Vorago Of Palma

Aticus Jade

24-06-2010 00:36:42

Deep beneath the crust of the planet Altur, surrounded by rock, magma, and covered in the raw energy of the Dark Side, is one of House Dinaari's most sacred, and treasured monuments of darkness. A massive arena capable of hosting to nearly 1000 spectators, and a pit capable of hosting four individual fights at one time. Once every three months House Dinaari, and its invited guest all gather at this place to partake and watch one of the most brutal forms of entertainment in the galaxy. The actual arena is called Vorago of Palma which translates to Pit of Glory, and those that visit it are either members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Slaves, or Royalty. For the Royalty, the arena serves the purpose of providing them entertainment of an exotic element not provided in most places. For most of the Dark Jedi it is also a form of entertainment and a place to bet and wager, but for others it is a place of battle and sometimes their place of death. For the majority of slaves it serves as a form of execution, less they prove themselves and be purchased by a Dark Jedi of Taldryan to become a Gladiator. All around, most all that enter the pit are sure to shed blood and die. Most of the time it is slaves, prisoners with the death sentence, and gladiators that fight in the pit, but once every three months House Dinaari hosts the Sanctus Venatus which translates to "Sacred Games". This is the biggest event held here, and is considered an honor to compete in. Only 4 Dark Jedi from Dinaari, and 4 from Ektrosis may compete at this event. There are several battles in this event. Those with the Dark Jedi vs non clansmen, the fights are to the death but the ones where the clansmen face each other are No Kill matches. With that said however, there is one rule other than the "No Kill" in a No Kill match, and that is that there is no other rules. So needless to say, the pit is a bloody, beautiful display of war at its finest and lowest. Those interested in participating in this game of blood and honor should read the following.

***Starting in the Pit of Glory***

The first step for Taldryan Dark Jedi wanting to own Gladiators of their own is to actually buy them. Every month House Dinaari will receive a shipment of 15 slaves for purchase, and it is first come first serve. Before you can buy a slave you must have spoken with the Arena Keeper and have an account made with the arena for funds and so on. This is only available to Dark Jedi in Clan Taldryan ranking at Dark Jedi Knight or higher. Once this is done you can then purchase a slave and begin. A slave remains a slave in title until they win 1 match in the arena, they then earn the title Gladiator.

Buying a Slave

Slaves come in different sizes, weights, proficiencies, and genders. All this, and many other factors shall determine their prices. The common price for an average slave ranges between 100 and 150 Bits. Once a slave is purchased it can not be refunded, but they can be traded and purchased among other slave owners. Value of slaves and gladiators go up and down depending on training, proficiencies, victories, losses, injuries, and popularity. Each slave and gladiator upon purchase shall be recorded on a stat sheet to keep record of everything. Once a slave is purchased they can be used for one of two things. 1 - slaughter for current gladiators, or 2 - training to become a gladiator. This decision is up to the owner, but once a slave or gladiator is dead they are dead and can never come back. The skull of that gladiator is given to their slayer as a trophy, and the victorious dark jedi has first choice at any of the fallen gladiator's gear, with any left over returning to the losing dark jedi. The minimum rank to buy and own slaves is Dark Jedi Knight. Standard clansmen may own a maximum of 3 slaves or gladiators, summits may own a maximum of 6, and Grand Masters may own 7. These factors also determine certain armaments available for purchase.

From Slave to Gladiator

Upon purchase it is rare that any slave could survive against a fully trained and armed gladiator, even if given the best of weapons. Training is very important for survival and could be the difference between victory and loss, or even life and death. When purchased the owner has total control over the training of their slave, and has initially 10 PP (Proficiency Points) to use in the different proficiencies, and 10 AP (Attribute Points). Also, if this is the first purchase of the slave, the owner may not compete the slave for 5 days after the purchase. Below are the different proficiencies to PP in, and Attributes to place AP in.


After every 5 levels in an attribute it will then cost an additional attribute point to increase. Certain attributes give a +1 bonus to others for every 5 AP placed in them.

*Strength (Bonus to Attack, Counter Attack, Overpower)
*Dexterity (Bonus to Defense, Dodge, Reflex, Speed)
*Intelligence (Deception & Quick Thinking, Finisher)
*Wisdom (Bonus to Battle Tactics, Blind Fighting)
*Charisma (Blood Lust, Crowd Favorite, Finisher)

*Quick Thinking
*Counter Attack
*Battle Tactics
*Blind Fighting
*Blood Lust
*Crowd Favorite

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