Caption Competition

Sharad Taldrya Hett

08-10-2009 22:06:43

Starting this a little earlier than the competition submittal, but I'm sure you won't mind. ;) Here's the picture

Post your caption here. My favorite ones will get crescents. Deadline for this week's submissions is October 16 at 11:59 PM EST.


08-10-2009 23:43:24

Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?


09-10-2009 08:45:29

The Flux Capacitor seems to have backfired, and replaced Luke Skywalker with a midget. Leia no longer needs to fear incest.


14-10-2009 12:19:54

We must be careful.

Adrian Agrippa

16-10-2009 02:17:33

Bring Your Kid To Work Day

Sharad Taldrya Hett

17-10-2009 17:07:36

Awards will be going out shortly. Next image is below. You have until October 24 at 11:59 PM EST to get your submissions in.