24-09-2005 04:24:40

I'm going out bush for a few weeks so internet access will be sweet F/A and then after that I'm moveing house and they don't even have dial-up where im going so it could be a while before i get back.
Just lettin ya's know.


07-10-2005 07:14:06

well im back from LOA but RL has taken a wrong turn so i might be gone for month...so im just gonna transfer to rougue so im not a dead weight for Taldryan till life is back on track.
will still idle around in mirc to chat though.

Aidan Kincaid

07-10-2005 16:39:42

Sorry to hear about the rl problems Arma. Hope to see you back in Tal soon though. Nice work in the RoS, btw.