Mystics of the Black Arts


05-11-2005 16:59:15

*Ziltopia walks into her office, dusting off the desk and chair, and begins to get everything for this Krath Circle into shape*

"I just hate when everything is left so disorganized," Ziltopia sighs to herself.


05-11-2005 17:23:12

*Windos presses the notifier next to the door and within seconds Ziltopia greets him. Silently Windos hands her some records he had 'aquired' during his time leading the KOTN regrading the Mystics and then left without a word*


05-11-2005 18:03:52

*Ziltopia smiles with acknowledgement with regards to the records as she flips through them*

"No wonder things are in such disarray; I suppose this calls for more than just the bull-whip ...," Ziltopia muses to herself.

Ylith Pandemonium

05-11-2005 18:55:27

* walks to zil*

Hey Zil, as Sergeant of Daemoni I wish you luck on your leadership...and...please...
For gladius' sake....dont turn the whole place pink....


05-11-2005 19:04:21

*Windos backs away from the office door, hoping nobody saw the pink paint he was carrying*

Hem, Yes congratulations Zil.

*Windos fumbles in his pockets and extracts a set of key, throwing them to Ziltopia.*

Enjoy your Asylum.


05-11-2005 19:56:03

*Tyren stumbles into the room and walks to Zil*

Congrats Zilly! Wish you the best!

*walks away......then turns*

Oh yeah! Heres your underwear...

*throws her the undies and walks out the door*:P >:)


05-11-2005 19:56:55

"Windos, come in, come in ... I was just looking for requistion forms and you brought just what I was going to be asking for--pink paint--what a dear; oh, and keys ... oh, you already noticed the chains and straighjackets then, very observant."


05-11-2005 19:57:52

Ziltopia yells after Tyren, "How many times have I told you to launder these before you return them?"


06-11-2005 20:10:07

*Levathan rings the buzzer and waits in the hall, mean while he looks around*

oh my, this place could sure use alot work, and dusting

Sato Khan

06-11-2005 21:33:51

*Sato walked into Zilly's office and placed a small cactus on the corner of her desk. To liven the place up a bit. :P*


07-11-2005 00:55:59

*Artemis shuffles into the little office, carrying a tray with tea and coffee ontop. She walks past Windos and he points at her while looking at Ziltopia, mouthing 'when did you hire her?'*


07-11-2005 01:24:10

*Ziltopia shrugs and winks at Windos*

"Someone let whoever is ringing the buzzer in. Oh, Artemis love, can I get a spot of tea, you are a dear. Sato, thanks, what a lovely Sauaro, they are my favorite."


07-11-2005 01:41:49

*Artemis sets a cup near Ziltopia's hand, pours it 3/4s with brownish liquid, then sets a delecate milk jug down next to the cup. Curtseying quickly, she departes*


07-11-2005 02:16:16

*Ziltopia tops her tea off with a quick drop of the fresh, sweet milk and smiles*

"Windos, can you send a maintenance crew in to help with all of this?"

*She waves her arms around indicating the entirety of the small room*

"Actually, I believe that the choice of color you brought should be taken to my private quarters; I want traditional black and purple here ... Yes, thinks will be coming together. Now, if only I can find my two apprentices."


08-11-2005 06:58:59

*walks in to the office and looks for the coffee*


*looks up and notices everyone*

"Rough night at the office, dont ask"


08-11-2005 08:38:59

*pours a cup of coffee for the PCON*

"Cream, sugar?"


08-11-2005 14:28:30

*brings more entropy into the office*

I am here and ready to work. You said you needed a maintenance crew, right?


08-11-2005 18:01:27

Nice to see the Mystics on the move again! Keep up the good work.


09-11-2005 03:14:52

"yup sure is, except i'm not a Mystic, i'm just here to visit there lovely leader :P"

Levathan walks into the rooom, goes to the far wall "excuse me" and pull out a lose brick, and carefuly pulls out a cloth bound object from the hole, he then replased the brick where it belonged.

>:) "a lil present, i'm not sure you would have found it yourself so......... you know"

he carfully sets the object down on the table, then opens it to reveil a huge egg.

"careful now, you can do with it whatever you want, just a reminder though, it's still alive, well sort of :P"


09-11-2005 09:03:37

*nods at Frosty as he passes by her office door and then looks directly in Jareth's blue-green eyes*

"Go to supply and get and get an incubator immediately!"

