The Gladius Hang Out Cafe!!!

Ylith Pandemonium

23-07-2005 08:07:20

hey guys,

After some evil looks when I posted something on the KOTN posting area :blink: I decided I should
open my own cafe, well tada! :D here it is! so if anyone wants to speak or just ask something,
order a drink and sit down at the bar and empty your heart! Need advice? Ask it here! Have a
comp running and want it to be known? Just blurp it all out here! B)

Start posting and have fun ;)


23-07-2005 13:51:33

We have another pub/drinking establishment! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


23-07-2005 14:18:40

Hennessy for all my buddies -_-

Ylith Pandemonium

23-07-2005 14:42:43

alrighty this is startting to work I see, well great to have your support!
Just bring in the Gladius people and start to have fun! first drink on me!


27-07-2005 07:11:51

Right on the way ;)


27-07-2005 07:18:22

Yay, free hennessy :)

Ylith Pandemonium

27-07-2005 11:02:36

cheers bro's ;)


27-07-2005 11:16:10

What about some Jack Daniels?

Cheers again :)

Ylith Pandemonium

27-07-2005 18:05:03

*gives Dox a bottle of jack daniels*

now get this place runnin, we need more of the people, free the people!

Dark Killer

28-07-2005 10:12:31

cheers you all :)

Only hot chocolate for me, cofee is too much strong for me :P

Ylith Pandemonium

28-07-2005 11:18:43

here ya go...

and how about a nice discussion
bring something up and we'll talk about it ;)


01-08-2005 12:35:51

Gladius rocks Tridens, right?

Ylith Pandemonium

01-08-2005 16:03:59

with eyes closed and hands tied at their backs...

and besides, to quote Merlance's recruitement: "Hey your stupid! Join tridens!"


02-08-2005 12:39:07

Hahaha. Well good to see that they know their limits ;)

Ylith Pandemonium

02-08-2005 17:27:57

if you'd ask me...I'd say their exceeding them...:P


03-08-2005 10:31:27

Good point :lol:

Sato Khan

03-08-2005 19:57:30

That's just harsh.


03-08-2005 20:27:36

im spying on the other house, and they seem to think were stupid lol

Ylith Pandemonium

04-08-2005 14:25:56

we want you to know that we know that you know that we think your stupid... :D


05-08-2005 14:40:08

Shortly.....we pwnd you :P

Ylith Pandemonium

05-08-2005 16:27:25

bigtime :P


13-08-2005 17:12:28

Yes! another bar! I'll have a Thikkian Brandy on the rocks!
BTW im new

Ylith Pandemonium

13-08-2005 17:21:02

welcome to the gladius hang out cafe *gives him his drink* here ya go have fun and spread the word, make this look interesting ! ;)


17-08-2005 15:25:12

/me downs the brandy

gimme another one.

Ylith Pandemonium

17-08-2005 16:38:01

*gives another one*

*puts it on Spear's tab* enjoy :P


17-08-2005 20:24:57

well while u are putting it on my master.. :P
Gimme an beer :P

Ylith Pandemonium

18-08-2005 05:55:36

I will tell that his apprentices are abusing his money flow

demotion for you guys MUHAHAHA

*gives maik a beer*


18-08-2005 11:03:41

*runs into the cafe, hides behind a chair, not very well hidden tho* so this is their cafe....pfft, call this a cafe....looks like a circus....*runs back to tridens hq* :P

Ylith Pandemonium

18-08-2005 13:30:44

he would have gotten a beer you know....ahh well...

who wants beer? :P


18-08-2005 18:11:02

well.. Gimme a beer :P
And i give a round.. cause well.. i don't know why should i have a reason for that? Round on me!!

Ylith Pandemonium

18-08-2005 18:29:50

yay beer on maik!

FREE BEER! w00t!

*grabs a beer and leaves the fridge open for everyone*


19-08-2005 12:06:13

*Archean runs back in*

can i please have a beer! come on, i asked nicely :P

Ylith Pandemonium

19-08-2005 12:24:48

fridge is open...maik's payin :P


19-08-2005 15:34:50

the only thing better than beer is... FREE BEER!! I'll take another!

