New Guy

Matheis Criek

07-02-2008 13:09:13

Hi I am new here and I am Yadars brother.



07-02-2008 13:22:12

Be Welcomed to HDS

Varkain Athanas

07-02-2008 14:05:12

Hey, if you are in need of a Master (and this goes to Yzarc and the rollmaster as well) I'd be glad to be your master.


07-02-2008 14:42:21

no touching HDS members you silly HC =)

Varkain Athanas

07-02-2008 16:48:00

Well s'cuse me :P

I'm just looking out for the betterment of this Clan.


08-02-2008 18:33:44


Seriously welcome to the House. Don't let theseHCers trick you into anything shall we say unnatural. :P

Talon Jade

20-02-2008 12:38:13

Im in HDS and also available to be your master. Welcome to the House.


09-03-2008 16:28:58

Yadar has a brother! Welcome to the clan :P


15-04-2008 20:35:31

heh, cool men! welcome! need help, shoot me an e-mail :)


23-05-2008 04:14:02

I like they way the first thing people worry about is him needing a master, let the poor guy settle down first :P, and welcome to House Dormiad Sol (Dam Sexy), and Clan Scholae Palatine, make yourself welcome.