Operation : Slow Storm - The Mission To Wayland

Thran Occasus

10-06-2008 14:07:16

Two men, clad in fancy garb made their way towards the Quaestor’s Office. One was a Twi’lek and the other was a stout little Bith. Their pace hinted that something was very wrong. They were clearly business associates of the Quaestor, and they had come to Caina to personally deliver the bad news. Ms. Emily Coral stood outside the Quaestor’s office, waiting for the men. As they approached, Emily quickly began with the list of warnings.

“Gentlemen, Glad you could come. Mr. Occasus has not had his breakfast yet, so he is a bit fussy. Let me be the first to tell you that you need to watch your tongue. Don’t look him in the eyes and never be afraid to apologize... gratuitously. Do not sit until he tells you to. And, finally, you had better do all the speaking Mr. Olac. Mr. Occasus is rather narrow-minded for such a cultured man.” The blonde woman said, gesturing to the Twi’lek.

The men nodded in synchronization. With a deep breath, the thin woman pushed open the large doors of the Quaestor’s office. Thran stood at his desk, playing with a model of a TIE Aggressor.

“Thran. The gentlemen from Occ-Var are here.” Emily Coral said, leading the men into the room.

“Thank you, darling. What about my muffins?” Thran said, still unaware of the impending conversation.

Ms. Coral said nothing, she merely bowed out of the room, leaving the men at the mercy, or lack there of, of the Battlelord.

It was Angelo Dante’s first day as Aedile and he was growing attached to his new office. He’d spent the better part of the morning adorning the office with various pieces that he’d collected over the years. Now, he was reclining with his feet kicked up on the Desk enjoying a crisp chilled ale.

Cethgus burst into the room, nearly falling over as he did so.

“Aedile Dante, SIR! House Dorimad Sol command shows a House distress beacon coming from the Planet Wayland.” The Zabrak said with overwhelming excitement.

It had been sometime since he had been on a mission, and he had the thirst for blood. Cethgus couldn’t stand still he was so excited.

“Does Thran know?” Dante said, with a bit of confusion.

“Yes! He said…Blades of Chaos are on the job! Let’s GO!” Cethgus said, reaching out to pull Dante along.

Dante slapped Cethgus’ hand away. “I’m the Aedile, now…I remain with Thran, to protect him.”

Too happy to pick a fight with the newly appointed Aedile, Cethgus bounded out into the corridors to gather his team. As he ran through the threshold of the Aedile’s office, Cethgus passed his rival Korvyn. He didn’t even notice him there eavesdropping.

Korvyn having heard the entire conversation thought to himself. “So, Cethgus thinks he can earn the Quaestor’s favor…Too bad Banshee Brigade is going to beat him at his own game…”


10-06-2008 14:11:11

Running down the corridor Cethgus was determined to reach the distress beacon. His
first call was at his office, grabbing a comm device he tried to get hold of the blades of chaos team. Once he had instructed the team to meet him in the hanger, the Iridonian then started to prepare himself for the mission. He grabbed his two Katana’s and placed them onto his back before clipping his saber onto his belt.

“Let’s get this show on the road” Cethgus muttered to himself.

He made his way towards the hanger wondering who in his team will turn up for this mission, knowing that it wasn’t going to be the easiest mission they had been on. His steps were quick. It had been to long since the Zabrak had been given a task to do.

Wandering around a corner the Zabrak was nearing the hanger, and opened the door, finding a ship which would take the members of Blades of Chaos to their location he waited for the members of the battle team.

He knew that his student would also want to get to the location before him, and smirked finding that having a bit of competition was always fun. Cethgus decided to look over the data pad and make sure that everything was correct for the group before they started to set off.

His foot tapping onto the floor as he waited for members his eyes scanning through the text in the data pad, trying to find out as much as he could from it. He decided that they would have to move fast and make sure that each decision they made was quick and was the right choice. Cethgus finished the data pad and waited.

“So it begins” His words sounded out around the hanger.


10-06-2008 16:05:05

Reiden heard commotion outside in the hallway so he looked up from his desk and studies and stood up. He quickly straightened his robes and grabbed his katana, strapping it onto his back and rushed out of the room in time to see the Zabrak Cethgus Incendia Zor-El running past.

