The Return Of Revenge.


02-06-2007 04:01:16

Yes it is I Revenge, most of you will not know me, if anyone. I registered some 1 years and 3 months and 14 days ago. I had a year long hiatus (Well a year, 3 months and 20 days to be exact) in which I didn't visit this site (DJB) but I am back and get things in order again. I have been back about a week and have completed 8 tests and I am feeling good having passed 3 of these tests with a score of 100. I am looking to find who I should get promoted by because back in my day Werdna Elbee and Lord Pyralis helped me get promoted and I had 2 very fast early promotions. I think it is time I am promoted to Protector so I shall see.

May darkness consume you.

ACO Revenge.

Tarax Kor

03-06-2007 00:51:52

Who are you?

Rigar Ulrand

03-06-2007 02:56:29

Looks like your still in rouges buddy
you gotta request a transfer out of it before you can do anything like get promoted

Hel-Pa Sklib

03-06-2007 23:27:58

Yeah, Rigar is right.

Go into your admin menu and click "request transfer" and select Taldryan/Dinaari as your destination. Catch us on IRC if you can, as well.

Werdna Elbee

04-06-2007 18:05:22

It's Deagle.

Good luck.

Rigar Ulrand

04-06-2007 18:22:09

Cause Dinaari and Tal are Pwnerific :)

freshjive taldrya

12-07-2007 16:51:55

He's been restricted from rejoining Tal....made sure of that before I left QUA of Dinaari the last time

Tarax Kor

12-07-2007 17:39:08

freshjive has an orgasmic sig. I wonder who made it.