Hullo all!


14-06-2005 02:04:35

Glad to be here! I'm Apprentice Taigikori, just thought I'd let you know. ^.^

Aidan Kincaid

14-06-2005 03:07:06

Welcome to Taldryan, Taigikori. Glad to have you on board. Benevolent (your Quaestor) should be sending you an email with some info. Hope to see you on IRC soon.


14-06-2005 03:50:50

I downloaded it tonight. Though oddly. There was no one even in the DB room. It's probably something wrong with my IRC. Because I would think there would be people in that.


14-06-2005 04:37:14

Thanks to Shadow, taken care of. ^_^


14-06-2005 09:12:27

XD, you use that Jedi icon everywhere and sig everywhere, don't you? I wouldn't be surprised if it was on the TLA.


14-06-2005 10:47:57

Ironically my Jedi avatar was, but not the sig. XD

Aye, I made it. I be hurr!


03-04-2006 21:47:11

I was such a nublet. :(