"Sir! What's going on?" he asked of the Zabrak.

"Distress beacon was found on Planet Wayland," the Prelate replied, hurrying off again then stopping and turning around, "So are you coming with me or not, rookie?"

"Aye aye, sir!" Reiden replied, catching up with his superior. "Do we know any more details about the beacon?"
“Not very much. All we know right now is what I told you: it’s on the Planet Wayland and it is a beacon from the House Dorimad Sol. That is why we are on the job right now!”

“Understood sir!” the rookie replied, smiling to himself. This is going to be my first mission for the House. This is going to be fun – and I can’t wait to test out this blade of mine he thought to himself.

“Glad you could come along Reiden. This will be excellent experience for you on your own path towards darkness.” Cethgus informed him.

“Yes sir, it will. Let’s go! No one can oppose the Blades of Chaos!” Reiden cheered, rushing onward with Cethgus, both of them clearly eager to see what awaited them on the Planet Wayland.

Robin Hawk

10-06-2008 23:25:25

Getting wind of the distress beacon on Wayland, Robin Hawk hurried with her gear to the hanger bay and chose the ship meant for the BOC battle team. While she waited for her Commander to arrive, the XO triple checked the gear stowed aboard.

Shortly thereafter the DJK heard a call echo throughout the bay. Popping her head out of the ship Robin saw Cethgus standing at another ship waiting impatiently. "What begins Sir?" Descending the ramp she asked. "Have you heard more details about the distress call?"

Cethgus hid the fact that he was startled by his second-in-command by walking casually over to her then answering her promptly. "Um...a...no XO."

Robin noticed out of the corner of her eye, one of HDS newest members run up behind him. Tilting her head slightly and then back she asked. "He is not a member of the BOC Sir. Am I to presume that this is also a babysitting mission?"


11-06-2008 01:24:41

Koskian sighed, breathing in the icy air as he stepped off his ship, looking at the construction site he had landed in. Picking his way through the maze of corridors and vague directions from passer byers, he finally made his way down a complete portion of the castle.

Muttering to himself, Koskian glared at the door ahead of him, knowing that if he had been a bit more prudent it'd be he on the other side instead. Shaking these thoughts off, the Primarch keyed the door, only to be stopped by a striking looking woman.

"Can I help you?"

"I...what the hell I never got a secretary!"

"Excuse me?"

"Nevermind, is he in?"

"I'm afraid not, now who are might I ask is calling so I might let him know?"

"Forget it, where's the bar, I know that's where he'll be."

"Down stairs."

Turning abruptly, Koskian stomped down the nearby steps and headed towards the one doorway that had noise coming from it, as well as the smell of cigars and whiskey. One step through and the Obelisk felt like he'd found a new home, inhaling the scents and taking in the scenery. Spotting his target finally, he walked up to the bar and took a seat. He glanced over at the man he had sat next to and waited.



Kosk motioned for a drink from the barkeep and grinned at his Quaestor.

"I'm back, 'sir'"

"Just what I needed," said the Quaestor with a slight groan.


11-06-2008 09:13:26

Suddenly, a masked figure scrambled out of a booth in the back of the bar. Everyone one stared as he struggled get out from between the seat and table. After escaping the booth’s grasp, he hurried out the door and the patrons turned back to their drinks. Tollo hurried down the corridor past his quarters, where he grabbed his battle gear, and toward the hanger. He entered to find Cethgus, Robin and Reiden conversing in front of a ship.

“What’s up, Boss?”

“You smell like lum.” The Battle Leader replied.

“Thank you, sir.”

The Sergeant gave Tollo the quick rundown that there was a HDS distress beacon activated in Wayland but nothing else was known yet.

“Now get your gear on and load up.”


11-06-2008 09:18:56

Cern listened to the message from his commander and he could hear the excitement in Ceth’s voice loud and clear. Grinning to himself as he gathered his AMX-50 with the MGL-1 launcher attached, (slightly modified for his meaty hands) the Protector remembered his lightsaber and almost as an afterthought, Cern pulled the katana he had been given by the Blades of Chaos to him with the Force. Don’t want Ceth thinking I don’t like his shiny gift. Cern thought to himself as he headed for the hanger.

