DG Caption Comp


16-04-2005 17:12:12

Hello there, my minions of Dragon Guard! Here is your first competition from me, your illustrious Tetrarch, Saitou! *plays the applause tape* The rules are simple. Only DG guys can win, the crescents are Phyle-level and dependent upon participation and... make me laugh. Here are your pictures - good luck! :w00t:

If you cant see them (and I honestly dont know why you cant) then go to the URLs directly:
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


16-04-2005 17:44:37

Out of contest entry from me...

1 - Yes, officer, I SWEAR the other X-Wing was coming from the left, when I had right of way. See the damage?

2 - New recruits had to bring their helmets themselves as the Imperial resources are starting to run low. According to our sources, next year they will also have to buy their boots.

3 - It's just a step to the left.... and then a jump to the.. no, the other way round, wasn't it?


17-04-2005 14:44:14

1. The rebal pilot was all smile until he relilized that he was under arrest and that it really wasn't Mon Mothma under the Stormtrooper armour.

2. Obviously this was a rare cross-dressing Stromtrooper.

3. Obi-wan practices for the big night. His first date with Mace Windu. The two would continue to see each other secretly until Mace's death in the Jedi Purge. After Mace died Obi-wan fled to Tatooine in despiar and hid in a cave until...well you know the rest.


18-04-2005 07:45:53

1. I'm thelling you hociffer, I was only doin point shix pasht lightspheed and I've only had one Chiss Brandy wif Saitou...

2. "Aren't you a little short... and large-breaster... to be a Storn-Trooper?

3. "I'm sure I wasn't wearing pink stillettos and fish-net stockings when I got up this morning..."


18-04-2005 23:43:52

1) **Waves hand** "You don't NEED to see our license of credulity!"

2) There are good reasons why the Stormtrooper Academy has a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy.

3) "Wait, maybe I dropped my beard trimmer over- YEEEEAAAARRRGH!"

(Corny, I know, but at least I participated!! =P)


21-04-2005 08:44:14

Out of contest entry.

1.Wait a minute....this isn't Dagobah.

2. Sorry, Sir. My uniform shrunk in the wash....

3. Weee! I think I can see the bottom now....


23-04-2005 09:52:29

This is being posted on behalf of Radek so it's an out of contest entry, I believe.

Radek's Entry for
Caption Comp

1. Gold Leader of Special Squadron always had troubles remembering
what side he was fighting for.

2. TK 8008135

3. Obi Wan was disappointed that his new "Force Enhanced" Viagra
hadn't kicked in yet.


25-04-2005 20:48:33

This competition is now closed - medals are in the works - DG members wait for the report.


25-04-2005 21:45:14

... And the result is...

*Drum roll plays...*

The result is that Timbal is still sexier by a wide margin!

You may now all go back to your inactivity. Move along, now.



25-04-2005 23:50:39


Thanks for the honorary 3rd place.

- Radek

P.S. Finally got registered on the forums...

Radek: "I've been waiting for you, DB-Forums. We meet again, at last. The circle is now complete. When I met you I was but the learner. Now, *I* am the master."


26-04-2005 18:11:52

Cool captions! Congrats to the winners.


27-04-2005 14:02:02

Yay for shiny medals!

And Timbal, when compared to my own, your sexiness is nought but a boil on the arse of Belzebub's bitch-maiden


27-04-2005 19:33:58

I still win.


28-04-2005 04:51:02

I still win.

The nagging contest? Well, ok, you do ;)


29-04-2005 20:51:26

No. The who is more purdy contest.

Syrus Korodin

03-06-2005 19:16:10

It would be nice if we had a continually running caption contest without medals.

Just for fun, to entertain ourselves. We had on B&G and it's been running for three years.


04-06-2005 17:48:43

Interesting idea. I'll scrounge around for some pics.