Ylith Pandemonium

19-08-2005 15:50:26

have fun ;)


19-08-2005 23:42:57

*Archean goes to the fridge and gets himself a beer*

alright, go maik! thanks for the free booze! :P

Ylith Pandemonium

20-08-2005 05:27:16

so anything happening?


20-08-2005 17:53:14

well.. i hoped i win the lottery.. so many guys taking beers on me.. :P another round then? :D give me the strongest u got..!!

Ylith Pandemonium

20-08-2005 20:49:07

*opens the suicide bar*

hehe at own risk boys!


20-08-2005 21:20:23

*picks up an beer and the strongest thing there is and mix it up and then put it on the table*
The one who drinks this without passing out will have an night drinks on my cost!

Ylith Pandemonium

21-08-2005 04:30:55

*drinks it*

that ain't so ba...*faints*


21-08-2005 07:33:13

*looks at Ylith* Anyone else who want's to try?
*mix it up again*

Ylith Pandemonium

22-08-2005 00:12:34

*Wakes up again*

who am I...? :huh:


26-08-2005 09:32:14

You were Ylith Pandemonium but now you are Ylith Romanae, capisci? :P

Ylith Pandemonium

26-08-2005 10:33:42 all makes sense!


26-08-2005 14:20:30

You have found your path now....

Ylith Pandemonium

26-08-2005 15:55:23

I shall plant flowers and use the force for good..?
wait....I feel funny.....why...? :huh:


31-08-2005 02:32:51

Cause you 've becomed a warrior :P

Ylith Pandemonium

31-08-2005 06:27:55


*goes Jawa huntin*


21-10-2005 02:31:49

Tyren looks at Ylith points his finger and laughs....

Ylith Pandemonium

21-10-2005 11:49:01


remind yourself I am a BTL of Daemoni...

I cant kick you out but I can make you get 'exidentally' hurt :P


21-10-2005 21:51:30

remind your self that i can leave Daemoni any time I wish and that you would loose a potentialy good Trooper in your ranks :P

*laughs at Ylith*

Ylith Pandemonium

22-10-2005 05:14:23

you'r master would pick your nose with his lightsaber if you did, see, Dox and I both
run Daemoni >=)


22-10-2005 08:03:42

:P Dox told me i could join but i dont have to...that meens i can leave but i dont have to :P

*rotfl at Ylith*

Sato Khan

26-10-2005 19:45:16


26-10-2005 20:38:35

Tyren pwnz Sato :P

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2005 06:18:09

thats it! Gladius bootcamp for yoU!

*sends Tyren to bootcamp* >:)


27-10-2005 08:40:13

Tyren sends Ylith to "The camp for fat kids!"

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2005 09:02:15

you cnat...insufficient command to do that...sato do somethin!



27-10-2005 09:49:18

maybe but im stronger...hehehe >:) ...this goes beyond the "Call of Duty"


27-10-2005 09:53:30

*Me sends Tyren to go sit in the Corner

*Then has the corner gased

*Then has the corner disinfected

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2005 11:13:40

*buys spears a drink*

hooray for spears!


27-10-2005 19:14:14

Why are there two of these? >:P


27-10-2005 19:52:57

*Me sends Tyren to go sit in the Corner

*Then has the corner gased

*Then has the corner disinfected

*My avatar pwnz Spears.* :P


27-10-2005 20:40:30

LOL! :lol: LOL! :lol:

Somehow though, the kitten reminds me of Ast, AND that in itself is just scary.

Btw, NO ONE answered my question--Boo!

Ylith Pandemonium

27-10-2005 20:46:12

because one can not satisfy you ;)

*gets another margarite ;)*


28-10-2005 19:14:27

*giggles and blushes*

I'm not sure I would enjoy two at a time, that is more of a male thing *gasp* :blink:

Ylith Pandemonium

28-10-2005 20:59:22

a challenge you cannot handle..interesting :P


28-10-2005 22:29:51


I told ye! She cant hold her little....

*Fall unconcious on the floor. Then sudenly he rises his head*

Dont touch me beer!!!

*Falls unconicious again*
O-) :w00t:


28-10-2005 22:37:47

Hold my little WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

*kicks Tyren*

And, NO, it is not a challenge I even want to contemplate--man on man action is not a turn on for me thank you! Now, if it were a man and a woman and I get ... well, I will spare you the lurid details >:P.


