The Soul Whisperers


15-09-2006 01:35:32

This is the forum home, for the moment, for The Soul Whisperers. Members and interested positional members should check here often for updates concerning the Battle Team. I will post things here, such as updates and the like, until I can get the Website up and running.

If you have any questions feel free to post them here or to email them to me, Dranik.

Current Roster at time of Post.
Tyrus Bruth’Kothae
Mira Sanora (Pending Sato to approve)

Website Status: Down


15-09-2006 05:03:57

It's spelled Forum not Fourm. I edited into Forum so don't worry. :P

Good luck with the Battle Team, Dranik.


15-09-2006 22:10:03

yay, soul whisperer's shall pwn, simple as that

Sato Khan

16-09-2006 00:33:57

Cheers! and good luck


22-09-2006 03:06:11

What is it one does to join this particular battle team, if I may inquire? :)


25-09-2006 02:37:42

Email the BT leader and CC the QUA and Aed.