Dinnari AED Reports


04-01-2006 23:34:38

So here we are again, time for more reportage (Yes it's a word because I said so) and since Duga is still on his LoA I'm gonna pick up what he tells as well.

DB News

Dalthid is back for all you ACCers out there, and to be honest I have no real idea what differences there are when he's around or not :P

New Hands of Justice have been announced, so say congrats to Halc and Korras?

Apparently Arania put in a reminder for those of you who have been paired up for the realities comp that you need to get to it

Tal News

Ben made a fun report with MSPaint, definately gotta check that out on the Tal homepage

Shad is on leave so that means our benevolent is in charge

Duga is back from his LoA, so that means I can go back to slacking :P

Comps? We do those still?

Micheal has come up with a fun little comp for his DFB kids

My Ye Old English Comp is still on the go and a new mystery will be up at the end of this report

The usual gaming nights are also going strong, every tuesday and thursday in #gmrg


Yacks - Quartz Crescent from my last Ye Old English

Tarax - CFs, Amythest Crescent

Odium - CFs

Wil Starfly - ACC Initiates Course Passed

Dark-Destroyer - Sith Core Passed

Wrap Up

Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday, whether it was filled with family, friends, booze, or babes.
Duga will be kicking out a report next week, so wait for that one.


How did the old phrase "Chew the fat" come about?

Kraval Novir

Tarax Kor

05-01-2006 00:06:23

Tarax - CFs, Amythest Crescent

Er... I don't remember getting an Amethyst Crescent...