Letters of Commendation


15-10-2005 14:45:40

Letters of Commendation: Letters of Commendation are special, House Gladius awards. These Letters are given for things that alone don't deserve a medal (such as participation in a comp). Once the member gets 10, they will be awarded a DC with subsequent numbers gathering greater medals as stated below (note: this pracitse is now under review but we may not actually change anything)

The rules are:

3 LoCs for participating in a DB wide comp except the gaming events;
2 LoCs for participating in a Clan/House competition;.
1 LoC for an ACC(Antei Combat Centre) battle;
1 LoC for 10 MP(Multi player) games;
1 LoC for a SA(Shadow Academy)course;

Also you can get additional awards depending on your choice:

10 LoCs=Dark Cross;
15 LoCs=Star of Antei;
20 LoCs=Steel Cross;
100 LoCs=Grand Cross;

Finally, please email the URL of any ACC battle to Frosty and myself as well as report any games you play or DB comps you participate in.

EDIT: updated


17-10-2005 10:27:59

That includes MT stories, GMRG missions etc.

Thank you Welsh for posting this one.


17-10-2005 10:47:34

Another addendum.

LoCs are cumulative so you can go from month to month and just keep adding to your LoC count as to get the higher award. Thats to say that if you get 10 LoC's you instantly get a DC. You have to tell US when you want to bank your LoCs for a medal.


24-10-2005 12:07:22

Hot off the press:

You may now exchange a 100 LoCs (yes a hundred) for a Grand Cross of the Dark Side. Start collecting folks :D

Ylith Pandemonium

24-10-2005 15:18:31

how can we see how many we have..?


24-10-2005 18:09:03

Well as of now everyone has none. We rehauled the system and to make it fair/easier for all converned we set everyone to zero. To find out how many you have you'll get a table in QUA/AED/RM reports and I guess it would be possible to post them on the forums as has happened with the House Championship.


04-11-2005 04:52:51

Booh! why do we have to start from zero?


04-11-2005 06:48:19

Because we rewarded you already so that we may start with the new LoC system. Shouldn't you be studying at school? :P

Ylith Pandemonium

04-11-2005 10:01:36

anywho, what are the standings now?


07-11-2005 07:52:27

Check the latest reports.