“Which ship is ours?” Cern’s gravely voice echoed through the hanger, causing Reiden to jump a little bit. The Iktotchi gave the Corellian a smile and watched Ceth point to a ship with a smirk. Robin Hawk looked annoyed as she went into a different ship, returning with a bundle of gear. Cern wondered at that but from the look Robin was tossing at Ceth, he decided not to ask. Instead, Cern headed for the chosen vessel and called over his shoulder.

“I’m driving.”


13-06-2008 20:29:58

Korvyn Rushed back to his office. It was the worst time for the Banshee's most had been given leave for the week and might not respond immediately. Still he put out an urgent message to them giving the way point of the Distress beacon.

Gathering his things he decided to bring along his Shadow stalker armor as well. Putting it on his black outer cloak hid both his armor but also his Saber and Bryar pistol.

"prep my ship i will be in the hanger bay in 3 minutes." he called into his com link alerting the flight crew to his eminent departure.

Thran Occasus

15-06-2008 13:22:05

Two hours in and a dozen drinks between them, Koskian and Thran sat at the bar, laughing at something. The lingering crowd didn’t find their obnoxious laughter to be funny, in fact they found it to be rather irritating. Though the ambiance of the room had died, no one dare say anything to the pair.

Thran rose from the barstool and motioned to the barkeep for another drink, this one was for the road.

“Psyko. Let’s find Korvyn, before he leaves this rock. Perhaps we can entice him to further this little game.” Thran said, stumbling from the bar.

“20 credits says he jumps at the chance to stick Cethgus.” The former Arcona PCON replied, following the Quaestor from the establishment.

“I’m not taking that bet. But, 200 says he comments on your breath.” Occasus said, implying that Kosk had eaten one too many of the odiferous snacks provided at such watering holes.

Stumbling and laughing their way to the hangar, the pair intercepted Korvyn, and not a moment too soon. Korvyn was prepared to leave, and was walking up the loading ramp of his vessel.

“OI!” Thran called out to the Battleteam leader.


15-06-2008 16:05:21

Blades of chaos were already sitting the ship heading towards their destination, the Sergeant sat opposite Reiden, still pondering what the new member would be able to do in battle. He looked around at the rest of the team, they had answered his call so quickly, and he knew that it would be up to this team to get the beacon. Standing up he looked at the team wondering what he should actually say to them. Knowing that they would do what was asked without hesitation the Obelisk made a loud cough which brought the attention of the battle team onto him.

“Ok, I know that each of you will do the job required, but let’s stick together ok, Also for the time being I will be keeping Reiden near me and I want the rest of you to be able to give him some kind of protection.” Cethgus voice echoed around the room.

The members looked at each other and knew that they had just been told to watch a younger member, most of them wouldn’t appreciate the job, but when the time came. They would be willing to do what was needed to make sure that the member was ok in the end of the day.

Cethgus looked at Tollo and walked up to him he started to talk to him about some other things that had been on his mind, but soon the conversation just ended in a normal chat. The rest of the team just talked to each other about the mission ahead. Each knowing that it probably will be dangerous and was willing to expect anything that this planet had to offer. Finally there was news that their destination was nearing the team looked around smirking at the thought of finally getting onto a mission.


16-06-2008 10:48:01

Reiden looked around and nodded to Cethgus. He stood up and unstrapped his gloves, tightened them and strapped them up again, adjusting and tightening the strap holding his katana to his back and looks around again before sitting back down.

"Sir, thank you for letting me accompany you and your team on this one, I appreciate it." Reiden said to Cethgus.

"Heh, no problem kid. This should be good practice for ya, just try to stay out of the way of others and don't bite off more than you can chew. You'll be fine" the CO replied.

"Yeah, but most of all, stay out of the way" the woman, Robin, added, clearly just trying to give the new guy a hard time.

