Op: Slow Storm Discussion


10-06-2008 22:49:39

Hey everyone, Reiden here. I figured that since we have a new run-on, "Operation: Slow Storm - The Mission to Wayland", I thought that we could start a discussion about it!

Please, come here to share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas about it. Suggestions are also welcome :)



15-06-2008 05:05:06

Ok so then anyone with ideas should post in here about the current update of the Run-on. So if we need to speak about anything, do it in here then.

great idea Reiden.


16-06-2008 12:59:39

Yup, that's right Ceth.

I know nobody seems to want to post here, but I just want to say that people really should post here. Maybe not now, since the RO just got started, but maybe later on. Seriously, this would be a great place to discuss the RO. In addition, you can also discuss some ideas of what to do next with the RO if you get stuck and can't think of any ideas.

I hope to see more of you posting here sooner or later!

~~ Rei


16-06-2008 13:45:08

I think it is going well so far. Is there a posting order yet?


16-06-2008 17:48:09

Yeah, there's a posting order.

So far the order is:
1.) Thran
2.) Ceth
3.) Reiden
4.) Robin Hawk
5.) Koskian
6.) Tollo
7.) Cern Unnos
8.) Korvyn

Robin Hawk

16-06-2008 18:52:59

Great idea Reiden!

Now Koskian! Go Post.

Robin has an itch she needs to scratch!



16-06-2008 21:04:49

Thanks Robin! :)

Now go scratch that itch :P

Thran Occasus

16-06-2008 21:35:16




I will rule your face!


25-06-2008 15:29:17

Thran! You shall do no such thing! :P


06-08-2008 15:34:31

ok I know we got a feud going on and all, but is this thing dead or just on hold?