28-10-2005 23:17:33





29-10-2005 02:23:27

*kicks Tyren in the balls*

I guess I can't hold my little feet in steel toed boots! Oops! :@


29-10-2005 08:52:24



*My avatar pwnz Zil*

Nice underwear dough!


30-10-2005 12:14:07

Tyren, you are a goofball & a half! :)

r0ck, r0ck 0n! B)

You know, my undies are great, but the fact that you somehow ended up in some of them is excellent; you should watch how much you drink ... the pictures of you in pink cammo undies will cost a great deal of credits to get back ... I am sure several members of the DC would love to see these. >:)


30-10-2005 14:47:46


"What i ment on the floor right...and i can see your upskirt." >:)


30-10-2005 21:57:15


I hate to tell you, but I am not wearing any underwear under these robes (I took them off so Ylith and I could put them on you while you were passed out). :P

Ylith Pandemonium

31-10-2005 15:33:22

I enjoyed the getting the underwear off part >:)


31-10-2005 18:22:41


so i can see your upskirt and you dont have underwear!!! Nce!!! >:)

*stands up and takes of Zils underwear and hands it to Ylith*

Seems like your the man for the job Valheru! >:)


04-11-2005 09:51:37

91 reasons to HATE Ep III <-ROTFL

>:) :D O-)


04-11-2005 19:25:09

Tyren, you have way, way, way too much time on your hands.

I am so glad you guys enjoy all the various activities with my undies as well ... I just wish you all wouldn't try them on before you give them back, it stretches out the elastic and they no longer fit me!


04-11-2005 20:17:15

Zil, I have an some extras you can have if they wear those out.


Er, wait, no I don't! WHO MADE ME SAY THAT!? GRRRR!! :@

(Btw, Zil, nice gettin nekkid with us Gladians. Can't say the brass will go for it, but it has my seal of approval! ;) )


05-11-2005 01:18:51

Black silk boxxers, awesome!

The brass can kiss my @$$ >:P!!


05-11-2005 01:24:53

The brass can kiss my @$$ >:P!!

Yes. Yes they can. Because they own you. And me. And all of this. :blink:

/me sees Tyren and Ylith holding Zil's undies and growling at each other.


05-11-2005 01:28:58

They do not own me! Do they? :huh:

*looks at Ylith & Tyren*

It is like watching two dogs fighting over a bone, isn't it?


05-11-2005 01:42:23

Yes. A sexy bone.

/me eyes Zil's robes.

What else you got under there? :huh:


05-11-2005 04:39:33

Mereow? :cat:


06-11-2005 04:14:27

/me scratches Zil's belly.

Good kitty. B)


06-11-2005 05:14:53

Well ... I think someone definitely needs an anatomy lesson! >:)


06-11-2005 05:35:55

Well, if you think so...

/me lets his hands begin to wander. :whistling:

Sato Khan

06-11-2005 21:41:11

/me Force pushes Fenn out of the way.

Now let a professional show you how it's done bahhhahahahahaha.


07-11-2005 01:39:33

*Force pushes Sato and Fenn into each other and it comes out looking like something from The Three Stooges*


07-11-2005 01:40:52

/me pokes Sato's eyes out, Three Stooges style.

X-) <----Sato.


07-11-2005 06:04:50

/me plays flipper
/me plays pool
/me bangs his head against the wall
/me walks away


07-11-2005 06:05:11

/me plays flipper
/me plays pool
/me bangs his head against the wall
/me walks away

[argh X-) i hate double postin...especialy if i cant delete a post]


07-11-2005 14:08:20

/me smacks Tyr's faulty internet.


07-11-2005 16:42:09

/me smacks his own fkin internet


07-11-2005 18:25:38

((hits himself as it has taken this long to GET on the internet and announce his existence in Gladius))

Yes, everyone, I am Jareth. After years of hard labor and pining for power which is beyond my imagination, it is time for my training in the dark side of the force to begin. I may be a lowly novice now, but over the course of time I shall be feared as my master Ziltopia teaches me the skills I will need.