"Hey, I'll be fine. I don't need a babysitter, no matter what you guys may think" Reiden informed them. Not wanting to get into any further arguments, he turned to admire the Dorimad Sol sun emblazoned onto his gloves, smiling at the little gift he had received upon joining the House.

Robin Hawk

16-06-2008 12:31:20

Robin sat in the co-pilots seat studying a map of the planet Wayland. It consisted mainly of mountains and forests with one major city New Nystao, the capital and is recorded as the home to almost 28 million people. While Robin study the other aspects of the planet, she also noticed quite an extensive flora and fauna including that of the Acid Root, which could burn skin and rust droids. "Hmm," thinking to herself. "And even this ship, if we are not careful where we land."

Turning to Cern she pointed to a spot on the astrogation charts of the approximate location of the beacon. "There!"

As they made their descent towards the planet Wayland, the ship began to shake violently as it made its entry into the planets outer atmosphere. "Buckle up!" Hawk did so herself and continued. "Cern, What the the hell was that?" Turning to look at him, then towards the back she yelled. "Tollo, get that gear stowed." Watching him fumble with his pack. "Then get yourself into that chair and strap yourself in!" Something was definitely playing with her nerves.


17-06-2008 03:08:29

“Its not my fault!” Cern tossed a glance at his XO wondering when she last piloted a re-entry with a sudden course correction to avoid detection. The controls responded smoothly under Cern’s practiced hands and the turbulence quickly stopped. The ship circled as the Iktotchi checked for a decent landing area. With nary a bump the shuttle rested on the ground.

“Last stop Wayland, be sure to check out the local flora and fauna and thank you for flying with Dorimad Sol.” Cern shut the systems down and headed back for his gear. Cethgus glared at the comments and began to ready his team for the job at hand. Wiping the grin from his face, Cern busied himself with ensuring his lightsaber and rifle were both ready.


20-06-2008 19:23:34

Tollo strapped on his armor as Cethgus gave the team a rundown of Wayland’s landscape. He wished he could keep up better but that last round was nagging at his brain. “We are going to fan out and move toward the beacon slow and steady. Reiden, you stay close to me. Tollo, you stick to the trees and be our eye in the sky. Blades, I don’t have to warn you to be on the lookout for the Vong.”

The team gave a unified “Yes Sir!” and Tollo launched into the nearest tree as everyone else fanned out. He leaped from branch to branch until he cleared the top for a view of the land. There was nothing but more trees so he dipped back below the top and moved stealthily, just ahead of the unit.


25-06-2008 16:16:36

Petitor Umbrarum
Yawning as he woke up from a good night's rest after the short hop from Caina to his mansion, Dante proceeded to roll out of bed and get ready for the rest of his day. He'd been recalled back to the Clan's military headquarters by Lucien, but the Field Marshal hadn't been given a reason for the quick jaunt back to Judecca. Luckily, his wife and most of the rest of the Shadowstalkers were out on maneuvers so Dante didn't have to worry about waking her up when he arrived late the night before.

After a quick shower, the Dark Paladin dressed himself in his standard attire of combat fatigues and went down to the kitchen for a quick breakfast with his children. The wife had gotten an attractive, young maiden from Judecca to serve as the nanny of the three youngsters, but Dante knew better than to even think about putting anything near the young woman. LTC Leah Celeste-Dante wasn't a Force user, but she could definitely put a hurting on someone with her just her natural combat skills.

Looking over the morning's reports, the Aedile noticed that Ceth's group had left for Wayland. Hopefully, Ceth wouldn't get the young ones into too much trouble. Dante said a quick goodbye to the kids, and then he grabbed his combat gear that always traveled with him and headed out the door to the landing pad where his personal Zulu III was waiting for him. As he hopped in and began the preflight checklist, he wondered a bit again about what was waiting for him at the military headquarters....

Thran Occasus

26-06-2008 00:26:09

Within seconds, Korvyn knew that the Equites were drunk. They stunk of liquor; Thran in particular. He tried to follow what the Quaestor was saying, but it was like speaking another language.

“KOorvvvvy, flig flop Cefgus. Sterl hus manana!” Thran slurred, wobbling about the hangar bay.

