Whats Up...noob Here


15-07-2009 15:19:57

Whats up Dinaari! New guy here...just dropping in to say hi and introduce myself. I am glad to be here and am happy they put me with Taldryan!

Tarax Kor

19-07-2009 18:22:16

Hey man. Glad to see you hit the ground running. Sorry for the late reply, not everyone checks the forums as much these days. Baron and I are hoping to change that in the near future.

If you got any questions/comments/suggestions/whatevers, send an e-mail off to Baron and myself and we'll get right on it. Aside from that, I hope to see you on IRC sometime (as I'm typing this, I actually see you've been on :P)

I hope your time here with us is enjoyable and fun.