Our glorious website


26-10-2005 23:17:25

Wtf are we gonna do with our website....its screwd up...Frosty is still JH and he has not updated it since...
<_< Frosty, Frosty, Frosty <_< you dissapoint me lad...
since Frosty is now Quaestor give the responsibility of the site to someone else!!!

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2005 06:15:51

you wanna do it then....? :lightsaber: <_<


27-10-2005 09:34:41

The site will be rebuilt so hold your horses.

If you want to browse something I suggest: www.tarentum.org


27-10-2005 09:46:50

you wanna do it then....?  :lightsaber:  <_<

i dont know HTML... :ermm: :'(

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2005 11:14:47

than don't complain :P


27-10-2005 19:50:35

no really...all the other houses have good webs...this only shows othars that were lazy(were not but it looks to them as though we are)


05-11-2005 17:29:06

A slightly updated one can be found here http://swordssheath.50webs.com . But it wont be updated any because as frosty said the site will be rebuilt soon.


21-11-2005 01:51:12

Tridens website kicks all your asses, respect! \m/


21-11-2005 03:36:54

we shall see! >:)

Ylith Pandemonium

21-11-2005 12:03:02

remember my aussie friend, I am doing the tridens layout...watch your tongue :P


21-11-2005 13:19:50

"remember my aussie friend"...nah, nah, nah..

treitor ;) :P

blah, blah....ill be doin Gladius` so...watch your back! :P
ill add a little flash gordon i there and then itll pwn everything...mwahahaha *cough*


21-11-2005 23:18:44

Ylith: oh right sorry, my bad :P

Tyren: Your sig is helerious man, as soon as i saw it i couldnt stop laughing.

Hey, at least the Tridens site gets updated :P



22-11-2005 21:50:43

tnx Arch...

heres another...

sry bout the spamm...i saw KOTN web...very nice...hope Tridens is as good...unfortunetly i wont be working on Our Glorious Web Page...got some RL issues...


20-12-2005 02:39:24

Hehe, I'm help with our website! *Artemis gets to work*

Ylith Pandemonium

20-12-2005 20:01:56

lemme know when you're done :P


26-05-2007 14:14:05

I wouldnt mind helping to get a new and up-to-get House website going. I know a bit of HTML... Could even use freewebs to get a simple website going, just to have *something* up-to-date and running. :)

Sephiroth Kali

27-05-2007 00:43:33

Sure, transfer to Tridens....

na, in seriousness, this topic is 2 years old lol. But I suppose if you would like to, you could speak to your House summit.