Korvyn looked to Koskian d’Tana, who was just a drop more sober than the Quaestor. The Obelisk was barely listening; he was having trouble standing still. Korvyn wasn’t sure what to do or what to say. So, he hoisted his heavy gear bag over his shoulder and walked towards his waiting ship. Psyko began barking and howling. The Quaestor laughed obnoxiously.

The two staggered off behind Korvyn. Whatever their plan was “Cefgus” was sure to be the target. Korvyn smiled, he had catching up to do. Hopping onto the vessel, Thran hung from the ramp support, swinging side to side.

“Yarrrgh! Fsek Cefgud!” he screamed, laughing as he got in the vessel.

“Mr. Occasus! Mr. Occasus! Wait! Wait for me!” called Miss Coral, his personal assistant, running to meet the drunken Quaestor.

Koskian giggled with excitement, this trip was getting interesting. Finally meeting with the Quaestor, Miss Coral found herself under Kosk’s watchful eye.

“You don’t pay me enough, Thran.” The blonde assistant said, tossing the Quaestor his over night bag. “Do keep your tongue in your mouth, Mr. d’Tana.” She said, tossing her hair over her shoulder.

Koskian was nearly drooling. “Wow.” He said.

Thran picked up his bag and staggered into the vessel, dragging the former Quaestor with him. The hatch sealed after them, letting out a burst of steam. They were off, in pursuit of Cethgus and the Blades of Chaos.


26-06-2008 09:26:12

Koskian lay on the deck of the ship, yawning as the alcohol began catching up with him. Looking up he could see Thran looking a little...green as the ship began atmospheric flight. Shuffling back so as to get out of the radius of the inevitable, the d'Tana yawned again.

"Why I not get one of thems when I was in charge?"

"One of whats?"

"The girlie!"

"Hah...don't even tink about it...oh no"

Kosk closed his eyes as he heard the SPLURCH sound and the air purifiers in the ship began working double time.

He had no idea where they were going, he knew it had something to do with Cethgus, and if it was to screw with him, that was fine. But either way, it was going to be an interesting trip.


26-06-2008 17:18:37

In the mean time, Blades of Chaos were out of there ship instantly looking around, Cethgus knew that Tollo would report to him if anything was ahead. As he gathered the group around he looked at each of them knowing that they had to set a base of operations quickly and move from there. He looked at who was left in his battle team and knew they needed to get to work.

“Cern, get a covered area set up by the ship” Cethgus voice instantly sounded through the group.

Cern looked up and then went off to do as the commander had ordered. The other in the group prepared themselves for what tasks they would have to do knowing that Cethgus would give them.

“Reiden, Hawk I want both of you to set up a command post under the shelter that Cern is putting up” Cethgus pointed towards were Cern was making a covered area.

The two members set to work instantly preparing the area and starting to set up. Cethgus smiled as he looked out into the area around him wondering what was ahead of the team. And of course what would happen when the reached there target.


26-06-2008 19:39:23

Reiden gave a quick nod and set to work establishing the command post. The young recruit knew that the work was just busy work and that it may not be important, but he also knew that it was something that had to be done, so he put his mind to it and decided to get the job done and put up with it, for now.

Throughout the set up he kept thinking to himself When am I going to fight? I hope this gets interesting soon. Right after he thought this he sensed that he was being watched, so he looked up from his work of assembling all the communications equipment to see Cethgus himself standing by him.

"Sir, is there something that you need me to do?" Reiden asked.

"No, just continue working on what you're doing now. When the time comes, which I'm sure it will at some point, stay sharp and don't get too caught up in how everyone else is doing that you get distracted from your own battle. Always be aware of your surroundings and the actions and movements of your opponent, as well as your own. Understand?"

"Yes, sir. I understand. Thank you again for bringing me along. I won't let you or the rest of the team down. Also, just to let you know...contrary to what anyone else here may think, I don't really need a babysitter and I can take care of myself. No disrespect intended, sir" the young man noted.

"Very well then. Carry on with the work here" the commander said, turning around to check with the other members of the Blades of Chaos.

