Dark Fire Brigade


13-03-2005 23:53:56

Just thought i'd open a thread up to see if any of the DFB members had ideas for the team or would like to suggest any changes or point out any problems.... feel free to say what you want, but please try to make it constructive Criticism.


29-04-2005 13:32:51

I am the kind of person who likes to earn his rank, its more fun. But in this situation, a battleteam, and me just happening to already be in the Greater Greensburg Young Marines, a Flight Leader Position being open, and me being at the rank of Sergeant Major in the young marines, do you think I am qualified enough? I mean my friend is the flight leader of his battleteam and he is only an apprentice and has only completed the test of lore. I have completed 6 tests, and am at the Rank of Acolyte (soon Protector seens how I already finished my Qualification Match, and got an Award) . So what do you think?


29-04-2005 21:17:38

My guess would be that it's up to Kraval, FK, and Ben. Asking them would be the best thing you can do. Also, if you don't have it already you should get mIRC. It is where most of the people are to chat and such. http://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/dbjedi/irc_guide.asp <-- That is a guide on how ot install and get on mIRC.

Aidan Kincaid

29-04-2005 22:59:56

Dinaari doesn't do brigades like most houses. Completely different system. Instead of throwing everyone into a battleteam for no reason we pick 5 people and put them under the command of someone taking their Dark Jedi Knight trial. Being in the brigade doesn't mean you're any more active - it's just random selection.


30-04-2005 10:46:21

K thanks

Norad Na Lexu

16-10-2007 12:29:38

I would like to join the Brigade. I have been looking for a Dinaari battle team, give me something to work on, give me more ideas to write about.


20-03-2008 17:35:55

Good old times, back when Kraval was leader of it. V_V

Vladet Xavier

20-03-2008 23:24:37

Don't necro posts.