Star Wars Creatures


07-12-2008 09:00:50

In the Star Wars universe there thousands of recorded species of animals, in this thread I would like to identify some of rarest, most dangerous, most adorable, most likely to be domesticated either as a pet, work animal or guard creature to be listed on this thread.

List a maximum of 3 per post and a minimum of 1, lets try not to post back to back so we can have someone else in between.

And I will go first.

Dewback, a reptilian creature native to Tattoine considered a beast of burden and normally domesticated for mount use. In the wild they are known to be carnivorous, highly active during the day time yet sluggish at night.
These monstrous lizards get their names from licking the dew off other herd members backs early in the morning.

Eopies are 1.75 meter tall herbivores native to the planet Tatooine. The quadruped mammals are distinguished by their pale skin and long flexible snouts.
Eopies reach maturity around six standard years of age and their average lifespan is 90 standard years, however like most creatures, the animal weakens with age. Young eopies are much more vulnerable to the harsh desert conditions of the twin-sunned world. A young eopie needs to consume more food than a mature one and is also unable to carry as heavy a load. Newborn eopies are slow and awkward and are preyed upon by some of the more dangerous creatures of Tatooine. Older eopies are kept by the planet's moisture farmers to eat desert weeds that absorbs the planet's already valuable moisture. They are also used as transports across the vast desert plains of the arid planet. They also have imperturbable dispositions, reacting to surprises with mild interest instead of panic.
Eopies are renowned for their endurance and ability to carry a lot of cargo. They also have a reputation of being stubborn or grumpy creatures. This however, could be attributed to their owners, who often push these animals to the limit, packing them with extremely heavy loads.

Krayt dragons are massive, four-legged, carnivorous, terrestrial reptiles native to the planet of Tatooine. One exceptionally large krayt dragon's skeleton can be found in the deserts of Tatooine. They hold one of the rarest crystals in their belly.