Battle Team Reassignment

Aidan Kincaid

07-02-2005 00:17:54

Battle Team Reassignment

The Problem
With the entire Summit from the Consul to the Aedile being so active in day-to-day operations, and since we try to keep the size of the House to a minimum battle teams have become a tired avenue for activity. Once they were used to bring members together in a closer-knit family but we now spread that feeling throughout the Clan and having them run competitions and do reports usually turns out as repetition what with the AED and QUA and CON already doing weekly reports and small to large competitions. So what to do with the battle teams are they are now?

Well that leads to the second problem: The lack of future leadership in the House and the DB as a whole. Since most of our leaders are standing the test of time, “new blood” is not getting the chances they once had when leadership was unstable and changing every few months. While that is a good thing for stability and overall growth it destroys any chance of replacing said leaders once they burn out and retire.

The Plan
Instead of using battle teams as a buffer between members and the House summit I want to try to utilize the pre-official command position of Sergeant/Commander to train young members for the future. When a member achieves the rank of Jedi Hunter they will be thrust into the role of Sergeant/Commander with a 5-person battle team to lead. They will have a period of two (rarely) to three months, during which they have to write weekly reports, keep in contact via mailing list with their team and create a minimum of one competition – run it and submit reward recommendations to Ben and Shadow.

Benefits/Rewards/Good stuff
Now of course we can’t expect all Jedi Hunters to want to lead a battle team right off the bat. That’s where the rewards come in. I suggest if the Hunter completes all leadership objectives satisfactorily they earn the rank of Dark Jedi Knight and the use of their lightsaber. What better motivation is that? And becoming a good leader easily qualifies one for DJK. That’s how most of us got DJK back in the day – for our leadership.

We’ll also reward the members who are the most active in the battle teams. They are a part of the overall process and will be recognized for what they do, on top of whatever medals are rewarded for competitions run.

And of course the benefits for us are we’ll have more young members better able to grasp the true nature of leadership, but more importantly Taldryan leadership – the best there is. By carefully monitoring the Jedi Hunter in charge we can make sure they stay on the right path as a leader and help mold them and perfect their skills.

Responsibilities of the Battle Team Leader

Write weekly reports detailing your work, goals, completed goals and team activity for the past week. Send them to your team via email, add them to the Dinaari News page, and add them to the DB report database.
Create a minimum of one competition, run it, and recommend the appropriate medals/rewards to Shadow and Benevolent.
Keep an activity chart/spreadsheet/text file on all team members. Note which you think are deserving of medals or promotions and pass the information onto Shadow and Benevolent
Encourage all team members to be active and participate in competitions, MP events and other day-to-day activities.


20-06-2005 04:34:46

Ah...the glory of modivation.


20-06-2005 08:52:30

This is a really good idea...although you might get annoyed by kids asking a whole lot of questions once they get up there (me in particular, heh)

Aidan Kincaid

20-06-2005 12:18:09

Nah... thats kinda the whole purpose of this trial :P Best way to learn is by asking questions, though we will give you a bunch of information to start off with. Hard to learn leadership from an SA course, and Tal has a different way of leading than most clans.


20-06-2005 20:06:29

Well, it sounds like an interesting way of learning it first hand.


24-06-2005 20:43:50

This is definately a good way to get new kids goin and to get them ready for leadership position. Also, don't worry about asking too many questions, especially when you're dealing with me. I dont mind them at all.


25-06-2005 08:12:00

That's nice to know.


13-01-2008 23:09:08

Be yee warned! Once I become JH I'm hoping on the BTL train and heading strait for DJK. Then from there who knows....GM? haha what am I saying of course GM, all the way! Sorry sarin/other GMs in the near future!


14-01-2008 09:41:45

leadership isn't enough to make DJK.
You have to do a lot more than just lead a BT.

There are JH BTL's who have been working for months to make DJK.

It shouldn't be made easy. DJK is a big deal in clan Taldryan.
That's why they make it so difficult.

Tarax Kor

14-01-2008 18:41:10

This topic was long dead. Let it stay that way.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the command structure or whatever of Battleteams, take it up with Vlad and I. Either in a new topic, or in private.