How do I get on the Battleteam?


19-04-2005 11:53:39

How do I get on a Battleteam? Oh and everyone in house Dinaari kicks ass!


20-04-2005 07:29:57

First things, first, you have to show that our ready for the commitment of a BT, and the best way to do that is to get on to MIRC, if your not sure how, just check out the MIRC guide on the DB main page. Once your on their, PM a member of Dinaari and will give you the clan channel, from their will discuss BT stuff if your interested.

freshjive taldrya

21-04-2005 04:43:39

Yer damn right son....we rule.

Oh yeah.


03-05-2005 13:26:09



23-06-2005 11:15:03

Fire Brigade-4-Life!

*Orders Lomin Ale for everyone on the Battle Team*

Norad Na Lexu

14-10-2007 17:06:54

Is there even a house Dinaari battle team?

Vladet Xavier

14-10-2007 21:16:19

Is there even a house Dinaari battle team?

Yes ... a spot should free up for you in a few days.

Norad Na Lexu

16-10-2007 12:07:01

Alright, now just to make sure the battle team is were you write the battles, or the fiction spot not the game play part right?