Hey there


30-01-2005 01:56:08

Hi there, ya'll. I'm new to this House as well as the DB. So this is just a friendly post allowing me to greet you and to allow ya'll to know that I'm looking forward to serving Dinaari.

-NOV Ciroth

Aidan Kincaid

30-01-2005 04:33:19

Hey Ciroth, nice work getting signed up for the new boards.


30-01-2005 16:47:44

Hey Ciroth. Welcome to Dinaari and the MBs and other stuff like that.


30-01-2005 17:38:19

Hey Welcome to Dinaari, If you have any questions or concerns, just give one of us a shout.

Dark Sabre

30-01-2005 18:32:38

I'll be the first non-Dinaari person to say welcome to Tally?

Aidan Kincaid

30-01-2005 18:39:31

Ben thats an amazing avatar you got there :P


30-01-2005 18:46:08

Thanks, made it myself :P

Duga Taldrya Arkarso

30-01-2005 21:02:20

Hey, welcome aboard! :)


30-01-2005 22:16:21

Welcome to Taldryan and have fun mping in Dinaari.

Nice avatar Ben but why only one boot? =P

Dark Sabre

30-01-2005 22:20:09

I think it's supposed to be kicking something...?

Aidan Kincaid

30-01-2005 22:56:54

It's like the simpsons bit on aussie land. Where the PM has to boot Bart with a bigass boot :P


31-01-2005 10:49:58

WOW...ben your avatar is AWESOME!!!!

And Duga's is a cooler Tal one than mine is...guess I should make one in PS and stop using this MSPaint one :P

Oh and...Welcome Ciroth! I'm your local neighborhood CON (guy everyone ignores/makes fun of), I hope you enjoy yourself in Tal!

[Edit: there, fixed my Avatar, take that Duga!!! Oh and if anyone else in Tal wants to use this Avatar just let me know and I'll give you the URL]


11-05-2005 13:51:39



06-07-2005 14:28:35

Call me slow, but Jaymz is a female?


09-07-2005 00:07:27

I don't think Jaymz is a female. And my avitar pwns all!!!!


09-07-2005 01:44:44

It sort of scares me. Those guards of Palp's were very secretive...something was going on under those red cloaks and masks.


09-07-2005 19:12:54

Back in my old JK2 clan, we had little teams to compete against each other. Mine was the "Imperial Guards", and your avatar guy was on our banner


09-07-2005 20:26:56

How long ago was that?


09-07-2005 22:07:29

well, I left it back in...early june, but the teams and such were like a year and a half ago


10-07-2005 13:55:00

hey Ciroth... you'll like it here!


10-07-2005 15:19:32

Ah, well than that makes sense.