Dinaari Space Battle Run-on

Werdna Elbee

18-02-2006 17:32:23

Take part in a big space battle against a large organisation of pirates working in Taldryan Space.

Feel free to focus on your own fights, or to move the larger story along. You after all are one of the poor sods stuck in the middle of the fight. So each section can be from a different point of view.

Results will take into account quality as well as quantity of posts.

You have until the 14th March to keep adding to it. There are 3rd level crescents on offer.


“Where the hell are our Reinforcements?”

Several members of the House Dinaari had called the M/INT Orthanic home for the past six weeks while on manoeuvres through their space. Now this home was being pummelled into submission as dozens of snubfighters emptied their barrels upon it.

It was rumoured that a gang of pirates had been operating in the area pulling private ships out of hyperdrive, boarding them and taking all their supplies. Not just the cargo, but the fuel and oxygen, leaving the passengers and crew stranded to suffer an awful death.

It had to be admired.

Yet all the same, this unnecessary evil was happening in Taldryan space and House Dinaari was given the task to clean it up. Members of the house were handpicked to go with the crew of the M/INT Orthanic to find these pirates. After a frustrating month with no leads eventually they came across a pirate raid.

A few prisoners and a few interrogations later brought the Orthanic to an asteroid belt where the pirates were based. It turned out to be a much more sophisticated outfit than first thought as several squadrons of X and Y Wing fighters shot out of the hangers built into the larger asteroids and began hitting the Dinaari ship on mass before its own craft could scramble.

“Trust the Ektrosis ships to be several sectors away when we need them”, AED Werdna Elbee mumbled to himself watching the battle through the bridge window on the Orthanic. The battle was not going well. 12 TIE Advanced were no match for a full wing of snubfighters. They were only holding their own as each fighter had some of Dinaari’s best and brightest members using their Dark Jedi powers to their full.

Yet two had perished.

“Captain Baltrain!” The Aedile made his voice boom across the bridge to get the attention, “Get my YT-2000 prepped and ready. I’ll need two gunners and an engineer. Carry on providing covering fire for the fighters while I’m gone.”



21-02-2006 11:19:46

Recently returned from his reconstructive surgury, Fire-Knight had been itching to kill something for months, and had thus been an ideal pick when the search first began. Having been.. polishing.. his saber when the first volley hit the ship, Fire-Knight cursed and quickly cleaned up. Quickly making his way to the deck Fire-Knight watched as troops and serveants on he vessel cleared out of his way, his short reign as AED had taught them not to anger him or give him reason fo suspision.

Arriving on deck Fire-Knight quickly sruveyed what was happening and saw that several ties had already been deployed.

"Goddamit, I want to kill something!" The DJK said as he turned on his heel to see the AED leaving deck.

With his long legs Fire-Knight quickly caught up with Werdna, a DJK he was only now getting aquainted with.

"Are you sending any boarding crews or are we sticking primarily to ship to ship combat? I've never been a good pilot, but you get me on one of those ships and ill make sure its crippled or destroyed."

(OOC: gotta get back into writing these.... all yours werdna, and nice to meet you bro. just hoping you dont min incorporating a more physical aspect cause like i said FK isnt much of a pilot)

Werdna Elbee

21-02-2006 19:00:49

"Boarding Crew? We're it!" Werdna answered never leaving is focus on where he was going, "You're going to be dropped off in one of those asteroid hangers and me in the other. The third and final one the crew are going to blow up from inside with the turrets."

"Shame you sent out of the other Jedi out in the fighters," Fire-Knight noted trying to match the Aedile's purposeful step, "not so sure I would have made the same decision."

Werdna Elbee carried on walking.

As Fire-Knight and Werdna entered the main hanger, Fire-Knight let out a long whistle in appreciation of the craft that would carry them into action. Two pilots and an engineer stood by the YT-2000 to greet the two Dark Jedi Knights that they would be joining as crew.

"Shouldn't you be at stations!" burst out Fire-Knight to the now stunned crew, "We don't have time for an inspection...this is battle!!!"

On that note the crew quickly hurried into the ship. Werdna stopped and stared his colleague before whispering, "If you remember who gives the orders round here I may even pick you up on the way back before your target blows up."

