I Am The Unberakable Code...


12-02-2007 23:10:51

Just wanted to put a good foot forward and introduce myself.

To those who do not know me, I am KP Cipher K'oranian Isradia. I've been in the DB for several years... (has it really been that long???) I recently transferred from Clan Plagueis because I was bumped to the abyss that is the Rogue pile. I was dissatisfied with the way Clan Exar Kun was disbanded and turned into the mockery that is now Clan Plaqueis. While I wish them well, it is not what I had joined for and I was not motivated to be active. So now I'm here, hoping to rekindle the activity I used to show.

If you want to know more about me, or more importantly, my character... don't hesitate to ask me, or view my dossier #3558.

So, without further delay, join me in the Ale Pond for a refreshing beverage as you will note I have posted there already, trying to get a party started.


*EDIT: The topic title is supposed to read... "I am the unbreakable code..."*

Sephiroth Kali

12-02-2007 23:48:18

Welcome to hel...I mean hello and welcome to the best clan in the DB! You seem to have joined the wrong House though... you should fix that right away... :P


14-05-2007 01:12:45

You did join the right House Ciph!
Boo to Tridens :P


26-05-2007 14:03:24

Ash hugs the Cipher :D