While everyone was preparing for what they may need to be facing, they all had their own way of preparing, but one thing was the same for them all; in the back of their minds, everyone was wondering what lay ahead of them, what they would find, and how many foes they could defeat.

Robin Hawk

01-07-2008 13:16:40

While Reiden finished talking with Commander Incendia, Hawk finished putting together the last of the command post and had doubled checked that everything was in place. While her battle team leader pompously walked away, she grabbed a towel and a small sack from her gear. Wiping the sweat of her brow with the back of her hand, the XO turned to the male human and stared at him with belligerence. "I am going to be gone for awhile, test that communications equipment. See if you can contact the Quaestor's ship and tell them we have arrived. We have set up base and are awaiting orders."

"Yes Ma'am!" the Acolyte responded.

Lifting an eyebrow Robin turned back to him. "Just XO."

"Aye, Aye!" the Acolyte, promptly corrected himself. "Yes XO!"

The Kyatarun sensed the young recruits eagerness to fight but was wary of his skills to do so as she had not seen what he could do. Giving him various task of nominal importance would allow her to gage his abilities.

Grabbing a datapad off the nearby table she stepped outside the tent. Making some quick inputs into the device she scanned for the nearest body of water near their camp and headed that direction.

Moments past as Robin waded through the warm jungle waters, being refreshed and cleansed. Although she hung out with a bunch of men, she didn't have to smell like one. Getting out of the waters, Hawk wrapped the towel around her body and sat on a nearby rock to stare and the interesting flora and fauna in front of her. While she was distracted by the beautiful greenery she didn't sense something slither down from the trees or the presence of another.

Jumping to her feet she heard the sound of a lightsaber igniting as two halves of a Vine Snake fell to the base of her feet. Looking up she saw her Commander slightly disappointed by her lack of preparedness. The XO nodded and pulled tight the part of her towel that had come apart slightly. "Thanks Commander", somewhat embarrassed. "But I can take care of myself." Grabbing her clothes she walked back towards the camp.


11-07-2008 11:59:39

Just as the Commander and XO entered the camp, Tollo landed just in front of them.
“Sir, I’ve spotted a ship bearing Scholae markings. It is buried in a thick area of trees a few miles north of here near that mountain.”
“Any survivors?”
“None that I can see. The ship appears to be deserted.”
“BLADES!” Yelled Ceth, “It’s go time!”
The team mustered and prepared to move out. Tollo guided them through the dense foliage toward the area he had seen the ship.
After about an hour of travel, they began to see something metal reflecting through the forest. Ceth put up his fist, signaling the Blades to hold position. Reiden moved to the side to get a better view. Just then, there was a flash inches from his face. Robin had activated he lightsaber and deflected a blaster bolt from killing him. In that same moment, silver flashed and sabers ignited as the Blades of Chaos prepared for battle.


26-07-2008 16:45:56

Cern let the Force flow into him as he brought the red blade of his armoury saber up to block another blaster bolt. This is much easier in the simulator! Was all the Guardian had time for before Cethgus bellowed from just behind him.

“Go get them you idiots! Someone bring me a prisoner!” the Commander’s voice rang out over the chaotic sounds of battle. Cern launched himself into the forest, hunting for the enemy.

Blaster bolts shattered trees and blew apart chunks of the ground as the Iktotchi smashed through the trees. He called out in anger as a shot took him in the arm, spinning him around and sending him to the ground in pain. The Sith lay still and fed the Force into his burned arm. The pain receded and the arm felt better as the Iktotchi healed himself.

“Don’t move scum.” A voice broke through Cern’s concentration. He looked up into the armoured figure holding a blaster rifle on him. Cern grinned at the figure and activated his lightsaber once again. The soldier in front of him let out a small grunt as the saber cut into his midsection. Cern jabbed up and drove the red blade into the chest cavity of his victim. As the figure fell, Cern got to his feet and looked around for the rest of the team. The sounds of battle seemed almost distant now, as if the Blades were giving chase to whomever had dared attack them. Cern glanced down at the figure before him.

“Sorry Cethgus, someone else will have to get you your prisoner.” The Guardian stepped around a tree and headed back to his commander.