Gladius House Championship


13-10-2005 09:15:24

Right then. This scheme has been in place in Gladius for almost a year now so I figured it's finally time for us to put the results on the Forum and we can change them in real time throughout the month to see how everyone is doing and for you guys to know how much medals your going to need to beat the guy above you :) Below is the fictional piece detailing this program.

Gladius has spawned many a champion, fearless Sith pilots, vengeful Obelisk warriors and cunning Krath magicians. These past warriors of high esteem have been worshiped throughout the halls of the Brotherhood however it was assumed those times of glory had passed. This was not the case.
The members of Gladius have never been as valiant and fearless as they are now and soon the time will come when the whole Brotherhood quails at the mention of the House. In an attempt to quicken the arrival of a new age a scheme was set up by then Quaestor Anshar Kahn Tarentae and his Aedile Welshman Corsair Tarentae to foster a feeling of competitiveness and drive, a plan that would once more get the members of Gladius howling for glories that were once at their feet. This was the Birth of the House Championship.
The Championship rewards brave acts and cunning victories. Any glory that is garnered by a member of the House is tallied and kept in a record. At the end of a time period, usually a standard month the Quaestor of the House may access the records and see who has gathered the most power, the most glory and even one may say the most influence. Upon this member the title of House Champion is bestowed. Whilst carrying no official recognition outside of the House or Clan the title is nothing to be sneered at, the holder of this title has proven his worth and as such is a force to be reckoned with but while a member may have had to work hard to gain the title he will have to work even harder to hold the title, for each month the tallying continues and as such a Champion one month may find his position usurped by another, this constant vying for power and prestige has resulted in the members of Gladius becoming hungry for power and it is not unknown for violent battles to take place between members who wish to earn this title and even more violent battles to ensue between a usurper of the title and the past holder.
House Gladius has discovered a potentially powerful weapon in this idea as itís finely honed warriors profligate throughout the Brotherhood using the cunning and power earned through training for this title.


14-10-2005 06:33:24

I think you should post a list with all the House champs...just a suggestion. :)

Ylith Pandemonium

14-10-2005 11:45:29

yay Go Welshy!

I'll be looking forward to get participate :P



14-10-2005 15:12:52

Well list of champions, here it is. Frosty, Frosty, Frosty, Frosty, Frosty, Ylith (add a few more Frosties in there for good measure :P )