of discussion topics is a bit more on par.

Remember that if you are not part of the KotN team or a summit member please do not post.

Topics of discussion are:

How important is a character's origin?

Do you think having good things happen to a character during childhood and then allowing all that to fall down in later years would have a more significant impact upon the character and thus push them down the path to the Dark Side easier?


21-04-2008 02:08:36

despite the KotN is now defunct, here is my reply.

It all depends on the tramatic events you get. While you have Darth Maul who was trained as a child to be a warrior and a sith, you have Darth Vader that really started to the dark side once his mother was killed when he was nearly 19 years old. And then you have Darth Tyranous who was a Jedi till he was old and grey before turning to the dark side based on deceit from Darth Sideous. Darth Bane joined the dark side only after being accused of killing Republic agents and was forced to go on the run.

So it is all different with each individual. While an adult who has a tragic event cause them to go to the dark side, they are not fully tuned to it and can't use alot of free time to study it instead of just rushing into their training.

I think a child, like the jedi used, are better off to become dark side useres so they can get proper training and there isnt already pre-programed ideology encorporated into them.

Common sense to me I think,