Suggestion Box -- New!

Hel-Pa Sklib

14-05-2007 20:59:50

I'd like to get some feedback from the members of our great House, so if you have any suggestions, comments, concerns, etc., please feel free to ask! Either Vlad or I will do our best to give you an answer and make this a better experience for everyone.

Tarax Kor

15-05-2007 01:59:47

    • More small-time house competitions on a more frequent basis.
    • Make this topic a sticky.
    • More frequent reports?
    • Drink more Tarax Black Label Lemonade. It's good for you!

Hel-Pa Sklib

15-05-2007 08:28:19

Alright, here's the best I can answer.

1. We would have more competitions if more than one or two people participated, and most of the time it's just not worth the effort to get lousy participation results.

2. Done.

3. We do them bi-weekly?

4. No. :P

Norad Na Lexu

17-10-2007 10:18:25

What about an inter-clan Battle Team comp every once in a while. But its just an idea. Why don't house Dinaari create a new run-on?