Werdna calmed boarded the ship while Fire-Knight considered his words.

(NOTE: no more people bottling out of being a pilot. This is supposed to be practice for something different than the usual fare of lightsabers.

Fire-Knight is exempt because I didn't stress it enough and he's been out of action for a while ...but consider this point stressed now!)


22-02-2006 14:01:23

James Revan had only been a member of Dinaari for a couple months, but he had shown himself to be a promising pilot right from his acceptance. He had laboriously trained to further test his skills in the flight simulator’s usually achieving high amounts of kills. When the mission was first put together it was little surprise that he was among the few chosen members of Dinaari picked to man the TIE’s.

When the Pirates first began their assault on the Orthanc, James had been in the hangar bay with the other hand picked pilots preparing to go on their assigned patrol’s in the asteroid belt they were just approaching. Suddenly the ship’s klaxon’s could be heard throughout the hangar bay. As soon as he heard this, James thought to himself, “Finally I’ll be able to prove my worth in battle for the first time. Hopefully my simulator training was extensive enough.”

He quickly put on his Flight helmet and got himself into the cockpit of his TIE Interceptor. As he ran through his preflight checks in his usual timeframe of 30 seconds, he mumbled to himself “If he wasn’t completely ready for this, then today would be a good day to die.”

Finishing his preflight checks, he immediately launched and sped away from the ship to a distance of roughly 4000 meters from the Orthanc, where the fighter contingent normally rallied before starting their assaults. As he cut his throttle to 1/3 and performed a break, he could see the group of fighters, swarming their ship which had to outnumber their flight group by at least 3 to 1. As soon as he was facing the Orthanc, James brought his TIE out of the break and punched the throttle to full.

Noticing the incoming TIE’s, some of the snubfighters broke off from the main group assaulting the Orthanc and prepared to annihilate this measly group of fighters before returning to help destroy the capital ship.

As the two groups of fighters closed with one another, James put his fighter into a spiral. He noticed a bright flash from somewhere behind him and knew immediately that one Dark Jedi would not be returning home to the Orthanc this day. Passing by the group of snubfighters, he cut his throttle to 1/3 and performed a breaking maneuver bringing his fighter directly in behind one of the Y wing’s. The enemy pilot attempted to perform a loop, but James had been smart and was using the force to anticipate the enemy’s movements. Closing to a distance of roughly 400 meters, he opened fire on the Y wing and went straight into a loop after he blew it up.

He now had an X-wing on his tail however, and opened fire on him. Fortunately his reflexes paid off as he had just added a break to his loop. As the enemy pilot tried to get behind him again, one of his fellow Dark Jedi managed to waste the pirate easily.


24-02-2006 02:29:17

Having been out on patrol for an entire shift, Apollyon and the rest of the Dark Fire Brigade felt overwhelmingly relieved when they saw their shipmates finally exit the docking bay. The exhausted pilots were having an extrememly hard time taking on this ambush, and were in dyer need of some assisstance.

Apollyon himself had only been in the Brotherhood for four or five months, though with his experience serving in the New Republic Navy he was no stranger to space battles. Either way, it was good to see fresh pilots coming to their aid.

Guardian Dinaarius, had just finished making another foe dissapear into a flaming ball of twisted metal, when his radio cracked to life with a more calm and commanding voice than had been previously occupying the frequency.

"All pilots, AED Elbee's shuttle has just exited the docking bay. 'Dark Fire' you have close escort duty, protect at all costs! All remaining fighters: form up, lets send these pirates packing!"

"Copy that. Here we go, boys!!!...........Pyralis, you with me?" Odium shouted as he targeted Werdna's shuttle, got his barings and turned his fighter to aquire an escort position. Axodim responded, "Yeah, I'm here...lets do this!"

Immediately after getting set, he witnessed several laser bolts come worryingly close to the shuttle and targetted the attacking fighter.

As they approached the first asteroid, the escort group moved in and destroyed the autoturrets protecting the docking bay side of the chameleon base leaving it wide open for the shuttle to land. "Good job, DFB," congratulated the Aedile's voice, "We'll be back out in a few...secure the area and prepare to assault Asteroid II."


