Temp. Clan JA+ Server

Rade Venquis Ta

01-08-2005 11:02:16

A server has been created and is hostable by myself as a PURE JA+ server.

It is entitled: 'DJB CSP JA+ Server'

The IP to this server is: 29070

The password to this server is: cspee (in lowercase).

Before you join I recommend ensuring you have JA+ fully installed. At this site there is a windows installer basically 'JA+ for dummies' program that worked good for me. If any of you have your computers on constantly and live in a stable place (aka not going anywhere soon) then you can get with me and we can talk about setting up a dedicated constant JA+ server.

JA+: http://japlus.fragism.com/download.php

Lastly: Anyone wishing to schedule the server for their use needs to contact me a few days in advance.



01-08-2005 11:33:07

w0000t another JA+ server.

*looks around and notices that hes a CP clan member in a CSP forum*

hmmmmmm well....this could be a problem :P


25-08-2005 18:41:37

lol there are only 7 posts in this whole forum including this one, and 1 of em isnt even from CSP. I just think that is quite humorous


23-09-2007 07:05:30

I have yet to extract JA...


09-03-2008 16:31:53

Guys ive looked every where for JA and am yet to find it for PC, online I only can find the Mac version. I had JA before but I can not find the discs so it would be easier to just rebuy it, so if any of you cool kats know of a web page where I may purchase it please let me know.