House Events


27-06-2010 16:05:16

Okay, now I know there is an old poll pinned to the top of the board asking everyone to vote on what kind of competitions they would like. However I feel it is outdated and instead of starting a new poll for people to vote in, I want actual feedback. Want trivia? Let me know and what KIND of trivia you want. This house is primarily a writing house, but last time I tried a fiction no one apparently wanted to do it. Let me know what kinds of things you would like to see. Also there is a very good opportunity for a Run-on in the future with some of the stuff I have planned. Is there a great deal of interest for that? I want YOU the members of the house to tell me what it is you would like to see and have for events so that way you get to do what you find most enjoyable. I can create new competitions, but it won't be any good if I don't know what it is YOU want. Anyway thanks everyone.



29-06-2010 00:33:43

I prefer gaming to anything else. So I'm available for most comps involving that, until SW:tOR comes out. Once it releases, I'll be spending most of my time there:).