03-03-2006 04:01:25

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09-03-2006 05:31:17

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The Shuttle flew into the hangar, not slowly as would've been preffered by most passengers, but instead with a certain urgency that was to be expected considering the circumstances. The shuttle had barely touched down when the ramp opened and Fire Knight bolted out and began slaughtering pirates as he moved towards the hangar door. As soon as he was clear the shuttle departed in the same manner it had come.

The Dark Fire Brigade again took up escort positions around the shuttle. However, having noticed what was happening, the pirates had scramble a squadron of their own to intercept the shuttle before it could drop its deadly cargo. Apollyon followed the lead of his Squad commander and engaged the incoming fighters. The area erupted into a ball of screaming TIE engines, exploding starfighters, acompanied by thousands, possibly millions of laser bolts as they flew off into space.

Odium began to feel like he was back in the New Republic Navy, fighting off the Imperial Remnant as it tried to regain a foothold in the Inner Rim. He thought back to when he realized just how corrupt the Republic Military was. It had been a shocking experience. Apollyon had never thought of his commander to have had connections so deep that it was the only way he got a command position, or that his wingman was only in it for the money and when the Remnant raised the pay of pilots, left for to join them, forsaking every oath he took to protect the republic.

At that moment a laser blast flashed dangerously close to his cockpit and he snapped back into reality.


13-03-2006 23:48:55

After ensuring the shuttle had made it’s way into the hanger, James began to wonder if he would be returning to the hangar bay after this battle was over. He quickly put the thought out of his mind, as he told himself, such thoughts would be a very bad distraction which could be deadly in this situation.

The battle was starting to take its toll on the squadron as they had already lost four interceptors to the pirate scum. At least Katarn squadron had so far annihilated over a dozen of the amateurs. One thing was for sure, the scum were definitely going to take extremely heavy losses for their violation of Taldryan space.

Seeing the shuttle exiting the pirates hanger, the Protector and his wingman took up a flanking position about 300 meters to the right and a little low of the shuttle.

As the fighting raged all around the shuttle, James got a bead on an x-wing. As he closed in for the kill, the enemy pilot peeled off to the right out of his sights. His maneuver was a failure though as the Protector’s wingman got a solid lock and sent the enemy straight to hell.


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Also I have a quick question. I thought the Orthanc only had room for 1 squadron of 12 TIE's, so how could there be more then 1 squadron in the fight, unless Odium meant a few Interceptors of Katarn squadron took on escort duty while the rest of the squadron continued to engage the pirates.

Werdna Elbee

14-03-2006 04:32:47

The YT-2000 carrying Werdna Elbee to his destination hanger corkscrewed it's way through the hanger bay doors, and as it banked upon it's turn back out of the hanger, the cargo carried jumped out and rolled onto the floor below. Werdna Elbee watched he ship burst through the hanger shield back into the black and hoped he would see it again once he radioed in that his mission was complete.

The Aedile immediately had to deflect incoming fire from the pirates that burst into the hanger. A blur of purple lit up around the Dark Jedi creating a beautiful display of lightsabering that would result in death to anyone who saw it. No thought was spared for the enginneers working on the currently grounded craft as Werdna slowly walked through the menagare of species that made up the pirate gang.

The mission was to destroy the base before the other pirate fighters could be scrambled. It could be seen that half of the pirate craft were still in the hanger even though Taldryan's forces were still heavily outnumbered and outgunned. Elbee force pushed out towards the flanks and deflected the laser bolts blazing their way from all sides toward him back into the crowd ahead to clear a path. Stepping over the dead bodies with little ceremony Werdna walked through the hanger door and into the narrow corridors of the base that would lead him to the power generator.


14-03-2006 05:43:14

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Werdna could hear the battle still raging outside through his com-link as he waded through the opposition. This was their only shot of getting out of this alive, there could be no retreat. Finally the door to the hangar opened and Werdna stepped inside to face the enemies surely waiting for him. There was, however, no resistance. Only the auto-turrets hanging from the ceiling shot at him. Not a single pirate walked through the doors to the other sections of the ship.