07-11-2005 18:42:01

*Ziltopia hands Jareth a Coke No Ice*

Be cool on your stool man! B) Oh, and lighten up or all the boys will think that you are so tight you couldn't pound a toothpick up your arse with a two-pound sledgehammer! >:)

Fear me! Fear me! :wub:


07-11-2005 19:35:00

*Ziltopia hands Jareth a Coke No Ice*

Be cool on your stool man!  B)  Oh, and lighten up or all the boys will think that you are so tight you couldn't pound a toothpick up your arse with a two-pound sledgehammer! >:)

Fear me!  Fear me! :wub:

Who else thinks she's had a prior experience with a toothpick, a sledgehammer, and a rectum?


09-11-2005 05:44:46

/me waves!!!


ROTFL, You gotta check this out

my pimp name is Funk Master M. Sneed


09-11-2005 09:05:45

Fadeproof E. Slick

>:) :P

That is actually kind of catchy! ;)


09-11-2005 12:33:48

Bear calender

ROTFL...notice the one in the lower right corner...remind you of someone?

*eyes Welsh*

Zil knows who the 3rd one in the centre is... :D >:)


09-11-2005 15:09:47

Nope, those ain't pink cammo!! >:) :P

Btw, your user pic is f---ing hilarious!


09-11-2005 16:24:19

that can be fixed >:)

my avatar??? tnx...found it somewhere on the net...dont remember where though...


09-11-2005 23:21:48

*sits down and has a drink after a rough day*

Why, why, why do I even attempt to toy with the Lighters? Try to be nice ...


Funny that he did get his speeder repoed though; I couldn't have even planned that ... ;)


10-11-2005 08:06:10

`s this better....>:)

Bear calender-attempt 2 >:)


10-11-2005 14:49:07

So, you are the one with the vacuum, right?! >:) :P


10-11-2005 18:22:23


im the one with CAMMO UNDIES!!! >:)


10-11-2005 19:59:34

I thought you said I was the one with the cammo undies, make up your damn mind! >:) :P


10-11-2005 21:16:01


Who takes your undies everytime??? FFS


10-11-2005 22:21:47

Ylith? No, no .... Sato! Eerrr ... no that's not right ... Levathan ... nope ... Windos ... eerrrr ... definitely not Frosty, don't like being cold cocked ... Jareth is under me all the time ... couldn't be you! >:)

I will have to give this more thought when there is less oxygen in my alcohol stream. :P


13-11-2005 22:44:02

/me does the shifty eyes.

She never suspected me. Eeeexcelent. :fear:


14-11-2005 00:20:07

Actually, considering you are most likely the one wearing the chastity belt; you are correct, I never suspected you and still don't! >:P

Ylith Pandemonium

14-11-2005 08:05:37

*takes all Zil's undies and gets them into the washing machine with blue paint*

*turns the wahser on and runs*

muhahaha blue cammo!


14-11-2005 14:25:51

*stands up and offers his master another drink...* :P


16-11-2005 16:26:58

i am returneth...tyrus is back and has this time joined gladius instead of tridens
any comps goin on right now?


16-11-2005 17:06:21

Yes, my new apprentice; go forth and participate!

*kicks Jareth, buy your new older brother a drink* >:)

Mystics of the Black Arts Repairs and Renovations Competition


16-11-2005 19:55:53

participate i shall!
...sorry, i only drink out of my own flask...


16-11-2005 22:58:16

This isn't the ale pond anywho, Bloodfyre provides the booze there; here it is Ylith's bar. But, do whatever you want .. >:) :P


17-11-2005 15:36:30

*looks at ylith*
...uuuhhh...ylith...the hardest drink ya got


17-11-2005 16:25:03

"And for me, the hardest man you've got!" >:) :P


17-11-2005 17:15:54

/me waves >:)


17-11-2005 18:09:50

*tyrus surveys the dancing half naked sheep*
must they follow me everywhere?


08-03-2006 18:37:24

*Maikeru walks in, looks around and walk to the bar*

ok.. I want one beer.. and because well.. these eh.. People and all.. Here.. give them a round.. on his name..

*points to an drunken old man sitting all alone*

Ylith Pandemonium

12-03-2006 17:25:38

be on IRC too you Maikeru

Ylith Pandemonium

14-04-2006 08:56:18

*walks back into the room, cleaning up the dust*

re-opening the old cafe, first round on me ;)

I know I aint in Gladius...but hell, for friends eh? ;)