Hey guys check my story!

Ylith Pandemonium

16-07-2005 20:34:18

Hey fellow House Brothers and Sisters!

As some of you have already know
I write a lot and really like it when people read my story's

thats why I am giving you 3 links for story's I've written submitted in the
Writers Corner.

Well I hope you'll enjoy reading them as I had writing them!

my special thanks goes to Telona who made this all possible, Thank you Telona!

Here the Links:




Hope to hear from you all soon!

Sato Khan

16-07-2005 21:54:29

Read two of them between classes and work. Nice work Ylith.

Ylith Pandemonium

18-07-2005 07:24:44

Cool thanks Sato :)

I've already submitted another story so you'd better be reading again :P


19-07-2005 05:50:37

Very good.

You didn`t had to open 2 topics :P

Ylith Pandemonium

25-07-2005 16:31:45

hey guys

got another story up, hope to hear your comments soon ;)

here it is:


have fun!


27-07-2005 07:00:49

Good job !

Ylith Pandemonium

27-07-2005 11:03:44

thanks, hope you enjoyed it ;) more coming soon ;)

to come: chapter one of The human Inquisition, august 20th at the latest