Katarn Squadron had lost many good pilots. Its numbers had been decimated, and only the best, or the luckiest, remained. Guardian Apollyon had lost many of his wingmen, and the illustrious Dark Fire Brigade was, for all intents and purposes, gone. Odium hooked up with a group of surviving pilots which included PRT James Revan, and continued the counter-attack.

Suddenly a voice came screaming over the radio. "Where the hell is the shuttle?!?!?!? I need a picku-------------------" The transmission ceased as the first asteroid suddenly burst into a fiery ball of rocks and metal. Emboldened by this partial victory, Katarn Squadron re-formed as a whole and began decimating the enemy ranks. Nothing, it seemed could stop Dinaari now!

Werdna Elbee

14-03-2006 08:57:21

Fire-Knight drifted through space very slowly breathing out by using a meditation technique so the vacuum of space wouldn't let the pressure inside his body explode outwards. Holding your breath for long periods of time was easy for an amateur Force user but controlled breathing took a lot of skill.

The shuttle to pick up had been delayed and Fire-Knight didn't place a disable switch on the bomb attached to the power generator in case the pirates could diffuse it. Purely on faith he was able to hop up and catch a blast wave that carried him out of the hanger and a great pace as the asteroid exploded.

As his view began to dim he could see glint of metal off a YT-2000 heading his way. Just a few more seconds...


Acolyte Brevant was out of missiles and the Orthanic was too far away for a refill and even a fresh pilot at the helm. Brevant was the best of the best in a starfighter back in his navy days but he was even better now with the Dark Side to guide him. Yet Brevant had been flying for over two hours dogfighting against countless pirate snubfighters.

New tactics, decided Brevant, as he diverted valuable energy into his tractor beam. Most pilots usually used the tractor beam battery as extra power to the rest of the craft but the young pilot knew that in the right hands it could be a deadly weapon.

Brevant could see a formation of six Y-Wings leaving one of the hangers to commit a hit and run against the Orthanic. Dropping power from his lasers to his engines he intercepted the formation and locked his tractor beam to one of the flanking bombers. The beam had little power and could not keep a grip, yet it did just enough to get the ship to crash into its neighbour and in turn begin a chain reaction.

The Y-Wings shields could not cope with the physical stress of a whole ship colliding and

The formation broke apart and two of the Y-Wings survived the impact. Brevant kept his tractor beam on and collected all the huge chunks of shrapnel from the crash. Diverting power back to his lasers Brevant gunned down one of the slow Y-Wings and released his tractor beam to launch the scrap metal towards the hanger bay of one of the asteroids.


“This is far too easy,” thought Werdna…


15-03-2006 04:32:42

...as he looked around the room containing the main power generators for the entire asteroid. After a quick scan of the area to ensure the absence of any traps, Werdna quickly went to work setting an explosive whose detenation would be powerful enough to send shockwaves surging through the power conduits of the entire facility, effectively ending this asteroids career as a base for pirates and killing anyone still inside in the overwhelming explosion.

Werdna chuckled to himself as he thought how pathetic these pirates must have been. The chatter on his com-link had settled down a bit as it seemed the Dinaari pilots had gained the upper hand, had also indicated that the first asteroid had been successfully destroyed, and here he was about to destroy the second. It did seem too easy, but, "thus is the life of a House of Dark Jedi" Werdna mused as he put the finishing touches on the device.

The Aedile raced towards the docking bay where his ride back to the Orthanc awaited, already in position for fear of losing the Aedile as well. It was too easy, but it was reality. Somehow, there was no one to resist the so far successful attempt to destroy the last of the two asteroids. The shuttle exited the docking bay as soon as Werdna was onboard, and that was not a moment too soon as the hangar burst into flames as the shuttle clear the hangar sheild.

The radio came alive with screams of joy and emboldening, but was suddenly cut off by a new voice. "Well, done, Werdna Elbee. You have led this band of rabble to victory," mocked the voice, "But next time you will not be so lucky!" The technicians in the command center of the Orthanc finally pinpointed the source just as several pirate transports entered hyperspace.

Werdna Elbee

15-03-2006 07:01:59

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