Holiday Love


11-12-2005 06:22:57

Here's another simple yet fun competition.

We all know it's the perfect season to show your love to the ones you care the most and I'm interested in how you show it. May it be a cheerful song or carol that you thought up or sing every time it's Christmas or it's something sweet that you told your girlfriend/boyfriend, family, friends etc. I want to see how you show your Love.

For example I told my girlfriend yesterday, when I gave her some rosses that if she would stand in front of the mirror with these 11 rosses, she would see 12 of the most beautiful things on earth.
And last year, I told her (she wasn't my GF then) that I wanted a picture of her to show it to Santa so that he will know what to bring me. :D

I don't even have to mention what happened figure it out.

Now start showing love Gladius, then re-tell it here.

Competition specifics here.

Ylith Pandemonium

11-12-2005 07:51:48

I gave my girlfriend 10 roses, 9 red and one white. I told her that she resembles the white rose because
she is the one special between all the other roses.

no comments on what I got that chirstmas, muhahaha :P

this year i am gonna give her a ring or something with engravements, telling her I love her yada yada

bit too mushy i know :P work though ;)


11-12-2005 11:16:27

Last year i gave my gf one rose and she looked at me strangely probably expecting a ring or something i just told her that the rest of the present was my love to her. She told me that was the best present she ever got. After that it was...well...booya! >:)(actually it wasnt but why spoil the party)

this xmas im thinking of giving her a movie...but not just any move...FLASH GORDON!
i told you it was a desease...shes crazy for Gordon, dunno what happened i just played Flash Gordon OST on my comp one day, she heard and went all wacko about the movie. Ill give her a DVD with a special note on it...


12-12-2005 08:17:37

Ok, nice ideas with the roses...but I was first. :)

I'm also planning on buying an artificial X-mas tree, with fiber optic leafs that glow in diferent color at the end, or something like that. It will be for the whole family.

Ylith Pandemonium

12-12-2005 12:03:40

I'm gettin my sis a new dvd player...why?

I dunnow I just love my sis :P


13-12-2005 08:33:39

How old is your sister?

Ylith Pandemonium

14-12-2005 00:50:46

28 :P and my brother is 32. I'll be helping my brother soon with moving, anothr way to show them brotherly love :P


14-12-2005 18:01:27

I had the perfect way of showing love to my then girlfriend. We had just celebrated Thanksgiving at my Godparents' house in Prospect Heights, IL, and we were exhausted. We also had our first real fight.

We decided to go to Denny's in Highland Park, IL and in the parking lot in the car, I proposed to her! The proposal basically went "I know this is not traditional, but... ...I don't have a ring yet, but will you marry me?"

Her response was, "Duh!" :P

If that is not love, I do not know what qualifies!!

Sato Khan

15-12-2005 16:44:37

Well this Christmas season I'm trying to share as much love as I can with as many girls as possible...just joking :P.

This year I'll be spending Christmas with my family for the first time in six years. I saved enough money through the course of the year to take a jaunt across the pond. The clincher is that only my sister and one of my cousins are the only ones who are keen to the plan, I'm going to surprise my parents and grandfather (hopefully they won't have a collective stroke :P), and will be able to spend some much needed time with some very old friends and family (plus get smothered, I'm a momma's boy right now :P).


16-12-2005 09:35:24

I really dont need to say anything do I. Welshman talking about love and festive cheer, its going to have to be sheep.

Also Sato loves momas, especially Queen Momas.....

<3 Sato ;)


16-12-2005 10:10:27

I think I need a new sweatshirt.

*get's his wool scissors*


16-12-2005 23:16:06

My son is all of five and loves anything Star Wars. (Of COURSE he does, he's my son!) So this year, per his request, Santa will be bringing him a Build-your-own Lightsaber, a Gameboy and his favorite game for it: Lego Star Wars. He plays the PS2 version so much, the CD is scratched. Although his gifts will not technically be FROM me, it does show my love even if he doesn't know who it's from.

My daughter will be getting Fisher Price Little People, a castle and a princess, because she is my little princess.

My husband, terrible though he may play, will be getting a basic drum kit. Having a BA in music performace, it is almost painful sometimes for me to hear him play. But he's getting better and since I love him I'll put up with the banging.

And the worst/best of all, my gift to my mother will be transportation to and from her radiation treatments. Although I haven't called her it in years, she is my mommy and no matter how old I am she always will be.

Ylith Pandemonium

17-12-2005 04:25:48

Well guys, you all now know I'll be Leaving Tar next year, so
to show my love for Tarentum...


what the heck has that to do with the holidays...?

ehh...nuthin....I'll bake cookies for Frosty though :P


17-12-2005 21:16:57

Ill be buyin my mother a new instant cappuchino machine...shes an addict to coffe sice she works to late hours... but hell i love her

my dad...huh...ill be buyin hima new chess table...probably...we`ve been playin chess for some time now but on a screwd up table...instead of a horse figure i have a miniatur G.I.

my brothers returning from Italy after 6 months of hard work there...finall some money >:)...anyway ill be buyin him new cellphone...has an Ericsonn something...screwd up majorly...

and for my girlfriend a $200 worth silver ring...The One ring from LOTR...obsession on her and my side by LOTR has driven me to do so...and its tempting to take it for my burns uuuuus...but ill give it to her rest assured...she deserves more though...


20-12-2005 02:23:28

For my parents: I am spending most of Christmas day with them.

For my mother: Homemade chocolates, a small photo album and a Sudoku book =P

For my father: The manual for his car (so he finally knows what he is doing =P) and a new Lazy Boy, if I can afford one =P.

For my sister: The boxed set of Narnia books, a few DVDs and some clothes =P.

For Windos: That, is a secret =P.

Ylith Pandemonium

20-12-2005 20:05:27

I am gonna give santa the surprise of his life!

I am gonna blast his ass of with a aniper rifle while standing 2 meters away from him!

love..? What love? We're friggin dark jedi!



20-01-2006 06:30:24

Competiton Closed!

Winners (phew this was hard to judge):

1st Jareth Daedalus
2nd Ylith
3rd Sato

Medals on the way, sorry for the delay.