*Jareth snaps to attention, turns on his heel, and heads out of the office at almost a run*

"I love it when they are just starting out, they don't talk back yet and do what they are told!"

*looks at Levathan with a catty grin*

"Might not have found it myself eh?"

*Force pushes Levathan up against the outer brick wall of her office*

"Scared of a little competition?"


09-11-2005 11:00:37

*brings back a warm cup of black coffee*

*all of a sudden he falls flat on his face*

"Um, here is your coffee. What did I forget?"


09-11-2005 11:51:15

"Considering that Artemis brought coffee in earlier and I sent you after an INCUBATOR; I think you have forgotten quite a lot!"

*the muscles of Jareth's throat begin to close and he starts gasping for breath and he is amazingly brought into a standing position off of the floor*

"Remember this lesson my young apprentice."


09-11-2005 16:59:02

*begins breathing again and heads over to 820 Davis Street in Evanston, Illinois*

"I bring you The Incubator, my master." :P


09-11-2005 20:22:49

"a lil competition?"


"well you would'nt have would you? if you did you would have found it by now :P, tell me, do you prefer tea or coffie and.......happen to like dragons?" >:)


09-11-2005 23:31:28

"Jareth, check to make sure there are no power shorts and then plug in the incubator and begin dusting."

*Ziltopia has organized all the datapads that were haphazardly strewn around the room into nice neat piles on her her desk, the room is beginning to look precise in its organization*

"Levathan, I knew it was there; that was the best place for it until the office was cleaned, checked to make sure the power was reliable in here, and the incubator plugged in. I prefer coffee in the mornings, specifically Irish or Hazelnut Cream and tea in the afternoons & evenings. Also, I happen to love dragos; they make for good riding."

*Ziltopia clicks the comm and it doesn't even crackle*

"Looks like that is going to need to be repaired."

*Ziltopia picks up one of the datapads and starts filling out a requisition form*


10-11-2005 10:36:24

*Jareth tries to picture Ziltopia in her power shorts :P, then a sequence of chills runs down his spine and he cannot feel below his waist*

"Sorry, sorry!! The incubator has been plugged in. I am replacing some capacitors to fix the circuits."


10-11-2005 14:59:35

*knows that Jareth will fit into the current incarnation of the Mystics because like the previous members of the Asylum, Jareth is insane; has he been getting into the spice?*

"Jareth, how are your current classes at the SA going and when do you expect to get the communications in your private quarters set up?"

*makes a mental note to check up on Dragnos, he must have gotten lost in the corridors*


10-11-2005 20:12:57

Levathan looked around the room

"hmmmm, this place has seen better days, need any help?"


10-11-2005 20:18:56

"Actually, yes; can you spare some of your journeymen to help out; everything needs to be fixed! The power needs to be restored in a functioning manner, Jareth is working on it, but he can use some help. The whole place needs to be cleaned, painted ... just look around! Also, some new furniture is definitely going on a requisition list! I will be needing an additional room to store all of my books and artifacts as well ... we will have a Mystics library ... there are many changes and exciting things to come. Bloodfyre is going to be delivering a History of the Mystics of the Black Arts who were stationed at the Asylum in the coming weeks. Yes, there are great changes afoot in the caverns of the Mystics!"

*Ziltopia gets a maniacal and somewhat disburbing look in her violet eyes*


10-11-2005 20:35:34

*Levathan activates his personal comunicator and looks at zilly*

"how bout a lot of droids? i got a whole lot of buiding and matanace droids that i ant useing at the momment, i can get then here in under 30 seconds" ;)


10-11-2005 22:28:23


*Ziltopia steeples her fingers under her chin and grins*


11-11-2005 08:11:58

"just dont go about asking where they came from and what they were doing before getting here"

*Levathan opens a channel to the transport in the hanger*

"ok boys, off load them and RTB"


11-11-2005 12:53:35



12-11-2005 21:18:24

*rewires the incubator with new capacitors and calibrates the gauges*

"All stations are ready for diagnostic testing on your orders, master."


12-11-2005 21:53:11

*walks in and looks around hmm never noticed this room before* "hey zil need some help" cain asked before lighting a death stick.


12-11-2005 22:10:35

"Test, test and get that dragon egg in there ASAP!"

