Vin Diesel as...Agent 47.


23-06-2005 11:16:25

This was announced the the 15th of this month I believe. Personally I think he can play a great Hitman, but will the storyline be good? That's up to the writers.

Rigar Ulrand

12-02-2007 17:15:54

Vin diesel is a good actor an all, but hitman are supposed to be stealthy at times in order to get there hit. and Vin diesel has always been about rushing in a blowing stuff up if u ask me


20-03-2008 17:37:36

I correct my previous statement from 2 1/2 years ago, Vin Diesel is in fact, NOT Agent 47.

Vladet Xavier

20-03-2008 23:26:45

Please don't necro threads that are this old. Thanks.