Who's Got The Guns Trivia Week 2

Kalak Ragnose

17-08-2009 16:59:45

1. Who was the Quaestor when the HAD summit were all at Krath Priest?

2. What is the original colour of the hallways in Dragons Citadel?

3. How many Aediles did RevengeX Palpatine get through as Quaestor?

4. What is the homeworld of Drynwyn's Flame's ninth Tetrach?

5. Which (fairly recent) HAD QUA left the clan at the end of his term, changed his name, and joined Clan Tarentum?

6. Which Grand Master took Thran Occasus as his apprentice?

7. Name the two sattelites of Ptolomea.

8. Who was the Fang of Knowledge in the old Order of the Dragon?

9. What is the current rank of the first known Aedile of House Dorimad Sol?

10. What planet was Robin Hawk born on?

Like last week, send all entries to dracomaligo@gmail.com before next monday.