*gives Caine an odd look*

"Caine, same rules as my quarters; not in my office and not in the corridor either; the smoking lounge, bar, or outside! But when you are done with your cancer stick, you can give me a hand; ... you should have seen this room before ... it was here ... just under the dust. >:P I guess with all the construction and repair it is starting to look a bit different ... and get a little attention. ;)"


13-11-2005 21:21:27

(RTB as in Return to Base)

*Wrinkles his nose at the smell*

"i can see why you ban that here"


15-11-2005 06:23:29

The repairs and renovations preceded over the week; everything progressing nicely and with help from many of her Clan mates and her two apprentices, the Tyro's Anteroom and Tetrach's Office of the Mystics of the Black Arts is finished to Ziltopia's satisfaction.

Repairs and Renovations Competition


16-11-2005 17:05:28

*tyrus edges his way into the office of his btl, but as soon as he sees this lot he halls arse out of there*

"I couldve sworn there were two naked sheep in there running around the room in pink thongs" He thought to himself. "But then they technically arent naked" Someone called to him.


16-11-2005 17:11:07

"Jareth, you are a smartass aren't you. Before you answer, yes, yes, I know, it is better to be a smart ass than a dumb ass. ;) Tyrus, come back in; we are just fixing up the presents we got for Welshman."


16-11-2005 19:53:46

*Tyrus walks in the room, silently looking away from the dancing sheep*


16-11-2005 23:10:00

"For the sake of The Force boy, you are going to have to get used to the sheep, llamas, and squirrels if you are going to stay in Tarentum," joshes Ziltopia with her new apprentice.

Assignments for All Apprentices:
Complete all of the Krath SA courses, especially the run-on course.
Post to the Clan Run-on.


17-11-2005 04:35:58

"welcome back brother."

"hmm the pink thongs are a nice touch, where did you come up with the idea." :P


17-11-2005 08:12:04

*walks into the room and gazes at the naked sheep*

I love you all soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much :D


17-11-2005 10:15:05

*Walks into the room and and has the sheep removed and sent to the butcher so that they can take part in the BBQ

Ylith Pandemonium

17-11-2005 12:12:30

*fires up the BBQ for Spears*

*gets a crate of beer and uses some Mytics chairs to burn them into a huge campfire*

now for music... hmmmz....


17-11-2005 12:50:10

*kicks Ylith in the balls a third time for the day and then fills out a requisition form for new chairs, charging it to the Daemoni*

"Jareth, go get a bottle of Zwhelersian BBQ sauce, these lamb chops need to be spicy!"

*Ylith spins some shizzle on the rizzle* >:) :P


17-11-2005 15:33:27

*tyrus entertains himself in wondering what "shizzle" is*


17-11-2005 16:16:05

fr izzle, fo shizzle, fo nizzle, fo hizzle..this is the show we call Dogy Fizzle...\m/


17-11-2005 16:50:42

yep, exactly what i was thinking


18-11-2005 11:47:28

*Zilly shakes her hips and booty to the rhythm*


r0ck, r0ck 0n Tyren! w00t!


18-11-2005 12:17:05

*looks at Zil*

"Don`t stop! Do not stop!"




18-11-2005 17:50:06



18-11-2005 18:01:36

Welsh...take a good look at my avatar and read what he says to you... >:)


18-11-2005 18:09:04

ok maybe just a little...
geroff me you damn sheep!


18-11-2005 18:13:45

*Jareth walks back into the room triumphantly with a grin on his face*

"I just passed the Grammar and Run-on courses! I will prove myself worthy of more significant assignments yet!"

*fetches some Zwhelersian BBQ sauce as well as the very tasty Pure Cap sauce*

"Master, this is some of the hottest sauce I could find. I believe you will enjoy it."


23-11-2005 21:27:58

*Levathan walks over to the beer and starts taking large swigs*

"ahhhhhhhh good stuff"


07-12-2005 15:30:22

Jareth comes back from passing the poetry course, looking all around the office for Ziltopia.

"Master, where are you? The main battlesystem computer has thrown an occur check exception! If we can't generate new encrypted rules from the ones we already have, our defenses could become known!"


07-12-2005 22:51:49

COULD? what are you talking about? i already know them >:)

Ylith Pandemonium

12-12-2005 00:48:08

we all know them...duhh! we have the keys too :P


20-12-2005 02:35:09

*Artemis walks into the room, slaps all of the males; especially Welshman. She then leaves and returns with a tray, and procceds to refill Ziltopia's cup*