24-01-2006 22:35:01

Hey eveyone iam so glad to be here and i hope you all like having me here and happy posting to ya

Werdna Elbee

25-01-2006 06:28:42

Good to have you here, Viken!

I hope we can make your time here at Dinaari as fun as possible.

DJK Werdna Elbee
(Aedile of Dinaari)


26-01-2006 17:33:33

:huh: welcome viken


27-01-2006 03:19:02

Welcome Viken, were glad to have you. I u have not done it already feel free to come join us on MIRC anytime, we'd be glad to answer any quesitons for you of just chat if u want :D