Who's Got The Guns Week 1 Trivia

Kalak Ragnose

09-08-2009 19:49:41

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1. Who was the last known member of the Qel-Droma family?

2. What planet was General Crix Madine rescued from by Kyle Katarn?

3. What company manufactured the Nantex-class territorial defense starfighter

4. Abregado-rae was the origin of Shapani Bypass, what was the big benefit of this short cut?

5. What species was Yoda's Jedi Master?

6. Who wrote The Bothan way?

7. What does ayna-seff translate as?

8. What was Callista Ming's original surname?

9. What was the name of the Lucrehalk-class Battleship that attacked the unfinished Death Star I

10. What action was taken to prevent the spread of Veizen fever that threatened the Gados?