Xbox 360


27-05-2005 11:41:00

Could the options that the new Xbox 360 offer open new doors for comps seens how you get xbox live for free when you get it

Jac Cotelin

27-05-2005 14:42:16

Could the options that the new Xbox 360 offer open new doors for comps seens how you get xbox live for free when you get it

Woah -- xbox live for free?


27-05-2005 15:02:54

Well pseudo for free. You will get very minimum access for free.

If you look at X-box live now you will need to get the Gold set to keep all that stuff.

Free X-box live is like weekend demo X-box live.

Aidan Kincaid

27-05-2005 16:50:53

The XBOX 360 will ship out and everyone will be able to have Silver Xbox Live for free. You can download updates, etc and take to friends but you won't be able to play games on silver. For that you will need gold which you have to pay for - just like the Xbox Live now. It really just helps the people who get buggy or shortened games and don't want to pay monthly for updates.


28-05-2005 19:35:06

Thats true about Gold and Silver, but honestly who the hell would buy a Xbox 360 and settle with just silver membership with all the options that it offers. Thats like buying a Porsche to make your drivewawy look pretty. People who do settle with SIlver will still be able to tune into Gotham TV and watch spectator mode + talk Via voice communicater enabling people to get to know each other better.


14-06-2005 16:11:04

I already have my Xbox360 preordered. I'm getting locked and loaded for this place if we do use it for comps.


freshjive taldrya

14-06-2005 19:43:28

I thought you WERE able to play on Silver, you just didnt get all the super dooper features that Gold gave. Hmm...

Aidan Kincaid

15-06-2005 04:06:07

We won't know anything for sure until MS releases the info (probably a lot closer to the 360 release date) Until then it's just random internet nerds making guesses and forging information.


15-06-2005 19:35:52

Anyone have any ideas for Xbox360 Star Wars games they want out?

Aidan Kincaid

15-06-2005 21:20:01

Haven't seen or heard anything about new SW games, but I'm sure we can expect anything new to the PC to hit the 360 as well. Most likely the next KotoR and BF2.


23-06-2005 11:18:39

The next game for the Jedi Knight/Outcast series would be a good choice as well.


16-07-2005 12:01:18

Halo 3, Oblivion, KOTOR 3, GHOST RECON 4

Rigar Ulrand

12-02-2007 17:35:08

im really lookin forward to halo 3. but having a kotor3 would be kick freakin ass..the other 2 kotors were really good games and the graphics on the 360 would make it even better


06-03-2007 16:35:18

wait for the new Star Wars game. The Force Unleashed. It will totally beat the hell out of KotOR III. And Gears of War beats all Halos!

Werdna Elbee

07-03-2007 03:21:01

That sounds so informed, you should stick that on the Amazon review for the game.


11-03-2007 12:22:06

KotOR III would be super awesome. I also saw a picture from Halo 3 in a magazine that showed him with some mysterious shield around him, and then he was on some like desert world. It looked amazing

I've never played Gears of War, but it would be far streched to beat out KotOR and Halo. Especially with 360's great graphics, more or less


11-03-2007 17:51:40

Gears of Wars pwnz. Just pwnz ;)


11-03-2007 22:26:40

If anyone has Xbox Live and Gears of War I will play you on it. My Gamertag is, of course, Rannik.